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July 19, 2019

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Brain Dead Teen Comes Alive During Funeral Preparations
An 18-year-old brain dead boy recovered from coma when his family was preparing for his funeral. The incident took place in the Indian state of Telangana on Sunday.

The Catholic Church Requires Marriage Prep And Family Planning For Engaged Couples
“Marriage is a vocation, inasmuch as it is a response to a specific call to experience conjugal love as an imperfect sign of the love between Christ and the Church. Consequently, the decision to marry and to have a family ought to be the fruit of a process of vocational discernment.” (Amoris Laetitia, Chapter 3, Par. 72).

‘Infinity War’: Hong Kong’s Protesters Dig In For A Long Summer Of Discontentho
Hong Kong’s extradition bill demonstrations have mutated into a much bigger and more complex animal, ripping open old wounds and expanding a political fight as the city battens down for a summer of protests.

Seeing Sacramentally In A Pornified Culture
The human body contains within its magnificent design all of the elements of beauty. The gift that makes someone an artist is that they see what is beautiful and strive through their expressive abilities to share that vision with the world. To see beauty is to see God, who is true, good, and beautiful. To master the portrayal of the human body is to master all of the elements of beauty in art.

American Nurses Association Damages Good Nursing With Misleading “No Stance” On Assisted Suicide
In 2017 and despite opposition by nurses and groups like the National Association of Pro-life Nurses, the American Nurses Association (ANA) approved a new position on “Nutrition and Hydration at the End of Life” supporting a form of suicide called VSED ( voluntary stopping of eating and drinking) to “hasten death”.

How Fathers Influence Their Daughters’ Romantic Relationships
The research literature is becoming increasingly clear about the substantial importance of fathers in the lives of their children. Unfortunately, far too many children in the United States and throughout the world experience father loss.

U.S. Withholds Funding From UN Population Fund For Third Year
The United States has said it will not support the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) for the third year in a row, the UN agency announced on Tuesday morning.

Explosive Video: ACLU Coaches Teachers On How To Help Students Get Secret Abortions
A video released by California organization Our Watch reportedly shows the ACLU working with California teachers and Planned Parenthood to help instill radical sex education in California schools, as well as to advise children how they can get abortions without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

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Children vs Net porn: industries without morals

Pornography on the Internet has exploded into millions of pornographic websites. It is a booming industry of nearly 100 billion dollars. Net porn invades our homes and destroys families without any accountability to anyone. At noon today, I count 17 phonographic emails on my main computer and there are still 12 hours left. This is a daily occurrence. Just one click and any internet company will allow me unrestricted private access to this particular email and other pornographic materials. The same simple procedure is in the hands of young children of all ages. Net porn has opened the doors to “children viewing pornography” and “child pornography” by “industries without morals” seeking to make a profit. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! Selling the Rainbow: Why Rainbow-Washing Is Actually Bad Marketing

Mark Batey
When you hitch your brand to a cause or movement that nearly every other brand is co-opting, you are not differentiating but rather genericizing your brand. That's anti-branding. And when the cause or movement you choose has political overtones, you end up alienating, dividing, and disappointing your customers.

New! The transgender moment

Michael Cook
Why does this preposterous movement seem so plausible and righteous?

New! Gender Ideology and the Catholic Church

Bryan R. Cross
Many people have difficulty with the Catholic Church's teaching on sex and gender because they fail to recognize its philosophical dimension. As inheritors of twentieth-century positivism, many today assume that the quantitative sciences are the arbiters of truth, and that any other way of knowing, except that privileged and direct access to one's own internal subjectivity, can be no more than private opinion or pseudoscience. This philosophical error silences objection and shuts down dialogue by defining disagreement with itself as hateful and anathematizing.

New! Eugenics Is Still with Us
Death in the Name of 'Best Interests'

John Stonestreet
Eugenics is a bad idea, a bad idea that, like all bad ideas, has victims. Efforts to keep those deemed inferior from reproducing or even existing were a central part of the Nazi experiment in Germany, which upended the entire world and led to the extermination of millions of so-called "lives unworthy of life."

New! Measles, Mumps, and Religious Freedom: Mandatory Vaccination and the Limits of Parental Rights

Christopher O. Tollefsen
It is a mark of responsible governance, not authoritarian overreach, for states to act when the demands of public health call for such measures. It is true that the presumption of freedom, religious liberty, and parental authority are all at risk in an increasingly regulatory, secular, and statist culture, but it is an error to see vaccination policy as an essential battleground for defense of these important rights.

Belgian doctors are using organs from euthanased patients

Michael Cook
Using organs from euthanased patients seem to have become a well established procedure in Belgium, only nine years after it was legalized. A press release from a team at a hospital in Leuven announced last week that it had successfully transplanted lungs from four euthanased patients between 2007 and 2009.

Eugenics making a comeback as a respectable policy

Xavier Symons
After hibernating for 60 years, eugenics is making a comeback, both in academic and popular spheres.

India profits as Afghan health crisis continues

Xavier Symons
With Afghanistan's hospitals in a parlous state, tens of thousands of Afghans are travelling to India for safe, albeit expensive, medical care. In the past year the Indian embassy in Kabul issued 32,200 medical visas in 2013, up from 26,500 in 2012.

Is the Church serving two masters -- politicians and God?

Barbara Kralis
Will the Catholic Bishops be responsible for the election of pro abortion, pro euthanasia John Kerry because the message they are currently sending to all Americans is that being pro abortion is not a grave offense against God? Could the real reason be U.S. Bishops fear losing their Catholic tax exemption on their land and assets nationwide?

Rare footage of a birth control pioneer

Shannon Roberts
A newsreel archive company has recently uploaded 85,000 historic films made between 1896 and 1976 onto Youtube (under than name British Pathe if you want to check them out. One in particular relates to demography.

Cohabitation may be hazardous to your health

Patricia Lee June
Moving in is not a sound step towards, let along substitute for, marriage.

The Fourth Joyful Mystery, The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple

Anthony Zimmerman
The Fourth Joyful Mystery is a prime occasion to re-dedicate ourselves to the Lord in our vocation of life. With Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, we present ourselves to the Lord anew to be in His service.

New York State to Allow Abortion up to Birth

Steven Mosher
A new law passed by the New York State legislature last Tuesday would keep abortion legal up to the point of birth should the U.S. Supreme Court overturn its Roe v. Wade decision.

Calling all Millennials: "Be part of the marriage solution"

Jennifer Roback Morse
This is the core of the marriage movement: a personal commitment to lifelong married love, a next generation movement cutting across religion and race, country and class. Take the Reel Love Challenge.

The terrible consequences of forced abortion of the disabled

Judie Brown
U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) candidate Geoffrey Clarke recently sparked outrage by calling for the forced abortions of unborn children diagnosed with Down syndrome, spina bifida, or any "similar syndrome which, if it is born, will render the child a burden on the state as well as on the family." UKIP suspended him, and Clarke apologized, saying that he expressed his views poorly and does not believe in compulsory abortion. Whether he does or doesn't, there are plenty of people worldwide who do believe that children with disabilities should be eliminated before birth.