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February 21, 2017

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Sad Reality Of Children In Rural China
This video looks at the sad reality of children left behind in rural China, by parents who must leave to seek better jobs in cities and towns. Watch the full video

Boy Scouts Christian Alternative Sees ‘tremendous Response’ After Transgender Decision
Since the Boy Scouts of America decided to accept transgender youngsters, there appears to be a growing market for a different kind of scouting group.

I'm Pro-choice, But Abortion Can't Be The Only 'sensible' Option When It Comes To Disability
But the pitting of women's rights against those of disabled people is short sighted, especially as disabled women tend to bear the brunt of it when women's reproductive freedoms are restricted.

Greece Alarmed By High Number Of Abortions Among Minors
The medical community is concerned about the growing number of abortions in Greece, as well as a lack of sex education among teenagers.

Teen Vogue’s Pro-Abortion Assault On Underage Girls
Teen Vogue, a magazine aimed at girls as young as 11 but run by agenda-driven adults, has published a column entitled “What to Get a Friend Post-Abortion.” Written by feminist Whitney Bell, the article makes light of abortion, condemns any suggestion of other options, and even recommends teens volunteer at local abortion clinics “to make it easier” for their friends who want to abort.

Survivors Fight To End Human Trafficking
Trafficking-in-person is the fastest growing criminal activity worldwide, including Bangladesh, and it takes in several forms. But it remains underreported that trafficking survivors in Bangladesh are working to stop this criminal activity through awareness campaign.

Organ Harvesting In China: Understanding The Unimaginable
Last week the Vatican found itself at the centre of a controversy over one of the most barbaric human rights violations imaginable — allegations that China forcibly removes vital organs from live prisoners of conscience, for sale for transplant.

When The Church Ignores Dissent…
At the heart of the Culture of Death is the rejection of God and His plan for the flourishing and salvation of those who love Him. Though this can take many forms, one that we are particularly concerned with is dissent from His teaching on the sacredness and dignity of human life.

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Ethical Perspectives

New! Porn Harms: Law and Science Reflect Natural Truth

Frank J. Moncher
True emotional intimacy is the prevention and the remedy which touches the human soul, and provides the genuine experience which pornography so poorly mimics.

New! Fertility is Not a Disease

Hanna Klaus
Managing a couple's fertility to regulate their family size does not require removing said fertility from the woman's or the man's body. This is not primarily a religious issue.

New! Struggling woman with dementia euthanised in Netherlands

Michael Cook
Relatives had to hold her down so that the doctor could give the lethal injection.

Bored? Hire a friend

Tamara Rajakariar
Question: If an underdeveloped country has economic poverty, what kind of poverty does a developed country have? Answer: a poverty of genuine friendship, judging by Friends For Hire - a new website that's about to be launched in Australia.

After Passage of Pro-Abortion Constitution, Kenyan Bishops Urge Immediate Amendment

Steven Mosher
Thanks to the Obama administration, American taxpayers footed the bill for a lobbying campaign in Kenya on behalf of that country's new constitution, which virtually allows abortion on demand.

All you who are thirsty, come to the water!
18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Douglas P. McManaman
Suffering tends to snap us back to reality. Unless we are ridiculously stubborn, suffering typically brings us in touch with our own poverty of spirit, and then we go looking for God. And that’s the one thing God cannot resist: a contrite heart that knows its neediness, and which stands before Him helpless and seeking His help.

Adam Received Revelation From Christ
The Ancient Eden Covenant Was Christian, and Is Still Valid

Anthony Zimmerman
If it was our Primate Christ who mediated grace and revelation to our first ancestors, then no members of our Homo Sapiens race should be anonymous Christians.

The Culture's Casual Descent into Oblivion

Judie Brown
Just as the proverbial frog does not understand he is about to perish as the water he is in is slowly approaching a boil, many Catholics do not understand that their souls are in jeopardy as they slowly begin to accept societal norms rather than Church teachings. When faith is not strengthened during Mass and through the words of Church leaders, Church members begin to decay.