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December 7, 2019

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Evangelist Alveda King: How The 'Grinchy' Press Attacks Christmas
The Washington Post and other media's attacks on First Lady Melania Trump, the White House decorations, her attire and the events are just very hurtful. I don't understand how that hateful spirit is free to operate, right in the midst of this season, where we should be healing, loving, forgiving, and, for me, celebrating Jesus Christ as an expression of faith.

5 Tips To Help You Stay Strong While You Quit Porn
It’s already the end of 2019, and we hope you’re ready to ditch porn for good. If it’s something you or a loved one are struggling with, whether it’s been a few weeks or a years-long habit, porn doesn’t have to be a part of your life.

Why We Both Chose To Work Through Issues Porn Fueled In Our Relationship
My experience is so similar to the many stories that thousands of women have shared. I not only developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but I also seemed to have lost hope in love because of my husband’s porn struggle.

Pope Francis: The Disabled Can Be Ministers, Not Just Ministered To
Yesterday, Pope Francis gave a message for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. He exhorted the Christian faithful to better accept those of us who struggle with such realities. He wants us to be recognized, to be accompanied, to not be discriminated against, and to be involved as ministers, not just those ministered too.

Trump’s Office Of Civil Rights Is Becoming A Beacon Of Freedom For The American People
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has once again taken action to protect Americans, this time from disability discrimination.

Should Women Be Able To Control Their Bodies?
Pro-lifers agree that a woman does indeed have the right to manage her own health. However, maintaining that right does not allow the mother to destroy her child’s body. When she conceived, she had already passed the right to life on to that new life.

7 Basic Points: Humanae Vitae Summary
Humanae Vitae (On Human Life) is Pope Paul VI’s famed 1968 encyclical on contraception and reproductive ethics. Written in light of a study commissioned by the Vatican on modern reproductive issues, its timing coincided with the sudden prevalence of contraception and concerns about overpopulation in society at large. Pope Paul VI’s writings reaffirmed long-held Church teachings about human nature and new life, but also explained how this wisdom was to be applied in a modern cultural context.

Novena For Pregnancy And Motherhood
Pregnancy is a joyous time of preparation, wonder, and abundant changes. But for a new mother it can also be a scary time. There’s so much to worry about as that tiny, vulnerable baby grows each and every day. That is why we invoke the help of Our Lady of Guadalupe and saints like St. Gerard.

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Same-Sex Marriage Is Not Marriage! Period.

Certain political parties and their appointees continue to chip away at traditional values, principles and religious freedom. As you know, Ireland had become the first country to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote. That’s right. A Catholic nation defied the teachings of the Catholic Church with over 60% of Catholic voters voting in favor. Shortly after, the supreme court in the United States voted 5-4 to legalize same-sex marriage. Yet in this democratic country, the people had NO VOICE, NO VOTE. The decision was imposed on the American society by 5 judges, NOT ELECTED by the people, rather appointed by politicians. The Catholic Church's position on this matter has been consistent over the years and has not changed today in spite of attacks by those who disagree. Marriage is based on the TRUTH that men and women are complementary, the biological factor shows that reproduction depends on a man and a woman, and studies confirm that children need a mother and a father. Redefining marriage simply rejects these basic truths. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! Pastor Jeff Looked at Me through the Eyes of God

Walt Heyer
As a transgender woman, the most loving and compassionate help offered to me came from people who pointed me toward Jesus. Affirming false cross-gender identities is not love; helping someone reclaiming their true identity in Christ is.

New! The Deadly Dance of Perfectionism: How the Rhetoric of Family Planning Hurts Children

Susan Martin
Growing up in the culture of sociology taught me - and others of my generation - to engage in a set of behaviors to ensure that we would "always be wanted." Although the term "wantedness" was a quality originally assigned to births, the concept began to touch all aspects of children's lives, teaching us to engage in a dangerous - sometimes deadly - dance of perfectionism.

New! Why the Hippocratic Oath Prohibits Physician-Assisted Suicide

T.A. Cavanaugh
The Hippocratic Oath rightly prohibits doctors from giving deadly drugs, even if autonomous patients ask for them. By assisting in the suicide of a terminally ill patient who wants to determine the manner of his death, the physician inappropriately medicalizes mortality itself. He also jeopardizes the welfare of other vulnerable patients.

New! The Immorality of Happiness?

R. J. Snell
We are a people formed to believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; increasingly, however, our misunderstanding of happiness is coming at the expense of both life and liberty.

New! Can War Really Be Just or Unjust?

Allen C. Guelzo
War has the complexity of most of the human condition - so complex, indeed, that it often behaves like a force of nature, but with a human face. And that renders the question of determining the justice of a war a little like determining the justice of a tornado.

Pregnancy resource centers and praising God

Matt C. Abbott
Most pro-lifers know about the very important work that pregnancy resource centers do on a regular basis: They save babies from abortion and help mothers in crisis situations - and do so relying solely on the generosity of private donors. There are a number of such centers scattered about the U.S., and they all have that same noble mission.

You must not tell the truth if it might hurt someone?

Shannon Roberts
Japan's Deputy Prime Minister is under fire this week after saying that the country's diminishing population is due to women not having babies.

Taking Care of People, Not Problems: Responding to PVS State Diagnosis

Kenneth L. Connor
This utilitarian approach to life and death issues represents an impoverished view of humanity and poses a grave threat to the future of civilization - especially to the weak, the frail, and the vulnerable. As human beings, our right to life should never be subject to a litmus test. Our net worth is far more than the sum of our assets and liabilities. Furthermore, we are obligated by our very humanity to care for the weak and frail among us. If we live long enough, the day will likely come when each of us will rely on someone else to care for us. I, for one, hope that when that day comes I live in a world that looks at me and sees a person, not a "problem."

Additional Reflections: Pope Benedict XVI On Condom Use

William E. May
The Holy Father had agreed to collaborate with Seewald in writing this book, as he had done in the past. He chose to do so now precisely as a way of letting the world know that the Catholic Church and, in particular, the Pope, are deeply concerned with the lives of ordinary people, whom they seek to serve by proclaiming the truth: the truth about the meaning of human life and love, the truth of the beauty of marriage and the conjugal act, the truth of the gift of human life that is the crowning gift of marriage, and the truth of the evil of sex between persons who are not married.

FGM convictions: Egypt 1, England 0

Michael Cook
For the first time ever, an Egyptian doctor has been convicted of performing female genital mutilation.

Media Bias on Adult Stem Cell Research Continues

Wesley J. Smith
The media continue to imply that embryos hold the key to the future. But increasingly, it looks as if our own body cells offer the quickest and best hope for regenerative medicine. The time has come for the public to insist that the media stop acting as if adult stem cells are the "wrong" kind of stem cells, and report to the American people fully and fairly the remarkable advances continually being made in adult regenerative medicine.

"Louise is not afraid of inflicting pain on troubled families"

Michael Cook
Louise Casey, the head of the British government's troubled families programme, says that some mothers of large, expensive and troubled children should be forcefully counselled about using contraception.

Abortion and America's Dirty Little Secret

Judie Brown
As thousands march today to commemorate the day the Supreme Court legalized the murder of preborn babies, we must take a look at the road that led here. We must look at how we could have become a nation that so callously disregards the most innocent among us. Judie Brown's insights may surprise you.

Round and Round She Goes: More on Abortion and Mental Health

E. Christian Brugger
Priscilla K. Coleman, of Bowling Green State University in Ohio, published an influential statistical analysis of the existing research on the question of abortion and mental health. Her study concludes that women who have induced abortions because of unwanted pregnancies suffer an incredible 81% increased risk of mental health problems across a variety of categories.

Do Treatments for Ectopic Pregnancy Constitute Intentional Killing?

E. Christian Brugger
The purpose of this essay is not to give therapeutic advice. It is rather to offer moral instruction on adopting alternatives consistent with moral principles. The term "ectopic pregnancy" refers to a pregnancy that is not in the uterus. More than 95% of such pregnancies occur in the fallopian tubes, but they also can occur in the abdominal cavity, ovaries or cervix.