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March 21, 2019

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Catholic Church, Where Are You? The Cry Of A Frontier Missionary
missionary priest who has spent a lifetime on the frontier thousands of miles from Rome writes to me: “By now it is no longer possible to doubt where the Church’s leader is taking us: to a point at which one who is alive must of necessity react. How much longer can we remain silent?”

"We Want To Be A Voice For The Voiceless": Delegates Leave 2019 Youth Conference Determined To Make A Difference
Over 160 young people gathered this past weekend (15-17 March) for the 2019 SPUC Youth Conference, which this year took place near Milton Keynes. The theme of the conference was "be a voice for the voiceless", and the delegates really took this message to heart.

Study Shows Cohabiting Relationships To Be Less Stable Than Marriage
A new study found that in 11 countries across the globe, cohabiting couples have more doubts about their relationship lasting and give less importance to their relationship than married couples do.

Pro-Life Congress Members Ask Dems To Stop Blocking Infanticide Bill. 'What Are You Afraid Of?'
A group of pro-life Republicans in the House gathered Wednesday to ask the question: Why are Democrats fighting so hard to stop born infants from getting medical care?

8 New Mexico Democrats Join Republicans To Block Late-Term Abortion Bill
New Mexico’s bill was supposed to be a slam dunk. But after New York, nothing on abortion is a sure thing—not anymore. In a country that saw a 17-point jump in the number of pro-lifers since January, it’s no wonder that state Democrats are taking a good hard look at their positions, especially on late-term abortion. Americans have changed—and it looks like smart politicians are changing with them.

California Parents Outraged After Children In Middle School Attend LGBT Fair
“You did what?!” Parents across Santa Ana couldn’t believe it. In one house after another, the answer to “How was school today?” was nothing like they expected. Moms and dads listened in disbelief as their middle schoolers talked about going to an “LGBT Fair” that no one bothered to ask their permission for.

Planned Parenthood Debunked: No, Thousands Of Women Didn’t Die Yearly From Abortion Before Roe
Planned Parenthood president Leana Wen is repeating the lie that thousands of women died every year prior to the legalization of abortion.

Beautiful Family Photos Feature Baby Who Had Prenatal Spina Bifida Surgery
Parker Trinkle was diagnosed with myelomeningocele, a form of spina bifida, in the womb. His parents opted for fetal surgery. EBU Photography was there with Parker’s family to capture them in beautiful newborn photographs that shared a little bit about their journey.

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New Cyber Trend in Human Trafficking

Our children deserve to have a decent fighting chance to succeed in their lives; it starts with keeping them safe from the sick predators of flesh and looters of our children’s innocence. Recently, a new wave of human trafficking "cybersex" has come to light. Yes, it’s a growing billion-dollar child-porn-industry which relies on the internet to prey on vulnerable children, beginning at an early age and extending into early teen years. New Cyber Trend in Human Trafficking is creating worldwide alarm. What is it? Cyber-sex is the use of children in live performances over the internet for paying customers. It is the perfect 21st century crime without borders, making it difficult to stop. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

Debating Child Slaughter

Judie Brown
Cuomo is a dissident. He is the man who signed one of the most outrageous abortion-protective laws in the history of this nation and yet he has the gall to suggest that he is a "Roman Catholic."

New! Finally, Growing Scientific Consensus Human DNA Research Is Mostly Erroneous, Need Vigorous Debate!

Dianne N. Irving
Long past time that this human DNA research hoax be exposed, as the scientists in the article below assert. Let the genuine debates begin! Put simply, there is no such thing as "precision medicine" any more than there is such a thing as accurate scientific knowledge about "The" Human Genome on which such medicine is supposedly based. The scientific field of genetics has been grossly damaged per se, clinical trial human volunteers are precluded from giving ethically and legally valid "informed consent", thousands of drugs and devices based on this false science are fraudulently sold to millions of consumers, and when inserted into human patients these fraudulent injections cause severe immune rejection responses, even death. Need more reasons?

New! The International Implications of Overturning Roe v. Wade

Stefano Gennarini
If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade it might set back the movement for an international right to abortion several decades. It might even defeat it once and for all.

New! Are We Running Out of People?

Steven Mosher
While on the fantasy island of overpopulation human numbers are always exploding, a close look at the real world reveals an increasingly barren reality. Many nations, especially in Europe, are already in a death spiral, filling more coffins than cradles each year. Listen closely, and you will hear the muffled sound of populations crashing.

Gay sperm donor dad or lesbian partner, who is the legal parent?

Carolyn Moynihan
This has to be one of the craziest, mixed-up "modern family" stories so far, and some time this year the High Court of Australia has to provide a legal ending.

Conn. Supreme Court: Fetus Is Body Part
Comments on article by Dr. Dianne N. Irving, M.A., Ph.D.

Irving News Comments
Once false science is incorporated into a law or regulation it ceases to be science anymore and becomes instead "stare decisis" -- or, legal precedent. [DNI]

Beginning Anew
Eighth Sunday of Ordinary Time - B

Frank Enderle
The newness of Christ in our lives can never be reduced to a patch up, a partial change, in our way of acting. We must completely break with the old life that we have lived and begin anew.

Book: Priestly Celibacy
Christ's Gift to the World

Anthony Zimmerman
On the occasion of his golden jubilee in the priesthood the author jubilates over the gift of the priesthood for himself and for all. He provides data that celibacy began with the twelve apostles living in the company of Jesus, and that it has been an unbroken tradition for the priesthood since, not as some wrongly assert, in the 4th or even the 10th century. The book has not been published except on the Internet.

Is life after divorce better?

Nicole M. King
January 5 was this year's "divorce day" - the first Monday after the holidays, when the number of people seeking a divorce jumps one-third.

What is Natural Law?

Janet E. Smith
It cannot be stressed too strongly that natural law ethics do not proceed by positing the essence of man and then deducing or deriving moral norms from that essence. Nor can it be stressed too strongly that natural law does not proceed by looking at the world of nature and saying - "since X is the case, Y is moral or immoral." That is, it does not derive moral norms simply from observing that such and such is the case in the world as we know it. Natural law is an ethics that requires much observation of the world around us and also penetrating insight into the nature of things.

Bruce Jenner, Transgenderism and the Church
Thinking Through the Next Tough Issue

John Stonestreet
Bruce Jenner, Transgenderism and the Church

The curious world of surrogacy #1: 'I want to keep my baby'

Xavier Symons
A surrogate mother in the UK has received international media attention after she decided mid-pregnancy that she wants to 'keep her baby'

The Face in the Window

Ron Panzer
We were all sent out that week. It was a routine case: work to relieve the patient's pain, support the family, and meet whatever needs arose as time went by. I hadn't been at the hospice long, but recognized that Jim was considered to be at the very end, active phase of dying. His systems were shutting down. He wasn't eating or drinking much at all, hands and feet were getting cold, vital signs were looking worse and worse.

Mother bodies, father bodies

Carolyn Moynihan
How parenthood changes us from the inside out.

Menstrual Cycle Disturbances Observed for up to nine months following discontinuation of oral contraceptive
Menstrual Cycles

Richard J. Fehring
Very few studies have been published on the effects of oral contraception on menstrual cycle parameters. Researchers from the University of Dusseldorf have been collecting charts of Sympto-Thermal users for over 15 years.