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October 21, 2017

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The New Taboo: More People Regret Sex Change And Want To ‘detransition’, Surgeon Says
Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic says more people, particularly transgender women over 30, are asking for reversal surgery, yet their regrets remain taboo

The Story Of ?????
Freezing women's eggs leads to imponderable moral complexities.

If You Can Change Your Gender, Why Not Your Age?
And if so, what happens to the age of consent? Behind the ideology of transgenderism is the danger of paedophilia

The Playboy Lifestyle And The Death Of Sexual Complementarity
The New York Times’ obituary of Hugh Hefner briefly touches on a deeply significant moment in Hefner’s life: Hefner married his longtime girlfriend—Milly, the only woman he had slept with—at the age of twenty-seven.

Don't Turn Doctors Into Killers
I am a doctor. I work with homeless people, street sex workers, injecting drug users. The suffering many of my patients endure is beyond many of our worst nightmares. The idea of suicide is something many struggle with every day. The suffering involved in their living is far greater than the suffering they endure in dying.

Canada Euthanized 2,149 Patients During The First Year Of Legalized Assisted Suicide
On October 6, Health Canada’s second interim report on medical assistance in dying was published. It adds statistics from January to June 2017 to the earlier report, which covered the period from June to December 2016.

Warning: You May Soon Be Paying For Abortions For Illegal Immigrants
While some in the media are reporting on pro-life leaders’ warnings of a “dangerous precedent” in a ruling insisting on abortion for an immigrant here illegally, other outlets are ignoring them.

Democrats’ New Bill Would Overturn Trump Order And Force Christians To Pay For Abortion Drugs
Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), along with 35 of her Democratic colleagues in the Senate, introduced a bill Thursday that would repeal the Trump Administration’s recent broadening of exemptions from the Obamacare contraceptive mandate for employers with religious and moral objections.

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World’s Most Persecuted

Dear Friends for Life: Who are the Rohingyas? The Rohingya are a Muslim people in the Buddhist-majority countries of Myanmar and Bangladesh. Not only are they the world’s most persecuted minority group, but they are not officially recognized by governments as an ethnic minority group. For decades they have been subjected to discrimination and violence by the Buddhist majority. In the capital city of Sittwe in Myanmar, ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya people began in 2012. The purpose was to completely eliminate them. This new type of “genocide” is forcing thousands to flee by boat to Indonesia, and Myalaysia, only to fall into the hands of traffickers who profit from their desperation and misery. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! Death Is Not Comfortable

Frank J. Moncher
Researchers have recently suggested that it would be helpful for those experiencing terminal illness to interface with a computer in order to establish funeral plans, wills and even discuss spiritual matters. An experimental trial is underway to see if this "non-judgmental" service will be of benefit.

New! Surrogacy Reaches the Supreme Court

Kathleen Sloan
Surrogacy is out of control in the United States. All those who care about justice, the Constitution, and human rights must fervently hope that the Supreme Court will decide to hear this case.

New! Gift-Motherhood, the Prius, and the Peace Corps: Reducing Abortion by Incentivising Adoption (Part two)

Julia D. Hejduk
Making adoption more viable by providing economic incentives and social support is pro-life without being anti-choice, and it is a cause that could be embraced by liberals as well as conservatives. The second in a two-part series.

New! A Path to Detente in the War over Abortion (Part one)

Julia D. Hejduk
How can we make it more attractive, and more beneficial to everyone, for women facing unwanted pregnancy to choose to carry their babies to term? The first in a two-part series.

New! We matter too': another voice from the ranks of straight spouses

Laura Lowder
Being the ex-wife of a homosexual does not define us, but we need support and respect.

Don't read over his shoulder. It's basic cell phone etiquette

Karl D. Stephan
The boundary between public and private is getting fuzzy.

If you are the Son of God
1st Sunday of Lent Cycle C

Douglas P. McManaman
Christ came to enter into human suffering, to fill it with his light, to make it holy; for he loves us, and every human life will be a life of suffering, some far more than others. The Son of God joins a human nature and enters into human suffering in order to keep us company in our suffering, and there are certain people in this world, special friends of his, whom he invites to keep him company in his suffering.

It Is Not Marriage!

*Offsite Article
Dear Friends for Life: The SLIPPERY SLOPE continues to chip away at traditional values, principles and religious freedom. Ireland became the first country to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote. That’s right. A Catholic nation defied the teachings of the Catholic Church with over 60% of Catholic voters voting in favor. Shortly after, the supreme court in the United States voted 5-4 to legalize same-sex marriage. Yet in this democratic country, the people had NO VOICE, NO VOTE. The decision was imposed on the American society by 5 judges, NOT ELECTED by the people, rather appointed by politicians. And adding coals to the fire, the job of the Supreme Court is to interpret laws, NOT create them. The Catholic Church position on this matter has been consistent over the years and has not changed today in spite of attacks by those who disagree. Marriage is based on the TRUTH that men and women are complementary, the biological factor shows that reproduction depends on a man and a woman, and studies confirm that children need a mother and a father. Redefining marriage simply rejects these truths.

"I Need You."
Advent B-4

Frank Enderle
Sometimes our road to redemption seems to be a rocky one. We imagine ourselves as playing a minor role in salvation history. We buy into the idea of a distant God who set the world into motion and then walked off and forgot about it—and us! An all-powerful God calling out to us to say “I need you” is beyond our imagination. Yet that is what God is saying to each and every one of us. In Mary we find the perfect example of the ideal disciple who hears the word, says “yes” in total openness, and acts upon it.

Short Commentary on Matthew, No. 08
The Flight into Egypt

Anthony Zimmerman
We gladly baptize our children promptly so that Christ can receive them into His friendship and protect them in their innocent years. We grieve with the mothers of the Holy Innocents whom Herod killed so cruelly, and we sympathize with parents today who sorrow for children who departed this life without Baptism.

Don't the Royals have a right to genetic privacy, too?

Michael Cook
There is a wider issue at stake here, which is that the story reveals information about the genetic make-up of someone who has not consented to any DNA tests.

The Netherlands wants to fund abortions in Africa

Mathew Otieno
The Dutch went ahead with their conference on "reproductive and sexual health" and raised $250 million for abortions in Africa, which nobody needs. If ever there was a list of grossly misplaced priorities, I would be greatly puzzled if this case didn't make the top of it.

"The Most Oppressed People in the World"

Steven Mosher
Burma, a secluded country of almost 60 million people, sits in the corner of Southeast Asia between India and China. Also known as Myanmar, Burma currently has a fertility rate of 2.21 children and, unique for its part of the world, does not suffer from sex-selection. Buddhists comprise about 95% of the population, but there is a small Muslim minority residing in the northern state of Rakhine.

A Supreme Court Act of Sinister Proportion

Judie Brown
Perhaps amidst all the kerfuffle created by Monday's Supreme Court decision on abortion regulations in Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt, many failed to notice the draconian decision the Court handed down the following day.

The Economic Impact of Abortion

Judie Brown
Dennis Howard, director of ALL's Associate group The Movement for a Better America, recently received a letter requesting information on the impact of abortion on our tax dollars. Dennis' answer is instructive.