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July 1, 2015

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Why Choose Celibacy? A Gay Catholic Speaks Out
More than 10 years ago, Joseph Prever found himself scouring the internet for anything that might help him: he was gay, Catholic, and confused. Resources were scarce for a man struggling with homosexuality and trying to remain faithful to the Churchís teaching.

Japanese Population Posts Largest Annual Decline On Record
Japanís population excluding resident foreigners totaled 126,163,576 as of Jan. 1, down 271,058 from a year earlier, the biggest decline since the current population survey started in 1968, the government said Wednesday.

A Lovingly Response To Homosexuality
Homosexuality has become one of the hottest topics in the media today, especially with the Supreme Courts recent ruling in favor of gay marriage. You've probably heard their mantra that love is love and that this is todayís civil rights movement. So how do we respond? What do we do? It is crucial that we respond and that we do so in love according to what the Lord is calling us to.

Implications Of Marriage Ruling Unclear, But Far Reaching
Analyzing the ramifications of the June 26 same-sex marriage ruling for the Catholic Church at the national, state and local levels will take time, said Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore.

Archbishop Chaput Reacts To Marriage Ruling
The mistakes of the court change nothing about the nature of men and women, and the truth of Godís Word.

Euthanasia Has Expanded As Doctors Now Kill Healthy Couples And Mentally Ill Patients
The media no longer present objective reporting on issues of social or cultural controversy. They choose sides.

US Bishops: 'Supreme Court Decision On Marriage A Tragic Error'
The US Supreme Court decision on 26 June, interpreting the US Constitution to require all states to license and recognize same-sex marriage "is a tragic error that harms the common good and most vulnerable among us," said Archbishop Joseph E Kurtz of Louisville, Kentucky, president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

Japanese Gay Rights Activists, Academics Say U.S. Marriage Ruling May Help Their Cause
Gay rights activists and legal experts said Monday they hope the historic U.S. Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage will give impetus to moves in Japan to embrace sexual diversity and go a long way toward initiating calls for legalization of gay marriages here.

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Ethical Perspectives

New! Restoring Reverence for Life

Ron Panzer
But proud man is a thief and unjust in what he does, because he denies others what they need. He steals what is due God and takes it for himself. Man refuses to give God the adoration and reverence He deserves and places faith in the lies that lead man to believe there is a good way that is not part of God's will (Proverbs 14:12). How can we understand such a terrible blunder?

New! Peaceful Coexistence? Not!!

Deborah Sturm
The SCOTUS has legalized homosexual "marriage." We will all, no doubt, be told that this decision will not infringe on the rights of persons who hold to Biblical beliefs regarding marriage. This will not be the case. Good and evil cannot peacefully coexist.

New! The Final Corruption of Human Embryology [Revised 6-25-15]

C. Ward Kischer
The history of science records certain events which have seriously impeded the search for truth. That is what science is: the search for truth. Sometimes the truth is obscured due to lack of information, or the means by which to measure; but, at other times, due to deliberate falsehoods. Alexander Kohn said it precisely: "The whole edifice of science is built upon honesty".

Catholics Crucify Christ Even Now

Judie Brown
Christ on the Cross is the salvation of the human race, the remedy for all our ills. He went voluntarily to Calvary, so that whosoever believes may have eternal life, so that he might draw all men to himself . . .

Christopher West, Hugh Hefner, and the 'Theology of the Body' controversy

Matt C. Abbott
Christopher West, perhaps the most well-known promoter of John Paul II's Theology of the Body, said on ABC's Nightline, "I actually see very profound historical connections between Hugh Hefner and John Paul II."

'Gay' gypsy moths and porn addiction
Exclusive: Judith Reisman covers latest science on pheromones, mating confusion

Judith Reisman
Pornography is a visual pheromone, a powerful 100-billion-dollar per year brain drug that is changing sexuality even more rapidly through the cyber-acceleration of the Internet. It is 'inhibiting orientation' and 'disrupting pre-mating communication between the sexes by permeating the atmosphere' and Internet.

Manipulation of Nature

Judie Brown
God's design for a perfect love to create life is being overlooked more and more these days. With the increase of in vitro fertilization and the legalization of human embryonic stem cell research, it's plain to see how God's plan is being thwarted. If we continue to honor men who value profits more than life, the loss of life will become even more staggering and the moral repercussions incomprehensible.

Prosecute 'Planned Promiscuity'!
Exclusive: Judith Reisman wants legal action taken for crimes against children

Judith Reisman
Planned Parenthood's long victimized students did not see the word "condom" in this or other early sex-education manuals until enough children were adequately debauched by their "sex education" to create the current "out of wedlock" and STD epidemics. So, I say, lets get into the courtroom with evidence of Planned Parenthood's history of defrauding the state via decades of crimes against children.