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April 27, 2015

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Abortion Enslaves Women And Denies Them True Equal Rights
Abortion does not free women; it holds them in bondage to a society that teaches women that killing their child is a form of love and mercy.

If You Want A Happy And Holy Marriage, Then Commit To Modesty
I hazard a guess that no matter how firmly people cling to the principle in their minds, no matter how detached they think they are, there will be a struggle in the emotions. The naked human body will always be for us something about which we cannot remain absolutely neutral—precisely because this “something” is not a thing, and never will be, no matter how determined we are to make it so.

Lust Won: How Porn Destroyed My Marriage
My marriage was utterly destroyed by porn. I tried everything to help my husband stop, but because he had been looking at and using porn from age 9 when he found his oh-so-Catholic father’s magazines, he would not stop. I did not know he had this problem till six years into our marriage.

‘My God, Are We Going To Hell?’: Abortion Worker Started Sobbing After Assisting Gruesome Late-term Abortion
"They would just grab parts of the baby and pull them off. The baby would bleed to death. They would get an arm or a leg and the nurse would have to count everything that came out to make sure they got it all. It was horrible."

The Truth That Dare Not Speak Its Name — Catholic Teachings On Homosexuality?
Robert Reilly, author of Making Gay Okay (Ignatius Press), said when he writes or speaks about the issue, he rarely mentions religion. “I simply give the natural-law argument against homosexual behavior and how by nature we are ordered in our sexual powers to the state of [heterosexual] marriage.” He also talks about the family as the foundation of society and the need for chastity to protect both.

Millions To Pray That Supreme Court Says 'Amen' To Gay Marriage Ban
Millions of Americans are turning to prayer over the next seven days in a bid to convince the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold traditional marriage between a man and a woman when it considers whether states can ban gay marriage during oral arguments April 28.

Commercial Surrogacy Industry Creating Baby Factories?
“Outsourcing Embryos” is the name of a new fifteen-minute documentary from Vice for HBO in which correspondent Gianna Toboni travels to India to delve into the industry of commercial surrogacy. What she uncovers is eye-opening, even for those who have been following the surge of cross-border “womb-renting” for years.

Hillary: “Deep-seated … Religious Beliefs” Have To Be Changed For Abortion
David Gibson suggested this might be Hillary Clinton’s “clinging to guns and religion” moment, and he may be right — assuming she survives the corruption scandals in the first place. Last night, Hillary told the Women in the World Summit that the path to Abortion Nirvana will only open up by changing religion, culture, and values to accommodate it:

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New! Making Babies without God

Judie Brown
Catholic bishops in Poland do not mince words when it comes to sending a clear message on a subject as fundamental to Catholic teaching as the practice of making babies by artificial methods. Recently, when Polish lawmakers chose to debate a proposal regarding this matter, "the Polish bishops conference issued a strong statement on the moral dangers of artificial procreation techniques like in vitro fertilization and so-called 'surrogacy.'" Poland's Catholic bishops pointed out that good can never be achieved by using evil means.

New! Purported Safeguards in Physician-Assisted Suicide Are Ripe for Abuse

Ryan T. Anderson
Allowing physician-assisted suicide (PAS) would be a grave mistake for four reasons, as explained in a Heritage Foundation Backgrounder, “Always Care, Never Kill.” First, it would endanger the weak and vulnerable. Second, it would corrupt the practice of medicine and the doctor–patient relationship. Third, it would compromise the family and intergenerational commitments. And fourth, it would betray human dignity and equality before the law. Instead of helping people to kill themselves, we should offer them appropriate medical care and human presence.

New! Armenian genocide denial poisons Turkey's relations with the world

Michael Hesemann
April 24 is being commemorated as the 100th anniversary of the commencement of the Armenian genocide by the Ottoman Turks at the beginning of World War I. While other world leaders have been reluctant to take sides in the controversial issue, Pope Francis has waded in.

The Current Health Care "Reform" Legislation:
How it will make rationing and death hastening the law of the land

Ione Whitlock
In Progressive politics, Death frequently comes in packages labeled "Life." And so it is with legislation such as that which is now before the Senate. Think you are supporting pain relief and hospice legislation in order to prevent assisted suicides? Wrong. Thanks to Big Death - a collection of heavily funded non-profit hospice and palliative care groups1 - the line between palliative care (pain relief; symptom management) and imposed death has become blurred. One Big Death "thought leader" who has helped create the confusion between life-affirming palliative care and imposed death is Ira Byock, Dartmouth physician and hospice guru.

The Morality of End-of-Life Decisions? Distinction Between Choosing and Accepting

E. Christian Brugger
I am a theology teacher in an all-boys Catholic high school in New Jersey. While discussing the morality of end-of-life issues, specifically the moral imperative in transplant medicine to comply with the "dead donor rule" (it would be wrong to harvest organs from a person who is almost dead) a student asked why if Jesus' sacrifice for us on the cross is morally good, wouldn't it also be morally good for someone near death to offer a vital organ to save another's life ("Go ahead and remove my heart and give it to the chap who needs it; I am going to die soon anyway")? In both cases persons are giving their lives for the benefit of others.

Homosexuality, reparative therapy, and the Jewish community

Matt C. Abbott
As the homosexuality debate rages among Christians (although it shouldn't, given the clear teachings of Sacred Scripture and the natural law), said debate also seems to be taking more prominence in the Jewish community.

The Wealth of Nations Depends on the Health of Families

Patrick F. Fagan
Family, church, and school are the three basic people-forming institutions, and it is no wonder that they produce the best results -- including economic and political ones -- when they cooperate.

UK bioethicists promoting a second wave of eugenics

Michael Cook
Eugenics is alive and well in British academia. Stephen Wilkinson, of Lancaster University, recently published a long discussion paper, "Eugenics and the Ethics of Selective Reproduction", together with another bioethicist, Eve Garrard.