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August 1, 2014

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Media Repeatedly Deceives Public In Hobby Lobby Coverage
In the buildup to the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision, and even more so in its aftermath, prominent news outlets have been aggressively spreading falsehoods about key aspects of the case. Beyond logical fallacies about who is imposing their will on others, many reports and commentaries also contain statements that are discredited by the scientific facts at the core of this case.

Humanae Vitae: Still Right After All These Years
On this day in 1968, Pope Paul VI, of happy memory, issued his landmark encyclical, Humanae Vitae, which reiterated the Catholic Church’s 2,000 year old teaching that artificial contraception is sinful.

Death Coaching
I discovered the Suicide death cult when my friend Frances killed herself under the influence of the Hemlock Society, since evolved into Compassion and Choices. This pernicious group taught her how to kill herself, what drugs to take, how to use a plastic bag–and gave her moral permission to do it. It was literally proselytizing for suicide.

Lying Their Way To Brave New World
Apparently the UK government wants to push 3-parent IVF. But fearing an adverse public reaction to genetically modifying progeny, is trying to hide what they are doing. But some scientists have called foul.

Texas Attorney General: 'ban On Same-sex Marriage Promotes Childbirth'
Greg Abbott enters fray of contested ban by filing brief that says opposite-sex marriage better supports children

Family In Shock As Grandmother Dies ‘without Dignity’
A grandmother who “died without dignity” in her hospital bed has left her relatives desperate for answers.

Euthanasia Could Be Option For Poor, Says Lithuanian Health Minister
Euthanasia might be needed for poor people who cannot access palliative care, the new Lithuanian Health Minister has suggested. Rimantė Šalaševičiūtė was sworn earlier this month, but already she has made waves by backing an open discussion of the legalisation of euthanasia.

Single Women Should Not Get Free IVF, Say Ethics Experts
Ethics lecturers say single women and same sex couples should be advised to adopt and refused fertility treatment in a bid to save the plant

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Ethical Perspectives

New! If love is all that matters, why is incest still taboo?

Bernard Toutounji
The bizarre nature of modern logic was on display once again when an Australian judge recently compared incest to homosexuality. In dealing with a criminal case of incest between siblings Sydney District Court Judge Garry Neilson said that, just as gay sex had once been socially unacceptable, "a jury might find nothing untoward in the advance of a brother towards his sister once she had sexually matured." The bizarreness I am referring to though, is not on the part of the judge, but rather the response to the comments by politicians and media.

New! Welcome Baby Filipino 100 Million!

Steven Mosher
Some in the Philippines are decrying Chonalyn's birth, repeating USAID's talking points about the "dangers" of overpopulation. But many other Filipinos aren't buying into the anti-people hysteria. Francisco Antonio, a Filipino Chemical Engineering graduate student at Yale, adamantly rebutted the notion that there are too many Filipinos, saying: "I celebrate life because population control is defeatism disguised as pragmatism. And because human creativity holds more potential for protecting this planet and its inhabitants than any other resource I know of."

New! Scientific Review of 72 Epidemiological Studies, Biological Evidence Supports Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

Karen Malec
A scientific review conducted by Angela Lanfranchi, MD and Patrick Fagan, Ph.D. found that support for an abortion-breast cancer (ABC) link exists in current knowledge of breast physiology (as it is presented in standard medical texts), as well as epidemiological and experimental research. The review, published in Issues in Law and Medicine, is entitled, "Breast cancer and induced abortion: A comprehensive review of breast development and pathophysiology, the epidemiologic literature, and proposal for creation of databanks to elucidate all breast cancer risk factors."

A Myth Is as Good as a Mile: Why the assisted-suicide movement is winning

Wesley J. Smith
Two thousand and eight was a banner year for the assisted-suicide/ euthanasia movement. It's likely that no new states will legalize assisted suicide this year. But if the last 20 years prove anything, it is that euthanasia advocates are passionately committed, work hard, and feel that time is on their side. Are their opponents equally committed?

The night life of the sleepy teenager

Carolyn Moynihan
What is to be done about the teenagers? They are squandering sleeping time on electronic gadgets to the point where family life, studies and even health are compromised. And many parents either don't see the problem or feel powerless to intervene.

Scientism: legitimate label or boo-word?

Marie I. George
A liberal education would enable scientists - among others ‑ to know when they were overreaching their competence.

The Moment When New Individual Human Life Begins

C. Ward Kischer
...Where has respect for the recognition of human life gone? What will it take to get the O'Reillys, the Hatchs, the Hendrixs, the Baltimores, the Turleys, and the Sunsteins, to recognize the long established objective scientific facts of Human Embryology? These are the people who are refractive to the truth, and they do not bother to consult the basics of scientific truth, which have been and are readily available. The only conclusion we can draw is that they prefer to insult the collective intelligence of science by elevating political correctness over and above the objective truth. But, sooner or later such political correctness will backfire - on all of us.

French doctors endorse euthanasia

Michael Cook
The decision was supported by a telephone survey of 605 French doctors which showed that 60% were in favour of active euthanasia.