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July 19, 2018

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Here’s The Latest False Pro-Abortion Attack On Brett Kavanaugh: He Opposes Contraception
She did not explain what is so wrong about “sexual refusal skills,” and ignored other studies that indicated the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program under the pro-abortion Obama administration was not successful. And the proposed new Title X rule does not cut contraception access at all; it simply forces the billion-dollar abortion industry to stop propping up their businesses with Americans’ tax dollars.

Facebook And Google Censor Pro-Life Christians While Pro-Abortion Liberals Get Free Reign
Americans deserve the facts, objectively reported. They know media bias is pervasive.

Canadian Province Offers Free Abortions For Women To End Their Babies’ Lives
Newfoundland and Labrador are the latest Canadian province to begin providing free, taxpayer-funded abortion drugs to women.

"Humanae Vitae." So It Was Born, And Woe To The One Who Touches It
The campaign that is underway to demolish “Humanae Vitae” - the 1968 encyclical of Paul VI that said no to artificial contraceptives - has in recent days met with an unexpected obstacle in a book that reconstructs the genesis of that text, thanks to access, for the first time, to the secret documents concerning it, personally authorized by Pope Francis:

Same-sex ‘marriage’ Doesn’t Improve LGBT Health: Study
Same-sex “marriage” in the United States is not improving the health of gays and lesbians, according to a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, an American think-tank.

Euthanasia Up By 13% As Three Minors Elect For Early Exit
The number of cases of euthanasia rose in 2017 by 13% compared to the year before, according to a report by the federal control and evaluation committee.

Euthanasia Cases Soar Under Canada’s ‘medically Assisted Dying’ Law
Canadians are asking for help from a doctor or nurse in snuffing out their lives under the country’s “medical assistance in dying” legislation almost twice as often now as they were only two years ago.

Pro-Life Dr. Jérôme Lejeune, Who Discovered Down Syndrome, Describes Unborn Babies In An Amazing Way
Although it’s now almost two decades back, I confess I did not know nearly as much as I should have about Dr. Jérôme Lejeune until he testified in Davis v. Davis, a 1989 custody dispute involving seven human embryos who had not been implanted and were in a frozen condition.

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To the Highest Bidder

I mentioned in a previous article that surrogacy was a crack in a wall which would eventually break open into a huge, evil, slippery slope. It’s happening faster than anticipated. LifeNews.com recently posted an article “Surrogacy Firms are Selling ‘Extra’ Babies on the Black Market to the Highest Bidder”. Yes, human trafficking now includes “surrogacy companies” which sell babies on the black market. The purpose of any company is to make a profit. In this case, the more babies sold, the more money made. For example: One scam involves three surrogate mothers who were implanted with an egg and sperm which came from the “same two donors” in the Ukraine. In short, they were carrying the brothers and sisters of each other. The babies were “delivered” for $180,000 each which amounts to a nice profit Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! To the very last breath

Heather Zeiger
Death seems so straightforward. The body is alive and then it isn't. In most cases it is clear when someone has died. However, ambiguous cases bring up the same questions that doctors and ethicists were asking in the 1960s when mechanical ventilation became possible: What does it mean for a person to be warm to the touch, breathing with assistance, yet brain-dead?

New! Fr. James Martin, Friendship and Dialogue, and the Truth about Human Sexuality

Robert P. George
It is not merely that we "reject the sin, but love the sinner," though we do that; we reject the sin because we love the sinner - radically love him, willing his good for his own sake, affirming the teaching of the Church in all its richness because we recognize that it is liberating and life-affirming.

New! Worried about gaming-addicted boys? What about phone distracted parents?

Carolyn Moynihan
Young children may be missing out on language and emotional development. Researchers have actually observed caregivers and young children in various settings and found that the mothers or other adults who used their phones initiated less conversation and were less responsive to the children.

New! Our right to quality palliative care

Aubert Martin
The Quebec government fails to deliver on a promise, but does find euthanasia no problem. The Act Respecting End-of-Life Care was sold to us as "first and foremost, a law of access to quality palliative care throughout the territory, at the patient's choice." When it was adopted - not so long ago - its promoters insisted that it only legalized "medical aid in dying" (euthanasia) as an "exceptional measure for exceptional cases."

New! "Masterpiece", Marriage, and Bigotry: The Court's Ruling Is More Robust than Many Acknowledge

Adam J. MacLeod
State officials and judges cannot comply with the Supreme Court's ruling in Masterpiece simply by articulating facially neutral reasons for decisions that punish people for acting on the understanding that marriage is a man-woman union.

International Effort To Prohibit Surrogacy

Pilar Calva
"Surrogacy" can be a confusing term. Most generally, surrogacy refers to hiring a woman who commits to carry a baby with the obligation of ceding her parental rights and giving the child at birth to those who have hired her.

John Paul II on the "Vegetative State"

Richard M. Doerflinger
In a March 20 address, Pope John Paul II made a very significant contribution to an ethical debate that has troubled Catholic ethicists in the United States and elsewhere for many years: The feeding of patients diagnosed as being in a "vegetative" state.

Getting It Over With
What Euthanasia Steals from Us

John Stonestreet
Facing an unpleasant circumstance, sometimes we just want to "get it over with." But that's no way to approach people at the end of their life

The Blood of Christ Helps Us Grow into His Likeness
Corpus Christi Sunday (Year B)

Jeremiah R. Grosse
The Precious Blood of Jesus is our ransom from death. The Son of Man came to give His life as a ransom for the many. It is actually a compensation made on our behalf to the outraged justice of God. We are not to think of our Lord's death as if it were merely an inevitable result of His conflict with the leaders of the Jewish people; as if it were a regrettable accident of history.

Life from the Vine
5th Sunday of Easter (Year B)

Jeremiah R. Grosse
This morning’s reading for St. John’s Gospel presents us with the image of the vine and the branches. This passage could easily be interpreted to contrast Christian fidelity with Jewish infidelity; however, the author appears to be making a much different point in this passage. While it is true that there is a contrast between fidelity and infidelity, the measure of fidelity is not along racial, ethnic, or religious lines, but whether or not a person is willing to follow the teachings of Jesus.

Sex Gone Wrong

R. J. Snell
In the latest issue of The Atlantic we learn that the world of online pornography reveals eternal truths about men and women. These aren't happy truths, and the needlessly prurient article makes them all the more miserable. ... Overcoming the normalized brutalization of women requires a faithful recovery of the traditional understanding of the marital act, for that understanding forbids those acts which alienate and use the body, consciously or not, and allows only those acts in which women and men give themselves to each other in integrated and comprehensive ways. One might even say that the tradition teaches how to make love rather than merely to attain a degraded and brutalizing pleasure.

India: Climate of impunity allows extrajudicial executions to go unchecked

Asia Human Rights
The violent climate operating in India is allowed to flourish to the lack of accountability and encouragement of impunity for security forces and police officials that carry out these executions.

Are You Rich?
28th Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)

Antonio P. Pueyo
The Gospel this Sunday makes us examine where our priorities lie. What do we really value in life? Do we value the Jesus to the extent that what we consider as our wealth takes second place? Let the Lord Jesus be No. 1.

Internet can foster crime or addiction, but weigh remedies carefully

Denyse O’Leary
Recently, I mentioned a conflict between people who want the government to do something about cyberbullying that can lead to suicide and people who worry about the fact that it would give both private companies and governments access to vast amounts of personal user information. It's one of those dilemmas where the fact that everyone has a reasonable concern does not automatically suggest a solution.

An Adventurous Life
28th Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)

Antonio P. Pueyo
Life is an adventure. There are times of crises and times of stability. There are ups and downs. Growth comes with every critical period. We learn to walk, talk, and socialize. From dependence we learn to be independent and interdependent. Hopefully, as the years go by, we grow to be more mature and we move from self-absorption to self-sacrifice.