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April 24, 2017

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EU Calls For Urgent Protection Of 23,000 Child Refugees Left Stranded In Camps
Study says squalid Greek and Italian camps lack adequate security, food, water and medical facilities, leaving unaccompanied minors vulnerable to abuse

We Had 100 Reasons Why We Could’ve Chosen Abortion, But My Boyfriend And I Chose Life
The gynecologist put her hand on mine as she told me I was pregnant. I was in shock. I couldn’t have a baby right now with everything that was happening in my life—large work commitments, a possible wedding in the future, and my mom’s health. I could think of a hundred more reasons why a baby just wouldn’t work.

The Push To Allow Euthanasia For The Mentally Ill In Canada.
Euthanasia/assisted suicide is NOT about terminal illness. The issue is about normalizing killing as a response to human suffering.

Citizens' Assembly Recommends Unrestricted Abortion In Ireland
The Citizens' Assembly, the Irish body charged with examining the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution, which protects the equal right to life of the mother and baby, recommended this weekend that Ireland legislate for abortion, with many saying there should be no restrictions at all.

Pope Likens Migrant Holding Centers To ‘concentration Camps’
Pope Francis urged governments to get migrants and refugees out of holding centers, saying many had become “concentration camps

The Cost Of Convenience In Japan: When Foreign Students Work Instead Of Study
It’s midnight at the convenience store I often patronize near my home in Tokyo’s central Shinjuku district. The store’s open all day and night, 365 days a year.

America’s Battle Against The Sex Trafficking Of Minors
Trooper Mitch Jergenson, 46, stopped a car driven by a man whose passenger was a 17-year-old girl he had gotten to know via Facebook and other social media. He had paid for her ticket from California to Phoenix and was taking her to Las Vegas. She said she was going to be a “model,” then said she was going to work in a strip club. This, says Jergenson, is “the start of a process” whereby minors often wind up working the streets. “Las Vegas has strict regulations, but … .”

What Catholics Can Learn About Islam From A Former Muslim
Many Catholics look upon Islam as an ally in the struggle against militant secularism. Since Muslims are opposed to permissiveness, pornography, same-sex “marriage,” and other aspects of the secularist agenda, many Catholics assume that they must share similar values about marriage and sexuality. But this is not the case.

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No Place To Call Home

Dear Friends for Life: In the past few years, record numbers of refugees worldwide have been forced to flee their homes. In South Sudan alone, UNHCR William Spindler states: “More than 60 per cent of the refugees are children, many arriving with alarming levels of malnutrition… Recent new arrivals report suffering inside South Sudan with intense fighting, kidnappings, rape, fears of armed groups and threats to life, as well as acute food shortage.” Refugees from other countries report similar crisis. Instead of providing protection to refugees on a global scale, many countries are slamming their doors shut. To be more specific, the wealthiest nations are leaving other, poorer countries to cope alone with nearly all the world’s 21 million refugees. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! After Easter: The Political Theology of the Crucifixion and Resurrection of the Messiah

Paul R. DeHart
When we think of Jesus as providing a model for behavior for the religious, private, or civic realm but not for politics and government, we adopt a fragmentation utterly foreign to the New Testament.

New! Justice for David Daleiden

Judie Brown
The shameless persecution of Daleiden and his collaborators is not designed to induce a just conclusion. Rather, the purpose is to shut down truth, no matter the cost. "Instead of launching into a probe of the 'ethical editing' of the videographers, why don't we investigate the ethical ramifications of dismembering aborted children for science? Instead of coining body parts 'tissue,' how about we call it what it really is - a child? Instead of placing value on a child's body parts after an abortion, how about we place value on the child's life?"

New! Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in Pregnancy

Martha Shuping
According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) "approximately 324,000 pregnant women are abused each year in the United States" and "the severity of violence may sometimes escalate during pregnancy or the postpartum period" (ACOG, 2012). Male perpetrators of IPV were more likely to have been involved in three or more pregnancies ending in abortion. Thus, “violence can lead to pregnancy and to subsequent termination of pregnancy, and ... there may be a repetitive cycle of abuse and pregnancy”.

New! Restoring the Political-Moral Center

Arthur Goldberg
Politicians should return to the common-denominator universal ethical values embraced by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Until the second half of the twentieth century, the major parties of the left and the right in the United States and in other advanced Western democracies operated within a framework of shared basic moral values.

Technology and addiction: How Big Gaming hacks into our psyches

Heather Zeiger
There's a key difference between addictions and obsessions and compulsions. Addictions bring the promise of immediate reward, of positive reinforcement. In contrast, obsessions and compulsions are intensely unpleasant to not pursue. They promise relief - also known as negative reinforcement - but not the appealing rewards of a consummated addiction.

Pill and Divorce Connection

Anthony Zimmerman
Editor: Dr. Wenzke (HPR, June 1988) expresses the opinion that the most significant cause of divorce is sexual sins, especially contraception. Well said! We should make this message known to troubled partners before it is too late.

Christ Primate Was Not Free To Avoid Suffering

Anthony Zimmerman
One of the reasons why theologians of the past constructed the Cinderella paradise, and why we are so eager to believe in that construct, is our difficulty in understanding the problem of suffering and evil in this world.

Abortion Is More Than "Murder"

Richard Stith
Abstract: Abortion is here shown to be worse than ordinary murder, principally because it involves the betrayal of a dependent by a natural guardian. Furthermore, abortion is emblematic of wider lethal betrayals of radically dependent persons. All these betrayals are rationalized precisely by the victims' lack of autonomy-based dignity. Christianity counters by affirming the concern and respect due to those who helplessly suffer worldly disdain.

University Faculty for Life: Submission of Concern to the Canadian CIHR Re the 'Human Stem Cell Research Recommendations 2001'

Dianne N. Irving
We are concerned scientifically that these Recommendations: fail to acknowledge the scientific fact that the immediate product of human fertilization and human cloning is a new unique living human being, ... that individual cells and groups of cells from both totipotent and pluripotent human embryonic stem cells can "heal" themselves and exist as new individual human beings; uses discarded "scientific" myths such as the "biogenetic law" ... and the "pre-embryo", and a false scientific distinction between "therapeutic" and "reproductive" kinds of research; ... bans only one scientific method of cloning, i.e., somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT). Ethicallyof concern to us is that: the first ethical requirement of scientific research is not met; the means used to reach good goals are not considered; a specific defunct, normative, and eugenic "ethics" is ambiguously employed; neither mothers or fathers could give legally or ethically valid informed consent ... .

To Whom Do Children Belong?

Melissa Moschella
Children's relationship to the political community is fundamentally different from that of adults, because it is mediated through their belonging to a family and living under the authority of their parents.

Are Canadian Catholics Unwittingly Funding Abortion in Latin America?

Steven Mosher
"The result of our investigation leaves no doubt that the generous donations of Canadian Catholics go to organizations that explicitly fight against what the Church teaches. In Peru, the organizations funded by CCODP oppose church teaching on the life issues. Their leaders are often our adversaries in debates and public discussions on issues such as abortion, sterilization and contraception."

Twisted perspectives on religious freedom

Judie Brown
"There can be no freedom apart from or in opposition to the truth, the categorical - unyielding and uncompromising - defense of the absolutely essential demands of man's personal dignity must be considered the way and the condition for the very existence of freedom."

HIV and AIDS From A Hindu Perspective

K. Balachandra Kurup
Compassion is the noblest virtue that adorns the heart of a human being. Real peace and contentment can reside only in that heart which feels for the sufferings of others. The heart does not stop at being merely touched by the woes of its fellow beings, but it overflows in acts of kindness and love. The heart that feels but does not express itself in selfless action is like a spring dried up at its very source (Swami Ramdass).

The Christian roots of modern science

Donald DeMarco
The cancellation of Pope Benedict XVI's address at La Sapienza University in Rome in January, 2008, has received a great deal of attention around the world. A particular comment by Andrea Sterbini, one of the 67 academics signatories who protested the Pope's visit, however, warrants special attention because it represents, in a nutshell, a pervasive ignorance concerning the sizeable debt modern science owes to its Judeo-Christian roots.

"Ohio 'prolife' Bill to 'Ban' Human Cloning; Needs Homework"

Dianne N. Irving
Summary: Although the assumption must be that any group calling itself "prolife" is sincere in its efforts to protect the most vulnerable of human beings, e.g., human embryos, from exploitation and destruction, the current bill so offered in the State of Ohio leaves a great deal to be desired, and if passed would not fulfill its claimed purpose of being a "total human cloning ban" because of the presence of multiple legal loopholes. I leave it to the readers to decide for themselves if this proposed bill would indeed legally ban all human cloning.