In Spain, PRI Defends Life From UN Population Controllers

Steven Mosher
written by PRI Staff
January 30, 2023
Reproduced with Permission
Population Research Institute

The UN is once again on the march toward its "Millennium Goals," under the terms of which our lives will be completely regulated. Unelected bureaucrats will determine where we live (rabbit warrens), what we eat (crickets), what we drive (golf carts), and, importantly, how many children we have (one or none).

They are calling it by a new name - Agenda 2030: Transforming Our World - but it is the same bug-eating, state-planned nightmare that we have been hearing about for decades.

In brief, "Agenda 2030" reprocesses the shopworn ideology of the United Nations, once known as the "Millennium Goals." But by incorporating the word "agenda," the UN is taking its project a step further. And they have become much more specific. Startlingly so, in fact.

The UN not only wants to "Transform our World," they have now created a kind of secular catechism to do just that. This catechism features no fewer than 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which in turn are broken down into some 169 Targets. The UN promises that its Agenda 2030 will create a better world, but we believe that they are just putting a "target" on the back of humanity.

We can say this with some certainty because we just spent three days at the Catholic University of Valencia, Spain, exploring what this Agenda would mean for those of us who value Life, Liberty, and want to be free to pursue our own Happiness. Some of Europe's most renowned academics were in attendance, including Marguerite Peeters, an expert on the UN, and the Hungarian philosopher Ferenc Hoercher, historian of political thought and professor at the University of Public Service in Budapest.

We should mention that this event was organized by the Population Research Institute, which was joined in this effort by the NEOS platform (Spain), the One of Us Federation, and members from throughout Europe.

Now most of the Sustainable Development Goals themselves are as vapid as they are benign, and include such things as "world peace," "zero hunger," "fighting poverty", "quality education", and "dignified work." They read kind of like a five-year-old's letter to Santa.

But the new use of the word "agenda" does not suggest that the UN is holding a Christmas party, so much as it indicates that it is advancing a cause, or instigating a revolution.

As Dr. Carlos Beltramo, of PRI's European Office, pointed out, the UN is turning the entire concept of an agenda on its head. As Beltramo explained, "An agenda is supposed to represent the shared goals of a community. Normally, it comes from the bottom up, arising from the real needs of the people. But Agenda 2030 is the opposite. The United Nations, while pretending to speak in the name of communities everywhere, has manufactured its agenda out of thin air. It has simply taken its own Globalist Ideology and turned it into an action plan, and is now trying to strong-arm countries into embracing it and enforcing it on their own people."

From the top down, by force.

Moreover, the UN says that its "Agenda" is "integrated and indivisible". In other words, as Aldous Huxley's World Controller (global dictator) says in Brave New World, "It's all or nothing." And among the 169 targets is this: universal abortion until birth. Abortion on demand, you see, is said to be an integral ingredient of "women's health."

Not surprisingly, the Agenda won support from the usual coterie of governments, NGOs, prominent businesses, and academic institutions. It has even won over some Catholic and other religious groups, who say that they accept only the good parts, but not things like gender ideology or abortion. They even try to argue that the Agenda's goal of "reproductive health," as stated in target 3.7 of goal 3, "Health and Well-Being," allows them to oppose abortion.

But that, of course, is not allowed. The rules of the UN game are clear: one cannot pick and choose among its carefully-contrived elements. UN documents on the subject require that the 2030 Agenda's "integrated and indivisible character" be preserved: if you accept one part, you must accept it all. Moreover, at the UN, the term "reproductive health" is universally defined to include abortion.

The promotion of abortion is not limited to the single goal of "reproductive health" either. UN officials are claiming that the "right" to abortion not only "comes from the 2030 Agenda", but that the active promotion of abortion is an "indivisible part" of 8 of the 17 goals, including the fight against climate change.

Abortion is a religion at the UN. And it corrupts everything it touches.

To demonstrate that sad fact, Carlos Polo, Director of PRI's Ibero-American office, showed conference attendees how the UN bureaucracies, together with NGOs such as Planned Parenthood, are imposing abortion through Agenda 2030 throughout the Western Hemisphere. Almost every country in the region has complained to his office, Polo said, about this relentless effort to promote abortion.

Agenda 2030 runs roughshod over national sovereignty. UN officials have made it clear that "this is not a negotiation, that is why Agenda 2030 is called an agenda." As Polo pointed out, "If all presidential candidates in a country are required to embrace identical Agendas, then we citizens are voting for colonial overseers rather than sovereign rulers."

In fact, as Polo explained, the UN's "Viceroys" treat Latin American countries exactly like colonials. They deceitfully borrow attractive phrases from Catholic Social Doctrine - "pursuing peace," "alleviating poverty" - to attract Catholic support. And they tell Latin Americans that their primary problem is that they are having too many children.

"They tell us that there are too many of us, but just enough of them," Polo said. "They tell us that, for the good of the planet, your numbers must be cut, so please abort your progeny."

Dr. Beltramo ended the conference by urging Catholics to resist this immoral Agenda. "The Social Doctrine of the Church already addresses those Agenda goals that are worthy of pursuit," he said. "And it does so in a much more integral and comprehensive approach, one that enhances human dignity, rather than demeaning it."

The head of PRI's European office closed by quoting Pope Francis, who on January 9th of this year said, "Peace requires before all else the defense of life, a good that today is jeopardized not only by conflicts, hunger, and disease but all too often even in the mother's womb, through the promotion of an alleged right to abortion.'"