Of Course Fauci and the other Covid Hysterics Want Amnesty

Steven Mosher
November 4, 2022
Reproduced with Permission
Population Research Institute

Emily Oster has a lot of nerve.

The Brown University professor has just published an article , called "Let's Declare a Pandemic Amnesty", in which she argues "we need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about Covid."

The trouble with her suggestion is that, despite the fact that we are no longer "in the dark about Covid," the pandemic fascism continues in many states.

The national Covid State of Emergency remains operative as well, even though the guy supposedly in charge, Joe Biden, has told us the pandemic is over. This means that any one of these states, or the entire country, could pivot back to lockdowns tomorrow.

And if you thought that politicians themselves had given up their fear-mongering about masks, you need only to listen to Charlie Crist, the Democrat nominee for governor of Florida. At campaign stops Crist is bragging that, even though it is no longer required, he is still masking up on planes. And everyone in Florida will have to as well, he promises , if "the science" dictates it after he is elected.

While the federal vaccination mandate is on hold thanks to the 5th Circuit , it's anyone's guess where the US Supreme Court will come down. In New York City, the mayor has yet to take action on the State's Supreme Court recent order to reinstate unvaccinated officers.

So you see, Emily, we can't just move on-as much as you, Tony Fauci, and your woke friends would like us to - because it's really not over. It won't be over until the masks and mandates are only a painful memory, and until Covid Public Health Emergencies - so beloved of power-hungry politicians - come to a definitive end.

I may one day forgive the thug who robbed me, but not while he is still holding a gun to my head.

By the way, Emily, you picked an interesting time to call for amnesty. Could it be that you and others who turned parts of America into a living hell over the past three years have noticed we have an election coming up?

Certainly some of the pandemicists who are running for re-election would like us to forgive and forget what they did to us. Michigan's Gretchen Whitmer is clearly counting on the voters not remembering her mad Covid policies. Why else would she claim in her debate with her Republican opponent, Tudor Dixon, that she only closed down the schools for three months, when the closures actually lasted for two long years?

I hope that voters in Michigan vote with the same intensity that Whitmer enforced the lockdowns. In fact, I hope that politicians across the U.S. who implemented Covid policies that harmed children or the elderly, or targeted the unvaccinated for discrimination face the voters' wrath.

None of them should ever hold elective office again.

First, we vote out of office every governor, senator, and congressman, every city councilman, county commissioner, and school board member who is still imposing or defending the Covid insanity.

Then, and only then, can we begin the healing - and the trials.