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September 20, 2014

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Indiana Attorney General Files Administrative Complaints Against Four Abortionists
The Indiana Attorney General’s office announced yesterday that it has filed administrative complaints against four abortionists in three counties for recordkeeping violations. The Medical Licensing Board will determine what discipline the violations warrant.

Catholic Leaders Criticize Cardinal Dolan’s Defense Of Gay Group At St. Patrick’s Parade
'The Church should be protecting our children rather than abetting those who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of innocent souls,' says Austin Ruse.

Transgender ‘female’ Boxer Gives Female Opponent Concussion, Breaks Her Eye Socket
Nothing can take away from the fact that you are physically a man

The Only Way To Beat Our Demographic Crisis Is To Confront The Sexual Revolution
If current trends continue, we won’t run out of energy or other natural resources in the foreseeable future. We will run out of people. This global catastrophe will be the result of rapidly declining fertility, known as Demographic Winter.

Saudi Arabia: No Women On Asian Games Team
Saudi Arabia’s failure to include women on its team to compete in the Asian Games in South Korea in September 2014 is a backward step for women’s participation in sport.

What Do You Think Of Those Babies? Thumbs Up
The "thumbs up" ultrasound image of "Fonzie fetus" has gone viral with social and major media in the last few weeks (see the lifenews.com article about this image here). Amazing responses filled with awe and excitement is what Shari Richard, a pioneer of the use of ultrasound in Pregnancy Centers, has witnessed since the 1990 release of the video "Window to the Womb" and "Eyewitness to the Earliest Days of Life."

We Must Find Ways Other Than Violence To Build Peace In The World
As you are aware, I'm sure, every time we listen to the Scripture readings for our liturgy, we should do that within the context of what's happening within our personal lives, in our community, our world, so that we can hear God's word and reflect on it in a way that helps us to determine how we should react to what's going on.

Parents Want To Stop Life Support For Baby Because He’s Disabled: Who Wants Their Son To Be Handicapped?
A major battle in France pits the parents of a disabled prematurely-born baby against doctors — as the parents want doctors to stop life support for their son because he is severely disabled.

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Ethical Perspectives

New! Bear Witness to the Truth about Unborn Human Life

Ryan T. Anderson
While it is a self-evident truth that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, including the right to life, what is self-evident in the technical philosophical sense is not always readily assented to, or immediately obvious. In many ways this is the story of debates throughout American history, and it is true today in the debate over unborn human life.

New! Incest and Pornography: More Similar Than We Think

Christopher O. Tollefsen
Although we uphold the cultural taboo on incest, we accept something with precisely the same negative effect on integrity, marriage, and family: pornography.

New! Journey to Baby Gammy: How We Justify a Market in Children

Rickard Newman
Materialism, relativism, and consequentialism are at the heart of the arguments in favor of third-party reproduction.

Are philosophers sceptical of bioethics?

Michael Cook
A junior bioethics scholar has vented her frustration about her job search in the bioethics.net blog. Dr Keisha Ray says that many philosophers do not even regards bioethics as a real discipline.

"I was jeered and spat at for defending marriage"

Caroline Farrow
Recently I appeared in the audience of BBC's Question Time in my home town of Brighton after a friend asked me to take their place at short notice.

One parent or five?

Carolyn Moynihan
Most couples who marry, even today, probably intend to have one or two children at least. Marriage and the baby carriage (as family scholar Brad Wilcox likes to pair them) have always gone together. But this is not what is meant by the new catch-phrase "intentional parenthood".

Church Teaching and Human Reproduction

John B. Shea
The Catholic Church teaches that "the direct interruption of the generative process already begun, and, above all, directly willed and procured abortion, even if for therapeutic reasons, are absolutely excluded as licit means of regulating birth. Equally excluded is direct sterilization, whether perpetual or temporary, whether of the man or the woman." This teaching prohibits contraception by means of the condom, intrauterine device, vasectomy, tubal ligation, and chemical contraception by the use of oral contraceptives, morning after pills, or the administration of contraceptives by injection or in a skin patch. The reason for this prohibition is that contraception breaks the inseparable connection, willed by God and unable to be broken by man on his own initiative, between the unitive meaning and the procreative meaning of the conjugal act.

"We are here!" How one small voice can make a tremendous impact!

Kurt Kondrich
Today there is a tiny hidden world of beautiful human beings with Down syndrome hidden in the womb who are being targeted and eliminated because a lost, misguided culture has determined that these people are defective and do not need to be here.