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May 22, 2015

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Black Market For Organs - Five Arrested In Spain For Trying To Buy Immigrant's Kidney
It's a gruesome business, but a thriving one nonetheless: the sale and purchase of human organs on the black market. What's more, it is a "growing industry" that preys on the neediest among us.

Natural Family Planning Part 2: Open To Life, Love, Faith
Since the early days of the Church, periodic abstinence rather than contraceptives has been the spiritually approved method for avoiding or for knowing when to achieve pregnancy.

Sold For Ransom: On The Trail Of Thailand's Human Traffickers
As the trade in human beings becomes more and more profitable, the BBC's Jonathan Head discovers that entire communities in Thailand are helping the traffickers.

Transhumanism: It's Not Just Science Fiction
The Bionic Man was just a beginning. We are easily outpacing him and we’ll be better, stronger, and faster. That’s the current attitude in the media, and it’s the anthem of the transhumanist, H+, and posthumanist movement which push for the idea that the human condition can be fundamentally improved through the use of technology.

I Was 17, Drug And Raped … But Abortion Wasn’t Best For Me
I was 17, drugged and raped. When I learned I was pregnant, my family, counselors, and doctors took control.

Compassion Always, Compromise Never: Why Spokane’s New Bishop Will Be Great
Bishop Daly was speaking about his past role as a board member of Catholic Charities in San Francisco, but more specifically about how being a Catholic institution in such a “progressive” city caused them to face some tough questions in terms of what the Church believes and teaches. He clarified that by “compromise never” he meant never compromising the teachings of Christ, which are the fullness of the truth.

Pope Francis To Parents: Come Out Of 'exile' And Educate Your Children
In his general audience Pope Francis spoke of the essential role parents play in educating their children – a role he said has been usurped by so-called experts who have taken the place of parents and rendered them fearful of making any correction.

World Health Organization Calls For Non-Professional Sex Counseling For Teens
The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued guidance proposing that adolescents should get sexual information from non-professionals without either parental consent or the protections of a typical counseling structure.

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Ethical Perspectives

New! Three-Parent Embryos: Harming Women to Save Lives

Jennifer Lahl
The UK has passed a bill that allows for genetic engineering of children through nuclear transfer technology and germ-line modification. Young women will be needed to supply their eggs. But egg donation - or more accurately, egg selling - is risky business.

New! Global Experience Shows that Physician-Assisted Suicide Threatens the Weak and Marginalized

Ryan T. Anderson
This Issue Brief focuses on how PAS threatens the weak and marginalized. It explores who is most likely to be coaxed into PAS and how PAS has led to voluntary - and even involuntary - euthanasia in Europe. This lethal logic has even been extended to children and the non-terminally ill disabled.

New! The Absurdity of Transgenderism: A Stern but Necessary Critique

Carlos D. Flores
We should make public policy and encourage social norms that reflect the truth about the human person and sexuality, not obfuscate the truth about such matters and sow the seeds of sexual confusion in future generations for years to come.

Pankalia: The Catholic Vision of Beauty

Peter Chojnowski
How different is our contemporary pathetic conception of the beautiful from the unfathomable richness of the above statement of St. Thomas Aquinas, "There is nothing that does not participate in the beautiful."

Can the President Have a Marriage Agenda Without Talking About What Marriage Is?

Ryan T. Anderson
How successful can a "new conversation on marriage" be when its leaders can't even say what marriage is?

Women are choosing dogs over motherhood

Nicole M. King
If you think you've noticed an upsurge of tiny, furry friends being carried around in women's purses lately, you're right. It appears that more and more young women are foregoing marriage and motherhood, instead opting for pups as companions.

Short Commentary on Matthew, No. 19
The Sermon on the Mount 1

Anthony Zimmerman
The Sermon on the Mount is the Christian message in a nutshell. We live in this world, but are not of this world. We accept and even relish our poverty, our tears, our disabilities, our persecutions, for in this manner we celebrate our peace with God here on earth, while we look forward to our blessed rendezvous with Him in heaven.

What Human Embryo?
Funniest Mental Gymnastics from Medicine and Research

Dianne N. Irving
Such is merely a very small sampling of the fate of the McCormick and Grobstein "pre-embryo" over the last 30 years. Now, instead of human embryos, human individuals, human persons, human beings, human organisms, human cloning and other human genetic engineering, we now have only "pre-embryos" or their "substitutes",  "cells", "reconstructed oocytes", "infertility treatments", "near-cloning", "bio-tech inventions", and "human embryonic stem cell research". Some "mental gymnastics" those are! But at what cost?