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Steven Mosher has served as director of the Asian Studies Center at the Claremont Institute in Southern California, and as member of the U.S. Commission on Broadcasting to the People's Republic of China. His is the author of the well and widely-reviewed Broken Earth: The Rural Chinese; Journey to the Forbidden China, and A Mother's Ordeal: One Woman's Fight Against China's One Child Policy. His articles have appeared in Reader's Digest, The Wall Street Journal, and other major magazines and newspapers. He has appeared on 60 Minutes, The Today Show, Firing Line and The Merv Griffin Show. He lectures extensively in the United States and abroad. He also became executive director of the Population Research Institute that carries out research on population, development and environmental issues in the sciences, the professions and in areas of public policy.




Abortion Pill Reversal: Yes, It Works!

Understanding homemaking as a craft that produces beautiful (if intangible) results should hopefully encourage young men and women who are thinking about caring for a home and/or children. For the young mother or father overwhelmed by all there is to do and feeling incompetent in the face of the multiple - often conflicting - demands of house and children, it may help to know that homemaking is a skill to be developed over time.

Date posted: 2024-06-02

Macron Presses Hard to Promote Abortion Worldwide

Emmanuel Macron, President of France, has been championing "abortion rights" for years. In 2022 he tried to force the European Union to include it in its "Charter of Fundamental Rights"; when that failed, he attempted to insert it into the French Constitution, and failed again, but his dogged persistence paid off: one month ago, the text of the Constitution of France was amended to include abortion as a "basic right."

Date posted: 2024-05-07

In a Shock to Their Government, the Irish Defend the Family

Something important is changing in the Irish political landscape. As Senator Ronan Mullen said, Irish citizens resist despite being pressured by tactics to act against their own better judgment.

Date posted: 2024-04-19

PRI Investigation Finds CRS In Violation Of Papal Teaching

"At the end of the day, it's hard to avoid concluding that it's all about the money. Every year, CRS receives over a billion dollars in funding from the federal government, nearly three times what it receives from the Catholic laity," he concluded.

Date posted: 2024-03-20

Abortion by Mail

Will the Supreme Court Allow Death to be Delivered to Your Door?

Date posted: 2024-02-24

Teaching Gen Z Kids that the World is Not Overpopulated

Most American children graduate from high school thinking that the world is overpopulated and that the socially responsible thing to do is not to have children. Not the students at the Donahue Academy in Ave Maria, Florida, however.

Date posted: 2024-02-20

The Globalists Have a New Goal:

Now that the population bomb has fizzled - with even The New York Times admitting that our numbers will soon start shrinking - the population controllers had to come up with another excuse for their continuing war on people. And the World Economic Forum is eager to provide one: Human beings will soon become redundant.

Date posted: 2024-02-17

Catholic Women's College Comes to Its Senses

"One of the four essential characteristics of a Catholic college or university is 'fidelity to the Christian message as it comes to us through the Church" (Ex corde Ecclesiae 13). This institutional fidelity includes "a recognition of and adherence to the teaching authority of the Church in matters of faith and morals' (Ex corde Ecclesiae 27)."

Date posted: 2024-01-24

Kissinger turned population control into a Cold War weapon

There are many things to criticize about Henry Kissinger's career. Leftists point to the bombing of Cambodia during the Vietnam War, American complicity in the coup in Chile that brought down the Communist regime of Salvador Allende, and his interference in Iranian politics.

Date posted: 2023-12-12

Ghana's Bishops Offer A Model For The USCCB

Millions of Africans have been wearied by decades of efforts by the secular West to force abortion, population control, and a growing multitude of sexual perversions onto the region. For the Left, sub-Saharan Africa is targeted for two reasons: it is the only continent that still has a growing population while at the same time having the fastest-growing Catholic Church in the world

Date posted: 2023-12-10

A Century Ago Our Bishops Were Pro-Life. What Happened?

Today, the few pro-family advocates at the USCCB are squirreled away in a tiny office in the conference's D.C. headquarters, while our bishops advocate an endless stream of political programs that lie in the realm that properly belongs to the laity. And what about the family? As Cardinal Dolan observed in 2012, America's bishops' have suffered from "laryngitis over speaking about issues of chastity and sexual morality" for years. The truths of Humanae Vitae are timeless. One hundred years ago, America's bishops clearly and steadfastly defended them. Today they've mostly gone silent.

Date posted: 2023-12-04

Pro-Abortion Lobby Poses New Danger to Unborn Italian Babies

Since Italy adopted Law 194 in 1978, abortion has been available within 90 days of pregnancy to all Italian women free of charge. At the same time, the law allows health professionals to assert their right to refuse to perform or participate in an abortion if they so choose. Nevertheless, pro-abortion activists are not appeased. They demand that abortions be legal up to birth without exception.

Date posted: 2023-12-02

The Abortion Movement is Lying About Mexico

The country's Supreme Court did not decriminalize abortion!

Date posted: 2023-10-09

Italy's "Listening Room" Comforts Mothers and Saves Unborn Lives

In May 1978, both houses of the Italian Parliament passed Law 194 legalizing abortion. The margin of victory was so narrow that abortion advocates included language pretending that it really didn't endanger the unborn. Yet the reality is that most Italians oppose abortion. And Law 194 states that human life must be defended and protected. So, a group of private citizens, working with a hospital in northern Italy, are now putting that principle into practice in a very practical way. Last month the Sant'Anna Hospital in Turin agreed to establish a "Listening Room."

Date posted: 2023-10-02

Will Humanae Vitae Survive "Synodality"?

Pope Paul's teaching has been under fire since the day it appeared. The encyclical immediately "precipitated a crisis of authority of unprecedented proportions within the Catholic Church in the United States." writes Father Peter Mitchell.

Date posted: 2023-08-30

An Unhappy Anniversary

"When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population," Kamala Harris told an audience on July 14th, "more of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water." The next day, the White House explained that Harris had meant "pollution," not "population." But it was too late. We all knew that, for once, she meant what she said.

Date posted: 2023-08-15

The Globalists Want to Promote Sex while Destroying Marriage

Should minors be allowed to marry? That's the question before the Peruvian Congress. The gender feminists, who are opposed to marriage as an institution, say "absolutely not." They claim that thousands of girls and adolescents will be subjected to forced marriages and unions, which makes them more vulnerable to being victims of violence.

Date posted: 2023-08-12

The United Nations is Undermining Peruvian Democracy

A perverted notion of "human rights" is being used to push a radical agenda.

Date posted: 2023-07-01

Could this low-tech abortion tool found in the developing world come to the US next?

For decades, the population control movement has been shipping little hand-held suction abortion machines called Manual Vacuum Aspirators, or MVAs, to countries all around the world. These have been used by doctors, nurses, midwives and even, in Haiti, witchdoctors to perform abortions.

Date posted: 2023-06-17

No Children, No Families, No Future

President Novak lives her faith far beyond her personal space. She witnesses to her faith in her work both within Hungary borders and in the countries where persecuted Christians benefit from Hungary's aid programs, which are carefully crafted to avoid the blunders encountered by so many secular foreign aid programs. Hungary's constitution reflects Christian principles because Hungarians are a proudly Christian people.

Date posted: 2023-06-08

Help Stem the Tide

African countries are following the trend of plummeting populations.

Date posted: 2023-05-01

Spanish Bishops Defend Faith and Family

While the secular press is gleefully reporting on the German bishops "synodal journey" into schism, the bishops of Spain have just said "no."

Date posted: 2023-04-11

Lab-Leak Denials Melt Under New Revelations

While China tries to send the world down another rabbit hole.

Date posted: 2023-04-05

PRI Exposes Abortion Myth in El Salvador's "Beatriz Case"

The Central American country of El Salvador is the latest target of the abortion lobby. A coalition of radical pro-abortion groups has brought an international case against El Salvador before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR). The "Beatriz Case," as it is commonly called, calls on the IACHR to use the case as an opportunity to nullify El Salvador's pro-life laws.

Date posted: 2023-03-22

Biden's New Strategy Is A Demographic Death Penalty

The moral of the story, is that abortion hurts more than just the economies of this world, it hurts women, men, and families, and kills the innocent unborn lives of millions of babies across the globe.

Date posted: 2023-03-08

In Spain, PRI Defends Life From UN Population Controllers

Peace requires before all else the defense of life, a good that today is jeopardized not only by conflicts, hunger, and disease but all too often even in the mother's womb, through the promotion of an alleged right to abortion.

Date posted: 2023-03-04

Catholic Spain Allows Abortion Without Conditions

Spain's cultural slide down the slippery slope from a faithful Catholic country to a secular, even widely degenerate, society continues.

Date posted: 2023-02-18

WHO Demands Radical Abortion Laws Worldwide

Abortion is one of the greatest crimes against humanity.

Date posted: 2023-02-15

The 50th March For Life Was Historic

A hundred thousand joyous pro-lifers filled the streets of Washington last Friday to join in the fiftieth annual March for Life. Since 1974 generation after generation of pro-lifers had marched, determined to bring abortion in America to an end. Reversing the Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade was priority number one. It took 49 years, but last June the Court handed down the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization decision. Our goal had been achieved, and we had every right to celebrate.

Date posted: 2023-01-25

What? A "Right to Abortion" In the French Constitution?

This past October 19, the French Senate, by a vote of 172-139, defeated a proposal to include in the Constitution a passage guaranteeing "the fundamental right to voluntary termination of pregnancy and contraception."

Date posted: 2022-12-14

Abortion, Immigration, And The Schumer Doctrine

Chuck Schumer's math doesn't add up, but this perpetual paradox is nothing new for the population control movement. Whatever the current crisis, we can always find abortion at the core of the movement's matrix. Ultimately, its goal for America is not a "great future," but an increasingly empty one.

Date posted: 2022-12-14

Is the Church's Priority Saving Souls, or Saving the Earth?

The Nicene Creed emphasizes the former, this papacy not so much. Population control and its grim companion, global access to abortion, sterilization, and contraception, are at the core of the Global Warming/Climate Change movement. Their argument is painfully simple-minded: fewer people will mean less carbon dioxide emissions.

Date posted: 2022-12-14

A Trifecta of Pro-Life Victories in Peru

November 16 will be vivid in the hearts and minds of Peruvian pro-lifers for a long time. Rarely has there been so much to celebrate in a single day - three victories in the Peruvian Congress: a pro-life bill moving forward, a pro-abortion bill blocked, and a powerful event featuring the institution of the family as a reality in the social and cultural life of Peruvians.

Date posted: 2022-12-14

The Battle for Life Turns to The States

Unfortunately, the end of Roe v. Wade doesn't mean the end of abortion. Of course, in some states with preexisting or trigger laws, it did. But in other states it has had the unhappy consequence of actually expanding abortions.

Date posted: 2022-12-06

Of Course Fauci and the other Covid Hysterics Want Amnesty

They're not going to get it while they are still persecuting vast swathes of the country.

Date posted: 2022-11-24

Family Planning Programs Are Not Always What They Seem

Even Wikipedia uses "family planning" as an example of a deceptive euphemism.

Date posted: 2022-11-08

Welcome Baby 8 Billion

This November, the world's population will reach a new milestone.

Date posted: 2022-11-08

Why are Pro-Aborts Claiming Unborn Babies Don't have Heartbeats?

Because We Can Detect the Heartbeat Ever Earlier in Pregnancy. The abortion movement has finally woken up to the fact that state after state is banning abortions after the fetal heartbeat can be detected.

Date posted: 2022-11-08

What Killed Masculinity?

The Pill Not Only Killed Fertility, it Killed Manhood as Well.

Date posted: 2022-10-25

Pope Francis is more interested in not offending Communist China than in defending Cdl. Zen

Where is the Vatican in the persecution of the faithful Cardinal Zen? Intent upon once again renewing the still-secret Sino-Vatican Agreement.

Date posted: 2022-10-09

Hungary's Fetal Heartbeat Declaration Gives EU Parliament Heartburn

Hungary has for years been developing policies in favor of babies, life, and families. However, it still has a law on the books that allows abortion up to the 12th week of pregnancy, a defect that the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban and pro-life President Katalina Novak are taking steps to correct.

Date posted: 2022-10-07

Chileans Resoundingly Reject Radical Constitution

The proposed text shaped the concept of personhood and all areas of social life around the "gender ideology," all designed to force the agenda of abortion, euthanasia, and other destructive measures on an unwilling population. Thank God, in the case of Chile, the proposal's invitation to a dystopian future failed.

Date posted: 2022-09-25

GoodLove to the Rescue

Suddenly abortion, lesbianism, sodomy, masturbation, and transgender ideology are being taught in the schools. What can we do about it?

Date posted: 2022-09-13

Finally: A Homily Against Contraception

I had an extraordinary experience a few weeks ago while attending Mass at Sacred Heart Parish in Winchester, Virginia. No, it wasn't a mystical experience, but it struck me with almost the force of one. For the first time in 31 years as a Catholic, I heard a priest preach - clearly and confidently - against contraception at Sunday Mass.

Date posted: 2022-09-04

European Parliament Pretends to School the U.S. Supreme Court

On July 7, 2022, the European Parliament passed a Resolution on abortion. In a rare move, the Resolution criticized a domestic decision of the United States, specifically the Supreme Court's ruling in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health case.

Date posted: 2022-09-04

How Will Dobbs Play in Europe?

While pro-lifers in the US celebrate Roe's reversal, the Dobbs decision has not received a unanimous welcome, especially among some of our European friends. Indeed, a handful of European state leaders, including France's Emmanuel Macron, England's Boris Johnson, and Scotland's Nichola Sturgeon, have actually used their social media platforms to publicly decry the decision.

Date posted: 2022-08-20

Happy Birthday Humanae Vitae!

The family was designed by God to reflect the mystery, unity, diversity, and perfection of the Trinity. Those who hate the designer will hate the design - including the design written on their own hearts. The reluctance of many religious leaders to defend the truths contained in HV boggles the mind, given the massive evidence that they are true. In fact, in view of that evidence, we can safely call Pope Paul's encyclical profoundly prophetic.

Date posted: 2022-08-05

After the Dobbs v. Jackson ruling: Is education next?

The impact of the Dobbs v. Jackson ruling is clearly profound. It presents a host of challenges and opportunities for the pro-life movement. But now is the time to act, Mosher says. Pro-lifers have to hit the ground running - immediately.

Date posted: 2022-07-25

Climate Change, Abortion and the Sexual Revolution

It's a good question. After all, climate crisis advocates blame human activity as the leading cause for climate change. So why not push for global access to abortion and contraception under the guise of climate activism to address the "source" of all climate change - humanity?

Date posted: 2022-07-05

Alito's Dobbs Opinion Sets The Stage For A Long Hot Summer

In the case of abortion, those rights and responsibilities have been arbitrarily denied by the Court's lethal 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade, a decision which Justice Samuel Alito's draft decision has now found to be unconstitutional.

Date posted: 2022-06-21

Is "Documentary" German For "Propaganda"?

Deustche Welle (DW) is the official television service of Germany. Since it is paid with the taxes of all Germans, it would be logical that it should be impartial and respect all German voters. But this is not the case.

Date posted: 2022-06-18

The Uyghurs in China now live in a giant, open air prison camp

Note of author: Forced abortions continue in China today, as the Chinese Communist Party tries to eliminate minorities like the Uyghurs and the Tibetans by every means at their disposal. The majority Han Chinese, on the other hand, are being encouraged to have three children.

Date posted: 2022-06-15

Victory over the radical left's culture of death is within the grasp of pro-life conservatives

Just when the Left was steamrolling us in the culture war, we look to have won a great victory. Nearly a half century after this infamous decision was handed down by their predecessors, the new conservative majority is going to send the matter back to the states.

Date posted: 2022-06-05

2000 Mules, Hundreds of Thousands of Questionable Ballots, and a Stolen Election?

If the Party of Abortion is allowed to continue massively cheating in elections, any hope of ending abortion in the U.S. will vanish. Instead, they will legalize abortion up to birth and beyond throughout the entire country. Election integrity is a pro-life issue.

Date posted: 2022-05-20

Sunset in South Korea

A Nation on the Brink of Population Collapse. At this point, it's unclear if Korea can change its course. But one thing is certain - without a strong middle class, affordable housing, and a social support system that reinforces the choice to raise children, it's no wonder the population crisis persists.

Date posted: 2022-04-25

China leading citizens to jump from balconies in quest to achieve 'COVID Zero'

For over two weeks the financial capital of China, Shanghai, has been locked down tight. Some 26 million people languish in their apartments, staring at their now-empty refrigerators, unable to set foot outside to forage for food for fear of arrest and incarceration.

Date posted: 2022-04-20

The War On Unborn Babies In Iberoamerica

Casualties in the war against the unborn this year will far outnumber those in the Ukraine war, but they will be not be featured at all in the carefully orchestrated daily media coverage.

Date posted: 2022-04-11

The Other Battle in Europe

In Europe, events can happen quickly. We now have a war in Ukraine that a month ago we didn't expect. But not even a European war will stop abortion boosters from continuing their own perpetual war to expand the abortion agenda.

Date posted: 2022-04-11

With US distracted by Ukraine, Xi is plotting his own invasion

China's strategic alliance with Russia has already begun to pay dividends for Xi: Putin's Ukrainian adventure has diverted America's attention from Asia to Europe. President Biden's State of the Union address on Tuesday night hammered Russia on Ukraine for minutes on end. China, where a deadly virus originated that killed millions across the world, was scarcely mentioned.

Date posted: 2022-04-11

Are the COVID Vaccines Safe for Pregnant Moms? New Questions Raised

Pregnancy is beautiful and sacred. It confers hope on the family that brings new life into this world and to all of society. This is one of the many reasons we work so hard to protect the unborn and their mothers. At this time, however, there is a real threat to the future of this world, that being to pregnant women and their unborn babies.

Date posted: 2022-03-07

Abortion And The Demise of Legitimate Political Authority

The notion of true authority, Nisbet wrote, assumes the strength of two essential social qualities--hierarchy, and privacy. Yet both are fading before our eyes. Hierarchy refers to the role of the family, the importance of fatherhood, the indispensable local community of churches, schools, neighborhoods, and civic and charitable groups.

Date posted: 2022-02-24

Religious Freedom on Trial in Finland

This case could be a watershed for the persecution of Christianity in the West, due to its distinctly theological nature and how far it has stretched the interpretation of hate crimes laws that exist in most Western countries.

Date posted: 2022-02-24

China's Draconian One-Child Policy Has Led To A Disastrous Baby Bust

Birth rates in China are in free fall. And the all-powerful Communist Party of China seems powerless to do anything about it.

Date posted: 2022-02-17

Macron Seeks to Invent an Abortion Right for Europe... and for the World

The President of France, who has no children of his own, doesn't want you to have any either.

Date posted: 2022-02-16

Pope Encourages Adoption and Warns of "Demographic Winter"

Have Faith, Get Married, and Start a Family. During his General Audience on January 5, as Pope Francis addressed the role of Saint Joseph in the Holy Family, he paused to address the beauty of adoption and its role in family life.

Date posted: 2022-01-26

Insurance company raises alarm over unprecedented spike in deaths...and they don't seem to be from COVID

Could it be the experimental gene therapy, oops, I mean, the vaccines? Just Asking.

Date posted: 2022-01-12

Nobody Likes a Troublemaker

The Pandemic Within the Pandemic is a Pandemic of Fear, Says Alex Berenson.

Date posted: 2021-12-13

COVID-19 is the latest in a long line of deadly epidemics that came out of China

Genomic analyses have shown that smallpox, the bubonic plague, and multiple deadly influenzas, including the 'Spanish Flu,' actually originated in China.

Date posted: 2021-11-03

Afghanistan, Hungary and Demographics: A Reflection

Afghanistan and Hungary are two very different countries, but they have one fundamental similarity - thriving birth rates.

Date posted: 2021-11-03

Pelosi And The Popes: Two meetings, Two Versions

Pope Francis knows that the U.N. climate crowd is strongly pro-abortion. His appearance before the assembly offered him a unique opportunity to defend the right to life, but he did not take advantage of it.

Date posted: 2021-10-25

Biden Justice Department Has Declared War On Families - Are Pro-lifers Next?

The Biden Administration is engaged in a massive effort to promote radical Leftist policies across the board. Its latest move against American parents is a direct challenge to the cherished American traditions of limited government and the First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and "the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Date posted: 2021-10-24

Forced Abortion and Infanticide in Argentina

The young mother changed her mind, but the doctors aborted her anyway.

Date posted: 2021-10-23

La Vita e Bella: "Life is Beautiful"

An interview with renowned Italian historian Prof. Angelo Bertolo, a devout Catholic, who believes that both faith and reason teach us that high birth rates lead to human progress, not Malthusian disaster.

Date posted: 2021-09-01

China's demographic time bomb is ticking

Whatever policy the Party now adopts, it will be too little and too late.

Date posted: 2021-09-01

An Interview with Dr. Janet Smith

We welcome Dr. Janet Smith, longtime Professor of Theology, founder of Women's Care Center, and one of America's most valiant expositors and defenders of Humanae Vitae, the beautiful encyclical of Pope Saint Paul VI on marriage, the family, and the true meaning of human sexuality.

Date posted: 2021-08-17

Here's all the proof Biden needs to conclude COVID-19 was leaked from a lab

More than half of all Americans - including 59 percent of Republicans and 52 percent of Democrats - now believe the virus was made in a lab and released either accidentally or intentionally. Indeed, there has been a massive hardening of public opinion against the communist giant across the board, with 89 percent of adults now seeing the country as hostile or dangerous.

Date posted: 2021-08-03

China: A Century of Carnage

It is fitting that the Chinese Communist Party's favorite color is red, since it is the biggest killing machine in human history.

Date posted: 2021-07-17

China Virus "Smoking Gun" Found

Chinese Scientists Discussed Fighting WWIII With Bioweapons - Including Coronaviruses.

Date posted: 2021-06-22

Why I was banned from Facebook

For suggesting that the China Virus came from a Wuhan lab, the censors of Silicon Valley tried to silence me.

Date posted: 2021-06-22

The Heroic Hungarians are Doing Everything Righ

You may have heard about Hungary's outspoken president, Victor Orban, who is probably the leading anti-Globalist in Europe. He is doing everything in his power to encourage Hungarians to have more children. Now if the rest of dying Europe would just follow in their footsteps.

Date posted: 2021-06-22

The "Soulless" Vatican Healthcare Conference

Big Pharma and Big Tech strutted their stuff, but God's Vicars were silent.

Date posted: 2021-06-04

Be Fruitful and Multiply

As the father of a large family - my wife and I have nine children - I am sometimes asked why we chose to have so many children. My answer depends, to a certain extent anyway, upon my audience

Date posted: 2021-06-04

Poland Leads the Way

Recent Court Decision Reaffirms the Polish People's Commitment to Life. Poland is among the most Catholic and pro-life countries in Europe, so much so that even the Polish constitution declares that the state "shall ensure the legal protection of the life of every human being."

Date posted: 2021-05-05

Russia Determined to Raise the Birth Rate: Proposed Laws Would Ban Pro-Abortion, Anti-Family Propaganda

With more pro-life legislation on the way in Russia, it could serve as a good role model for other nations to follow, in both helping to reverse each nation's population decline and protecting the unborn.

Date posted: 2021-05-05

Why We Must Defend Hyde and Helms Amendments

Regardless of what opinions one holds on abortion, Americans have long believed that taxpayers - many of whom are deeply opposed to abortion for moral or religious reasons - should, at the very least, not be forced to pay for the cost of a woman's abortion through their taxes. This position has long been non-controversial and widely accepted by even many Americans on the left.

Date posted: 2021-05-03

Why the U.S. Should Not Ratify the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women

Few institutions at the United Nations have promoted abortion more consistently or more persistently than the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). For decades, the CEDAW committee has routinely subjected countries with pro-life laws to pressure to decriminalize abortion or remove restrictions on abortion.

Date posted: 2021-05-03

Covid-19 Vaccines: Pro-life or No?

Many in the pro-life movement are undecided whether they should accept or reject the COVID-19 vaccine. But before we decide to make it, as a movement, a kind of pro-life litmus test, we must put the larger issue of abortion in context. Truth be told, the COVID-19 vaccines are but one sad little link in a much bigger chain fettered to the great evil of our age: the killing of innocent children in the womb.

Date posted: 2021-03-05

China Claims Brutal Crackdown on Uyghur Birth Rate Has "Emancipated" Women

The Chinese embassy last week tweeted that the women of that country's persecuted Uyghur minority were "no longer baby-making machines" because their "minds have been emancipated." PRI President Steven Mosher begs to differ. "What is really taking Uyghur women out of the baby-making business are two things," commented Mosher. "The first is the fact that many of their husbands are currently locked up in concentration camps, forced to work long hours producing cheap Chinese goods for export. The second factor is that Uyghur women who have two children are subject to forced abortions and forced sterilizations if they conceive a third."

Date posted: 2021-02-05

President Trump Signs Executive Order Protecting Born-Alive Infants

President Trump has signed an executive order making it mandatory for all hospitals in the United States to provide medical treatment or an emergency transfer for infants who are in need of emergency medical care.

Date posted: 2020-10-31

Zero Out International Abortion Funding

A letter signed by 11 U.S. Senators and 51 Congressmen has called on federal departments and agencies to stop U.S. foreign aid from being used to support organizations at the United Nations that promote abortion.

Date posted: 2020-09-17

Catholicism a Casualty of China's New Cultural Revolution

The Chinese Communist Party remains determined to extinguish the Catholic faith - over time.

Date posted: 2020-09-16

Bostock Ruling Produces Poisoned Fruit

Now it is unconstitutional for public schools in the Deep South to maintain single-sex restrooms.

Date posted: 2020-08-21

Genocide in China

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been carrying out a brutal population control campaign to reduce the population of Uyghurs, Kazaks, and other ethnic Muslim minorities in China's far-west Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR), reports released last week have revealed.

Date posted: 2020-07-25

Which COVID-19 Vaccines Are Being Developed with Fetal Cell Lines Derived from Aborted Babies?

The race is on to find a vaccine for COVID-19. The good news is that many of the world's largest vaccine companies are developing promising vaccine candidates using ethically-derived cells. The bad news is that many of the leading vaccine candidates for the 2019 novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) are being developed using fetal cell lines that were originally derived from the tissues of aborted babies in the 1970s and 80s.

Date posted: 2020-07-05

Was the coronavirus created by Chinese scientist who tried to cover her tracks - and failed?

Dr. Shi Zhengli's January 2020 'discovery' was the equivalent of trying to wipe the fingerprints from a gun that had just been used to commit murder. Dr. Shi Zhengli, known as China's batwoman, was worried. Her creation, a highly infectious coronavirus, had leaked from her lab in October. Early efforts to stop the widening circle of infections had failed. It had spread like wildfire through the densely populated city of Wuhan.

Date posted: 2020-06-15

What Does the COVID-19 Pandemic Have to Do With Abortion?

While developing countries are in dire need of everything from PPE, ventilators, and public health assistance (not to mention food and emergency loans), how has the government of Sweden chosen to respond to this crisis? It has committed $2 million to provide condoms and abortion equipment in sub-Saharan Africa.

Date posted: 2020-05-30

WHO China representative blames China for coronavirus cover-up

After his April 30 interview with Britain's Sky News, WHO's man in China, Dr. Gauden Galea, may find that he is no longer welcome there. The fact that he couched his complaints about China's continuing cover-up in diplomatic niceties will not save him. China Communist leaders bristle at the mere hint of a rebuke, and rebuke them he did.

Date posted: 2020-05-25

China Must Release the Secret Records of the Wuhan Biolabs

There are many, myself included, who suspect that this particular coronavirus may have been under study at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and that it somehow escaped from the lab.

Date posted: 2020-04-15

48 Pro-Life Organizations in Latin America Thank President Trump for Defending the Right to Life Abroad

Forty-eight pro-life organizations from across Latin America and Spain including PRI Latin America, have signed a letter thanking U.S. President Donald Trump for his pro-life leadership and for his administration's commitment to defending the right to life on the international stage.

Date posted: 2020-03-21

Colombian Court Mulls Legalizing Abortion On Demand To 16 Weeks Jonathan

Determined to save his son, Medina hired a lawyer and filed a criminal complaint in court, alleging attempted homicide. Medina also began protesting outside the Profamilia clinic and took to social media. Medina's story ignited a nationwide social media firestorm as countless social media users rallied behind his cause.

Date posted: 2020-03-07

Does the Mexico City Policy Ban Funding for Groups that Promote Abortion Abroad? Not for U.S.

Due to Loopholes in the Mexico City Policy, U.S. Groups that Perform or Promote Abortion are Still Receiving Foreign Aid Money from the Government.

Date posted: 2020-03-04

Indian Government Pushes to Legalize Abortion Up to Birth for Unborn Children with "Substantial" Disabilities

The Government of India is set to introduce a bill in the national Parliament that would legalize abortion up to birth for unborn children with "substantial foetal abnormalities." The bill would also change the legal limit for abortion from 20 weeks to 24 weeks for "survivors of rape, victims of incest and other vulnerable women," including minors and women with mental disabilities.

Date posted: 2020-03-04

Indian Government Pushes to Legalize Abortion Up to Birth for Unborn Children with "Substantial" Disabilities

The Government of India is set to introduce a bill in the national Parliament that would legalize abortion up to birth for unborn children with "substantial foetal abnormalities." The bill would also change the legal limit for abortion from 20 weeks to 24 weeks for "survivors of rape, victims of incest and other vulnerable women," including minors and women with mental disabilities.

Date posted: 2020-02-29

You can thank the Chinese Communist Party for the coronavirus epidemic

By quarantining and testing suspected carriers of the virus, the U.S and other countries are successfully containing the spread of the virus. These are precautions that the Chinese authorities should have taken two long months ago - and didn't. Now the disease has reached all of China.

Date posted: 2020-02-06

Ethical issues surrounding egg donation in genome editing

Genome editing enables scientists to modify the DNA, the building blocks of life. Different technologies are used, including an innovative technique called CRISPR-Cas/9, which involves cutting and splicing mutating genes that cause heritable diseases and conditions.

Date posted: 2020-02-06

Uganda Sanctions Marie Stopes for Faulty Condoms

Abortion giant's condoms - like its reputation - are in tatters. High-level employees working for an affiliate of the international abortion giant Marie Stopes International in Uganda have had their licenses suspended by the Ugandan government for allegedly okaying the distribution of untested condom shipments without the required prior authorization from the government.

Date posted: 2020-02-06

Kenyans, Pro-Life Advocates Resist Promotion of Abortion and Sex Education at U.N. Nairobi Conference

What I Saw at UNFPA's Nairobi Summit on the International Conference on Population and Development

Date posted: 2020-02-05

Population control policies to combat climate change prove deadly, demographer says

A group of over 11,000 scientists are calling for population control measures to avoid severe human suffering from global climate change, a notion a demographer says is heavily tied to money and not actual science.

Date posted: 2019-11-17

Part I: Why America's Birth Rate is Still Tanking: The Cost of Raising a Child and Lost Millennial Wealth

It's been ten years since the Great Recession ended. Yet, despite robust economic growth and low employment over the past two years, births in the United States have continued to plummet.

Date posted: 2019-10-20

India Prime Minister Calls for Population Control, Says Small Families are an "Act of Patriotism"

The leader of the world's largest democracy has called for population control policies to contain what he claims is a "reckless population explosion" in India. "The last thing India needs is a Chinese-style two-child policy," says PRI President Steven Mosher.

Date posted: 2019-08-30

Progressives Finally 'Woke' About China's One-Child Policy - Now That It's Over

A new documentary about China's draconian one-child policy has just been released, and has been greeted with tremendous fanfare from the Left. In fact, it won the Grand Jury Prize at this year's Sundance Film Festival. And thanks to Amazon, it premiered in select theaters on Aug. 9. Called "One-Child Nation," the documentary details the 35 years of suffering that Chinese women and girls endured under the policy, which ended in 2015.

Date posted: 2019-08-22

Lawmakers Seek to Legalize Abortion Up to Birth in New South Wales

An attempt by pro-abortion lawmakers last week in New South Wales, Australia, to ram through a radical abortion bill has been delayed by strong pro-life and Catholic opposition led by the Archbishop of Sydney, Archbishop Anthony Fisher.

Date posted: 2019-08-12

The Slaughter of Girls Continues in India

Nearly 550,000 unborn girls are killed in India every year by sex-selective abortion, a newly released report from the Population Research Institute (PRI) has found. The findings highlight the shocking extent to which girls in India - and other parts of the world - continue to be selectively targeted for abortion and elimination.

Date posted: 2019-08-03

We Celebrate People!

World Population Day is an occasion for the "Anti-People Crowd" to don sackcloth and ashes and bemoan human population growth. Led by the U.N., demonstrators will march in major cities protesting overcrowding.

Date posted: 2019-07-15

Holland's Tax Code Punishes Families, Stay-at-home Moms

The Netherlands often prides itself on equality and tolerance, yet, written into the Dutch tax code are profound inequalities that place significantly heavier tax burdens on families with a stay-at-home parent.

Date posted: 2019-07-15

Center For Disease Control Admits: NFP Works!

Young women are being taught to use the Morning-After Pill, but are deliberately not being told how it works. At the same time, they are deliberately not being taught how to use Natural Family Planning, or NFP, which - even the CDC now admits - does work.

Date posted: 2019-06-29

Sex Trafficking Ring Found Selling Pakistani Women into Prostitution in China

Pakistani authorities have arrested 12 suspected members of a sex trafficking ring that was found to be selling Pakistani girls into prostitution in China. The incident is part of an alarming trend that has seen sex trafficking and bride trafficking into China increase in recent years.

Date posted: 2019-06-15

Growing Number of States Pass Legislation Taking Aim at Roe v. Wade

A growing number of states are passing legislation aimed specifically at challenging Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court's 1973 decision that legalized abortion in all fifty states.

Date posted: 2019-05-24

U.N. Committee Launches Attack on U.S Pro-Life Laws

The so-called "Human Rights Committee" is very, very unhappy with the Trump administration's efforts to protect the human rights of the unborn. So what?

Date posted: 2019-05-15

Trump Administration Stops Backdoor Funding to Foreign Organizations that Perform Abortion

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in a press briefing yesterday, announced the Trump administration is expanding the Mexico City Policy to stop backdoor funding to pro-abortion organizations. Under the new expanded policy, foreign NGOs receiving U.S. foreign health assistance will be prohibited from providing funding to any other foreign NGOs that perform or promote abortion.

Date posted: 2019-05-15

Puerto Rico Governor Vetos Common-Sense Restrictions on Abortion

The bill, entitled the "Law for the Protection of Women and the Preservation of Life" (PS 950), would have introduced a number of common-sense restrictions on abortion in the U.S. commonwealth, including requiring parental consent for minors under 18 years of age seeking abortion and requiring that infants born alive after an abortion are provided with appropriate medical care.

Date posted: 2019-03-27

Court Weighs Legalizing Abortion

Will the last pro-life bastion in the U.K. fall? A high court in Northern Ireland could soon legalize abortion in cases of life-threatening fetal disability. Northern Ireland is the last remaining country in the United Kingdom that does not permit abortion on-demand. Ireland - a country which borders Northern Ireland to the south and west - legalized abortion late last year, on demand up to 12 weeks and later in cases of health and fetal disability.

Date posted: 2019-03-26

Baby Body Parts Traffickers to be Deported to Ecuador

The brothers Roberto and William Isaías were arrested by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Service on February 13th. The spokesman for ICE, Nestor Yglesias, indicated that the brothers were "illegally present" in the United States. They will be deported to Ecuador, where they are wanted for various crimes. But the Isaias family also has a criminal record in the State of California. They are linked to a scandal of selling human organs and tissues, particularly those of aborted babies, which they trafficked internationally.

Date posted: 2019-03-11

Are We Running Out of People?

While on the fantasy island of overpopulation human numbers are always exploding, a close look at the real world reveals an increasingly barren reality. Many nations, especially in Europe, are already in a death spiral, filling more coffins than cradles each year. Listen closely, and you will hear the muffled sound of populations crashing.

Date posted: 2019-03-11

New York State to Allow Abortion up to Birth

A new law passed by the New York State legislature last Tuesday would keep abortion legal up to the point of birth should the U.S. Supreme Court overturn its Roe v. Wade decision.

Date posted: 2019-02-15

Be Fruitful and Multiply! Says Hungarian Prime Minister

In his annual State of the Nation address this past Sunday, Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced his proposed "Family Protection Action Plan," a package of policies aimed at encouraging couples to marry and have children. Lots of children.

Date posted: 2019-02-15

The Party of Abortion ... Infanticide?

The murder of babies is an atrocity too far, but will Senate Democrats agree?

Date posted: 2019-02-15

New York State to Allow Abortion up to Birth

Pro-abortion movement in a panic over possible end of Roe v. Wade. A new law passed by the New York State legislature last Tuesday would keep abortion legal up to the point of birth should the U.S. Supreme Court overturn its Roe v. Wade decision.

Date posted: 2019-02-02

House Democrats Push for a Repeal of the Mexico City Policy

While our nation is distracted by the hue and cry over border security, the newly installed Democrat majority in the House of Representatives has quietly voted to repeal President Trump's "Mexico City Policy."

Date posted: 2019-02-02

Mexican Congress Introduces Bill to Legalize Abortion On Demand

Lawmakers in Mexico's Congress have introduced a bill which seeks to legalize abortion on demand up to 12 weeks gestation, and later in cases of health of the mother and when the unborn child suffers from a severe disability.

Date posted: 2019-01-19

Ohio Legislature Passes Heartbeat Bill

The Ohio state legislature has passed a bill that would ban all abortion after a baby's heart is detected. State lawmakers in South Carolina and Kentucky have also announced plans to introduce similar bills in their respective states in January 2019.

Date posted: 2019-01-07

UN Human Rights Experts Demand Legalized Abortion Worldwide

Attempts to redefine the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to exclude the unborn.

Date posted: 2018-12-11

China Begins "Mobilizing the Masses" to Reproduce

Young Party members ordered to "lead by example" to achieve a "two-child family regime"

Date posted: 2018-10-03

Nearly 125 Indian Members of Parliament Back Petition to Introduce a Two-Child Policy

Nearly 125 lawmakers in India's Parliament have signed a petition to Indian President Ram Nath Kovind, calling for a nationwide two-child policy. Members of Parliament (MPs) who signed the petition have called for a law prohibiting Indian couples from having more than two children with stiff penalties for couples who exceed the proposed two-child limit.

Date posted: 2018-09-18

China Stepping Up Measures to Boost the Birth Rate

Since the Chinese Party-State abandoned its one-child policy two years ago, birth rates across in China have remained stubbornly low. Communist Party officials are beginning to worry that, despite being allowed to have a second child, many couples are choosing not to.

Date posted: 2018-09-01

Chinese Provincial Government Calls for an End to Birth Restrictions

The provincial government in Shaanxi, a province in north-central China, has published a report that calls for an abolishment of birth limits under China's planned birth policy.

Date posted: 2018-09-01

25-Year-Old Mom Has Toes Amputated and Hysterectomy after IUD Migrates to Her Stomach

A woman earlier this year was forced to undergo surgery, a hysterectomy, and have her toes amputated after her intrauterine device (IUD) migrated to her stomach and liver, the media has reported.

Date posted: 2018-08-05

Just why do we need more people in the United States?

The spectacle of caravans of desperate people trekking across half a continent to get to their Promised Land elicits strong reactions from those who are already here. Some Americans would like to welcome all comers with open arms. Others, like the Canaanites of old, would like to shut down immigration altogether.

Date posted: 2018-07-26

Argentina Lower House Approves Bill to Legalize Abortion On-Demand

The lower house of the Argentine congress, known as the Chamber of Deputies, has narrowly approved of a bill that would legalize abortion on-demand up 14 weeks gestation. The bill would also legalize abortion after 14 weeks in cases of rape, health of the mother, and fetal disability.

Date posted: 2018-06-19

The Japanese Pregnancy Rotation System

For working women in Western societies, sometimes getting ahead means you may have to put off having the baby the you wanted to have for a few years. Some Female Employees Are Being Told to Take Turns Having Kids.

Date posted: 2018-06-19

Trump Administration Releases New Rule to Stop Title X Funding for Abortion Providers

The Trump administration yesterday released a much-anticipated rule proposal to block federal Title X family planning grants from funding abortion clinics and service providers that offer abortion referrals.

Date posted: 2018-06-03

Growing Abortion Advocacy at the World Health Organization

World Health Assembly to Highlight WHO's Actions on Abortion over the Past Year. Human rights treaty monitoring bodies and certain Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council have in recent years increasingly attempted to read abortion into international human rights treaties.

Date posted: 2018-05-20

Xi Jinping Places Catholic Church in China Under Direct Party Control

The decision means that the proposed Vatican-China agreement would not merely be a surrender of the Chinese faithful to the Communist Party - it would be an utter betrayal of the faith.

Date posted: 2018-05-05

Victims of Japan's Former 'Eugenics Protection Law' Speak Out and Demand Compensation

Victims of forced sterilization under Japanese Government's now defunct eugenics program may soon receive the justice that they have long been waiting for.

Date posted: 2018-03-28

63 Million Women in India Are 'Missing,' More than 11 Million are 'Missing' Due to Sex-Selective Abortion

According to a recent report from the Government of India, a staggering 63 million women are now missing from India's population. The report estimates that nearly 2 million women are lost every year. The report further estimates that an additional 21 million girls are "unwanted&" by their parents who would have preferred a boy instead.

Date posted: 2018-03-28

Parolin and the China Negotiations: First, Do No Harm

Not long after I became Catholic in the early nineties, I traveled to China to learn more about the fate of my fellow believers under communism.

Date posted: 2018-03-14

Why We Need the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

The Final Report of the House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives in 2016 revealed many shocking details about the abortion industry in America.

Date posted: 2018-02-11

Many American Women Have Felt Pressured into Abortions, Study Finds

A significant number of American women who have had an abortion have felt subtle, or even substantial, unwanted pressure to abort, a recent study has found.

Date posted: 2018-02-10

Federal Judge Blocks Religious Accommodation to HHS Contraceptive Mandate

A federal judge in Pennsylvania has placed a nationwide temporary hold on the Trump Administration's accommodations for persons with moral or religious objections to the HHS Contraceptive Mandate.

Date posted: 2017-12-24

Hormonal Contraceptives Increase Breast Cancer Risk, New Study Finds

A study published last week in The New England Journal of Medicine has found that hormonal contraceptives, including oral contraceptive pills and hormone-releasing IUDs, significantly increase women's risk for breast cancer.

Date posted: 2017-12-21

No Stephen Hawking, Population Growth Is Not Going to Turn Earth into a "Ball of Fire"

It's a curious thing. At times, the most brilliant scientists and mathematicians throughout history have held some of the most preposterous beliefs.

Date posted: 2017-12-09

European Union Warns Poland Not to Pass Pro-Life Legislation

The move marks an unprecedented intervention into the democratic process of a Member State. The European Union (EU) has warned Poland not to pass any legislation banning abortion in cases where unborn children are living with severe congenital disabilities.

Date posted: 2017-12-06

No Stephen Hawking, Population Growth Is Not Going to Turn Earth into a "Ball of Fire"

More people does not just mean 'more mouths to feed' or 'more carbon emitters.' More people means more laborers and more innovative minds to find creative solutions to problems like world hunger. In fact, while 2 billion persons have been added to the world population since 1990, the percentage of undernourished persons in developing countries has fallen from 23% down to 13%. And in 2014 we produced food on less land than the amount of land under agricultural use in 1994. Let's stick to the facts. World population is slowing, not exploding. But in any event, there is no evidence to support the claim that population growth per se will cause the Earth to become a flaming inferno.

Date posted: 2017-11-21

Mosher: China's House of Cards

For two thousand years, the Chinese Empire has sought to overawe visiting barbarians with the magnificence of the imperial court. It still does today.

Date posted: 2017-11-19

Abortion Providers Sue Texas for Banning Dismemberment Abortion

A Texas law banning a gruesome and inhumane abortion procedure known as dilation and evacuation (D&E) is being challenged in federal court.

Date posted: 2017-11-19

Nations Push Back against U.N. Human Rights Committee Attempt to Redefine the 'Right to Life'

A number of states have pushed back against an attempt by the United Nations Human Rights Committee to reinterpret the 'right to life' to mean a right to abortion.

Date posted: 2017-11-04

PRI, Civil Society Denounce U.N. Committee Attempt to Create Abortion Rights

As reported earlier this year, the United Nations Human Rights Committee has been attempting to redefine an important international human rights treaty by claiming that the 'right to life' means that states should legalize abortion under expansive terms.

Date posted: 2017-11-04

Japanese Government Says Shrinking Population is the "Biggest Challenge" for Economic Growth

For decades, population growth in Japan has been below replacement. Demographers have long warned that the country's low birth rate and low immigration are unsustainable. In recent years, the population has now begun to shrink and the country's demographic decline has become a considerable obstacle to economic growth.

Date posted: 2017-11-04

U.S. Fertility Rate Hits New Record Low

What can be done to reverse this ominous trend? According to recent data from the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), the U.S. fertility rate sank to a record low of 62.0 births per 1,000 women of reproductive age in 2016.

Date posted: 2017-10-21

Federal Judge Overturns Indiana Law Banning Sex-Selective Abortion

A federal district court judge has ruled that a series of Indiana laws banning sex-selective abortion and other discriminatory forms of abortion are unconstitutional.

Date posted: 2017-09-30

Proposal for a Two-Child Policy in Indian State Advances to the Legislative Assembly

A state in north-eastern India has moved one step closer to implementing a population control policy which would enact stiff penalties for government employees who have more than two children.

Date posted: 2017-09-26

Chile's Constitutional Court Approves Bill Legalizing Abortion

A bill legalizing abortion in cases of rape, fetal disability, and life of the mother was upheld yesterday by Chile's constitutional court, effectively securing the legalization of abortion in the South American country. It is widely expected that Chilean Socialist President Michelle Bachelet will sign the bill into law.

Date posted: 2017-09-02

Forced Abortions in China Continue Despite Two-Child Policy

Many Westerners cheered when the Chinese Communist Party announced it was going to allow all Chinese couples a second child. They quite naturally assumed that this meant an across-the-board relaxation of a policy that had caused tremendous suffering among the Chinese people.

Date posted: 2017-08-15

UN Human Rights Committee Attempts to Reinterpret the 'Right to Life' to Mean the Legalization of Abortion and Assisted Suicide

The United Nations Human Rights Committee (CCPR) has released a draft document which would reinterpret an important international human rights treaty by claiming the treaty requires states to expansively legalize abortion.

Date posted: 2017-08-12

Why the Chinese Communist Party Murdered Liu Xiaobo

Liu spent decades calling for respect for human rights and far-reaching political reform, efforts that in 2010 won him the Nobel Peace Prize. In awarding him the prize, the Nobel Committee noted "his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China."

Date posted: 2017-08-12

Tennessee County Offers to Shorten Prison Time for Inmates Who Agree to Get a Vasectomy

Prisoners encouraged to 'buy' their freedom by paying with their fertility and integrity.

Date posted: 2017-08-03

Humanae Vitae

This week we celebrate the 49th anniversary of Humanae Vitae, the brave and beautiful encyclical of Blessed Paul VI promulgated on July 25, 1968

Date posted: 2017-08-03

Chinese Mother Dies after Husband Demands a Son, Forces Her to Have Four Abortions

A woman from Anhui province in eastern China has died after her husband forced her to undergo four sex-selective abortions in a single year.

Date posted: 2017-07-31

Why the Chinese Communist Party Murdered Liu Xiaobo

Liu Xiaobo, China's most famous dissident, has died at the age of 61 after languishing in a Manchurian prison since 23 June 2009

Date posted: 2017-07-31

Pro-Life Provisions in the Senate Health Care Reform Bill

Last week, Senate Republicans unveiled their proposed health care reform draft bill to "repeal and replace Obamacare."

Date posted: 2017-07-07

State Department Announces New Plan to Dramatically Expand Mexico City Policy, Defund Pro-Abortion Organizations

Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance" does exactly what it says.

Date posted: 2017-06-02

Study Finds Sex-Selective Abortion Does Not Decrease with Assimilation

Long after assimilation, preferences for sons and selective elimination of daughters persist.

Date posted: 2017-06-02

Honduran Lawmakers Resist Pressure from UN, Abortion Activists to Legalize Abortion

"It is reprehensible that UN human rights experts have turned human rights on its head, using the stature of their office to attack, rather than to defend, the universal right to life for the most defenseless among us," says Population Research Institute President Steven Mosher.

Date posted: 2017-05-21

House Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood

The House passed a bill on Thursday which would bar most federal funding for Planned Parenthood for the period of one year. The bill would also restrict federal subsidies for health insurance plans that include abortion coverage.

Date posted: 2017-05-09

While Admitting Risks, WHO Continues to Recommend Injectable Contraceptives for Women at High Risk of Contracting HIV

The WHO's recommendation that injectable contraceptive drugs be administered freely to women at high risk of contracting HIV is contrary to women's human rights. The WHO's MEC category 2 will do little to mitigate the potential harm that women using these drugs could face if injectable contraceptives do in fact increase women's risk for contracting HIV. Until injectable contraceptives like DMPA and NET-EN can be proven safe, they should not be given to women who are at risk for an HIV infection.

Date posted: 2017-05-03

Canadian Government Will Spend $650 Million on Abortion, Contraception, and Sex Ed

In commemoration of International Women's Day, the Canadian Government announced this morning that it will be spending $650 million CAD (approximately $480 million U.S. dollars) over the next three years for abortion and "sexual and reproductive health" in foreign aid programs.

Date posted: 2017-04-28

Infant Mortality in the U.S. Falls to Lowest Levels Ever

Infant mortality is on the decline in the United States, a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals.

Date posted: 2017-04-19

President Trump Ends Funding for U.N. Population Control Agency

The U.S. will cease funding the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) - the notorious U.N. agency that has been the chief international cheerleader for, and financial supporter of, China's repressive "Planned Birth" policies from their beginning.

Date posted: 2017-04-17

Speakers at Vatican Symposium Take Wrong Approach to Population and Development

Among the more notorious controversial figures invited to participate at the Vatican workshop was none other than Stanford University professor Paul Ehrlich, the world-famous author of The Population Bomb and longtime advocate of population control.

Date posted: 2017-03-18

China Offers Free IUD Removal to Cries of Outrage

Chinese Party-State's offer to remove the IUDs it forcibly implanted in women is too little and comes too late for those who have already lost their children, their health and, in some cases, their very lives.

Date posted: 2017-03-10

Norway Becomes Tenth Country to Pledge Support for Global Abortion Fund

Following Trump funding cut, dying European countries rush to fund abortion worldwide

Date posted: 2017-03-10

Nominate a Pro-Life Champion, President Trump!

Pro-Lifers and Presidents have been betrayed by Supreme Court picks before

Date posted: 2017-02-15

House Bill on No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Is Stronger than Hyde Amendment

H.R. 7 goes even further than Hyde in blocking taxpayer funding for abortion. The bill would also prevent federally owned or operated health care facilities from performing abortions and would prohibit physicians and other health care workers employed by the federal government from performing abortion when working in their capacity as government employees.

Date posted: 2017-02-06

Duterte Ignores Supreme Court, Orders Action on Controversial Reproductive Health Law

Executive Order Issued by Philippine President Threatens to Create Constitutional Crisis.

Date posted: 2017-01-24

Indian State Proposes A Two-Child Limit for Government Employees

A state in northeast India, is currently considering a bill which would impose a two-child limit on all government employees. If an employee will have more than two children while on job, that particular employee will lose his or her job.

Date posted: 2017-01-20

The Castro Regime: Repression of the Rights to Life and Liberty

Freedom is never free. The passing of Fidel Castro is a keen reminder that many liberties so often taken for granted in the West, even as they are rapidly diminishing in the face of radical secularism, are still not a given for many.

Date posted: 2017-01-17

Controversial Sterilization Device Should be Taken Off the Market

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that it has approved a boxed warning for Bayer's controversial Essure sterilization device. A boxed warning is the strongest warning the FDA can require for drugs and devices and is intended to alert the user to potentially serious, even deadly, side effects that can result from using them.

Date posted: 2016-11-27

Old, Lonely, and Poor

The One-Child Policy Has Left China's Economic and Social Support Systems Devastated

Date posted: 2016-11-27

The Abortion Movement Just Lost their War on the Unborn

Abortion is now on the road to ultimate extinction, thanks to America's voters

Date posted: 2016-11-18

Americans Don't Want to be Taxed to Pay for Abortions

Countries Receiving U.S. Foreign Aid Money Don't Want to be Pressured into Abortions Either.

Date posted: 2016-11-16

Abortion Group Targets Catholic Doctors' Conscience Rights

According to the study's authors, Catholic doctors and health care workers should be forced to make referrals for abortion and contraception, recommending that policymakers should "require [Catholic doctors and hospitals] to offer such referrals" despite any moral objections they might have on the issue.

Date posted: 2016-11-03

India Supreme Court Orders Closure of All Sterilization Camps Within Three Years

In a landmark court ruling on September 14th, the Supreme Court of India has ordered that all sterilization camps across the country be closed. The Court has directed the central government to ensure the state governments close the camps "as early as possible".

Date posted: 2016-10-14

Philippines: No to Population Control, Yes to Authentic Development - Part 2

Such policies cause the opposite of what they are intended to achieve: more poverty, more disease and more wasteful government spending.

Date posted: 2016-08-20

Philippines: No to Population Control, Yes to Authentic Development - Part 1

Such policies cause the opposite of what they are intended to achieve: more poverty, more disease and more wasteful government spending.

Date posted: 2016-08-20

Injectable Contraceptives Put Women at Risk for HIV Infection

PRI Releases new video, "Depo's Deception: New Dangers for African Women

Date posted: 2016-08-20

Get the U.S. Out of the United Nations Population Fund

The U.S. Government wastes billions on programs and initiatives that American taxpayers don't want and certainly don't need. But no example of government waste is more disgraceful than the tens of millions of dollars handed over each year to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) - an organization that for decades has been working hand-in-glove with China's brutal and repressive population control policy.

Date posted: 2016-07-31

New IPPF Report Gloats Over New Abortion Numbers

The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) reports that its affiliates ended the lives of nearly one million unborn children in 2015. In all 964,325, unborn children were terminated by chemical and surgical abortion by IPPF just last year alone.

Date posted: 2016-07-25

California's Assisted Suicide Law: Are Some Lives Not Worth Living, or are All Lives Precious?

At what point can we say that a life no longer matters? Is it at the point when medical expenses become too costly or burdensome for relatives? Is it at the point when someone feels they have outlived their usefulness, or are just not able to do the things they love to do anymore?

Date posted: 2016-07-17

China's Population Control Police Should Be Abolished

China's family planning police are widely hated and feared by the Chinese people. And who can blame them?

Date posted: 2016-06-05

Why We Must Defund Planned Parenthood

Of the many issues debated about perennially, few have the potential to save lives like defunding nation's number one abortion provider - Planned Parenthood.

Date posted: 2016-05-05

USAID Needs to Warn Women of the Dangers of Depo-Provera

Despite mounting evidence of serious side effects associated with the use of injectable contraceptives, international aid programs continue to indiscriminately distribute Depo-Provera under various brand names worldwide.

Date posted: 2016-05-05

Abortion is Never the Answer for Pregnant Women with Zika

Abortion advocates have attempted to lobby and shame pro-life Latin American countries into legalizing abortion for women who may contract the Zika virus.

Date posted: 2016-05-05

Sex-Selection, Forced Abortion Are Happening Here in the United States

Many women today living in immigrant communities in the United States face discrimination, mistreatment, or resentment from family members if they fail to bear a son. Disproportionately girls are being targeted for abortion in some parts of these communities. The choice to abort is a coerced one, more often than not one pushed by husbands or female in-laws.

Date posted: 2016-04-30

Legalizing Abortion in Chile Would Have Dire Consequences

Chile is one of the few countries left in the world today that still protects human life under all circumstances. The vast majority of Chileans have a deep and profound respect for the dignity of motherhood and for the value of every human life.

Date posted: 2016-04-30

State Department Human Rights Report Condemns Forced Abortions in China

Last year the Party leadership announced an end to the one-child-per-family restriction. Some observers naïvely thought that the move to a two-child-per-family policy would spell an end to coercion and put China's millions of population control police out of work.

Date posted: 2016-04-27

Why We Must Defund Planned Parenthood

Of the many issues debated about perennially, few have the potential to save lives like defunding nation's number one abortion provider - Planned Parenthood.

Date posted: 2016-03-17

Abortion Activists Attempt to Use Zika Virus Outbreak to Legalize Abortion

The rapid spread of the Zika virus in the Western Hemisphere has many expectant mothers in hard-hit countries deeply concerned. Abortion activists have seized upon this public health crisis to argue that all unborn children who may have been exposed to the virus should be aborted.

Date posted: 2016-02-27

How to Defeat the Enemies of Natural Marriage

The marriage victory in Croatia is a model for such grassroots movements in other countries. It proves that the homosexual lobby can be defeated by a well-planned, well-organized campaign.

Date posted: 2016-02-10

Eliminating Poverty or Eliminating Children?

We are not alone in being suspicious of the United Nations when it comes to the life issues.

Date posted: 2016-01-30

Peruvian Victims Still Wait For Justice

Twenty-five years after hundreds of thousands of women were forcibly or coercively sterilized in Peru, these victims are still waiting for justice. A recent decree issued by the Peruvian Justice Ministry may help these women receive reparation for the crimes committed against them.

Date posted: 2015-12-22

China Announces End of One Child Policy

The Chinese government is apparently ready loosen to the stranglehold it has had on reproduction in that country since the late seventies - a little bit. Under the new policy, married Chinese couples will be allowed not one, but two children.

Date posted: 2015-11-17

Is China's One Child Policy Coming to an End?

Will the Chinese Communist Party loosen the stranglehold it has had on reproduction since the late seventies? There has been much speculation that the 13th Five-Year Plan, to be released next month, will significantly relax the well-known One Child Policy.

Date posted: 2015-11-13

Planned Parenthood Caught Trying to Pressure El Salvador into Legalizing Abortion

As everyone knows by now, Planned Parenthood is preying on American women and dismembering their babies. But that does not exhaust the list of the abortion giant's crimes. It turns out that it is actively and aggressively involved in growing its grisly business by exporting abortion to every corner of the Earth.

Date posted: 2015-09-12

A Modern Day Holocaust

Since Roe v. Wade abortion has claimed the lives of over 53 million babies in America. More than eight times as many infants have been killed through abortion than Jews murdered in the Nazi concentration camps. Abortion is truly the Holocaust of our time.

Date posted: 2015-09-12

No Need for Population Control

Contrary to the fear mongering of the population alarmists, the world isn't heading for a demographic catastrophe.

Date posted: 2015-09-12

A Modern Day Holocaust

Since Roe v. Wade abortion has claimed the lives of over 53 million babies in America. More than eight times as many infants have been killed through abortion than Jews murdered in the Nazi concentration camps. Abortion is truly the Holocaust of our time.

Date posted: 2015-08-30

No Need for Population Control

Contrary to the fear mongering of the population alarmists, the world isn't heading for a demographic catastrophe.

Date posted: 2015-08-30

Fetal Organ Harvesting Videos Placed on Restraining Order

Planned Parenthood's alleged undercover sale of fetal body parts is making abortion advocates desperate. They know that for-profit participation in fetal organ trafficking is indefensible in the public eye, so instead of engaging the debate, they are attempting to silence it.

Date posted: 2015-08-30

Planned Parenthood Uses Manual Vacuum Aspirators to Harvest Organs

Manual vacuum aspirators are murderous machines used to abort babies between three and fourteen weeks gestation. They are large, unsophisticated syringes operated by hand that work by suctioning the fetus from its mother's womb.

Date posted: 2015-08-30

Fetal Cannibalism, Planned Parenthood Style

On the menu of some exclusive Chinese restaurants is an item that goes by the name of Spare Rib Soup. Very expensive, it is usually served only in the back rooms to known customers, who are willing to pay to premium for this delicacy. So what is Spare Rib Soup?

Date posted: 2015-08-30

FDA to Review Concerns on the Essure Sterilization Procedure

After receiving thousands of complaints of adverse side-effects, the FDA has decided to conduct a hearing on the safety and effectiveness of Essure. The controversial sterilization implant involves pushing micro coils made of nitinol (a nickel-titanium alloy) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibers into a woman's fallopian tubes via a hysteroscope and catheter. This scars the fallopian tubes and seals them shut.

Date posted: 2015-08-30

Zombie charities push population control

As a conservative, I don't have much use for foreign aid, preferring to support private charitable efforts overseas. But when Washington politicians began to dole out huge sums of money several decades ago, existing nonprofits lined up for their share of the take.

Date posted: 2015-07-15

War on India Still an Emergency

This week marks the 40th anniversary of the beginning of a reign of horror in Indian history. On this day, 40 years ago, India declared a state of emergency and gave the power to rule by decree to the prime minister, Indira Gandhi. During this "emergency period," the Indian state sterilized eleven million of its citizens.

Date posted: 2015-07-15

Vietnam Poised to End Two-Child Policy

Vietnamese outlet Thanh Nien News reports that the Vietnamese government is preparing to categorically reverse its two-child policy. If this happens, Vietnamese families will be able to decide for themselves how many children they can have, without government fines or punishment.

Date posted: 2015-07-14

Even as Population Growth Dramatically Slows, the U.N. Keeps Hyping "World Population Day"

On July 11th, the United Nations will celebrate its 26th World Population Day. The point of this annual exercise is to raise money to promote abortion, sterilization and contraception among poor and vulnerable women by alarming us about the dangers of global population growth.

Date posted: 2015-07-13

The Earth is Not "Sick" and Mankind is Thriving as Never Befor

As the father of nine children, I am necessarily no fan of "out-of-control consumerism." On the home front, our "consumerism," such that it is, is rationed to meet our needs, not our wants.

Date posted: 2015-07-12

The New York Times Throws in the Towel on "Overpopulation"

My guess is that you, gentle reader, will be as astonished as we were by the top-of-the-website New York Times article discrediting the population alarmism of the past fifty years. In "The Unrealized Horrors of Population Explosion" the newspaper has finally (several decades too late) thrown population control on the ash heap of discredited ideas.

Date posted: 2015-06-14

Police Brutality Happens Every Day in China

"Just a few days ago, I got a case involving a man who was disabled due to a severe beating by local government personnel just because his sister-in-law had had an additional baby without a permit." -- Chen Guangcheng

Date posted: 2015-05-11

Sterilization Camps in India

Last November, 83 women were sterilized in a matter of hours at a sterilization camp in the east Indian state of Chhattisgarh. At least a dozen women died from the unhygienic conditions, and the large number of deaths in one sterilization camp garnered international media attention. While sterilization camps rarely claim a dozen lives at a time, women are routinely maimed and killed in sterilization camps in India. In the four months since news of the Chhattisgarh camp broke, sterilization camps and their horrors steadily continue.

Date posted: 2015-04-26

A War on Maternity Waged in the Name of Mother Earth

We look forward to a future where our children and grandchildren enjoy a planet with clean air, clean water, and luxuriant greenery.

Date posted: 2015-04-26

Frog: A Novel

Four months after one camp killed a dozen women, sterilization camp horrors continue

Date posted: 2015-04-26

Catholic Health Commission in Kenya: Vaccine Contamination Demands Action from the Kenyan Ministry of Health

On February 13th, the Kenyan Conference of Catholic Bishops stated that the controversy over whether a tetanus vaccine had been laced with a sterilizing agent was an issue of national security and demanded that the Kenyan Ministry of Health cooperate in a continuing investigation to analyze the vaccine vials.

Date posted: 2015-03-17

Kenyan Bishops not Satisfied with Government Response to Vaccine Controversy

The concern that the neonatal tetanus vaccines in Kenya sponsored by the World Health Organization are laced with sterilizing agents first arose months ago, and the uncertainty continues as the newest round of testing produced another inconclusive standoff between the Catholic Health Commission of Kenya and the Ministry of Health.

Date posted: 2015-02-23

Violent population control continues in China

Contrary to recent reports, China's population control policy still systematically enforces a policy of coerced abortion, sterilization, and child abandonment. The propaganda, coercion, and violence used by the Chinese Family Planning police continues to violate the rights of Chinese women, men, and their unborn children.

Date posted: 2015-02-23

USAID Funding of Sterilization Camps in India, Part 2

Earlier this week, we released a report outlining some of the horrors of India's sterilization camps. We called the world's attention to the US Agency for International Development's complicity in coercive sterilization camps in India. Among the evidence was a report published by the OECD describing a multi-million dollar program by USAID to reduce fertility in India.

Date posted: 2015-02-05

USAID Funding of Sterilization Camps in India

Women's wombs are inflated with bicycle pumps. Some are paid as little as 600 rupees - about $10 - to be sterilized. Some see - and feel - doctors pull shreds of their organs from their abdomens during procedures. Doctors reuse gloves and needles for dozens of surgeries. Antibiotics or painkillers, if used, may be tainted with rat poison.

Date posted: 2015-02-05

Aborting Indian Democracy

Poll taxes, property requirements, and race and gender-based voting prohibitions codified thinly disguised discrimination in darker periods in United States history. Today, in the world's largest democracy, local laws restrict political participation to people who have two or fewer children.

Date posted: 2015-02-05

Four Key Points on Human Ecology and Climate We Hope to See Pope Francis Make

Pope Francis has the opportunity to put the human person back in the center of climate concerns.

Date posted: 2015-02-05

Obama wants you to pay for abortions - but he doesn't want you to know about it!

Pro-lifers in Congress poised to take action in the new funding bill.

Date posted: 2014-12-24

Population Control Criminal Gets Off Scot-Free!

15 Years and 300,000 coerced sterilizations later, Peru's "Sterilizer-in-Chief" has yet to see a day in jail.

Date posted: 2014-12-24

Chinese Abortion "Doctor" Kills Her Own Grandchildren, One Grandchild Miraculously Survives Abortion Attempt

China brutally enforces a "one child per family" law, but often we only hear dry, faceless statistics about forced abortion in China. PRI, through on-site investigations in China, puts faces on those statistics - like this story about Yang Pingan.

Date posted: 2014-12-24

Why the Crackdown? Christians Now Outnumber Communists in China

Churches are overflowing, and communist leaders are furious.

Date posted: 2014-12-24

The UN Continues to Push a Radical Abortion Agenda

The UN report, which talks incessantly about protecting women's rights, hypocritically whitewashes China's brutal one-child policy. That hundreds of millions of women over the past 34 years have been aborted and sterilized, many under duress, goes unmentioned.

Date posted: 2014-12-11

Watchdog Group Condemns Swiss Population Control Initiative

The Population Research Institute condemns a proposed population control initiative in Switzerland which is being put to a vote on November 30, and if enacted, would restrict immigration into Switzerland and increase Swiss spending on population control abroad.

Date posted: 2014-12-11

Immigrants Flood Into Europe

Will they cure Europe's demographic sickness or just temporarily alleviate the pain?

Date posted: 2014-12-11

Who's Behind the Program to Sterilize Kenyan Women Without Their Consent?

In Paul Ehrlich's crude fantasy, The Population Bomb, "compulsory birth regulation" was to be achieved by polluting the water supply with "mass sterilizing agents." But more sophisticated population controllers dreamed of a contraceptive vaccine that would, with the stick of a needle, sterilize women for years, or a lifetime

Date posted: 2014-12-11

North Dakota Judge Strikes Down State Pro-Life Laws

If the Human Life Amendment passes, it will help to protect pro-life laws not just in North Dakota, but in the other 49 states as well. And it will encourage the pro-life movement to continue to win pro-life victories at the state level, putting abortion - and the brutal industry that profits from it - on a path to eventual extinction.

Date posted: 2014-10-19

Chinese Dissident Calls Population Control a "Horrible Crime Against the Chinese People"

This past Saturday, October 11, was the International Day of the Girl Child. In recognition of this day, Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng spoke against China's population control program on a panel at the Heritage Foundation last Thursday.

Date posted: 2014-10-19

The Synod on the Family Meets in Rome

While the Church's teachings on the Sacrament of marriage are timeless, the challenges to these teachings vary from age to age. The virulent campaign against marriage in our own day can be traced to what Professor Charles Rice long ago called the "contraceptive mentality" - the rebellious assertion that confers upon the individual and his ego the right to replace God's plan for life and love with his own.

Date posted: 2014-10-12

How Will the "Umbrella Revolution" in Hong Kong End?

It's called the "Umbrella Revolution" for a good reason. From the air the colorful umbrellas form an almost solid shield over the main thoroughfares of Hong Kong's financial district. They are held up by tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters, mostly students, who took to the streets after Beijing reneged on commitments made nearly 20 years ago to allow the direct election of Hong Kong's leader in 2017.

Date posted: 2014-10-12

American Academy of Pediatrics "Reckless" with Teen Health

American Academy of Pediatrics "Reckless" With Teen HealthLast month, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommended that pediatricians promote long-acting-reversible-contraceptives (LARCs) to their minor patients. Long-acting reversible contraceptives include intrauterine devices (IUDs), Depo-Provera shots, and single-rod contraceptive implants (Implanon and Nexplanon).

Date posted: 2014-10-12

Germany to shrink by 10 million people by 2050

In 2003, I was in middle school. I had just started to envision a future for myself - one that involved traveling. In high school I began to realize my dream: I went abroad and spent several days in Germany. I learned firsthand that Germany was an energetic country with a rich (if tumultuous) history. But I didn't know back then that Germany was dying.

Date posted: 2014-10-12

Over 30 Years of Violating Human Rights

On September 25th, 1980, the Chinese government thrust population control upon every person under their sovereignty.

Date posted: 2014-10-12

Out of India Comes Yet More Evidence that Abortion Causes Breast Cancer

It's fairly obvious to me that the deniers are more concerned about promoting their own dogmatic beliefs than they are about saving women's lives. The radical feminists believe that women need to be liberated from childbearing. The radical abortion movement believes that Planned Parenthood needs to make money. And the radical environmentalists believe the planet needs to be relieved of its burden of humanity.

Date posted: 2014-10-12

South Korea "Going Extinct"?

From South Korea comes a startling prediction that, if current population trends continue, the country will "go extinct" in 2750. The study, based on a computer simulation conducted by that country's National Assembly Research Service (NARS), also identifies the culprit: not a high death rate or emigration rate, but one of the lowest fertility rates in the world.

Date posted: 2014-10-12

Falun Gong Artists Tortured by Chinese Government Are Fighting Back

Professor Zhang Kunlun, a well-known Chinese sculptor and painter, spent three months in a PRC reeducation-through-labor camp. Chained to the wall of his cell, he was tortured by the guards, who sometimes used their fists and sometimes used electric batons in their efforts to break his will.

Date posted: 2014-10-12

President Xi Jinping: Stop the One-Child Policy!

The woman on the operating table was nearly eight months pregnant. The doctor picked up a scalpel and made a transverse incision across her lower abdomen. Soon he was through the uterine wall, and removing a perfectly formed baby boy. The little boy was dead, of course, having been killed by lethal injection into the uterus the day before.

Date posted: 2014-10-07

PRI Saves Baby from "Therapeutic Abortion Protocol" in Peru

Through the grace of God, PRI has saved the life of an unborn child in Peru who was slated to be aborted for so-called "therapeutic" reasons.

Date posted: 2014-08-28

What About the Other Korea, the One the Pope Didn't Visit?

While the Pope brought light to South Korea, the North remains shrouded in darkness.

Date posted: 2014-08-26

Population Control Movement Contains the Seeds of its Own Destruction (and Ours)

One of the favorite claims of the population control movement is that the world is running out of resources: food, energy, and space. "There is plenty of evidence to suggest that humanity is already exceeding the planet's limits and that we are reducing the earth's capacity to support life, including human life," purported Robert Walker, the president of the Population Institute.

Date posted: 2014-08-25

Nigerian Women Don't Want What the U.S. is Peddling

With a population of 177 million, Nigeria has long been a target of population controllers. It is listed in NSSM 200, the infamous Nixon/Kissinger document which launched the war on people, as a country of special concern. As such, it has gotten more than its share of the abortifacients, sterilizing agents, and contraceptives that the American government has poured into Africa over the past few decades.

Date posted: 2014-08-25

Reducing Maternal Mortality in Nigeria

With its vast natural resources, the African country of Nigeria has the wherewithal to lift itself out of poverty without foreign help. If it would put its oil money to work educating its population, building a first-rate infrastructure, and creating an industrial base, it could be another Japan.

Date posted: 2014-08-25

Pope to Visit Cemetery for Aborted Children in Korea

This country - a success story in so many ways - hides a secret shame: South Korea has the highest abortion rate in the world. Nearly half of all pregnancies end in abortion. Each year, almost as many Korean children are aborted as are allowed to see the light of day.

Date posted: 2014-08-25

Welcome Baby Filipino 100 Million!

Some in the Philippines are decrying Chonalyn's birth, repeating USAID's talking points about the "dangers" of overpopulation. But many other Filipinos aren't buying into the anti-people hysteria. Francisco Antonio, a Filipino Chemical Engineering graduate student at Yale, adamantly rebutted the notion that there are too many Filipinos, saying: "I celebrate life because population control is defeatism disguised as pragmatism. And because human creativity holds more potential for protecting this planet and its inhabitants than any other resource I know of."

Date posted: 2014-07-30

The Antidote to Coercive Population Control

The primary tenet of population control is simple: using contraception and abortifacients, families can "control" when their reproductive systems work and when they don't - hence the endless cries that women "should have control over their own bodies" in the name of reproductive health. However, in much of the world, the glittering rhetoric of fertility control gives way to the reality of control of the poorest citizens by their governments or large corporations.

Date posted: 2014-07-30

African Women Turning to Natural Family Planning; Turning Down Abortifacient Contraceptives, Survey Reveals

All this is to say that the population controllers hold natural methods of family planning in such disdain that they wrongly view the 25% of women who use NFP as deluded. As for the other 40%, it is by no means certain that they are eagerly lining up to be contracepted or sterilized either. USAID's "experts" also cite Burkina Faso's high birth rate as evidence that - regardless of what the women themselves say - they obviously have an enormous "unmet need" to be contracepted and sterilized.

Date posted: 2014-07-24

Babies by Remote Control

Progressives seem to assume that animals have a natural right to have babies, but that poor women don't. So they view the implantation of a chemical "bomb" armed with a computer chip into the bodies of impoverished women as an advance.

Date posted: 2014-07-24

Why Population Control is Bad Foreign Policy

Reinstituting the Mexico City Policy would not stop all of this abuse and corruption, but it would be a start. It would protect women from the worst excesses of population control efforts and help to salvage our country's image around the world.

Date posted: 2014-07-24

Fortnight for Freedom

The third annual Fortnight for Freedom, instituted by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) in the face of intensifying anti-religious restrictions imposed by the United States government, is swiftly coming to a close. The Fortnight for Freedom, which takes place from June 21 through July 4, serves as a poignant reminder that the exercise of our first freedom is paramount for the well-being of our nation.

Date posted: 2014-07-24

Science ignored: Dissecting pregnancy as a disease

Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court decided Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, and ruled the federal government could not require closely-held corporations to provide no-cost contraception for their employees. Although that was the question before the Supreme Court, there were many things the Supreme Court didn't have the jurisdiction to rule on yesterday. And the most important of these issues--the basic premise at the root of the case's ideological divide--was not up for debate: that contraception is preventive health care.

Date posted: 2014-07-24

A Once and Future Tragedy: India's sterilization campaign 39 years later

39 years ago today, Indira Gandhi, then Prime Minister of India, received the power to rule by decree from the Indian president. She immediately declared a state of emergency, suspending numerous civil liberties. This freed her government to forcibly sterilize millions of Indian men and women in the 21 months that followed.

Date posted: 2014-07-21

One-Child Policy Drives Chinese Father of Four to Suicide

China's draconian one-child policy has claimed many victims - hundreds of millions of unborn children have lost their lives, tens of thousands of women have died from botched abortions and sterilizations, and tens of thousands more have committed suicide to end the pain of late-term, forced abortions - but Wang Guangrong's story is particularly tragic.

Date posted: 2014-07-21

Why Normal People Should Care About "Baby Busts"

This new dynamic changes the age at which we have kids, whom we have them with, and our relationships with them. It changes the calculus of the long-term monogamous relationships that we call marriage; it means that ever greater percentages of children will grow up without one or more of their biological parents in the house; it isolates more and more people in one-person households; and it leads to more and more divorce.

Date posted: 2014-07-21

A Call to Action

In the most recent edition of his book, A Mother's Ordeal, Steven Mosher presents a riveting account of one woman's journey through motherhood in China under the one child policy. A Mother's Ordeal gives faces to the repressive population control policies of the People's Republic of China and helps an outsider understand the excruciating dilemma it presents couples in China.

Date posted: 2014-06-09

Another U.N. Committee Runs Amuck

Believe it or not, the 10-member UN Committee Against Torture will spend the next two days, May 5-6, 2014, attacking the Catholic Church and its teachings.

Date posted: 2014-05-08

You Must Abort!

It is hard for persons in democratic societies to grasp how China's party-state can control the fertility of China's millions. The effort starts with a barrage of anti-child propaganda in the schools and workplaces, and then moves to open intimidation in banners and slogans posted in public places. Here are some pictures of the kind of public threats the authorities make against those women who may be pregnant with "illegal" children.

Date posted: 2014-05-08

"Better to be a Criminal in China than a Pregnant Mother"

The Chinese Ministry of State Security must have been asleep on the job. The email that appeared in my Inbox read: "It is better to be a criminal in China than a pregnant mother."

Date posted: 2014-05-07

Exposing Population Control: Tanzania

The East African country of Tanzania suffers from many challenges, but overpopulation is not one of them. The subtropical country has a land area larger than California, Michigan, Arizona, and Virginia combined, and a population only about the size of California's and Virginia's combined

Date posted: 2014-05-06

Check the pulse: An update on heartbeat legislation

Heartbeat legislation, which places restrictions on abortion once a fetal heartbeat can be detected, continues to move forward. The month of March has been particularly busy

Date posted: 2014-05-05

Why Won't Michelle Obama Defend Chinese Women?

When Michelle Obama arrives in Beijing today with her two daughters, Sasha and Malia, she will be the envy of Chinese women. She has what almost none of them have. Not only does she have two children - most urban Chinese are limited to one - but she has two daughters.

Date posted: 2014-03-22

PRI Launches Campaign to Help Women in China

Population Research Institute has launched a new "activism page" in conjunction with the publication of the second edition of Steven Mosher's book, A Mother's Ordeal.

Date posted: 2014-03-22

Justice Denied in Peru's Sterilization Campaign

Fifteen years ago, Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori, with the strong encouragement of the Clinton administration, ordered a nationwide sterilization campaign. At least 300,000 women were sterilized by "mobile sterilization teams" on a Chinese model, many under duress. Some died.

Date posted: 2014-03-01

Winter Games in a Wintering Nation

Reports of terrorist threats, human rights abuses, and general economic incompetency have already marred the opening of the 2014 winter Olympics. These failings in Russia represent the face of the greatest myth propagated this past half-century: that low-fertility creates a successful society.

Date posted: 2014-03-01

Why Have Girls Gone Missing in China?

It is no secret that China is suffering from a shortage of girls. The Population Research Institute (PRI) has long publicized the dearth of baby girls in China, which is leading to increases in child marriage and sex trafficking.

Date posted: 2014-03-01

PRI Takes Down Abortion-Promoting Blog

For some years now, the abortion movement has been setting up so-called "safe abortion hotlines" in Latin American countries, and secretly (and illegally) advertising them on the internet. In Peru... women who visited the site looking for help were instead given encouragement to break the law and to perform a dangerous and illegal chemical abortion on themselves by obtaining and ingesting Misoprostol from a local pharmacy.

Date posted: 2014-01-31

Why the baby kidnapper shouldn't die

An obstetrician in the Shaanxi province of China was sentenced to death for child trafficking this week. The 55 year old woman repeatedly told her patients that their new born infant was either deformed or sick. She persuaded the new parents to give up their children for adoption. Instead of adoption, however, the infants were sold to human traffickers for profit.

Date posted: 2014-01-15

Will Spain Abolish Abortion?

Even before Spain's Socialist government declared abortion a women's "right" in 2010, Spain had become known as the abortion capital of Europe.

Date posted: 2014-01-13

Russia Chooses Life

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law banning abortion advertising. Some members of the Duma (the Russian state assembly), are talking about going even further and banning the procedure itself. The Russian Orthodox Church, whose numbers are swelling with converts and "reverts," is weighing in as well. One Orthodox prelate called abortion a "mutiny against God." I couldn't have put it better myself

Date posted: 2014-01-11

Genocide in Sri Lanka Continues

Tamil women continue to die at the hands of the Sri Lankan government, which is intent upon eradicating the minority population. A woman named Manjula Satheeskumar and her father are the most recent casualties.

Date posted: 2014-01-11

The Numbers Don't Lie: Babies are Blessings for Everyone

Most people pay far more attention to whether or not their actions benefit themselves than to whether these benefit society as a whole. The question, "What's in it for me?" swamps all other concerns. An economist would say that most people ignore the externalities of their actions.

Date posted: 2013-12-22

Controlling Women's Desires in Kenya

The Kenyan government recently outlined a new brand of coercive population control. Unlike China's policy which uses coercion to control the number of births, Kenya is trying to control population earlier in the reproductive process by changing women's desires to have children.

Date posted: 2013-12-04

A PRI Thanksgiving Message

On this Thanksgiving Day 2013, we at PRI give thanks to God for all of our many blessings.

Date posted: 2013-12-04

Why Do Filipino Women Die in Childbirth?

The Philippines has long been under pressure from the U.S and elsewhere to adopt a China-like population control program, with the latest argument being that the mandatory provision of contraceptives will reduce maternal mortality in the island nation.

Date posted: 2013-12-04

Franchising Abortion and Sterilization

Think of franchises, and McDonald's or Starbucks springs to mind. But how about franchising clinics that do abortions and sterilizations? The population control movement has thought of this too. In the developing world, so-called "reproductive health clinics" are spreading like fast food chains in America through a network of organizations that want abortion and birth control drugs as readily available as a slurpee at 7 Eleven.

Date posted: 2013-12-03

Open response to: "Overpopulation: Should America have a one-child policy?"

Last Tuesday, the Washington Times published an article by Joseph Cotto entitled, "Overpopulation: Should America have a one-child policy?" Despite the provocative title, the article does not present a stimulating thought-experiment, but rather a series of half-truths and inconsistencies with dangerous implications.

Date posted: 2013-11-09

What Does China Want?

An open society relies on comprehensive and accurate information to inform both its citizens and its allies of the common threats that they face. The annual Pentagon Report on Chinese Military Developments does not go far enough in this regard. In a time of economic uncertainty, and in the face of an ongoing Chinese military build-up, it is especially important that US taxpayers understand the importance maintaining both a quantitative and qualitative lead in military capabilities over China.

Date posted: 2013-11-03

One Small Snip for Man, One Giant Snip for Mankind

For most of the world, today is Friday, a happy day that leads into the weekend. For Paul Ehrlich and Dr. Doug Stein, however, today is World Vasectomy Day!

Date posted: 2013-11-03

Camels, Cartoons, and Plan B

Where you wondering when Population Research Institute was going to create another awesome short video? Wait no longer! We at PRI released a fun and informational video today that explains how Plan B really works. The video uses state-of-the art cartoons to break down the complexities of pregnancy, illustrating how the drug affects ovulation, conception, and implantation.

Date posted: 2013-11-03

The End of America - as America

America remains the home of the brave - if you doubt that, google the name Michael Monsoor - but is it still the land of the free? This question is ever more on the minds of religious Americans, who are very much on the defensive these days.

Date posted: 2013-11-03

Refugees Subject to Population Control

The Bangladesh parliament last month recommended imposing a population control program on tens of thousands of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar. Ironically, the Rohingya refugees fled from an oppressive regime in Myanmar which included a two-child policy. No one wants them to have children!

Date posted: 2013-11-03

Debunking the Myth of Overpopulation

We are contacted all the time by people asking for how they can refute the arguments of those who believe that the world is overpopulated. So we have decided to create a short primer called "How to Debunk the Myth of Overpopulation in Three Easy Steps."

Date posted: 2013-11-03

Contraception as a "Solution" to Abortion: No way!

A good friend - at least I think we're still friends - recently told me that he had decided that the "solution" to abortion was more contraception. Of course, this solution is not original with him. It has been around for decades and is constantly invoked by the Barack Obamas, the Hilary Clintons, and the Nancy Pelosis of the world.

Date posted: 2013-11-03

Cutting Foreign Aid to Save Lives

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as UNICEF and CARE Australia are up in arms over the new Australian Prime Minister's plan to reduce foreign aid by $4.5 billion. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, they claim that such cuts will come at "expense of children's lives." Worse yet, they will compromise the commitments under the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Date posted: 2013-11-03

A Crime in Time - and Again

Is the chemical sterilization of minorities not the moral equivalent of the surgical sterilization of defectives once practiced in California and other states?

Date posted: 2013-10-08

How "Catholic" is Catholic Relief Services?

Population Research Institute (PRI) today released its full report on the activities of Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in Madagascar.

Date posted: 2013-09-08

Fundamental Reform Needed at Catholic Relief Services

There is a fundamental - and well-nigh irreconcilable - conflict between authentic Catholic charity and government-funded "humanitarian" programs. So say many of the bishops of the developing world. They should know, since they are on the receiving end of both.

Date posted: 2013-08-13

Madagascar Bishops and Clergy Complain about Catholic Relief Services' Activities

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) claims that allegations that it has used funding from American Catholics to distribute contraceptive and abortifacient drugs and devices in Madagascar are "simply false." Yet these charges do not originate with PRI, but reflect the views of the bishops and clergy of Madagascar.

Date posted: 2013-08-13

CRS Issues Blanket Denial of Involvement in Family Planning

In our month-long, on-the-ground investigation of Catholic Relief Services (CRS) activities in Madagascar, Population Research Institute (PRI) found that the organization was directly involved in the promotion and distribution of contraceptive and abortifacient drugs and devices in contravention of Church teaching.

Date posted: 2013-08-01

Catholic Relief Services Compromises Catholic Teaching, Promotes Population Control/Family Planning in Madagascar

A PRI investigation of Catholic Relief Services of Madagascar has revealed that CRS is using funding from American Catholics to distribute contraceptive and abortifacient drugs and devices in concert with some of the world's biggest population control/family planning organizations.

Date posted: 2013-08-01

Your Unwilling Contribution to the UNFPA

You probably didn't know it, but some of the money extracted from your paycheck by the IRS winds up in China, where it is used to fund that country's population control programs. Here's how it works:

Date posted: 2013-08-01

Contraceptive Compliance

Two weeks ago, the US State Department ranked China as one of the worst countries in the world for sex-trafficking, giving the one-child policy as the root cause.

Date posted: 2013-07-13

Your Contribution to China's One-Child Policy

Two weeks ago, the US State Department ranked China as one of the worst countries in the world for sex-trafficking, giving the one-child policy as the root cause.

Date posted: 2013-07-13

Sex and the Supreme Court: Your 60-Second Guide to American Fertility

This week the US Supreme Court ruled against the Defense of Marriage Act, ignoring the fundamental good to society of promoting marriages among those able to bear children, namely, marriages between a man and a woman, and the underlying nature of sexuality itself. Most conservatives believe that children come from sex. Conversely, many liberals believe children come from failed contraception. These different opinions account for the liberal-conservative divide on abortion, contraception, and the definition of marriage.

Date posted: 2013-07-13

US State Department Acknowledges China's Sex-Trade Fueled by One-Child Policy

Last week, the United States State Department released its yearly Trafficking in Persons Report. The State Department ranks countries based upon their compliance with the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000 (TVPA). China received an automatic downgrade to the lowest ranking - Tier 3 - for being a destination country for sex-trafficking.

Date posted: 2013-07-13

China Ratchets Up One-Child Policy

As the municipality of Huizhou, China, redoubles its efforts at population control, little girls, both born and unborn, are sure to die in large numbers.

Date posted: 2013-07-13

China Ratchets Up One-Child Policy; Ignores Calls from Population Experts

Recent reports from the Guangdong province show coercion in China's infamous one-child policy is once again on the rise. Women in the southern city of Huizhou, which has a population of 4 million, are being targeted for sterilization. Those who have one child are being forced to wear IUDs. Those who have two children are subject to tubal ligation. Those who bear an "illegal" child are being denied all government services. This means life without access to schools, hospitals, retirement benefits, etc.

Date posted: 2013-07-13

"The Most Oppressed People in the World"

Burma, a secluded country of almost 60 million people, sits in the corner of Southeast Asia between India and China. Also known as Myanmar, Burma currently has a fertility rate of 2.21 children and, unique for its part of the world, does not suffer from sex-selection. Buddhists comprise about 95% of the population, but there is a small Muslim minority residing in the northern state of Rakhine.

Date posted: 2013-06-22

Population Controllers Tout New Tool: Overconsumption

Bioethicist Peter Singer compared women and children to cows overgrazing a field and said - at the global Women Deliver Conference last week, hailed as the most important meeting to focus on women and girls' human rights in a decade - that women's reproductive rights may one day have to be sacrificed for the environment.

Date posted: 2013-06-15

Women Deliver: Gates Global Push for Abortion Continues

The Malaysia conference highlights how to market a drug for one thing and use it for another, how euphemisms work and how it is up to government to create demand for contraception.

Date posted: 2013-06-15

Infanticide in America

Americans are bi-polar when it comes to abortion. On the one hand, 74% of the states in America have laws defending the unborn, at some stage of gestation, against acts of violence. If they are not wanted, they can be killed by lethal injection, dismembered in utero, or put to death after birth. If they are not wanted, abortion at any point in pregnancy is considered an acceptable means of "terminating a pregnancy."

Date posted: 2013-05-13

Obama Wants Us to Pay for Abortion-Causing Devices, Too!

Our goal is to overturn the Obamacare mandate and, ultimately, to eliminate all taxpayer-funded birth control. Where better to start than with drugs and devices that have been scientifically proven to cause abortions?

Date posted: 2013-04-29

America's Demographic Advantage

Nazi Germany's defeat in World War Two supposedly marked the end of eugenics. But these same ideas soon resurfaced in America under the guise of population control. Its advocates similarly view human beings as mere commodities whose worth can be judged according to the standards of whoever is in charge. "Ideas have consequences," spoke Zubrin, "If humans are seen as destroyers, we must succumb to tyranny. If they are seen as creators, however, we must protect liberty at all costs."

Date posted: 2013-04-20

The Morning After Pill (AKA Plan B) Available to Children

"Talk about your black-robed tyrants," said Steven Mosher, president of PRI, "This federal judge apparently thinks that he knows better than (1) parents, (2) the Food and Drug Administration, and (3) society at large whether it is good for 13-year-old girls to be able to buy abortifacient drugs like the Morning After Pill."

Date posted: 2013-04-20

North Dakota and Kansas pave the way for Pro-life Legislation

If we can't look to Washington for good news, then we can look to the states, Kansas and North Dakota in particular. Pro-lifers have been on the move in both states, and their state legislatures have responded by passing a host of pro-life bills.

Date posted: 2013-04-20

The Fight to Stop Population Control in Philippines Continues

Proponents of population control in the Philippines, including the Obama administration, were in a celebratory mood on December 17, 2012 when the so-called "Reproductive Health" (RH) Bill was signed into law. But they may have started partying too soon. The Supreme Court of the Philippines has now suspended the law for 120 days while it considers whether or not it violates the Philippine Constitution.

Date posted: 2013-04-20

Marie Stopes and the Charade of "Post-Abortion Care"

It is evident to us at PRI that this whole "PAC" business is an extremely convenient mechanism for abortion-friendly donors - including USAID at the present time - to keep abortion "in play." Under the guise of providing "post-abortion care," USAID-funded groups in countries where abortion is illegal can train abortion providers, quietly lobby for the legalization of abortion, and even perform abortions, as Marie Stopes does in Madagasca, Kenya and elsewhere.

Date posted: 2013-04-20

In Francis, the Catholic Church has a Pope for Life

He is a collection of firsts: the first non-European pope, the first Latin American pope, the first Jesuit pope, and the first pope to call himself Francis. Of the 5,800 journalists who were covering the conclave, none came even close to predicting the elevation of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio to the papacy. Once again, as in the case of the Blessed John Paul the Great, the Holy Spirit has surprised us all.

Date posted: 2013-04-20

Who's Behind India's Barbaric Mega Sterilization Camps?

Raw video footage shows unconscious women in saris being unloaded from a filthy plastic stretcher and lined up like butchers' carcasses on the ground to recover from surgeries at a "mass sterilization camp" in India. The Indian television network, NDTV, aired the film in February, reporting that 103 women were sterilized by two doctors in a single day at the Manikchak Rural Health Center in the Malda district of West Bengal, before being dumped in a nearby field without any medical follow-up.

Date posted: 2013-03-19

Planet of the Apes Human Beings Play Second Fiddle to Apes in Spain

It is now safer to be a monkey in Spain - at least if you're one of the larger species - than a man.

Date posted: 2013-03-19

Benedict XVI, Defender of Life and Family

What legacy will Pope Benedict XVI - the first Pope to resign in 600 years - leave behind?

Date posted: 2013-03-19

Heartbeat Movement Picks Up Steam

A baby's heart starts beating approximately 22 days after conception, and can be heard in the average clinical setting at roughly six weeks. Banning all abortions after this point would cut the abortion rate by 90 percent or so. A million American lives would be saved each year.

Date posted: 2013-03-19

German Bishops "Approve" a Morning-After Pill that Does Not Exist

According to a new statement by the German Bishops' Conference, Catholic physicians and hospitals can now prescribe and administer the morning-after pill (MAP) in cases where a woman is a victim of sexual assault as long as it does not cause an abortion.

Date posted: 2013-03-11

The People-Haters Are At It Again

The hater in question, Sir David Attenborough, made the news last week by comparing the human race (that is, you and me) to a plague on the planet. Going even further, he predicted that disaster would befall us within the next half-century unless something is done to stop our reckless reproduction.

Date posted: 2013-02-27

Europe as We Know It is Dying

At the present moment, Europeans still control their own destiny. As Polybius, were he alive today, would surely remind them: "The remedy is in yourselves. You have but to change your morals."

Date posted: 2013-02-27

PRI President Urges New Members of Congress to Defund Planned Parenthood

If we want to limit the number of abortions performed in this country, the last thing we should be doing is subsidizing the abortion industry. Yet we are. According to its last annual report, Planned Parenthood received $542 million in funding, or nearly half of its annual revenue, from various government agencies.

Date posted: 2013-01-28

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights Condones Killing Unborn Children in Latin America

A few days before Christmas, the inter-American Court of Human Rights (IAHR Court) issued the worst judgment in its history. The case concerned Costa Rica's law banning in-vitro fertilization, or IVF, but the judgment went far beyond this. The IAHR Court's decision severely limited the legal protection enjoyed by the unborn that heretofore had been the pride and distinction of the people of Latin America. Many specialists in international law believe that the Court acted in an arbitrary and excessive fashion.

Date posted: 2013-01-28

"We're not in Kansas Anymore, Toto" (But We Should Be)

Depopulation is a big problem in farm states like Kansas. As America's population shifts to the coasts and to the big cities, the countryside is emptying out. What can a state do to stop this hemorrhaging of people, which leads to dying towns and a stagnant rural economy?

Date posted: 2013-01-28

New Title X Ammendment Would Cut Planned Parenthood Funding

Planned Parenthood is the biggest abortion provider in the U.S., performing a third of a million abortions each year. It treats babies like toxic waste. It should be defunded, once and for all. According to their annual report abortions took up the vast majority of their pregnancy services and for every adoption referral, they performed 145 abortions.

Date posted: 2013-01-17

Will Russia Come Back to Life?

What do you do when your country is dying, one coffin at a time? Well, if you are Russian President Vladimir Putin, you call upon Russian couples to be fruitful and multiply, and have at least three children.

Date posted: 2012-12-20

Why is Government (and Society) Discouraging Childbearing?

A recent Family in America conference in D.C. lays out the problem, and speaker Jennifer Roback-Morse provides a solution.

Date posted: 2012-12-20

UNICEF Should Rename Itself the United Nations Sex for Children Fund, or UNISEX

The debate over a new Code on Childhood and Adolescence is raging in Peru. On the one side are UNICEF, UNFPA, Save the Children and a coalition of abortion-minded and radical feminist groups, many, if not most, of whom are foreign funded. These groups believe that the most important "rights of the child" center around so-called "sexual and reproductive rights." They encourage the early onset of sexual activity and massive condom distribution schemes for kids as young as 14 to deal with the increased risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases that will result.

Date posted: 2012-12-20

America's Pediatricians Claim the Right to Contracept Your Kids

The day before Thanksgiving, I got a call from a harried reporter. "The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a statement on "Emergency Contraception," he said. "I'd like to get your take on it."

Date posted: 2012-12-20

The Mirena IUD is Becoming More Popular - and the Lawsuits are Piling Up

A growing number of American women are turning to intrauterine devices (IUDs). Most of the increase in IUD use has come from sales of Bayer's levonorgestrel IUD, a so-called "second generation" contraceptive, which is marketed under the trade name "Mirena." No surprise here. Since Mirena was approved by the FDA in 2000, Bayer has spent tens of millions of dollars advertising the IUD directly to the consumer. Bayer's advertising campaign for Mirena, although expensive, has more than paid for itself. More than a million American women have been convinced to spend nearly $800 apiece buying the IUD. This has generated over a billion dollars in revenue for the German pharmaceutical giant, a good bargain by anyone's calculation.

Date posted: 2012-11-23

America's Depressed Birthrate

Want to know how bad the Obama economy really is, especially for young people and minorities? Take a look at our plummeting birthrate, which has been falling for the last four years.

Date posted: 2012-11-14

The Battle for Life and Family Continues

Though we are disappointed at the outcome of the election, we at PRI will remain faithful to our mission and committed to our cause. The night may be upon us, but our faith teaches us that this is only prelude to the dawn. Carry on bravely!

Date posted: 2012-11-07

Question: What Can we Expect From a Second Obama Administration on the Life Issues?

President Barack Obama has compiled quite a record of abortion advocacy and funding since taking office in January 2009. Let's review it, issue by issue.

Date posted: 2012-11-06

Norplant is Back - Under a Different Name

Ten years ago PRI drove a stake through the heart of Norplant, an abortifacient contraceptive that had harmed thousands of women in the U.S. and many more around the world. But it refused to die.

Date posted: 2012-11-06

Attending the Abortionists' Annual Pep Rally

How do abortionists talk when they get together? We went undercover at the International Federation of Professional Abortion and Contraception Associates (FIAPAC) annual meeting of abortionists, clinic workers and champions of abortion-on-demand to find out.

Date posted: 2012-11-06

Sorry, Mr. Vice President, That Is Not a "Fact"

Biden's claim that Catholic-inspired charities like Population Research Institute are not being forced to fund abortifacient contraceptives and sterilizations is simply not true.

Date posted: 2012-10-15

Teenage Girl Becomes Infertile after Gardasil Vaccination

Can Gardasil cause sterility? A case from Australia reported in the British Medical Journal raises the possibility that the vaccine, which has been given to millions of young girls around the world, may in some cases cause "ovarian failure."

Date posted: 2012-10-05

The Contradiction of WHO

The World Health Organization, like most other U.N. agencies, has signed on to the abortion agenda in a major way. Abortion is, of course, extremely dangerous to the health of unborn children. Perhaps the WHO should - in the interest of truth in labeling - rename itself the World Abortion Organization.

Date posted: 2012-10-01

Forced Abortions Continue in China, Steven Mosher Says

"Reports that the Chinese Party-State has ended its practice of forcibly aborting women pregnant in violation of the one-child policy are premature," says Steven Mosher, President of the Population Research Institute.

Date posted: 2012-09-19

Is Abortion Ever "Necessary?" The Evidence Says "No!"

New studies show that those who argue that abortion is sometimes necessary to "save the life of the mother," and that it lowers maternal mortality are flat out wrong. Abortion does not improve maternal health.

Date posted: 2012-09-19

Of Mice and Men: New Study Touts a Male Contraceptive

Of course, simply because the new contraceptive appeared to work in lower animals, doesn't mean that it will necessarily work in men. There may be subtle health changes in men that were not apparent in mice. There may be epigenetic consequences for their children that, likewise, were not evident in mice. There may be long-term consequences for the men themselves that would only become apparent over years or even decades, far beyond the duration of this study. Finally, even damaged sperm may lead to the conception of children so genetically compromised that they are not capable of surviving more than a few days or weeks in the womb. That would make the new drug not a contraceptive at all, but an abortifacient.

Date posted: 2012-09-19

Demographics as the Grim Reapere

We live in an age unique in human history. Per capita incomes have never been higher, lifespans have never been longer, and people are better fed and educated than ever before. At the same time, birth rates have fallen to historically low levels. In fact, they have fallen to levels so low that they will extinguish whole populations unless something is done.

Date posted: 2012-09-18

NEW Report on China Threat by Steven Mosher and Chuck DeVore

Mosher and DeVore conclude with a sobering look at the People's Republic of China's grand strategy, which can be said with no exaggeration to be one of hegemony over the entire planet.

Date posted: 2012-09-07

Corrupted by Population Control? The Case of CARE

Should Catholics and other Christians be Supporting an Organization Whose Policies, if not its Programs, are Indistinguishable from those of Planned Parenthood?

Date posted: 2012-09-07

Iran's Islamicists Orchestrate a Baby Bust: Who Would Have Imagined?

For those who still imagine the world is overpopulated, comes a sobering story out of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Date posted: 2012-08-18

America Needs a Baby Boom

Social security is about to go belly up, financially speaking. And at the head of this crisis is a demographic disproportion: there are simply too few young people coming into the workforce to support the increasing numbers of elderly baby boomers who are retiring.

Date posted: 2012-08-18

Who are the Real "Men With Breasts?"

Pennsylvania State Rep. Babette Josephs, a Philadelphia Democrat, recently attacked her pro-life women colleagues in the state legislature for supporting a bill that would allow women a chance to see an ultrasound of their unborn child before an abortion, calling them "men with breasts." But who are the real "men with breasts," Dr. Rebecca Peck asks.

Date posted: 2012-04-21

Infanticide on Demand?

There is little doubt that without the pro-life movement not only would we have many more abortions in the U.S., we would also have infanticide and euthanasia on a massive scale. There would be no one to oppose the killing of innocents and the elderly. We must bequeath to our children a culture that respects life, one in which no human being, however small, weak, or aged, will be sacrificed. The alternative is too chilling to contemplate.

Date posted: 2012-04-10

Abort First, Ask Questions Later: Britain's Problem With Sex-selection Abortion

Sex-selection abortions have been illegal in Great Britain since 1967. But that hasn't been stopping British abortionists from performing them.

Date posted: 2012-04-09

The Head of a Catholic Nonprofit Explains: "Why My Employees Don't Want Free Birth Control" (Even if Sandra Fluke Does)

In violation of the First Amendment, President Obama has ordered all Catholic nonprofits to provide their employees with so-called "modern methods of birth control." Even the openly abortifacient Morning After Pill is supposed to be included. It is "preventative health care," he claims, and must be "free" for the asking.

Date posted: 2012-03-08

Massachusetts Forced Abortion Order Shocks U.S.

Earlier this month, a 32-year-old pregnant woman, known only as Mary Moe, narrowly avoided being subjected to a forced abortion and sterilization -- at the hands of her own parents.

Date posted: 2012-03-08

Euthanasia In Europe: From Horror To Hope

The tide is turning against euthanasia in Europe. Now is the time for those who value human life to press forward to ban the kind of misconceived "mercy killing" that afflicts the Netherlands.

Date posted: 2012-02-04

Ban Sex Selective Abortions in the U.S.

Nearly nine out of ten Americans oppose abortion for reasons of sex selection, but such acts of gender violence are neither illegal nor uncommon in our country. Permissive abortion laws and high-resolution ultrasounds make it easier than ever for parents to target and eliminate unwanted daughters (or sons) before birth.

Date posted: 2012-01-19

India's Proposed Two-Child Policy

The southern Indian state of Kerala might be the next in a long line of governments attempting to destroy their own greatest resource: their people.

Date posted: 2012-01-19

Welcome, Baby Seven Billion

The UNFPA and other population control organizations are loath to report the truth about falling fertility rates worldwide, since they raise funds by frightening people with the specter of overpopulation. They tell us that too many babies are being born to poor people in developing countries. This is tantamount to saying that only the wealthy should be allowed to have children, and is a new form of global racism.

Date posted: 2011-11-01

AIDS and Population Control: Increasing Women's Risk

It has been clear for some time that steroid-based contraceptive drugs (they are not hormones) render a woman more susceptible to infection with the HIV virus. Why, then, are such drugs still being so aggressively pushed in places like Africa, where the risk of contracting AIDS is already high?

Date posted: 2011-08-14

At What Age do Adolescents Become Sexually Active?

The age at which adolescents become sexually active is a matter of debate. Those who would expose our children to pornographic sex education claim that by the mid-teens most teens are sexually active. But they are wrong.

Date posted: 2011-08-14

New Numbers, Same Old Song

What are the population controllers to do when birth rates keep falling? Why, put pressure on the demographers in their employ to fudge the numbers, of course.

Date posted: 2011-06-12

"Illegal" Babies Abducted by Chinese Population Control Officials

As Beijing continues to vigorously pursue its infamous one-child policy, PRI has gathered evidence showing that Chinese villagers who cannot afford to pay these fines have their "illegal" children abducted and sold by Chinese population control officials.

Date posted: 2011-06-01

UN Agency Calls for Population Reduction, PRI Responds

A recent press release by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) declares that the world's population will reach 7 billion people on October 21, 2011. According to PRI President Steven Mosher, while the release pays lip service to human achievements, it also makes a veiled demand for more population control.

Date posted: 2011-05-18

China to End One-Child Policy in 2015 Because of Labor Shortages! (But Not Really)

I have long wondered what it would take for the Chinese Communist Party to abandon the one-child policy that it instituted back in 1980. Now we know. It certainly wasn't the bitter complaints of the Chinese people about this assault on their families and children that changed the Party's collective mind. The Party has never shied away from imposing its will on the people it controls. Indeed, it believes, despite rhetoric to the contrary, that the Chinese masses exist to serve the state, not the converse. It is a crime in China to criticize Party policy, and critics are punished, not heeded.

Date posted: 2011-04-20

Want to Stop Abortion (not to mention Racism and Bigotry)?

We've all seen the tapes. Planned Parenthood employees have recently been caught on video engaging in illegal activities: collaborating with the sex trafficking of minors, covering up statutory rape, and even coaching minor girls to avoid disclosing the age of the adult men who got them pregnant.

Date posted: 2011-04-04

Welcome Baby Seven Billion!

Sometime late this year a baby will emerge from the womb of its mother, draw its first breath, and announce its arrival into the world with a tiny cry. Thus will Baby Seven Billion be born.

Date posted: 2011-03-09

Rwandan Genocide Redux?

U.S.-funded groups gear up to carry out a massive sterilization campaign in this tiny African country.

Date posted: 2011-02-11

Slaughterhouse Live

Out of a Philadelphia abortuary comes a grisly tale of horror that could have been made in China.

Date posted: 2011-01-31

Love and HIV/AIDS

Pope Benedict understands that condoms not only cannot stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, but that they have arguably contributed to its spread. For this he is reviled by the AIDS Establishment. Catholics, however, should not fall prey to its deceits and falsifications. Anyone who is confused about whether condoms have a role in stopping the HIV/AIDS epidemic need only consider the empirical evidence, by now overwhelming, that the Church has been right all along. Chastity and marital fidelity as the only sure defense against the spread of this deadly disease.

Date posted: 2011-01-29

Islamic Terrorism and Fertility

Islamic terrorists have used roadside bombs, car bombs and plane bombs in their attacks on us. Might the Islamic "population bomb" be their next weapon of choice?

Date posted: 2010-11-22

Planned Parenthood Wants to Abort Us into Prosperity

What do Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood and (soon-to-be) Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have in common? They both believe - wrongly - that birth control saves the government money.

Date posted: 2010-11-22

China's Thirty Years War Against its Own People Slated to Continue

There is the demographic snare that the one-child policy has set for the Chinese people. Because of the radical cutback in births, the Chinese population is aging faster than any human population in human history. The worker/dependency ratio is unsustainable. How can an only child support two parents and four grandparents in retirement? I am afraid that this will lead the Chinese government to embark upon a "one-grandparent policy" in years to come, in which tens of millions of elderly Chinese will be urged to accept euthanasia, perhaps in return for their only grandchild being allowed to go to college. Forced abortion and forced euthanasia are two sides of the same debased coin.

Date posted: 2010-10-12

After Passage of Pro-Abortion Constitution, Kenyan Bishops Urge Immediate Amendment

Thanks to the Obama administration, American taxpayers footed the bill for a lobbying campaign in Kenya on behalf of that country's new constitution, which virtually allows abortion on demand.

Date posted: 2010-09-11

The United Nations must love Catholics, we give them their best ideas.

Mechanism? Specific follow-up? Youth agenda? This literature makes it obvious that the United Nations has no intention of allowing youth a place to live freely and flourish. Rather, it has specific talking points, and it won't leave until those points are sufficiently lodged in the brains of impressionable youth. And, once again, those talking points represent an unending message of sexual promiscuity, abortion, population control and contraception: to an audience of even younger listeners.

Date posted: 2010-08-28

Are Children the Enemy of Productivity?

The barren Left argues that children are a nuisance and a distraction. The truth is that men and women with children are more, not less, productive than their childless counterparts.

Date posted: 2010-08-28

Ground-breaking Bill Would Ban Tax-Funded Abortions - For Good

A CNN poll released on November 18, 2009, found that 61 percent of Americans oppose taxpayer funding of abortions while just 37 percent are supportive. If more than six in ten Americans favor such a ban, shouldn't we move to enact one? Congressman Christopher Smith says yes.

Date posted: 2010-08-15

Embassy Helps Gay Activists Push Agenda in Lima

Back in June, PRI's Latin American representative, Carlos Polo, wrote about a meeting of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Lima. The OAS, whose purported mission is to "deal with threats, traditional and new, that affect the region," actually ended up focusing "public attention on fabricated 'crises,' while neglecting real emergency economic and social development."

Date posted: 2010-08-03

Population Control Evolved

For the past forty years, the United Nations has been beating the drums about "overpopulation." One of their most successful propaganda and fundraising gambits of late has been "World Population Day."

Date posted: 2010-07-13

Stop Elena Kagan

From the evidence, it seems obvious that Kagan does not believe in the rule of law, or even in democratic rule, but in the rule of judges who "interpret" laws according to their own left-of-center prejudices, and then use clever but fallacious reasoning to defend writing their own biases into their decisions.

Date posted: 2010-07-03

New Pill, Same Misinformation

On June 17th, a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) panel unanimously approved a new abortifacient drug, cutely called "ella," moving it one step closer to final approval and its appearance on drugstore shelves across the nation. The French pharmaceutical company HRA Pharma, which manufactures the drug, claims that it is just an upgraded "morning after pill" that prevents, rather than interrupts, a pregnancy. In fact, the company claims that this one tiny pill can prevent pregnancy up to five days after sexual intercourse. How can a pill "prevent" pregnancy five full days after sex? Answer: it doesn't. There is little doubt that "ella" acts as an abortifacient in many cases.

Date posted: 2010-06-23

Spain: Setting a Trap for Families

Spain is following Greece into the demographic twilight as birth rates fall. The leftist government of Jose Zapatero has burdened the country with excessive government spending even while tax revenues shrink and unemployment explodes. Despite the recent nod towards austerity, Zapatero seems intent on making Spain's long-term problem worse by his anti-family, anti-life, anti-free enterprise policies.

Date posted: 2010-06-22

Hillary Clinton in Lima Pushes Abortion, Gay Agenda

Latin America has many problems, but these seem to be taking a back seat to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's full-throated promotion of abortion and other leftist causes.

Date posted: 2010-06-18

The Silence of the Complicit: Uzbekistan's Forced Sterilization and the West's Indifference

Gulbahor Zavidova's story is a tragic one: brought in for a caesarian section, she was sterilized during the procedure - and never informed. Frustrated at her inability to conceive again, she visited a doctor, only to be informed that she had been sterilized. Upon learning this, her husband left her. ..Zavidova's story has become unfortunately common in Uzbekistan.

Date posted: 2010-05-28

Why Abortion Does Not Solve Child Rape

The abortion movement has created a new class of victims: Pregnant pubescent girls who are being used to justify "therapeutic" abortion.

Date posted: 2010-04-26

The Pill's Deadly Affair with HIV/AIDS

The world's deadliest killer, HIV/AIDS, and the Birth Control Pill have been carrying on a secret and deadly "love affair" for decades. While women swallowed their "freedom" with the morning orange juice, studies that should have made global headlines yellowed in medical journals, unknown to the general public. Only doctors learned about the pills deadly affair with HIV/AIDS, and they were too busy writing prescriptions for hormonal contraceptives to talk.

Date posted: 2010-04-25

The Teen Mom: Problem or Symptom?

Abortion advocates say condoms will cure teen pregnancy, but a leading gynecologist argues that they ignore the root cause.

Date posted: 2010-04-10

Fear GEAR: A United Nations Effort to Enforce Gender Equality

GEAR is short for the Gender Architecture Reform Campaign, whose goal is to establish a new radical feminist superagency with a billion-dollar budget.

Date posted: 2010-03-29

Beijing + 15: A Planned Parenthood Planet

In the upcoming two weeks, government leaders, women's rights activists, and noted population control organizations, such as the UNFPA, UNIFEM, UNICEF, and WHO, will gather in New York City for the 54th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). They have one main objective: to double the current spending "on family planning and maternal health programmes in developing nations." If you have any doubt about their agenda, allow me to explain. At present, the international community spends around 12 billion a year on contraceptives, condoms, sterilizations and abortions that aim to cull the already diminishing populations of developing countries. Now, during a time of widespread economic collapse and grave government deficits, the CSW is asking to double that "current spending to $24.6 billion" so that they can step up the implementation of the Beijing agenda.

Date posted: 2010-03-04

Don't Expect an HIV/AIDS Vaccine, Researchers Say

When one of the world's leading researchers announces that the search for an HIV/AIDS vaccine is unlikely to bear fruit, everyone should take notice. Chastity remains, as it always has been, the only answer.

Date posted: 2010-01-30

On the Anniversary of the Cairo Conference, Clinton's Rhetoric Masks an Anti-Life Agenda

As Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton has been doing everything she can to promote abortion overseas, all in the name of "reproductive health." ... Lest you be confused by Clinton's use of the word "health," bears in mind that it refers here to disabling as many female reproductive systems as possible by chemical and surgical means. In this sense, a "healthy" ovary never ovulates; a healthy uterus never bears children.

Date posted: 2010-01-19

Can Good Catholics Use Condoms?

None of these precarious arguments touch on the main point at stake here: which is that Catholic groups need to hold to the rigorous ethics regarding life that the Church has held so dear for so many centuries. Moral equivocations aside, the Catholic ChurchÅfs teachings on these matters are quite direct. Groups that call themselves Catholic should square up, or stop the masquerade. It doesnÅft do anyone any good.... "Catholics for Choice?" "Heretics for Choice" would be a more accurate name for these abortion lobby front groups.

Date posted: 2010-01-09

Global Warming Science? Nope, Global Warming Scam.

How do you create a Global Warming panic when the weather isn't cooperating? Here are a few tricks of the trade that the scammers are using to explain away the recent cooling trend, as revealed by the hacked e-mails of the world's leading advocates of man-made Global Warming.

Date posted: 2009-12-21

Blasted Ovaries: The Failure of Contraceptive Vaccines

The long search for a contraceptive vaccine, which would make a woman's body hostile to incoming sperm, is now over, according to a leading contraceptive researcher.

Date posted: 2009-12-02

Sneak Attack on the Mexico City Policy

This entire debate crystallizes the ideological disconnect between politicians like Lautenberg (and, by extension, Obama), and the majority of the American people. The Mexico City Policy does not exist to block health care. It does not exist to kill or maim women. It exists because someone understood that, for most Americans, abortion is not really health care at all, but rather, the death of an innocent child.

Date posted: 2009-11-07

Merck Researcher Admits: Gardasil Guards Against Almost Nothing

The Gardasil vaccine has made millions for Merck, but it will prevent very few cases of cervical cancer. And it has caused tens of thousands of prepubescent girls to suffer side effects.

Date posted: 2009-10-21

With 19 You Get Heaven

In 1940 there were 160 workers supporting each person on Social Security. By 2006 this number had fallen to 3.3 workers per pensioner. By 2034, there will be only 2.1 workers for each person collecting a government retirement check.

Date posted: 2009-10-01

Population Control to Combat Climate Change

With global warming running out of steam, and overpopulation hype undercut by the numbers, the doomsayers have teamed up. Babies and the Elderly Beware.

Date posted: 2009-09-24

Abortion Hot Lines: A New Attack on the Unborn

The International Planned Parenthood Federation and its allies have come up with a clever new tactic in its war on the unborn. They have decided to simply ignore existing laws protecting the sanctity of life and set up abortion hot-lines to encourage women to abort themselves. Women who call these hot-lines are told about the abortifacient drug, misoprostol. They are briefed on how they can obtain it, and how they can use it to abort themselves.

Date posted: 2009-09-12

Washington Feels the Wrath of Pro-Life Voters

Obamacare is running into roadblocks in Congress, and the pro-life movement is largely responsible. The President now claims to want a real debate on health care reform, even as he and his spokesmen continue to mock the real concerns of pro-lifers that his plan would fund abortion and mandate "end-of-life" visits for elderly Americans. Pro-lifers have to put enough pressure on the president that these deceitful tactics are abandoned. Call your Congressman and Senators about your concerns. The Capitol switchboard number is (202) 225-3121.

Date posted: 2009-08-29

People Are the Enemy

In a recent Yahoo News article, straightforwardly entitled "Save the Planet: Have Fewer Kids," human beings are told - again, that we are the cause of all the earth's woes. Everything would be better, the article declares, if we would just have fewer children. Two hundred years ago, a British vicar named Thomas Malthus said something remarkably similar. In 1798, Rev. Malthus did some unsophisticated math, and surmised with horror that, if growth remained unchecked, the human race would be out of food by the year 1890. He was so certain of this that he decided that it was of the utmost importance to reduce human population, even by killing or allowing people to die to make room for the rest of us. Needless to say, 1890 has come and gone, and we didn't become extinct. In fact, at that time, mankind was busy producing more food than ever before, as well as industrializing the world.

Date posted: 2009-08-22

Obama's Population Fundamentalist

John P. Holdren thinks babies will be the death of us all.

Date posted: 2009-08-15

A Brave New America:

As everyone now knows, Obamacare will include abortion. What is only now becoming apparent is that it will also promote euthanasia.

Date posted: 2009-08-01

Drive to Ban Sex-Selective Abortion Gaining Momentum

Even the New York Times, no bastion of pro-life sentiment, is discomfited by the thought of sex-selective abortion. So why not ban this heinous practice altogether?

Date posted: 2009-07-24

Pope Benedict Slams Population Control in Broad-Ranging Encyclical

As an organization that opposes abortion, population control, and environmental extremism, PRI applauds the Pope's forthright and lengthy condemnation of such aberrations in his new encyclical, Caritas in Veritae. Charity in truth, he teaches us, demands a "morally responsible openness to life," which "represents a rich social and economic resource." Or, as we say around here, human beings are the ultimate resource.

Date posted: 2009-07-14

Is Pro-Choice the New Pro-Life?

The poll, conducted May 7-10, found that 51% of Americans are now "calling themselves 'pro-life' on the issue of abortion and 42% 'pro-choice.' According to Gallup, this is "the first time a majority of U.S. adults have identified themselves as pro-life since Gallup began asking this question in 1995."

Date posted: 2009-06-30

The Return of Anti-People Propaganda

Politically motivated panels rarely produce good science, and the report of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Population, Development, and Reproductive Health of the U.K. Parliament is no exception. The report, Return of the Population Growth Factor: Its Impact upon the Millennium Development Goals, is a mishmash of justifications for the powerful of the world to continue to dictate the fertility of the powerless. It is even illustrated, in Science magazine's summary of the report, with a picture of a starving African child, presumably to drive home the authors' view that there are already too many Africans.

Date posted: 2009-06-23

Are Canadian Catholics Unwittingly Funding Abortion in Latin America?

"The result of our investigation leaves no doubt that the generous donations of Canadian Catholics go to organizations that explicitly fight against what the Church teaches. In Peru, the organizations funded by CCODP oppose church teaching on the life issues. Their leaders are often our adversaries in debates and public discussions on issues such as abortion, sterilization and contraception."

Date posted: 2009-06-16

Ted Turner Says Chinese Oppression "Not Draconian"

Where does Ted Turner get his information, information he is only too glad to disseminate on a nationally syndicated radio show? Has he done research on this issue? Does he even watch the news that his own company, CNN, broadcasts?

Date posted: 2009-05-20

UNICEF and Abortion: The Case of the Dominican Republic

United Nations foreign aid groups enjoy what is perhaps some of the most unqualified public support of any organization. But we have found that not only do they promote abortion using tax money, but they even lie about it.

Date posted: 2009-05-16

Obama Supports Kidnapping

Our own Colin Mason is back from China. His week-long undercover investigation of revealed fresh abuses in China's One-Child policy and new proof of the U.N. Population Fund's complicity in these abuses. Remember that the UNFPA has been in China since 1979(!), helping the Beijing authorities to implement their program. Colin visited three counties where the U.N. Population Fund claims to run "voluntary" family planning programs, and found that they were anything but.

Date posted: 2009-05-09

When Gender Gaps: China's One-Child Policy and the Wholesale Elimination of Little Baby Girls

With far more men than women, China's sex imbalance has already reached epic proportions. But a new study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) suggests that the problem is only going to get worse.

Date posted: 2009-04-28

The Pope and Nancy Pelosi

The Speaker of the House had requested the meeting, and apparently wanted a feel-good photo op for the Catholic hicks back home. The Vatican, however, insisted that the private meeting be closed to reporters and photographers. The Pontiff used the 15-minute meeting to instruct Pelosi, who claims to be an "ardent Catholic," on some basic teachings of the Catholic Church on the right to life and the duty of legislators to protect the unborn.

Date posted: 2009-02-22

Focus on FOCA

FOCA's language is uncompromising, even strident, in its abortion absolutism. If passed, the FOCA would prohibit any interference with a woman's "right" to "terminate a pregnancy prior to viability or . . . after viability where termination is necessary to protect the life or health of the woman." It would also prohibit "discrimination . . . in the regulation or provision of benefits, facilities, services, or information." There is no doubt that FOCA would be far worse than Roe v. Wade. If passed and signed into law, it would:

Date posted: 2009-02-16

"Just So Ninities"

We all remember Obama's campaign rhetoric. "This election is not just about playing defense, it's also about playing offense," he said to cheers and shouts from Planned Parenthood in 2007. "When the real war is being fought abroad, they would have us fight 'culture wars' here at home. But I am absolutely convinced that culture wars are 'just so nineties.'"

Date posted: 2009-02-14

Nancy Pelosi, Population Controller

Most of us understand that children are the only future a nation has. The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, apparently does not.... In the name of fiscal austerity, she wants us to embark upon a population control program here at home to drive down the birth rate. How else can one understand her desire to add hundreds of millions of dollars of "family planning" spending to the stimulus package under discussion in the Congress.

Date posted: 2009-01-28

Exporting Abortion And The Ugly American

If you're old enough, you may remember the 1958 novel called The Ugly American. Or perhaps you saw the 1963 movie by the same name, starring Marlon Brando. The "uglies" in the novel were arrogant and ignorant American aid workers who ran roughshod over local values and institutions. The phrase remains in current usage, referring to almost any loud, boorish American traveling abroad and insisting on having his own way.

Date posted: 2009-01-25

Abortion and Intolerance: Constants of the Left?

Right now the Spanish congress, dominated by Zapatero's party, is debating a liberalization of Spain's abortion laws. Abortion is supposedly legal only for cases of rape, "fetal defect," and danger to the mother's physical or psychological health. In the case of rape and fetal defect the law allows abortions between 12 and 22 first weeks of pregnancy. For the "health" exception, however, there are no time limi

Date posted: 2008-12-26

Investigating the UNFPA

We are entering a challenging time for the pro-life movement. Barack Obama will soon take office and, if his rhetoric is any guide, he is determined to overturn existing pro-life policies and promote abortion both at home and abroad. Specifically, Obama has promised the abortion movement that he will refund the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

Date posted: 2008-12-03

Doug Kmiec's Departure From The Pro-Life Movement

As every leftist ideologue knows, "framing the issue" is everything. The Washington Post, no friend of the unborn, is attempting to portray the handful of "pro-lifers" who supported Obama as somehow representing the mainstream of the movement, while relegating the rest of us to the outer darkness. Memo to the media: It's our movement, not yours. And Doug Kmiec, sadly, is no longer a part of it.

Date posted: 2008-11-23

China Frees Pregnant Mom after International Outcry

Message to President-Elect Obama: Don't refund the U.N. Population Fund. The U.N. population control agency sat on its hands while a young mother in China faced forced abortion. So much for the UNFPA's claim to be moving the Chinese government in the direction of a "client-centered program."

Date posted: 2008-11-20

Payback Time: What Planned Parenthood Expects From Obama

Planned Parenthood helped to fund, organize, and get out the vote for Obama. Now that he's won, it's payback time. What do his pro-abortion supporters expect from him? And what can the pro-life movement do about it?

Date posted: 2008-11-06

How to Sell Out Your Country With Just One Word

To equate "treaties" and "human rights instruments" is to open the door to interest groups from around the world to impose binding laws on Ecuadorians. "Reproductive rights" organizations in New York City, for example, will plan and execute such laws.

Date posted: 2008-10-21

Is Immigration the Answer to the Current Economic Crisis?

Recessions depress the birth rate, by discouraging would-be parents from bringing new life into the world. But more babies, who arrive without the societal acrimony and economic costs that attach to new immigrants, would be good for the economy.

Date posted: 2008-10-21

Wisconsin Offers "Free" Birth Control - With Your Money

"Free birth control is only a phone call away," assures a sunny female radio voice. "Total bill: zero. It's not a mistake. It's the Waiver!" So asserts the web site of Wisconsin's Family Planning Health Services (FPHS), a federally funded "reproductive health" group that offers contraception and STD testing to low-income women and minors. The "Waiver" that the radio voice refers to is the Family Planning Waiver Program, a tax-funded service.

Date posted: 2008-10-20

A New Front in the Abortion Wars

Some may believe that sex-selective abortion is only found in countries with a strong preference for sons, such as India, China, and Korea. But sex-selective abortion is also practiced in the U.S. by immigrant populations who bring with them their prejudices against girls, preference for boys, and find here that the ready availability of both ultrasounds and abortions makes it easy for them to act on these prejudices.

Date posted: 2008-09-30

Cyclebeads: The UNFPA Discovers Natural Family Planning, Sort of

The UN's population control agency has just announced, in effect, that it has invented the rhythm method. This is sort of like Hyundai announcing that it has invented the internal combustion engine. What is the UNFPA up to now? In an apparent break with its pill-pushing past, the UNFPA has begun promoting a natural method of birth regulation. To avoid confusion with (or to avoid giving credit to?) Natural Family Planning, which is so closely identified with the Catholic Church, they call it "Cyclebeads."

Date posted: 2008-09-25

"Kids: Your Time Is Up"

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is promoting a children's game designed to give kids grief over how their carbon footprints are supposedly harming the planet. "Planet Slayer" is the name, but it could more accurately be called "Final Exit," since it appears to encourage suicide.

Date posted: 2008-09-15

Going Off the Deep End in Denver:

Already notorious for its unconditional embrace of abortion, the Democratic Party has now managed to adopt a position on the paramount life issue that is, if anything, even more extreme. The new platform adopted in Denver states that the Party "strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman's right to choose a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay, and we oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right."

Date posted: 2008-08-30

The APA Trades Science for Politics ... Again

Anyone who has ever encountered a post-abortive woman knows the deep wounds that it has left on her psyche. Anyone, that is, except the members of an American Psychological Association task force, who deny the obvious. Psychologists, heal yourselves... (Steven W. Mosher)

Date posted: 2008-08-30

Contraception Is Never Abortion? It Depends on What the Meaning of "Pregnant" Is

Abortion advocates are up in arms about new federal regulations to protect pro-life health care providers.

Date posted: 2008-08-16

The Culture of Life Foundation and the Rebuilding of our society

With the 40th anniversary of Pope Paul VI's Humanae Vitae so recently behind us, it is worth noting the strength and courage of the pro-life movement in the United States. Yes, the ubiquitous culture of death still surrounds us daily, but more and more courageous individuals and organizations are rising to stem the tide. As the culture of death stagnates, the men and women who rise to fight it are becoming more mature, sophisticated, and effective in their battle plans.

Date posted: 2008-08-01

People of Faith Beware: The Left has Decided that There is no Right to Have More Than One Child

There is a move afoot, supported by the population controllers and others on the Left, to limit your right to have children. "If we don't have any children," the secularists seem to be saying, "then you believers can't have any children either."

Date posted: 2008-07-23

Students Against Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger is one of the pro-choice movement's iconic figures. She is extolled as a pioneering feminist, health worker, and woman's activist. Her quotes on these subject are treated as scripture. But she was also an outspoken supporter of eugenics, who wanted more children from the fit and sterilization, even segregation, for the unfit. The infamous Negro Project, which targeted Blacks for contraception and sterilization, was one outcome of this.

Date posted: 2008-06-29

Sidelining Fathers

We at PRI celebrate fatherhood, but there are many in our culture today who not only denigrate, but wish to destroy it. Happy Father's Day. Last Wednesday, the British House of Commons decided that a father is completely and totally irrelevant to a child's development.

Date posted: 2008-06-19

Minority Targeting

The American abortion lobby claims to be an equal-opportunity abortion provider, looking out for the needs and wants of all women. Not so. Big Abortion devotes an inordinate amount of attention to Blacks, Hispanics, and Alaska Natives who, in proportion to their population, have the highest abortion rates in America. Now, eager to add another scalp to its collection, it is turning its sights on Native Americans.

Date posted: 2008-06-15

Starvation Scapegoat

Turning food into fuel was never a good idea in the first place. Now that food shortages are cropping up around the world, it is time to end this environmental extremism.

Date posted: 2008-06-10

The Council of Europe Presses Member States to Lift All Restrictions on Abortion

A resolution approved by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe is demanding that its 47 member states "legalize abortion if they have not done so." Although legally non-binding, the resolution not only effectively endorses the "right" to kill the unborn, it puts pressure on nations to lift any and all restrictions on abortion throughout the whole continent.

Date posted: 2008-05-12

Sex Education As Risk Management:

The modern pro-choice movement is the spawn of the "sexual revolution" of the 1960's, in which a few million angry college students abandoned traditional norms of decency and the marriage bond. In its place they proposed a culture of what they termed "free love," which turned out to be a euphemism for unbridled lust; sex without responsibility or commitment.

Date posted: 2008-05-12

Sex-Selective Abortion Comes to America

By now, nearly everyone knows that tens of millions of unborn baby girls around the world have been aborted solely because of their sex. Ultrasound technology makes it possible to separate the boys from the girls at 18 weeks or so, and widespread abortion makes it possible to eliminate the less desirable sex, which in most cultures means girls. Up to 200 million girls may have been killed in this way, mostly in Asian and Muslim countries.

Date posted: 2008-05-12

Misoprostol and the Hidden Pro-Life Crisis

The pro-abortion movement is moving stealthily to open another front in the abortion wars. Its name is misoprostol. Misoprostol is most well-known as the active ingredient in Cytotec, a prescription drug whose FDA-approved usage is to relieve gastric ulcers. Misoprostol has proven very effective in this regard, and it has also been used to treat women who are hemorrhaging from a spontaneous miscarriage, or following childbirth. This is the good news. The bad news is that it is just as "effective" at causing an abortion.

Date posted: 2008-02-04

No Choice For Teen Mothers

The topics of unplanned pregnancy and teen motherhood have always been politically sensitive ones for our morally schizophrenic nation, a nation that has the highest rate of teen pregnancy of any developed country. On the one hand, conservatives hold that the skyrocketing rates of teen pregnancy are the fault of comprehensive sex education programs, laissez-faire attitudes toward contraception and abortion, and a general aimlessness in matters of sexual morality. However, once conceived, the unborn baby is a human person whose intrinsic worth must be recognized, even if the teen mother elects to put the child up for adoption.

Date posted: 2008-01-25

Saving the Mexico City Policy

Faced with a presidential veto, the pro-aborts caved. Language fatally weakening the Mexico City policy has been removed from the omnibus bill that will fund the federal government for the next year. The original Mexico City policy, and other pro-life amendments, remain in place.

Date posted: 2007-12-17

How Family Planning Programs Cause Sex-Selective Abortion, Female Infanticide, and Other Forms of Child Abuse.

The anti-natalists argue that population control (aka "family planning" programs) lowers infant mortality. Some of their arguments are very crude. It is true that, as the birth rate falls, fewer children are at risk of dying in their first few days, weeks, or months of life. But that is simply because there are fewer children altogether.

Date posted: 2007-12-10

Patrick Carroll's Research and the ABC Link Debate

Rates of breast cancer are skyrocketing in countries which have legalized abortion. But this suggestion -- that abortion causes breast cancer -- causes radical feminists, who are otherwise greatly concerned about breast cancer -- to go into spasms of denial. This is why it is vitally important to the pro-life cause that the ABC link be investigated rationally, documented carefully, and presented convincingly. British statistician Patrick Carroll, who is Director of Research at Britain's Pension and Population Research Institute, has done just that in his new study, "Assessing the Damage," which was just published on October 25th of this year.

Date posted: 2007-12-06

What Women Want

The evidence overwhelmingly suggests that the supposed beneficiaries of reproductive health programs are clamoring for anything but "reproductive health care." It is only by arrogantly rejecting the real health and other needs of poor women - as the women themselves express them - that priority can be given to fertility control.

Date posted: 2007-11-29

Steven W. Mosher Abortion and the Alan Guttmacher Institute

Guttmacher claims that the number of induced abortions worldwide declined from nearly 46 million to under 42 million between 1995 and 2003. In actual fact, neither Guttmacher nor anyone else knows how many abortions have been performed worldwide in this year or any other year. Guttmacher's numbers may be reasonably accurate for countries with socialized medicine, like Great Britain, where accurate records are kept. But for other developed countries, like the United States, they are at best educated guesses. Abortion may be legal, but its proponents have kept it deliberately shrouded in secrecy.

Date posted: 2007-10-17

Ice-Pick Lobotomies, Surgical Abortions, and other Barbarities

Those who continue to pretend that abortion is a clean, painless, happy procedure are either ignorant of the medical facts, or choose to ignore them. Even well-known feminist Naomi Wolf, in a 1995 essay Our Bodies, Our Souls, has attacked abortion advocates for their hypocrisy. Though she was (and is) pro-choice, Wolf recognized that abortion is a violent, primitive, and unholy act.

Date posted: 2007-10-07

Rosa's Case:

Red de Mujeres Contra la Violencia is a coalition of hard-left, Latin American feminist organizations. Just recently they showed their true colors, putting their anti-life agendas ahead of the well-being of an innocent 9-year-old girl.

Date posted: 2007-08-22

Abortion's Hidden Violence

The pro-aborts often accuse us of hatred for women, but in reality they are the ones promoting this hatred. Read how the hard-line pro-abortion stance masks an agenda of depersonalizing violence against women.

Date posted: 2007-08-13

Contraceptive Poison

Filling our bodies with powerful, steroid-based hormones has never been a good idea. Spreading such hormones in nature may be an even worse one. Read about another downside of abortifacient birth control.

Date posted: 2007-07-30

Stopping "Therapeutic Abortion": The Case of Peru

Abortion is a crime in Peru, as in all Latin American countries except Cuba and Puerto Rico. Unborn babies are protected from the moment of conception by the constitutions of all these countries, as well as the American Convention of Human Rights, also known as the Pact of San Jose. Pro-abortion legislation has repeatedly failed to pass the region's congresses. The people of Latin America, no less than their elected representatives, are overwhelmingly pro-life. Faced with this level of popular opposition, the pro-abortion movement has long sought a backdoor way to "legalize" abortion.

Date posted: 2007-06-26

Stopping the Abortion Juggernaut

The European Union and other donors are threatening to cut aid to the poor country of Nicaragua if abortion isn't legalized. This shouldn't surprise us, since it is the practice of the Left everywhere to abrogate democracy when it suits them. When that fails, they seek to overturn decisions made by elected legislators through unelected judges by filing a flurry of lawsuits.

Date posted: 2007-04-05

A Note on the Future: Deliberately Disabling Children

When we think of designer children, we think of an effort to breed supermen. But there is a new and even more disturbing trend: Designer children designed to be disabled.

Date posted: 2007-03-31

How Not to Win the War on Terror: Keep Exporting Abortion and Sex Education

One can deplore the burka and at the same time recognize that we as a nation are doing deliberate violence to the values and family structure of developing countries. If we want to win the war on terror, we'd better stop making enemies in this way.

Date posted: 2007-03-25

Notes on the HPV Vaccine

The efforts to force all American girls to receive a new, unnecessary vaccine with unknown long-term side effects seem to have lost much of their momentum for now.

Date posted: 2007-03-13

Feminism, Consumerism, and the Sexualization of Girls

Why would anyone in their right mind want to make sex objects out of little girls? Are the feminists to blame?

Date posted: 2007-03-05

CEDAW Makes a Comeback

The pompously named CEDAW, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, sounds on its face not to be too bad, just clumsy and utopian. Yet it is a totalitarian piece of social engineering that aims to do everything from legalize abortion-on-demand worldwide to abolish Mother's Day (no joke). CEDAW, like the ERA before it, is a threat to babies and families.

Date posted: 2007-02-10

Eunuchs for the Green Kingdom

A short while ago, a "deep green" group in New Zealand sponsored by the Wellington City Council got a bit of attention for advocating a voluntary two-child limit for New Zealanders.

Date posted: 2007-02-04

Feminism's Triumph: The Extermination of Women

In the last two years, international organizations and Asian nations have stepped up their efforts to eliminate sex-selective abortions, which have created a massive dearth of girls in many nations over the past 20 years. With the new year, some new statistics have been released. The result of these efforts? The sex imbalance continues to worsen, not improve, thanks to the ever-increasing spread of cheap abortion and ultrasound technology into more and more areas of China, India, and other countries.

Date posted: 2007-01-20

The European Demographic Crisis and the Pope

Birthrates are low not only in Europe and Canada, but in most of the rest of the Christian world including Latin American nations and the United States. Our societies are aging rapidly. This disaster is so grave, and its metaphysical roots so deep in the souls of Christian men and women, that we can hope that the Pope will write an encyclical solely about this crisis. Such an encyclical will raise this issue to the level of importance and awareness that it deserves, and perhaps prompt a solution before it is too late. And aren't the low birthrates of every Western nation proof of the wisdom of the Church's teachings on secularism, marriage, feminism, contraception, and abortion?

Date posted: 2007-01-13

The New Global Leader in Demographic Decline

In the race to the birthrate bottom, it's always neck-and-neck. The anti-child behaviors of Western and Westernized societies have been worsening so quickly that new lows get set all the time. In their quest for self-destruction, Italy, Spain, and Japan have often competed for first place. But there could be a new winner in town. According to her government, South Korea's total fertility rate has reached an unprecedentedly dismal 1.08. Replacement rate is 2.1. Yes, South Koreans are halving their numbers with each generation....

Date posted: 2007-01-07

Two Different Abortion Pills: MAP and RU-486

Some people call RU-486 "the abortion pill," but in fact there are two different abortion pills now widespread in America. One is RU-486 (scientific name mifepristone), used in early pregnancy to induce abortion, often in combination with another drug. The other is the morning-after pill (MAP), sold under the brand name Plan B and which is simply a high-dose version of the standard oral contraceptive pill. Both kill unborn children, meaning that there are two abortion pills exterminating children in our low-birthrate land.

Date posted: 2007-01-07

Motherless Russia

Condorcet's phrase, "demography is destiny," is much overused. But a country without children, even a country as old and vast as Mother Russia, cannot stand.

Date posted: 2006-12-25

The UN's Future

Perhaps new leaders at the United Nations can reign in some of its bureaucracy's lesser-known but highly destructive projects.

Date posted: 2006-12-16

Irish Exceptionalism At an End?

The Irish held out against foreign oppressors for 700 years. But will she be there at the end of the next 100?

Date posted: 2006-12-08

Pro-Abortion Side Considers Children Less Than Animals

Cruelty to animals can land you in jail, cruelty to unborn children can't. A bill in Congress would take a step toward granting unborn children killed in abortion some of the same consideration given animals sent to slaughter.

Date posted: 2006-12-02

Suicide of the West?

Earlier this year Population Research Institute sent Joseph A. D'Agostino to Rome where, among other activities, he interviewed two Vatican prelates. Here is what they had to say about the life issues and demographics.

Date posted: 2006-11-18

300 Million and Counting

Sometime next month, the U.S. Census Bureau will announce that the population of the United States has reached 300 million. The USA has the world's third-largest population, trailing far behind China (1.3 billion) and India (1.1 billion). Accompanying the 300 million milestone will be numerous complaints about the supposed overpopulation and overcrowding of America, yet the United States, on a list of the world's 193 nations arranged by population density, ranks only 143.

Date posted: 2006-09-09

Abortion the Cheap and Easy Way

There is an inexpensive, low-hassle alternative to electric machines for surgical abortion. Unfortunately, manual vacuum aspirators (MVAs) are becoming more common but have never been examined by the FDA for safety. Whether you are here or abroad, please e-mail with information about the safety or efficacy of MVAs.

Date posted: 2006-09-01

FDA Prepares Sell-Out on MAP

After resisting for years feminists determined to make high-dosage steroids available to women and girls without a prescription, it seems that the Bush Administration is about to cave in to political pressure and make the morning-after pill (MAP) accessible over the counter to those over 18. Not only will this result in the deaths of more unborn children since MAP often acts after conception, but it will seriously harm the health of women and girls who will use the now-easy-to-get MAP repeatedly.

Date posted: 2006-08-11

Kinder, Gentler Genocide in Mongolia

The extinguishing of a people does not have to be done with troops or death camps. Isn't it genocide to indoctrinate into the contraceptive mentality the youth of a small nation with a low birthrate?

Date posted: 2006-07-29

World Population Aging 2006

Few of you likely noticed, but July 11 was World Population Day 2006. On that day, the United Nations, its various agencies and allied organizations, and those in the mainstream media who cared celebrated the need for fewer human beings and more left-wing social engineering in the Third World. I never cease to be amazed at how ideology blinds people to obvious realities, such as the coming population aging crisis and the failure of sex education and condom distribution to halt the AIDS epidemic.

Date posted: 2006-07-23

Help for Families in the Americas and Beyond

For 30 years, Family of the Americas Foundation has spread practical knowledge about life and procreation around the world.

Date posted: 2006-07-17

Problems With the New Biopolitics

An innovative proposal taking demographics into account has come from a new progressive publication. Unfortunately, it also advocates some bad old ideas.

Date posted: 2006-06-25

Signs of Hope

In this space, we often criticize and warn. This time, we will point to some signs of hope and progress, at least in media discourse and people's mentalities, on demographic issues. The crisis of falling birthrates worldwide continues to get more and more attention from pundits and politicians, as does the differentials in birthrates between different demographic groups.

Date posted: 2006-06-12

Europe's Demographic Winter

Europe's demographic winter means the continent is almost lost. But it is not quite too late.

Date posted: 2006-06-04

In the U.K., Aborting a Baby is Legal, but Depicting it is a Crime

The persecution of pro-lifers in the U.K. is intensifying. Peaceful pro-life activist Edward Atkinson is going to jail for having sent a picture of an aborted baby to a hospital administrator. He was charged with -- if you can believe it -- sending "offensive materials" through the mails.

Date posted: 2006-06-04

Homofascists March On

As the homosexual "rights" movement gains ground, it seeks to silence the opposition.

Date posted: 2006-05-10

Getting Desperate at Guttmacher

Guttmacher ignores the obvious and twists the statistics in defense of abortion.

Date posted: 2006-05-08

Australia's Future

The character of a nation decades from now is determined by who is or is not born in it today.

Date posted: 2006-03-12

Facing the Facts of Europe's Suicide

Seventeen European nations are now having so few wee bairns that there is little prospect of a demographic comeback. Cardinal Trujillo is among those who recognize that Europe's days could be numbered.

Date posted: 2006-03-05

The Human Pesticide That Kills Mother, Too

How RU-486 kills women is now explained, but pro-abortion activists aren't halting their promotion of the drug.

Date posted: 2006-02-24

Why Think Abortion Good for Anyone?

Perhaps the biggest and best study on the subject has determined that abortion triggers mental health problems for the women who have them, especially if they are not women but teenage girls.

Date posted: 2006-02-24

What Mexican Women Want

The Mexican government, as we have previously reported, is aggressively seeking to drive down the nation's birthrate to below replacement. Young mothers who come to government-run clinics and hospitals to deliver their babies are pressured to accept either sterilization or an IUD. This abusive program was formulated by Mexico's National Population Council (CONAPO) in consultation with the U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA), which continues to fund it today.

Date posted: 2006-01-17

Should Motherhood Pay?

It's a sad society, full of sad women -- not to mention men -- when mothers have to be paid not to kill their own children. Yet the situation in Italy, a country once known for a strong family-oriented and Catholic culture, has become so dismal that a parliamentary proposal made this month to pay women not to abort their babies has gained considerable support. On average, Italian women have about 1.2 children each in their lifetimes -- far, far below the minimal replacement rate of 2.1. Italy is a nation rapidly committing suicide.

Date posted: 2006-01-01

House Takes an Interest in the RU-486 Poison Pill

RU-486 has been killing mothers as well as children, and Congressman Mark Souder (R.-Ind.) hopes to get to the bottom of what the FDA is doing about it. A House subcommittee he chairs has begun a major investigation into the safety of RU-486 (mifepristone), the use of which has so far killed at least four American women since the FDA approved it in 2000. Mifepristone (sold under the brand name Mifeprex) induces abortion medically, and is used as an alternative to surgical abortion in the early stages of pregnancy.

Date posted: 2005-12-29

Getting the U.S. Out of Abortion

The week after pro-life Latin Americans achieved a major success in Colombia, another one has occurred in Peru, thanks to the efforts of PRI's Carlos Polo. He has been waiting 20 years for this breakthrough

Date posted: 2005-12-29

A Feast for Life

Colombia's Constitutional Court slapped down a lawsuit seeking to overturn that nation's abortion law, and pro-life activists across Latin America celebrate.

Date posted: 2005-12-15

Abuse of Chinese Women and Children: Speak No Evil

President Bush missed an opportunity to spotlight one of China's most widespread and serious human rights abuses, but a very different politician did not.

Date posted: 2005-11-18

France's End

Demographics is not a fashionable issue. Pundits and politicians prefer to discuss other aspects of social difference and reasons for social change such as economics and race. Most American news stories about and commentators on the recent riots in France have blamed a combination of high unemployment (economics) and discrimination (race) for the riots. They have suggested that more jobs, quotas, and government spending would solve France's problem with her young Muslim rebels. Unfortunately, another aspect (demographics) tells us that there is no practical solution to France's problem, and the radical Muslims are likely to win.

Date posted: 2005-11-17

Abortion Doubters at the Washington Post?

Can the rigid pro-abortion faith of the Washington Post be softening? Post writers express second thoughts about abortion-on-demand just as a pro-Roe Supreme Court justice is due to be replaced.

Date posted: 2005-10-29

Mostly the Same, But UNFPA Discovers Fatherlessness

The United Nations Population Fund's latest State of World Population report concerns itself more with feminist and pro-condom ideology than with improving the lives of Third World people. Surprised?

Date posted: 2005-10-22

UN AIDS Envoy Can't Stomach Abstinence

Money and ideology are more important to U.N. apparatchiks than saving lives in Africa, which explains their fervent advocacy of risky condoms over effective abstinence programs in preventing HIV/AIDS.

Date posted: 2005-10-16

Live the Gospel of Life Down Under

America is not the only country witnessing progress on the life issue. Australia's government may be edging toward addressing abortion, at least in small ways, and has certainly adopted some pro-family policies.

Date posted: 2005-10-15

Pro-Abortion Court Revolution Targets Colombia

The abortion revolution is putting on a big push in Colombia, the latest victim of First World-funded efforts to impose abortion-on-demand in Latin America.

Date posted: 2005-10-14

Reaching Out in the Astrodome

Pro-abortion groups such as Planned Parenthood are busy "helping" the women affected by Hurricane Katrina the only way they know how—by exterminating their offspring.

Date posted: 2005-09-11

Pro-Life Renaissance or Scam?

Productive debates are being held in Britain and the United States over the status of unborn children. These are educating the public and strengthening pro-life sentiment. But we must be alert not to allow disingenuous politicians to use them as cover for a different agenda.

Date posted: 2005-09-03

Eurocrat's Wake-Up Call on Demography

A European Union commissioner has begun a major effort to get the European Union to address the demographic decline of its members. Like all government programs, the first question to ask is: Will its prescriptions help or hurt?

Date posted: 2005-08-13

Abortifacient's Advances and Retreats in Latin America

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and Population Services International (PSI) are attempting to introduce the morning-after pill, an early-acting form of chemical abortion, around Latin America. PRI's Latin American office is hard at work meeting this new threat to life.

Date posted: 2005-08-10

UNAIDS and UNFPA Want More of the Same for Asia

As far as the HIV/AIDS hustlers at UNAIDS and UNFPA are concerned, Uganda and the Philippines do not exist. Yet these two countries, by promoting sensible and inexpensive prevention programs based on abstinence and marital fidelity, have stopped the AIDS epidemic in its tracks. Over at the UN, however, and at USAID, the focus continues to be on "safe sex" -- the costly pornographic sex ed and condom distribution schemes that only make the problem worse. When will President Bush intervene to rescue his HIV/AIDS plan from these profiteering zealots? (Steven W. Mosher)

Date posted: 2005-07-30

Population Controllers Target One of the Last Pro-Family Christian Nations

Once again the Philippines, a country with a living Christian culture, is under attack for having too many children. The population controllers are attempting to impose a two-child policy on the relatively pro-life, pro-family Filipinos, who now average less than three children. But Filipinos and Americans of Filipino descent are organizing and, at the end of this article, there is a way to help them. (Steven W. Mosher, President)

Date posted: 2005-07-17

Will International Law Reign Supreme?

As we wait for President Bush to nominate a pro-life replacement for retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and possibly Chief Justice William Rehnquist, we hear a lot about the need for a strict constructionist, that is, someone who will not read their own personal prejudices (in favor of abortion, for instance) into the Constitution. But there is another danger that must be avoided as well, that of using the foreign laws of left-wing states to trump or substitute for the Constitution. We must not let the French, or the U.N., for that matter, influence our laws out of a misguided internationalism. (Steven W. Mosher)

Date posted: 2005-07-13

EU Constitution's Halt Gives Pro-lifers an Opening

Though endorsed by the Catholic, Brussels-based Commission of the Bishops' Conferences of the European Community, the proposed European Union constitution garnered denunciations from European pro-life activists, who feared that it would be used to overturn the laws of EU member states. Some EU nations such as Poland and Malta have strong restrictions on abortion. Now that the EU constitution has been put on hold -- perhaps killed -- by French and Dutch voters, its language could be renegotiated, or it could be replaced by a less ambitious agreement.

Date posted: 2005-07-12

Human Rights Triumphs Over UNFPA Population Controllers

Population control forces lost a battle yesterday when the U.S. House voted by a substantial margin not to restore U.S. funding for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). In this case, "population control forces" is particularly suited to identify those pushing UNFPA funding, since "pro-choice" can in no plausible way describe them.

Date posted: 2005-06-17

An Unspeakable Health Threat

With receding interest in living individual lives of metaphysical and moral goodness has come increased interest in living physically healthy lives. An endless stream of scientific reports provide bases for an even larger stream of media reports about what is healthy and what is not. Many observers have commented on the obsession with health risks that seems pervasive in contemporary media and society.

Date posted: 2005-06-12

British Steps Toward Euthanasia

Could the United Kingdom's gradual slide into the culture of death show where Western Civilization is going, and fast? In the Netherlands, the routine killing of the ailing aged and disabled newborns, even without their parents' or loved ones' consent, has become public knowledge. The rest of Europe does not seem far behind, and recent developments in Britain, the nation perhaps most similar to the United States, could tell us euthanasia's future in developed nations.

Date posted: 2005-05-30

Top Indian Doctor Wants to Follow Chinese into One-Child Mania

The proportion of India's population 65 or over will go from 5% today to 15% by 2050. The imbalance between boys and girls in India is increasing as Indian couples abort female infants in the womb in order to have more desirable boys without going over their two-child quota. Though sex-selective abortion is illegal in India, it's rarely prosecuted and widely acknowledged to be prevalent.

Date posted: 2005-05-21

The Systemic Lies of Sex Indoctrination Programs

The curriculum promotes homosexual activity as normal and healthy while neglecting to mention its deadly nature, encapsulated in this astonishing fact: Up to 65% of sexually active homosexual men are dead or HIV-positive by the time they are 30.

Date posted: 2005-05-15

Death's Wages: UNPD Population Projections Continue to Drop

Forty years of contraception, abortion, feminism, and two-income or one-parent families have taken their toll. The 105-page Highlights of the United Nations Population Division's World Population Prospects: The 2004 Revision outline the demographic crisis overtaking the world, not just the United States and her collapsing Social Security system.

Date posted: 2005-05-14

United Nations Conference Wraps Up without Controversy

The United Nations Commission on Population and Development (CPD) concluded its conference on HIV/AIDS at UN headquarters in New York, and pro-lifers are satisfied with the results.... no expansion of language that could include the "right" to abortion was included in the final resolutions passed by the conference on April 14.

Date posted: 2005-04-24

Abortion Politics at the United Nations

The UN Compliance Committee for the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) has pressured the governments of numerous countries to liberalize their abortion laws.

Date posted: 2005-04-08

Japan's Future: None?

Now that Terri Schiavo has been murdered, we can turn our attention to the murder of an entire nation. The Japanese people are committing genocide against themselves in what may be the leading example of the success of modern narcissism, feminism, and population control, three inseparable phenomena.

Date posted: 2005-04-01

Pro-Natal Official Takes Over in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's new interim chief executive wants his fellow citizens to have more children, but most in China's gateway city have other ideas. Can he persuade them to do so?

Date posted: 2005-03-12

Proclamation of the Conference on Love, Life and Family Held in Vanimo, Papua New Guinea

I just visited Papua New Guinea, and I can report that people there are resisting attempts to impose abortion and population control on their country.

Date posted: 2005-02-18

Stopping Same-Sex Marriage

Good Supreme Court appointments are the most likely way of preventing same-sex "marriage" from being imposed on America.

Date posted: 2005-02-13

An Impediment to Choice

China s ban on sex-selective abortion won t solve her sex imbalance problem.

Date posted: 2005-02-13

The Next Legislative Battle: Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act

The next titanic struggle for Americans who want to protect unborn children will most likely be U.S. Supreme Court nominations.

Date posted: 2005-02-13

Unlike Europe's, U.S. Population Continues to Grow

The U.S. Census Bureau's latest population figures released this month show that the U.S. population is growing at a 1% annual rate. The nation added 2.9 million people between July 1, 2003 and July 1, 2004, with about 1.2 million of that coming from immigration, according to the bureau.

Date posted: 2004-12-30

Abortion by Other Means

Pregnant American women are more likely to be killed by other people than by illness or accident, a situation that is a tribute to advances in technology... A large proportion of these pregnant women are killed by their boyfriends or, occasionally, husbands. Why would these men commit a double homicide, killing not only their girlfriends but their own unborn children as well?

Date posted: 2004-12-24

China's Persecution of Women and Children: More of the Same

China continues to persecute women who violate that country's one-child policy, yet the UNFPA and old Europe could not care less. No one seems outraged over the fact that 56% of the world's female suicides occur in China; yet one more indication of the Beijing regime's inhumanity towards women.

Date posted: 2004-12-20

Canada Cuts off Chinese Women's Freedom in Order to Spite America's Face

Perhaps frustrated, together with France and Kofi Annan, with its inability to influence American foreign policy, Canada's government decided to increase sharply its annual contributions to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

Date posted: 2004-12-10

Would Legalization Reduce Abortion in Latin America?

International pro-abortion advocates sometimes argue that legalizing abortion in countries where it is now illegal would actually reduce the number of abortions. This myth was pushed in an article called "Illegal Abortions Rampant in Latin America" by Jen Ross.

Date posted: 2004-12-10

The Morning-After Pill Can Kill Mothers, Too

The federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved RU-486, or mifepristone, under special expedited rules in 2000 during the Clinton Administration, and on Nov. 15, 2004, it decided to emphasize the possibly deadly consequences of taking it not for unborn children, but for mothers.

Date posted: 2004-11-24

UNICEF: The Mask is Off!

For several decades the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has used children to fundraise on its behalf, collecting over $100 million in nickels, dimes and quarters. Having children "Trick or treat for UNICEF," as the slogan went, was seen as a way for privileged American children to help poor, hungry and sick boys and girls elsewhere. But.....

Date posted: 2004-10-19

Secularism's Demographic Conundrum

Europe will be losing 3 to 4 million people a year by mid-century. Asia will be close behind, as the voluntary childlessness of the Japanese is matched by the force-pace population reduction in China's one-child policy. China's population will peak at 1.5 billion in 2020 or so, and then dramatically shrink. By mid-century, Europe and Asia could be losing a quarter of its population each generation.

Date posted: 2004-10-11

Media Reports: Depo Provera Is Hazardous to your Health

The injectable contraceptive depot-medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA) appears to increase a woman's risk of acquiring the sexually transmitted infections chlamydia and gonorrhea by approximately three fold when compared to women not using a hormonal contraceptive, according to a study jointly funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) at the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Agency for International Development's Office of Population and Reproductive Health.

Date posted: 2004-09-08

Canada's Rude Surprise

The nation of Canada is the latest Western country to receive a rude shock; namely, that it doesn't have enough children.

Date posted: 2004-08-23

Life Begins at Conception, But Not All Agree

People who are not ideologues for causes like population control, abortion "rights" and so-called "family planning", know in their gut that there is something wrong unnatural about pills, drugs and potions that interrupt the normal course of things, especially things as delicate and beautiful as human reproduction.

Date posted: 2004-08-13

Nurses Vote With Their Feet on Morning After Pill; vindicated by Feds

Recently an act of courage by a small number health care-professionals went under-reported nationwide. While the national media is eager to report stories that are pro-"morning-after pill," Associated Press writer Bob Johnson did extensive reporting on the objections of health care workers in Alabama to distributing the "Plan-B" morning after pill.

Date posted: 2004-08-06

The End of Marriage

The decay of the family already means that half the children born in the 1990s will spend at least part of their childhood in single-parent homes.

Date posted: 2004-07-16

Refund the UNFPA? No way!

The truth is, it's not the U.S. isolating the UNFPA, but the UNFPA isolating and marginalizing itself. For 25 years the UNFPA has been the chief international cheerleader for China's one-child policy, lavishing upwards of $200 million in funding on the program, and bestowing prestigious awards on its architects.

Date posted: 2004-06-26

Stopping the Spread of HIV/AIDS Through Abstinence (and Catholic Doctrine)

The Catholic Church has played a major role in containing the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa. Without its message of sexual abstinence before marriage and fidelity in marriage, the epidemic would have been arguably worse, not only among believers but among the general population.

Date posted: 2004-05-17

USAID Family Planning Undercuts Efforts to Curb Promiscuity

USAID is calling for an end to sexual promiscuity overseas, in order to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. At the same time, however, USAID is promoting sexual promiscuity in the form of over-the-counter distribution of injectable contraceptives overseas, despite FDA standards. There should be a law against this.

Date posted: 2004-04-26

OTC/MAP Means Danger for American Girls

A new study from Nottingham University in Scotland confirms that teens who have access to morning-after pills engage in higher rates of sexually promiscuous behavior, contract more STDs, and have higher rates of abortion than teens who do not have such access.

Date posted: 2004-04-17

USAID Unleashes More Population Control

Even though the rate of world population growth is in rapid decline, and mortality rates throughout the developing world are at an all-time high, USAID's contribution to a new report on global population is this: send more family planning.

Date posted: 2004-04-08

Morning-After Pills: Domestic and International Links

U.S. taxpayers should not be surprised that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has been actively involved in promoting and distributing morning-after pills (MAP) to poor, often traumatized, women and girls in developing nations, long before the abortion-inducing chemical ever became famous in America. Norplant, a chemical with the same active ingredient as MAP, has been discontinued in the U.S., but USAID continues to flood developing nations with tens of thousands of units of it.

Date posted: 2004-04-07

Dangerous MAP Ads Threaten Public Health

Advertising campaigns associated with OTC/MAP raise serious concerns over promoting rape and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) among adolescents, increased rates of abortion and pregnancy among teens, and an overall coarsening of American societal values.

Date posted: 2004-03-29

The Morning-After Pill and Abortion

In rejecting Plan B's application to approve the morning-after abortion pill (MAP) for over-the-counter (OTC) distribution, the FDA should also designate this chemical as an abortion drug. The medical establishment, which has abandoned the science of human fertility for radical feminist ideology, should be pressed to re-adopt the traditional and accurate definition of when pregnancy begins (at conception) and when abortion occurs (at any point thereafter)

Date posted: 2004-03-20

The Dangers of the Morning-After Pill

No doubt, the greatest risk of MAP is loss of human life. Packaging for MAP omits clear warnings of the risks and abortion-inducing function of the chemical. Women must be informed of the total risks of MAP, to themselves and their children.

Date posted: 2004-03-16

Coercive Abortion in China

The State Department report calls into question UNFPA claims. The UNFPA, mimicking the Chinese government, touts the one-child policy as a means of stimulating economic growth and alleviating poverty. Au contraire, says State. "Official estimates of the number of citizens living in absolute poverty showed 'little change' with the Government estimating that 30 million persons lived in poverty and the World Bank, using different criteria, estimating the number to be 100 to 150 million persons."

Date posted: 2003-04-14

Getting Around the Law

One of the most common methods of abortion in the developing world is manual vacuum aspiration, involving a crude hand-held suction device called a Manual Vacuum Aspirator (MVA) and often an uninformed victim.

Date posted: 2003-04-05

Family Planners Eye Abortion Jihad in Iraq

The problem is that our foreign aid programs are better at promoting population control and radical feminism than in building free market democracies abroad.

Date posted: 2003-03-29

The Population Controllers and Their War on People (II)

Promoting the Chinese approach, international aid agencies such as the World Bank and USAID often make continued assistance to developing countries contingent on their attainment of family planning targets.

Date posted: 2003-02-18

The Population Controllers and Their War on People (I)

For over half a century, the population controllers have perpetrated a gigantic, costly and inhumane fraud upon the human race, defrauding the people of the developing countries of their progeny, and the people of the developed world of their pocketbooks. But the controllers have not only studiously ignored the mounting evidence of their multiple failures, they tiptoe around the biggest story of them all: Fertility rates are in free fall around the globe.

Date posted: 2003-02-17

Project Afghanistan

The Population Research Institute is making plans to establish a pro-life office in Afghanistan. The purpose of PRI's pro-life outreach to the war-torn country is to assist Afghan women and families in their fight against the anti-natal agenda of UN agencies and anti-child NGOs.

Date posted: 2002-01-09

What the Abortion–Breast Cancer Link Means for Women in the Developing World

In the developing world, unfortunately, this grim picture grows much grimmer. Because of the poor state of primary health care, women who get breast cancer are unlikely to have it diagnosed until it has reached an advanced stage. Those who do have it diagnosed are unlikely to get treatment. And even the lucky few who receive the relatively unsophisticated treatments available are unlikely to survive.

Date posted: 2002-01-08

The Billionaire Boys Club

Who is the biggest funder of anti-people population control programs in the world? If you answered "the U.S. government," you would be wrong. A small group of the world's wealthiest individuals and their foundations collectively fronts more money for the abortion, sterilization and contraception of the human race than Washington.

Date posted: 2002-01-07

Ten Reasons to Have Another Child

For those who marry and have families, children are the primary means God uses to help them grow in holiness and virtue. Children teach their parents patience, perseverance, charity, and humility. They give their parents the opportunity to practice the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. They come into the world naked, and we clothe them, hungry and we feed them. Thirsty, and we give them drink. All of the things that we are required to do for the least of these our brothers, we do first and foremost for our own children.

Date posted: 2002-01-06

United in Opposing People

Driven by a population control agenda, running roughshod over the rights of sovereign states, the UN seems increasingly out of control.

Date posted: 2002-01-05

Innocents Betrayed

More specifically and to the point, every one of the countries listed in the President's Finding have been harmed by United States population control efforts, as described below. If the US government is truly concerned about the health of women and infants, it should conduct an independent review of USAID population control programs in recipient countries using bona fide health care professionals who have no relationship with, or interest in, the continuation of such programs. Such a review would, we believe, reach the conclusion that USAID population control programs should be terminated and the funds redirected to maternal and infant child care and authentic economic development.

Date posted: 2001-12-29

Abortion for All

The Population Research Institute (PRI) published a report detailing the involvement of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) in promoting and performing abortion throughout the developing world. Since the release of the original report, PRI has discovered numerous additional documents explicitly describing IPPF's efforts to encourage the legalization and performance of abortions, particularly in the developing world.

Date posted: 2001-12-28

World Bank Report

A remarkable report, The World Food Output, issued in November 1993 by the World Bank, documents with numerous charts, diagrams and statistical tables the fact that world food production has been steadily increasing for years and at a rate greater than that of the growth in population.

Date posted: 2001-12-26

Did you know?

The whole world's population could fit in the state of Texas.

Date posted: 2001-12-25