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August 16, 2017

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“I Am Not Raising A Rapist’s Baby … I Am Raising MY Baby”
Writing at Save the 1, a mother who conceived a child as a result of rape speaks out in defense of children conceived in rape and their mothers:

Philippines' War On Drugs Kills Children Too
At least 40 child deaths have been recorded, while the number of orphans stretch into the thousands

CBS Applauds Iceland For “Eliminating” Down Syndrome By Aborting Babies Who Have It
Unborn babies with Down syndrome in Iceland are being aborted in astonishing numbers – but that’s not how CBS reported on the news.

Loose Women Shocked At Bpas Boss Ann Furedi's Extreme Abortion Agenda
She said that abortion should be allowed up to birth, including because the baby's a girl.

Texas Governor Signs Bill Banning Taxpayer Funding Of Abortions
Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill today that bans taxpayer funding of abortions via the insurance industry.

He Lived As A Transgender Woman For Over 20 Years Until He Heard God Speak To Him
Jeffrey Johnston, a Maine native who used to be known as "Janelle," said that when it comes to ministering to transgender people "it's all about the love of God."

Freed Christian Pastor Describes North Korean Labor Camp Conditions
Rev. Hyeon Soo Lim, the Christian pastor who last week was freed and returned home to Canada, revealed what he had to suffer through at the North Korean labor camp where he was held.

Population Aging: Hallmark Of The 21st Century
While rapid population growth may be the defining feature of the 20th century, with world population nearly quadrupling from 1.6 to 6.1 billion, the hallmark of the 21st century is likely to be population aging.

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Why the war on unborn children

Dear Friends for Life: “A nation that kills its own children is a nation without hope.” Last night the following headlines popped up on my computer: (1) UK will pay $1.3 billion to fund abortions and contraception around the world. (2) Oregon Passes Bill To Force Taxpayers To Pay For Abortions, Including Of Noncitizens. (3) Canada to provide a whopping $241.5 million for overseas abortions, contraception. WHY is pregnancy a WAR between a mother and her child? A little research shows that the number of casualties of all the wars in the history of the world is estimated at somewhat less than 500 million. This is less than one-third the amount of unborn lives sacrificed in the last 36 years. This WAR on unborn babies is the “longest war” in the history of our planet. Since 1980 more than one and one half billion babies have been legally slaughtered. The United States alone stands at 60 million. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! A Nation on the Edge

Judie Brown
The dire state of our nation, exemplified by the twisted beliefs and ideologies of too many folks, has become all too prevalent recently. And if we are not careful, the actions that take us to the edge will push us over it.

New! American Abortion, American Freedom

Miles Smith
Like slavery, abortion has become in the leftist mind the central political issue, on which the economic and social liberties of the modern United States all hang.

New! The Continuing Threat to Religious Liberty

Ryan T. Anderson
Religious liberty is not an embrace of relativism. As we disagree about religious truth, we need to agree to leave legal room for that disagreement to play out in worthy and healthy ways - among people who are free to persuade and convert. People are free to try to convince Jack that he should bake the cake, but the government shouldn't be allowed to force him to do so.

New! The Constitution Already Prohibits Abortion: An Originalist Case for Prenatal Personhood

Josh Craddock
Justice Antonin Scalia, an originalist, famously held that the Constitution neither permits nor prohibits abortion. On the contrary, unborn babies are "persons" within the original public meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment, and they are consequently owed due process and equal protection on constitutional grounds.

New! UN Human Rights Committee Attempts to Reinterpret the 'Right to Life' to Mean the Legalization of Abortion and Assisted Suicide

Steven Mosher
The United Nations Human Rights Committee (CCPR) has released a draft document which would reinterpret an important international human rights treaty by claiming the treaty requires states to expansively legalize abortion.

Giving Time, Making Space
16th Sunday in Ordinary Tume (C)

Antonio P. Pueyo
As the philosopher says, In medio stat virtus. Virtue stands in the middle. The Christian disciple is one who acts and listens. He is a contemplative in action. There is a Martha and Mary in each of us.

Quid Sit Veritas?
The Odyssey of One Human Embryologist As A Modern Diogenes

C. Ward Kischer
Science should be revealed and evaluated by public exposure. But, when science, more specifically, human development, is being reinvented, it must be subject to analysis and critique by scientists who know the subject, so that the public might be properly informed to evaluate that science, lest it become politicized. Without proper dialogue, public policy could be changed or invoked to dramatically affect our societal evolution, and this has already occurred.

The Politics of Stem Cells
The good news you never hear.

Wesley J. Smith
What will surprise many people is that none of these remarkable achievements relied on the use of stem cells from embryos or the products of abortion. Indeed, all of these experiments involved adult stem cells or undifferentiated stem cells obtained from other non-embryo sources.

The Word Became Flesh
COURAGE and ENCOURAGE in the Archdiocese of St. Louis

For some time now the Archdiocese has been supporting an apostolate that ministers to men and women who find themselves attracted to persons of the same sex. COURAGE is a spiritual support group for Catholic men and women who wish to live chaste lives in accordance with the Churchs teaching on homosexuality. Their goals include: living chaste lives in accordance with Church teaching; dedication to Christ through service of others; spiritual direction; frequent attendance at Mass; frequent reception of the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Holy Eucharist; support of others who deal with issues of same-sex attraction through prayer and discussion and periodic meetings.

False child abuse allegations take a heavy toll on teachers

Heather Piper
Headlines give a very misleading picture of what actually happens in schools.

Savior Siblings: At What Moral Cost?

E. Christian Brugger
Could you please clarify the concept of a "savior sibling"? Some argue that a child conceived to save his older brother or sister is "conceived to be used." But the child per se is not used at all, only the child's umbilical cord. Please clarify.

Deaths Associated with Abortion and Childbirth:
A Brief Summary with Attention to Mental Health Issues

Martha Shuping
A large body of research from diverse locations including U.S., U.K., New Zealand, Finland and other places shows that abortion is associated with a worsening of physical and mental health, and the death rate is higher for post-abortive women. There is no evidence to demonstrate that abortion is a safe and effective treatment for clinical depression or suicidal thinking, and no actual studies to establish under what circumstance it saves lives if ever. Until further research is available to show the health benefits of abortion, it is inadvisable to rush toward legalization when the risks to health are so clear and so serious. Childbirth is much safer than abortion.

Asia: Are Asia's criminal justice institutions capable of addressing torture?

Asia Human Rights
Since the promulgation of the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, out of 48 Asian states, 40 states have ratified/acceded to the CAT, whereas 8 states, including countries like India, have refused to ratify the convention.

Rebuilding the Family
Reassert Catholic Values

Jean-Francois Orsini
There are basically two ways to promote cultural values. One is to explain them to the people who do not share them and to defend them on the basis of their internal logic and level of importance; thus to defend them as a matter of principle. The second approach is to connect with the values of the culture surrounding us.

"Making sense of the North Dakota Prolife Bill HB 1450?"

Dianne N. Irving
There was a rather odd and confusing article on a prolife bill in North Dakota this week. The article reports that the bill would criminalize the killing of the unborn "from conception". The bill itself states that "a human being" is formally defined as "an individual member of the species homo sapiens at every stage of development"; the term "person" is formally defined as including "all human beings". Nowhere in the bill is the term "conception" used. Therefore, the definition of "human being" in the bill would potentially cover all human beings. The term "conception" used in the article reporting on the bill would not. So what's with the term "conception" used in the article?