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December 16, 2018

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Despite Gene-editing Flap, Chinese Scientists Still Aiming For Supremacy In Experimental Crispr Tech
Chinese scientists are pressing ahead with their attempts to perfect human gene-editing technology, even after one of their compatriots drew a global backlash for editing the genes of twin girls.

Canadian Report Offers No Clear Direction On Child Euthanasia.
Canada legalized euthanasia in June 2016 in response to the Supreme Court of Canada Carter decision in February 2015 that struck down Canada's laws protecting people from euthanasia and assisted suicide. Canada's law limits euthanasia to persons 18 or older.

Health Professionals Laud Trump’s Efforts To Define Gender Based On Scientific Facts And Not Fiction
Dozens of academics and a coalition of medical, legal and policy organizations representing more than 30,000 health professionals nationwide praised the Trump administration for its efforts to officially uphold the scientific definition of sex on the federal level.

100 Christians Arrested; 3 Tortured In ‘heinous Evil’ Raid By Chinese Police: Church
Close to 100 Christian leaders and students were arrested on Sunday at a church in Chengdu, China, with a prayer letter claiming that three believers were tortured.

Six Preborn Children May Be Killed In Colorado Couple’s Divorce Settlement
A Colorado couple is fighting over whether their preborn children will be allowed to live or be destroyed. Drake and Mandy Rooks were married for 12 years before they divorced in 2014, after having three children together. While married, they had struggled with infertility, and turned to in vitro fertilization (IVF) to conceive their three children. But they also created six additional embryos, which became a problem after the divorce.

‘Unconscionable’: Scientist Claims He’s Made First Genetically Edited Babies
A Chinese researcher and a U.S. scientist are both claiming to have taken part in creating the world’s first genetically edited babies.

Men Describe Suffering From Post-abortion Trauma: ‘I Was Totally Destroyed’
Much of the time, when one thinks of abortion regret, it is usually the post-abortive woman that comes to mind. But many men also struggle with regret from playing either passive or active roles in the abortions of their children.

Baby With Spina Bifida Born Healthy After Successful Surgery In Womb
After undergoing spina bifida surgery before she was born, baby Piper-Kohl Kelly appears to be in perfect health. Her parents, British couple Georgia Axford and Tyler Kelly, took out a £9,000 loan (more than $11,500), and traveled 570 miles to have an experienced surgeon perform the potentially life-saving operation on their preborn daughter.

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Children vs Net porn: industries without morals

Pornography on the Internet has exploded into millions of pornographic websites. It is a booming industry of nearly 100 billion dollars. Net porn invades our homes and destroys families without any accountability to anyone. At noon today, I count 17 phonographic emails on my main computer and there are still 12 hours left. This is a daily occurrence. Just one click and any internet company will allow me unrestricted private access to this particular email and other pornographic materials. The same simple procedure is in the hands of young children of all ages. Net porn has opened the doors to “children viewing pornography” and “child pornography” by “industries without morals” seeking to make a profit. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! Respect for the Dignity of Every Human Person: The First Pillar of a Decent Society

Nathaniel Peters
Human dignity begins when human life begins, with the fusion of an egg and sperm in fertilization to create a new human being. Debates about human dignity begin with whether embryonic and fetal life is worthy of the same protections as more mature human life.

New! Philosophy and Theology: Disability

Christopher Kaczor
The basic equality of all human beings is challenged by an ethics of exclusion on various fronts, not least of which is the push to exclude severely mentally disabled human beings. The topic of severe mental disability raises numerous issues of interest. This reflection explores two fundamental issues raised by severe mental disability. The first is how to properly define disability itself, and the second is the moral status of severely mentally disabled human beings.

New! The Foundations of the Human Person: Fr. James Martin, Robert P. George, and Daniel Mattson on the Terms of Gay Identity

David Henderson
The language of "orientation" is not neutral with respect to the nature of human beings. It makes a fundamental claim about human nature - one that rejects the given order of reality.

New! UN Human Rights Experts Demand Legalized Abortion Worldwide

Steven Mosher
Attempts to redefine the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to exclude the unborn.

New! Transing California Foster Children and Why Doctors Like Us Opposed It

Andre Van Mol
California's AB2119 should not be law. Signing the bill is a triumph of ideology posing as science. Human beings should be affirmed, not false identities and sexual confusion.

Assisted Suicide and the Corruption of Palliative Care

Wesley J. Smith
Assisted-suicide advocates wish to transform hospice into "hemlock" (as one advocate once put it), a facilitator of suicide rather than a preventer. They believe that access to lethal prescriptions should be considered merely another menu item available for dying patients (and ultimately others) "to control the timing and manner of their deaths."

Continental Suicide
"The Strange Death of Europe" and European Christianity

Eric Metaxas
What happens when a civilization forgets - or rejects - its roots? We're seeing it right now.

Child Abuse Masquerading As Compassion: Parental Rights And Wrongs

Frank J. Moncher
Many news articles have respectfully (I can only assume this motivation) acceded to the person's butchering of English language pronouns.

Grief after Abortion
The Devastating Psychological and Social Effects of Abortion on Women.

E. Joanne Angelo
Every woman who subjects herself to an induced abortion suffers the death of her own child. She is at risk not only for surgical and medical complications of abortion–uterine rupture, sepsis, infertility, increased incidence of cancer. She is also at high risk for pathological grief which often brings with it severe and long-lasting negative sequelae for herself, her partner, her surviving children and the whole of society.

American Medical Association Endorses "Pre-Embryo Splitting" [Human Cloning] as Ethical

Irving News Comments
"Despite the formal scientific rejection of the term "pre-embryo", and despite the scientific fact that "embryo splitting" -- or "twinning" -- is a cloning technique, the American Medical Association has endorsed "human pre-embryo splitting" -- i.e., human cloning -- as "ethical". Note that this form of human cloning is closely associated with In Vitro Fertilization clinics. Scientific references: (1) There is no such thing as a "pre-embryo"; (2) "Embryo-splitting", or "twinning" is a human cloning technique."


Emmanuel McCarthy
I am baffled, just plain baffled. War is ravaging Iraq. The justifications for the war being pre-emptively started have been proven to be fraudulent. There were no weapons of mass destruction being stockpiled. There was no imminent danger of Iraq attacking the U. S. with such weapons. Beyond this, 100,000 Iraqi civilians are now dead and hundreds of thousands more Iraqis and Americans have been maimed in body and/or mind.

Youth and same-sex attraction: a new resource for schools

Carolyn Moynihan
Optimal health and respect for all students will only be achieved by first respecting the rights of students and parents to accurate information and to self-determination. It is the school's legitimate role to provide a safe environment for respectful self-expression for all students. It is not the school's role to diagnose and attempt to treat any student's medical condition, and certainly not a school's role to "affirm" a student's perceived personal sexual orientation.

Stopping the Spread of HIV/AIDS Through Abstinence (and Catholic Doctrine)

Steven Mosher
The Catholic Church has played a major role in containing the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa. Without its message of sexual abstinence before marriage and fidelity in marriage, the epidemic would have been arguably worse, not only among believers but among the general population.

Planned Parenthood: A Century of Lying to Women

Judie Brown
Even the US Congress is celebrating the fact that Planned Parenthood will soon celebrate the 100th anniversary of its war on women, expectant mothers, and preborn babies. Of course the friends of Planned Parenthood do not refer to this ominous anniversary in those terms.

The Condom Conundrum

John Stonestreet
Remember those so-called "experts" who assured us that condoms would cut rates of fertility and STDs? Well, they now face a conundrum.