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December 5, 2016

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IVF producing new generation of infertile Australian children says professor John Aitken
IVF is producing a new generation of infertile Australian children who will require expensive medical treatment to produce their own offspring, says University of Newcastle laureate professor John Aitken.

The Pope Implores “responsible Behavior” To Prevent The Spread Of AIDS
On the eve of the World AIDS Day, the pope has asked governments and society to remember the poorest victims of this scourge. Millions of people live with this disease, but only half of them have access to therapies that can save their lives.

Africa Jesuit AIDS Network World AIDS Day 2016
Harnessing the ability of young people to take good decisions and to act wisely and compassionately is crucial to face up to the AIDS pandemic. The African Jesuit AIDS Network (AJAN) firmly believes that young people have this potential however they are often denied the chance to fulfil it. 

Franciscan Commemoration Of World AIDS Day 2016
In celebrating the day world of the HIV-AIDS on December 1, we commemorate so many countless men and women that have died because of this disease and we renew our commitment to put end to new HIV infections.

China: Christian Prisoner Of Conscience Dies
Peng Ming, a long-term political prisoner, has died in prison in Hubei, China, but doubts have been cast over the lack of official information concerning his death. In other news, Jiang Tianyong, another human rights defender, remains missing and may be at risk of torture.

World Aids Day: Pope Calls For Solidarity And Treatment For All
Pope Francis has appealed to all persons to act in a responsible manner to prevent the spread of HIV-Aids. Speaking during the weekly general audience in the Paul VI Hall, the Pope recalled that on Thursday, 1st December, we mark World Aids Day which is promoted by the United Nations.

Churches Should ‘tremble’ At Transgender Agenda, Professor Says
A University of Toronto professor at the centre of a transgender storm issued a stark warning for religious groups that are out of step with society’s politically correct agenda.

World Will Regret Euthanasia Spread, Bioethicist Says
The onset of state-sanctioned euthanasia represents a “seismic shift” in values that the world will someday regret, said one of Canada’s pre-eminent bioethicists.

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Ethical Perspectives

New! Controversial Sterilization Device Should be Taken Off the Market

Steven Mosher
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that it has approved a boxed warning for Bayer's controversial Essure® sterilization device. A boxed warning is the strongest warning the FDA can require for drugs and devices and is intended to alert the user to potentially serious, even deadly, side effects that can result from using them.

New! The Double Mommy Trap: Two Mothers and No Rights for Junior

Adam J. MacLeod
The double maternity two-step is a forced march. The intended destination seems to be greater personal fulfillment for adults. But if we arrive there, what will be left of the rights of children?

New! Legal Sex: Exchanging the Truth of Sex for the Lie of Gender

Daniel Moody
Gender ideology leaves us de-sexed in law. The problem is not merely that our legal identity can now be chosen, but that it can now only be chosen.


John and Evelyn Billings
It is important that the husband know the current state of the cycle. It should be he who is telling the wife that it is not yet time for intercourse. By doing this, he is telling her that his love for her body is the product of his love for her.

Should all Ebola volunteers be quarantined?

Michael Cook
Hundreds of foreign healthcare workers have been shuttling in and out of Ebola-affected countries in West Africa.

Is There Still No Room for Him at the Inn?

Judie Brown
Our Lord Jesus Christ, who created us in His image and likeness, came into the world as a tiny baby over 2,000 years ago to save us from sin. We rejoice at this gift, at this perfect act of love. This Christmas season, let us open ourselves fully to Him, let us allow into our hearts the love He shares with us each and every day, and let us shower that love on all those around us.

Church Believes in Cures That Don't Sacrifice Life
by Archbishop Michael J. Sheehan

There is a great deal of confusion in our society about stem-cell research. An important distinction must be made about embryonic stem-cell research that kills innocent human life and adult stem-cell research that doesn't.

Kinsey minions continue child sex abuse
Exclusive: Judith Reisman exposes horrific 'scientific' studies of kids' sexuality

Judith Reisman
While Obama and Hillary apologize for the American scientists who conducted vicious sex experiments on Guatemalans, the followers of the American scientist responsible for the rapes of thousands of infants and children continue his child abuse legacy untainted. The Kinsey Institute just announced its collaboration with another agency of sex and "condom use," using nearly 6,000 subjects. The new Kinsey study continues its old drum beat: "Sex" any way and wherever you get it.