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October 20, 2018

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Assisted Dying Could One Day Be An Option For Kids
Should 'capable young people' be allowed to keep requests secret from their parents?

Cancer-stricken Mum Who Turned Down Chemo To Save Unborn Baby’s Life Dies Aged 29
Gemma Nuttall, from Rossendale, Lancashire, sadly lost her five-year battle with ovarian cancer on Sunday.

Queensland Decriminalises Abortion
"One of the most staggeringly dangerous legislations" in Australian history

Contract Pregnancies Exposed: Surrogacy Contracts Don’t Protect Surrogate Mothers And Their Children
The current debate over surrogacy has two main positions. One side argues we should allow the practice with regulations. The other side argues it should be prohibited altogether. All parties in the debate generally acknowledge that there can be abuses and exploitation, and that the best interests of the children produced should be considered.

Is There An ‘unmet Need’ For Contraception And Abortion In Africa?
Some Africans say that family planning programs are a new form of colonialism

3 Lies Pro-choice Politicians Tell
With the proxy war over abortion that has taken place these last few months during the confirmation process of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the need to address the abortion industry talking points has never been greater. The political allies of abortion are willing to say anything to maintain control of the courts and taxpayer dollars.

Canadian Hospital Unveils Assisted Suicide Plans For Kids, Parents Won't Know Until Child Is Dead
Doctors from a Toronto children's hospital recently published policies on physician-assisted suicide for children, revealing that in some cases, parents won't be notified until after the child has died.

Pakistani Catholic Refugees In Thailand Plead For Vatican Help
Catholic refugees caught up in Thai immigration crackdown hope Pope Francis can do what he did for Syrian refugees

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Children vs Net porn: industries without morals

Pornography on the Internet has exploded into millions of pornographic websites. It is a booming industry of nearly 100 billion dollars. Net porn invades our homes and destroys families without any accountability to anyone. At noon today, I count 17 phonographic emails on my main computer and there are still 12 hours left. This is a daily occurrence. Just one click and any internet company will allow me unrestricted private access to this particular email and other pornographic materials. The same simple procedure is in the hands of young children of all ages. Net porn has opened the doors to “children viewing pornography” and “child pornography” by “industries without morals” seeking to make a profit. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! GMO's, Glyphosate, and Transgenders

Dianne N. Irving
The devastating effects of GMO's and especially glyphosate have long been scientifically and objectively documented, including its biologically causing transgenderism. The purpose of this article is to raise the level of debate on these issues that many are so reluctant to discuss and provide significant documentation.

New! The System of Death

Judie Brown
System of Death refers not only to euthanizing the so-called unwanted because they are old, dying, or vulnerable, but also encompasses everything we are confronting, including abortion, and contraception.

New! Changing Society's View on "Hooking Up"

Arthur Goldberg
Unmoored from a committed and loving marital relationship, the unchecked sex drive harms both the individual and the society in which he or she lives.

Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Theologians Find Common Moral Ground

Arthur Goldberg
Three prominent theologians - one Jewish, one Christian, and one Muslim - have published a ground-breaking document that affirms the Noahide values as the foundation for all three religions.

Making Death Easier Makes Life Harder

Richard Stith
A culture of disdain for disabled and elderly persons is more likely to come about if we embrace a right to assisted suicide. Each endorsement of suicide endangers not only the lives but also the human dignity and quality of support relationships of persons with burdensome infirmities.

Plan B's Manufacturer: Pills Can Be Abortifacient

Dianne N. Irving
Summary: It is frankly mind-blowing that there is even a question about whether or not the "emergency contraceptive" Plan B can be abortifacient. Does no one read the manufacturer's own website?

First they came for the disabled

Kurt Kondrich
Many people do not realize that the first people targeted for extermination in Germany in the 1930's were the disabled. Under the secret T-4 program, individuals with disabilities were labeled "life unworthy of life" and "useless eaters." The Nazi medical community would identify, target, and then terminate the "unfit" members of society, which included those with mental and physical disabilities.

Blue Whales and False Mercy

Frank J. Moncher
The culture of death not only continues unabated on its tragic path, but is actually growing in its variety of forms, glamor and promotion.

China's growing number of one-person households

Marcus Roberts
In 2014, 66 million or 15 percent of all Chinese households were single-person homes according to government data. But the Scandinavian figures are even worse.

"Generation Maybe"

Shannon Roberts
Are today's 30-somethings commitment phobes? In his recent book German author, Oliver Jeges, certainly paints this portrait of his peers, going so far as to call them "Generation Maybe". He claims that his generation is indecisive about faith, relationships, work, diet, values and ideology. Drowning in a world of freedom and a myriad of choices, they flit between possibilities unsure where to settle.

The Dispensability of Men

William E. May
Kevin Ryan, in an essay with this title on "MercatorNet" begins with a citation from Mark Penn, "the social trend guru," in which Penn declares: "Men are now lagging women in every major category from lifestyle to health, from education to employment." Ryan considers some major causes of this phenomenon. The primary factor for this, he thinks, is that "many, many boys are lacking what the psychologists call 'role models,' most important of which is a visible, present father." In a short time, "the shape of the American family has undergone radical surgery and the part most obviously cut away is Dad. A 50 percent divorce rate, plus simple walk-away separations are well known factors in the dismal family landscape."

At What Age do Adolescents Become Sexually Active?

Steven Mosher
The age at which adolescents become sexually active is a matter of debate. Those who would expose our children to pornographic sex education claim that by the mid-teens most teens are sexually active. But they are wrong.

The Body Brokers - Part 5: Pioneers

Katches, et.al.
The tissue trade thrives despite laws against profiting from the sale of human parts. Those earning a living in the field make no apologies. More than 175 companies and tissue banks nationwide operate in this fast-growing field, despite laws against profiting from the sale of body parts.

The road to same-sex marriage was paved by Rousseau

Robert R. Reilly
At the heart of the debate over same-sex marriage are fundamental questions about who men are and how we decide what makes us flourish.

Abortion and Breast Cancer: Only fuzzy math can make the ABC link disappear

Karen Malec
It is undisputed -- even by Beral herself -- that a full-term pregnancy lowers a woman's long term risk of breast cancer, and that this protection is not afforded by a pregnancy that ends in induced abortion. Yet Beral and most of mainstream science and medicine would refuse to say that abortion is therefore a risk factor. Everyone knows -- including Beral - that a woman who chooses abortion will end up with a higher long term risk of breast cancer than would result from the childbirth choice. Still, unethical and outrageous as it is, it is politically incorrect to inform women seeking abortion of this undeniable truth. (Joel Brind, Ph.D.)