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May 25, 2017

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Facebook Will Allow Someone To Live Stream Killing A Baby In An Abortion
Facebook is causing a stir on the internet this week after its internal rules for monitoring live-stream videos and other content were exposed publicly.

Abortion Business Closures Outpace Openings By Four To One In 2017
For the first five months of 2017, abortion clinic closures continue to outpace the opening of new abortion businesses.

Tasmania Votes Down Voluntary Euthanasia Bill For Third Time In 10 Years
For the third time in 10 years, Tasmania's Lower House has voted down voluntary euthanasia legislation that would have allowed people to end their own lives in certain medical circumstances.

Politicians Are Out Of Touch With The Public On Abortion
Support for abortion has become a mark of orthodoxy among the political elite. But politicians, especially in Scotland, are seriously out of touch with the general public on this matter, as a new opinion poll has revealed this week.

Swipe Right For A Baby? Tinder Style App For Egg And Sperm Donors Launched
There was a time when people looked for a spouse to commit to for life, through an institution geared towards the love and nurture of each other and the children who would then be received as gifts via an act celebrating their union. Now we have 'users' being encouraged to find in strangers, not spouses so much as surrogates and sperm or egg donors.

Family Diversity And Its Children: The Next Equality Debate
Marriage, family and sexual equality are subjects that have all been extensively aired. Ironically, the discussion is often led by people who are creating another form of inequality, that foisted upon the children of new versions of the family.

Pope Warns Against Bad-mouthing, Backstabbing Each Other
The sin committed most frequently in Christian parishes and groups is bad-mouthing and backstabbing each other, which not only divides the community, it drives away people who come seeking God, Pope Francis said.

Ow Satan Destroys God’s Creation Through Abortion And Homosexuality
The human story is a confrontation between two forces: the force of attraction, whose source is in the wounded Heart of the Crucified-Risen One, and the power of Satan, who does not want to be ousted from his kingdom.

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Humanitarian Crisis looms in Scary Flights

Reading daily about the suffering of refugees, we conclude that no one chooses to flee their home. Forced to depart suddenly, it is impossible for people to apply for the necessary papers and visas required to travel. This results in a growing number of persons who have no alternative but to choose potentially hazardous methods to slip away – by foot, by boat or by being smuggled out. There is no such thing as a typical refugee. People of any age, race, gender or religion can be forced to leave their homes. Claiming refugee status doesn’t mean giving up universal human rights. In addition, detention of asylum seekers is a questionable policy. Studies show high levels of mental health problems in detainees. The longer in detention, the more mental health deteriorates. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! The Embryo Orphanage: A Cautionary Tale

Ana Maria Dumitru
As long as complicit bystanders refrain from voicing dissent, embryo destruction will continue to masquerade as a practical, commonplace business, rather than the social cancer it truly is.

New! Physician-Assisted Suicide Tells People Like Me That Our Lives Are No Longer Worth Living

Zachary D. Schmoll
The legalization of physician-assisted suicide sends the message that it is better to be dead than disabled. Do I lack dignity because I lack physical independence?

New! Why Conservatives Should Be Environmentalists

Nathan J. Beacom
Environmentalism makes us loyal to one another in a fundamental way, points us to values beyond mere utility, and directs us back to the natural order of which we are a part.

New! The In Vitro Catch-22

Philip Reed
Is "pro-life IVF" necessarily an oxymoron? More women are becoming pregnant with more than one baby principally because more women are using in vitro fertilization (IVF).

New! Don't divorce: powerful arguments for saving and revitalizing your marriage

Hilary Towers
Among other earthly and spiritual benefits, the theological view of marriage as permanent is the surest safeguard available to maintain our own sexual integrity in the midst of carrying a very heavy cross.

In the birthplace of revolution, a French Spring

Robert Hutchinson
The establishment has been rattled by the vigour and intelligence of opposition to the new law on same-sex marriage.

Every birth and death in the world in front of your eyes

Marcus Roberts
Dear all, it's stunning weather today in Auckland. It certainly feels that summer is upon us and that Christmas is just around the corner! This is all very exciting, but made last night very tiresome as Thomas found it much too hot to sleep well at all. Which has made me a somewhat tired father today! So nothing too cerebral today.

Women, children, poverty...

Carolyn Moynihan
All the money in the world will not make up for social weaknesses. The terrible mortality rates of mothers and little children in developing countries urgently need to be reduced. But the ongoing health and wellbeing of women and children is intimately tied up with the family unit, and, whatever weakens that, also needs urgent attention.

When do we become autonomous?

Michael Cook
When a 17-year-old rejects chemotherapy - with her mother's support - the state should step in.

Accuracy of the peak day of cervical mucus as a biological marker of fertility

Richard J. Fehring
The (PD) peak day of cervical mucus is an important biologic marker for the self-determination of the optimal time of fertility in a woman's menstrual cycle. The purpose of this article is to provide evidence (literature and empiric) for the accuracy of the PD of cervical mucus as a biologic marker of peak fertility and the estimated day of ovulation.

A British Labour MP explains the case against same-sex marriage

Tom O’Gorman
This is not a Bill that has equality at its heart. In honesty, it is a Bill that dilutes the meaning of marriage.

The Courage to Speak Out
11th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle A

Douglas P. McManaman
Had Nathan allowed himself to be overcome by his fear, had he loved his own life more than he loved David’s soul, he wouldn’t have said a thing, he would have shut right up and fabricated some nonsense about tolerance, patience and the principle of gradualism, and the result would have been that David would not have repented, and he would have died in his sin. But Nathan loved the Lord and loved truth and loved justice more than he loved himself.

Japan's Shrinking Role in the World

Marcus Roberts
The Economist has provided another very interesting piece about a story that I think gets less coverage than it should be receiving: the slow, steady, inevitable (?) implosion of Japanese society.

Frivolity Judiciary's real crisis, not backlog

Asia Human Rights
The Indian Judiciary is facing a crisis of credibility, which is a challenge from within.

Bioethics consultancies: the way of the future?

Xavier Symons
Informal bioethics consulting has been common in many countries for decades. But ethicists in the US are attempting to formalise the practice, creating independent 'ethics consulting' services for healthcare professionals and scientists.