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June 23, 2018

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Every Year 5 Million Elderly Adults Are Abused Or Neglected And Most Crimes Are Never Discovered
Every year, some 5 million older adults are abused, neglected, or exploited to the tune of about $2.6 billion; only about one in five of these crimes are ever discovered.

California Bill Mandates Free Abortions At All College And University Campuses
As NRL News Today reported last week, California is moving closer to requiring student health centers at all public universities to provide abortifacients—aka “medication” abortions/RU-486.

Republicans Defeat Democrats’ Attempt To Fund International Planned Parenthood After President Trump Defunded It
Republicans today defeated an attempt by pro-abortion Democrats to restore funding to the International Planned Parenthood abortion business.

UN Chief Calls For ‘solidarity, Compassion And Action’ On World Refugee Day
With more than 68 million people worldwide displaced due to conflict or persecution — roughly equivalent to the population of Thailand— the head of the United Nations has called for unity and solidarity as a first step to support them.

Seeking Refuge: Global Sisters Report Begins Special Series On Refugees
More than 68 million people had been displaced from their homes because of factors such as war, threats from gangs, natural disasters, and lack of economic opportunities at the end of 2017, the highest number of displaced since the aftermath of World War II. Of those, the United Nations considered 25.4 million to be refugees: people forced to leave their countries because of persecution, war, or violence.

Portugal Considers Allowing Euthanasia And Assisted Suicide
After legalizing abortion and same-sex marriage in recent times, Portuguese lawmakers will decide Tuesday on another issue that has brought a confrontation between faith and politics in this predominantly Catholic country: whether to allow euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide

Doctors Decided Man With Autism Couldn’t Be Treated So They Euthanized Him
In early childhood, the Dutch psychiatric patient known as 2014-77 suffered neglect and abuse. When he was about 10, doctors diagnosed him with autism. For approximately two decades thereafter, he was in and out of treatment and made repeated suicide attempts.

"Creating A Soulless State": Malta Approves Embryo Freezing
The law "stripped society of its humanity" Malta has passed new legislation allowing for embryo freezing and gamete donation. Controversial amendments to the Embryo Protection Bill were passed by 34 votes to 27 last night by the parliament of Malta and now await the President's formal assent to become law.

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New Cyber Trend in Human Trafficking

Our children deserve to have a decent fighting chance to succeed in their lives; it starts with keeping them safe from the sick predators of flesh and looters of our children’s innocence. Recently, a new wave of human trafficking "cybersex" has come to light. Yes, it’s a growing billion-dollar child-porn-industry which relies on the internet to prey on vulnerable children, beginning at an early age and extending into early teen years. New Cyber Trend in Human Trafficking is creating worldwide alarm. What is it? Cyber-sex is the use of children in live performances over the internet for paying customers. It is the perfect 21st century crime without borders, making it difficult to stop. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! The Japanese Pregnancy Rotation System

Steven Mosher
For working women in Western societies, sometimes getting ahead means you may have to put off having the baby the you wanted to have for a few years. Some Female Employees Are Being Told to Take Turns Having Kids.

New! Right-to-Life Issues in Contemporary Gay and Lesbian Literature

Jeff J. Koloze
Abstract: This research examines several instances where the right-to-life issues of abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia are mentioned in gay and lesbian fiction. There is enough evidence to suggest that the literature comports more with, if not an overtly pro-life philosophy, then at least a life-affirming one. Finally, this study demonstrates how using the five questions of right-to-life literary theory can provide an opportunity for persons with same-sex attraction to align themselves with the pro-life movement, which is more compatible with their efforts to seek authentic love.

New! The Degenderettes: The Transgender Hate Group Taking Aim at Women

Julian Vigo
The San Francisco Library has allowed a group of misogynist males to take over public space in order to promote violence against women as an art form. To some radical trans activists, "TERFs" - a slur for females who critique gender ideology - deserve to be murdered for denying that someone with a man's body can really be a woman.

New! A Memoir of My Graduate Days and My Journey Into Right To Life Issues

C. Ward Kischer
The public media has taken over the job of educating the public about the developing human being. Their track record over the course of the past 40 years has been an abysmal failure. This has led to preembryo, prehuman in some demented pundits, prelife, and in some cases fake understandings of stem cells. This is why every Anatomy and Cell Biology Department in every medical school in the U.S.A. should establish a course in Human Embryology now and base it on the Carnegie Stages.

Does Pornography Feed Sex Tourism?

Rose Brugger
Prostitution and pornography both teach that sex is merely a monetary transaction, focused on body parts and facilitated by consent.

Planned Parenthood in media crisis

Michael Cook
Much to its chagrin, Planned Parenthood is still in the headlines of American newspapers over allegations that it is profiting from the sale of foetal tissue.

Hiding the Truth
The Unspoken Pain of Abortion

Theresa Burke
In reality, abortion is a deeply private and complex experience. For most women, their feelings and memories about an abortion simply do not lend themselves to casual conversation. Women who will enthusiastically compare pregnancy and delivery stories over tea would never dream of talking about their feelings and memories related to past abortions.

On the Nature of the Embryo

Douglas P. McManaman
Synopsis: A Pawn that reaches the 8th rank does not look like a Queen, but it is a Queen because it functions like a Queen, that is, it has the power to move in any direction and for as many spaces as the player wishes. Despite its appearance, it is more than a Pawn, and we know this only by observing how it functions. It functions like a Queen, because it has the potentiality of a Queen, because it is a Queen. Similarly, the embryo, unlike a sperm, eventually comes to see, hear, kick, suck its thumb, and cry. It functions like a human person, because it has the potentialities of a human person, because it is a human person.

Sri Lanka: Forensic inquiry must be conducted into the death at Pussellawa police station

Asia Human Rights
Kaviratne Raviraj, 30 years old, arrested and taken to the Pussellawa police station by some plain clothed police officers and was later pronounced dead upon admission to the Pussellawa Hospital. According to the relatives of the deceased, he was assaulted by the officers at the time of the arrest, and one of his brothers states that he saw his brother being assaulted inside the police station.

The Captain and the Lighthouse Keeper

Ron Panzer
"The Lord by wisdom founded the earth; by understanding He established the heavens." (Proverbs 3:19) We see the infinitely complex and wonderfully-ordered Creation before us, even in each human being we serve. How can we not wonder at the miracle that is the life before us? How can we forget all that is involved in and part of each patient we serve? We must, with humility and reverence for life, understand the wisdom of those who have given us guidance and respect those entrusted into our care.

Does equality breed violence against women?

Carolyn Moynihan
The statistics in a recent international report on violence against women are deeply disturbing: one in three women has been physically or sexually abused; one in 10 has experienced sexual violence; one in 20 has been raped. Where? Not in a developing country mired in civil war, but in Europe, wealthy, women's rights obsessed, feminist finger-wagging Europe. How can this be?

Falconer assisted suicide bill is unsafe, say British Lords

Michael Cook
With euthanasia and assisted suicide on the legislative agenda in a number of jurisdictions around the world, there is a blizzard of reports for and against. A British group called Living and Dying Well, composed mostly of members of the House of Lords, and chaired by a barrister and a palliative care expert, has produced a stern rebuttal of claims that assisted suicide is safe.

The Courage of Faith
5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Antonio P. Pueyo
Just last Sunday, people who were at mass in our Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception were shocked by a loud explosion right at the middle of the homily of our own Archbishop Orlando Quevedo, OMI. A bomb was exploded in a stall across the road facing the cathedral doors. Five were killed, including worshipers, and more than a score were wounded.

The Harms of Contraception

There are several reasons why we believe that the use of contraception harms everyone involved. The first reason is that the use of contraception leads to abortion. Several "contraceptives" are in fact abortifacients. That is, they cause early abortions. All oral contraceptives, Norplant, Depo-Provera, and IUDs cause abortions before a woman even knows she's pregnant.

SCOTUS Nominee Gorsuch - A Look ahead

Elyse M. Smith
Conservatives are ecstatic over President Trump's nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill Justice Scalia's vacant seat on the U.S. Supreme Court, and rightly so.