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June 27, 2016

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CDC Stats Reveal Single-largest Threat To Homosexual Life Comes From: Other Homosexuals
Since the left is now engaged in an all-out effort to blame Christianity for the Orlando massacre, actually committed by a homosexual, muslim, ISIS, jihadi, then a decent respect for the truth is in order. Christians have not created a climate of danger for homosexuals. If anything, the following CDC data clearly indicates where the single-largest threat to homosexual life comes from: other homosexuals (though under ISIS, that’s about to change).

One Year After Same-Sex Marriage Decision, Dissent Not Permitted
By now, nearly one year after the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, it should be clear that the aggressive and unreasonable elements of the LGBT movement cannot harmonize themselves with freedom for Christians and other conscientious objectors.

Massive Medicaid Fraud Case Against Planned Parenthood Will Move Forward, Judge Rules
A whistleblower’s lawsuit, accusing Planned Parenthood of millions of dollars in Medicaid fraud, will move forward, a federal judge ruled yesterday.

Pope Francis And Catholicos Karekin II Sign Joint Declaration On Family, Unity And Solidarity
In a joint declaration signed Sunday, Pope Francis and Catholicos Karekin II expressed their shared belief that, when the family is no longer seen as sacred, it falls into crisis.

A Hillary Clinton Presidency Would Be Terrible For The Anti-Abortion Rights Movement
Under a Hillary Clinton presidency with as many as 4 new Justices, fresh legal assaults on the 20-week bans would be certain

Poland Defends Its Pro-Life Laws, Blasts EU Leaders Telling It To Legalize Abortion
The Polish government snapped back at European bureaucrats in a scathing response to a report published last week by the Council of Europe that criticized Poland’s restrictive abortion law and its treatment of women.

Abortion Group: Pro-Lifers “Care Little For People’s Lives” Since They Oppose Aborting Disabled Babies
Abortion activists are attacking Republicans this week for not including abortion funding in a bill to fight the Zika virus in the U.S.

Abortion Clinic Sold “Whole Brains” Of Aborted Babies For Students At Summer Camp To Dissect
In one of the most disturbing pieces of evidence yet, a U.S. Congressional panel found that an abortion facility may have provided aborted babies’ brains to a summer camp for youth in New Mexico.

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Ethical Perspectives

New! Reality check: gender diversity is driven by a top-down ideological movement

Mary Rice Hasson
Reality? No. Delusional thinking. Reality tells us this person is, and always has been, female; because she is a woman, she was able to conceive and carry a child, to give birth and became a mother - and her feeling-based "male identity" can't change the reality that she's a mom, not a dad.

New! Political Philosophy and the Bathroom Wars

Joseph M. Knippenberg
A recent statement by the Attorney General provides a window into the intellectual history surrounding the concept of "human dignity" and the selfhood from which it arises.

New! Regret Isn't Rare: The Dangerous Lie of Sex Change Surgery's Success

Walt Heyer
Stop enabling the delusion that transition is the only answer. Allow scientific research to flourish, no matter what the results show. Look at the evidence and facts and encourage treatment options that address dangerous psychiatric conditions first.

India profits as Afghan health crisis continues

Xavier Symons
With Afghanistan's hospitals in a parlous state, tens of thousands of Afghans are travelling to India for safe, albeit expensive, medical care. In the past year the Indian embassy in Kabul issued 32,200 medical visas in 2013, up from 26,500 in 2012.

Why We Can't Help But Legislate Morality

Micah Watson
"You can't legislate morality" has become a common turn of phrase. The truth, however, is that every law and regulation that is proposed, passed, and enforced has inherent in it some idea of the good that it seeks to promote or preserve. Indeed, no governing authority can in any way be understood to be morally neutral. Those who think such a chimerical understanding is possible could hardly be more wrong. For, in fact, the opposite is true: You cannot not legislate morality.

In Defense of the Innocent

Christopher O. Tollefsen
Although Nigel Biggar's new book on just war has many strengths, the author gets himself into a moral muddle over the question whether the deaths of innocent non-combatants can be deliberately chosen in war.

The Vocation of Christian Marriage as an Approach to the Bioethics of Human Reproduction

Janet E. Smith
Marriage is an institution that has been around as long as mankind. One would think, then, that we would know a lot more about marriage than we do. If anything, current statistics on divorce and infidelity would seem to indicate that we are regressing rather than progressing in our understanding of marriage. Here is not the place to rehearse the misunderstandings of the nature of marriage that are rampant in contemporary society. The challenge here is to determine what truth or truths about the objective reality of marriage need to be heard by our contemporaries and to explore how we might get them to see and accept the objective reality of marriage. The intent here is to use this information to understand better the Vatican teaching that in vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer (ET) are morally impermissible even for spouses.

Non-Heart-Beating Organ Donation

John B. Shea
A doubt about a fact concerning the life of a human being, his existence here and now, is a 'dubium facti'. As such "it creates the same obligation as certainty". The question as to when a person dies is also a 'dubium facti', and likewise creates the same obligation as certainty. Pope John Paul II has stated that death "occurs when the spiritual principle which ensures the unity of the individual, can no longer exercise its functions in and upon the organism, whose elements left to themselves, disintegrate."