Biden's New Strategy Is A Demographic Death Penalty

Steven Mosher
written by Katarina Carranco
February 20, 2023
Reproduced with Permission
Population Research Institute

Last month the Biden administration released its "Strategy on Global Women's Economic Security."

Once adopted, this strategy promises that women will be "able to fully, meaningfully, and equally contribute to, and benefit from, economic growth and global prosperity."

This new administration's economic policy is based in turn on the "National Gender Strategy" that the White House announced in October 2021. That document "sets forth an aspirational vision and a comprehensive agenda to advance gender equity and equality in domestic and foreign policy." Once adopted, the "Gender Strategy" promises "people of all genders" that their "families, communities, and nations around the world stand to benefit" from it.

Under the cover of 50,000 words that would make Big Brother blush, these new "strategies" are nothing more than a declaration of war against - in Biden's own terms - "families, communities, and nations around the world."

With these strategies, Joe Biden attempts to graft the most radical ingredients of the Left's "gender ideology" onto American domestic and foreign policy. And he intends to do it by force.

Sorting out the Targets

The new strategy pretends to "advance women's economic security around the world."

But it does the opposite: it gives the green light to countries around the world to draft women into the workforce.

And "families"? It promises to "empower" them, yet it will destroy them, forcing women out of the home. Since pregnancy might weaken "workforce cohesion," abortion will be quick, easy, and free.

What about "communities"? Biden's strategies aim to introduce to the world the chaos and division that have swept the United States since the "gender agenda" exploded in our public schools.

Here we should observe the warning of Alice in Wonderland's friend, Humpty Dumpty:

"'When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, 'it means just what I choose it to mean-neither more nor less.' 'The question is,' said Alice, 'whether you can make words mean different things-that's all.' 'The question is,' said Humpty Dumpty, 'which is to be master-that's all.'"

- Lewis Carroll, "Through the Looking Glass"

The Biden "strategies" are not meant to be read; they're written to be obeyed.

They contain page after page of "assignments" for every agency, bureau, and bureaucrat not only to apply the "gender agenda" to every aspect of their jobs, but to make these goals their highest priority.

The strategies conveniently ignore Biden's trillion-dollar deficits and 15% inflation. Instead, they call them "once-in-a-generation investments to support America's working families to rebuild the economy and support women and families."

The new "gender agenda" must have an equally massive effect, we find - on society, the culture, and, of course, on the unborn.

"Which is to be master?" Humpty asks.

The answer? Biden is.

His policy "adopts an intersectional approach," we read. Translated, that means there are no limits to the power that the federal government can employ. Every "section" - every aspect of life - becomes a target of the government's power, because even in the most private of surroundings, "discrimination and bias" abound in countless ways, including "gender, race, and other factors, including sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, disability, age, and socioeconomic status."

As a signal to the U.S. bureaucracy, Biden offers an example of strategic enforcement: he has ordered his Justice Department to sue precisely those American families who object to the force-feeding of "gender ideology" in their schools.

The orders go out: Every branch, agency, and bureau of the U.S. government gets the message.

But Wait - Won't These Strategies Help Economies?

Like Humpty Dumpty, Biden turns the meaning of words upside down to become nothing more than one more useful tool to force his agenda on every aspect of American life.

And using "the economy," his latest strategy expands that campaign worldwide.

Here the Prime Mandate of the Biden Administration comes into play: universal abortion on demand until the moment of birth including, if necessary, infanticide.

With those marching orders, the new economic strategy features "sexual and reproductive health care" as its centerpiece. In fact, both Biden "strategies" grant the massive destruction of unborn life the international "seal of approval" of the U.S. Government, guaranteeing that the billions in U.S. Foreign Aid will be used by U.S. embassies around the world to achieve that end.

Resonating the authority of the corrupted World Health Organization (WHO), which advocates the worldwide adoption of radical abortion laws, Biden makes it clear that he intends to make life very difficult indeed for women, families, and communities who dare to resist his agenda.

But will it work?

Last month, the United Nations, the WHO's governing body, released a report raising the alarm decrying "inevitable and irreversible" aging and low fertility suffered in every country it examined. In their exceptionally comprehensive 161-page report.

This report warns that virtually every country in the world is experiencing declining fertility and an increasingly aging population.

China, for example, in large part to its decades-long one-child policy, is experiencing a disastrous economic collapse with no end in sight. Do people not see the danger in the global demographic winter?

In 2022 alone it cost the innocent lives of a whopping 44 million unborn children worldwide.

Is Biden's "Prime Mandate" going to reverse that trend?

When confronted on the moral charge of willful murder, advocates often change the subject to address its economic "benefits." But we ignore its economic harm at our peril. While it makes handsome profits for the abortion industry and its allies, its global economic impact has been proven to be disastrous.

Many on the Left view abortion through the lens of "climate change" or "sexual and reproductive health," steadfastly ignoring its social On inspection, these costs vastly outweigh any of its celebrated "benefits."

Republicans serving on the bipartisan Joint Economic Committee (JEC) recently published a study estimating that "the [US] economic cost of abortion in 2019 alone - due to the loss of nearly 630,000 unborn lives - was at least $6.9 trillion, or 32 percent of GDP."

If these numbers do not scare you, they should. The equation is simple. When annual deaths exceed annual births it has catastrophic consequences and the economic damage is no exception.

The data from several generations of "abortion rights" now makes it clear: eliminating a considerable portion of the human race leads to demographic collapse that poses a greater risk to civilization than climate change or "sexual and reproductive health and rights," however loudly their advocates proclaim them.

Abortion advocates refuse to acknowledge that when populations grow we do not see starvation and poverty. On the contrary, we see an increase in food production, a growth in community and economic vibrancy, and a strengthening of social and cultural foundations as well. More people means more minds leading to more imaginative uses of resources, leading in turn to economic growth, social development, and a flourishing culture.

The more people we have on this earth, the more we become capable of tackling problems. We must understand that overpopulation is a myth. We need to reveal that the abortion industry puts money into the pockets of those who profit from it and only "empowers" itself and not women who are victims of it. We cannot forget that a larger population means more hope, innovation, and freedom for a better and brighter future, not just economically.

Most of all though, the moral of the story, is that abortion hurts more than just the economies of this world, it hurts women, men, and families, and kills the innocent unborn lives of millions of babies across the globe.