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September 26, 2016

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Contraception: How Far Back Does The Church Teaching Go?
As many readers of this site will already be aware, a group of 141 Catholic academics, mostly from Europe and the United States, have signed something called the Wijngaards Statement, named after the Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Research (“Promoting Gender Equality and Shared Decision-Making in the Church” since 1983) and presented it at the United Nations for its – what? approval? amusement? leisure-time reading? It appears they think the Catholic Church’s teaching on contraception needs reforming. How very cutting-edge of them.

5 Facts That Show Planned Parenthood Is An Abortion Corporation
Underneath the guise of women’s health, Planned Parenthood has a unified mission: Abortion on demand, without apology–at the expense of the taxpayer.

David Daleiden: Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Empire Is Falling Apart
In a speech on Saturday at the Values Voters Summit in Washington, D.C., David Daleiden provided an update on Planned Parenthood. Last year, Daleiden’s Center for Medical Progress released a series of undercover videos allegedly showing Planned Parenthood officials engaging in illegal activities, including the trafficking of fetal body parts.

Planned Parenthood Commits One Abortion Every 97 Seconds
According to Planned Parenthood’s last annual report, they committed 323,999 abortions from 2014-15. With almost 887 abortions a day, this means that Planned Parenthood does one abortion every 97 seconds.

The Real Issue Behind The Single-sex Education Debate
There is no consensus that children are disadvantaged by studying in a single-sex school

Forgotten Stories Of The Eugenic Age #5: Creating Super-People
"Can science produce a superman?" science writer Waldemar Kaempffert wondered in the New York Times in 1928. "What kind of a superman do we want? And who shall dictate his specifications?" In the early twentieth century, new genetic discoveries prompted supporters of eugenics to ponder the potential creation and characteristics of a superior human race. Many believed that encouraging the eugenically “fit” to mate and isolating or sterilizing the eugenically “unfit” would yield over time a superior population. They argued that breeding a better race represented the next step in human evolution. After all, careful husbandry had improved crops and livestock. Surely the production of "human thoroughbreds" could not be much different.

Child Euthanasia - The Year They Did The Unthinkable.
Hot upon the heels of the news that the first reported case of euthanasia for a minor took place recently in Belgium, comes the news from Holland that a 'centre for euthanasia in children' is expected to open in that country within 12 months. Dutch Health Minister, Edith Schippers earmarked 400,000 Euros in May this year for a study on the matter.

Everyone To Be Organ Donors In Euthanasia Netherlands
The Netherlands, along with Belgians, permit organ harvesting to be conjoined to euthanasia. But now, Netherlands is moving to a system in which everyone is an organ donor unless they specifically opt out.

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Ethical Perspectives

New! Why Autonomy Cannot Explain Marriage and Family Life

Scott Yenor
Radical autonomy does not capture the webs into which we are born, our experiences of deep neediness and equally deep love, our embodied nature, our reaction to tragedies and unforeseen obstacles, or our response to our children once they arrive. Autonomy resists the dependence at the heart of loving relationships.

New! Is there really no difference between straight and gay parenting?

Michael Cook
Much of the jousting over same-sex marriage, same-sex parenting and transgender issues takes place in a fact-free arena. Fortunately, there has been a pushback from academics dismayed by the lack of academic rigour. The consensus is flawed by small-scale studies, badly framed questions and poorly understood data.

New! Affirmation of the Church's Teaching on the Gift of Sexuality

Official Documents
We, the undersigned scholars, affirm that the Catholic Church's teachings on the gift of sexuality, on marriage, and on contraception are true and defensible on many grounds, among them the truths of reason and revelation concerning the dignity of the human person.

Parents and Teachers: Take Control of Your Children's Education

Judie Brown
We have been blind. As we work diligently to educate the public about the horrors of abortion and the threats to human dignity, the culture of death has crept into our schools, working to destroy the innocence of our children.

Building a Culture of Religious Freedom

Charles J. Chaput
If we want a culture of religious freedom, we need to begin it here, today, now. We live it by giving ourselves wholeheartedly to God with passion and joy, confidence and courage; and by holding nothing back. God will take care of the rest. Adapted from remarks delivered at the Napa Institute's 2012 annual conference.

Called to Be Signs of Light in Our Everyday Lives

The following homily was given by Arlington Bishop Paul S. Loverde at the Mass for the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time on Jan. 23 at the Cathedral of St. Thomas More in Arlington.

More surrogacy abandonment stories emerge

Michael Cook
An Australian couple has copped a media bashing over their alleged abandonment of a Down syndrome twin born to a Thai surrogate mother. But with the enormous publicity given to the case, similar cases are beginning to emerge elsewhere.

Of female bondage

Carolyn Moynihan
So what if a few million women read the sick fantasies of a television executive? There are roughly 3.5 billion women in the world, and when the erotica boom has finally spent itself there will be more than enough of them still with their wits and dignity to carry on the work of love and civilisation that women in particular are equipped to do.