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February 17, 2019

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Maduro Must Go: Venezuelans Deserve A Functioning Democracy
Maduro's regime has made millions trafficking drugs while the people of Venezuela starve.

Eucharist Desecrated, Statues Smashed In Series Of French Church Attacks
At least 10 incidents of vandalism and desecration of Catholic churches have been reported in France since the beginning of February, according to French news sources and watch groups.

Physician Says There Isn’t Single Scenario Where Late-Term Abortion Protects Mother’s Health
Doctor and Kansas Rep. Roger W. Marshall wrote an op-ed saying there aren’t any reasons why a late-term abortion is necessary to protect a woman’s health.

Memo To New York State Senators: Commercial Surrogacy Undermines The Child-Parent Relationship
With a Democratic majority in both the New York Senate and Assembly, along with a Democratic Governor, victory for the surrogacy industry is within reach. A bill that would make commercial surrogacy contracts legal and enforceable in the Empire State has been slipped into the state’s 2019 budget, buried deep on page 392.

Democrats Block Bill To Stop Infanticide For Sixth Time In Congress
Democrats in the House of Representatives on Monday evening blocked another vote on legislation to guarantee medical care for newborns who survive attempted abortions, marking the fifth instance in the House and the sixth overall.

Bishop Pleads For End To ‘diabolical Killing’ Of Children By Abortion
Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, issued an impassioned plea on social media earlier this week for an end to abortion, asking for a stop to the “diabolical killing” of preborn children. He added, “Woe to those who ignore the sanctity of life, they reap the whirlwind of Hell. Stand against this holocaust in every way you can.”

S. Korea’s Catholic Bishops Call For Legislation Banning Capital Punishment
“The capital punishment system treats criminals not as human beings capable of moral reflection and improvement, but simply as a means of defending society. If the aim were to permanently segregate criminals to protect society, that could certainly be achieved through life imprisonment or penal servitude without the possibility of parole, which represent less of a restriction on basic rights.”

Ten Important Things To Remember About Late-Term Abortions
Recent efforts in states controlled by Democrats to discard gestational limits on abortion so it can be done throughout all nine months or pregnancy have prompted strong statements by President Donald J. Trump at his State of the Union address and at a rally in El Paso, Texas, condemning the grisly late-term abortion procedures and supporting a new federal law that would ban abortions at 20 weeks when the baby in the womb feels pain.

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“The Devil is Smiling”. Where are our Shepherds??

Archbishop of New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan responded to calls from Christians to excommunicate New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s for his role in enshrining a “fundamental right” to virtually unlimited abortion in the state, by saying: Excommunicating Andrew Cuomo is “NOT an Appropriate Response” for Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth. What? I didn’t quite catch what you said Cardinal Dolan, would you please repeat that again for us Catholics: -->Excommunicating Andrew Cuomo is “NOT an Appropriate Response” for Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth. Wow! This is Gov. Andrew Cuomo who has always been an advocate of abortion, has just signed a bill to legally kill unborn innocent children throughout pregnancy, mocks the Catholic Church and you say that "excommunication is NOT an appropriated response". This bill paves the way for New York to become unquestionably an abortion paradise in the world. At present, a third of all new unborn babies are aborted. And the "DEVIL IS SMILING". Where are our Shepherds? Why are the Catholic bishops and priests not following the Church’s teachings that these Catholic politicians who passed this murderous law are to be excommunicated from the Church for doing this unless they publicly repent? By failing to stand up for God and protect innocent lives, they are leading others to grave mortal sin. Can you imagine it – an innocent baby, just hours from being naturally born, murdered in cold blood? It’s disgusting. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! It's Time to Put #ThemBeforeUs: The Global Movement for Children's Rights

Katy Faust
A new nonprofit, Them Before Us, aims to defend children's rights in the family. We use story to highlight the true victims, and we critique all practices and policies that prioritize adult desires above children's rights.

New! Unique from Day One: Pro-Life Is Pro-Science

Ana Maria Dumitru
The main dividing line between pro-life and pro-choice is not which side cares more about women, families, and their basic freedoms. It's how each group applies the scientific facts to determine what constitutes women's rights.

New! New York State to Allow Abortion up to Birth

Steven Mosher
A new law passed by the New York State legislature last Tuesday would keep abortion legal up to the point of birth should the U.S. Supreme Court overturn its Roe v. Wade decision.

New! Abortion's Devastating Impact Upon Black Americans

Arthur Goldberg
Abortion cannot be allowed on economic, social, or racial grounds - to afford a higher standard of living, for the convenience of uncommitted relationships, or because a minority racial group is involved.

New! Is the IVF bubble about to burst?

Kristina Millare
Recently the Sydney Morning Herald reported that a technique known as "endometrial scratching", used in fertility clinics, has been found to be useless. Too bad, isn't it, about all the women who have paid for an often painful procedure (which involves superficially wounding the lining of the womb to trigger an inflammatory or immune repair response to improve the receptivity of the uterus to an embryo) that raised their hopes in vain.

Brian Bundy's Courage
A Pharmacist Conscience

Judie Brown
Brian Bundy is a Michigan pharmacist who has refused to dispense the abortive "morning after pill." In fact he has taken his refusal so seriously that when Target fired him he chose to sue them because he believes that Target knew that his Christian faith would not permit him to dispense abortive medicines. In fact he says they knew this when they hired him.

Contraception and Being a Person

Donald DeMarco
The person is an inviolable unity of body and soul. To denigrate one part or the other is not compatible with affirming his status as a person. To approve the use of contraception on the basis that the spiritual love which husband and wife express to each other in sexual intercourse is superior to their bodily or physical integrity, exemplifies a violation of this personal unity.

Emergency Contraception Won't Decrease Teen Pregnancies

Greg Pfundstein
A pilot program in New York City to give minors emergency contraception in school without telling their parents is an ineffective response to a non-existent "epidemic" of teen pregnancy.

Toward Evidence-Based Practice: Use of Scientific Literature Reviews with a Focus on Suicide Risk and Abortion

Informed consent for medical procedures occurs when patients adequately understand their condition along with the benefits, risks, and limitations of treatment alternatives. Health care professionals are responsible for educating patients in a manner that reflects the current scientific literature; however, recent concern raised in the medical community suggests this is a too infrequently realized ideal. Clinicians often lack the requisite skills and time to interpret the ever-expanding scientific literature necessary to optimally inform their practice and provide patients with accurate up-to-date synopses of the literature that facilitate truly informed health care choices. In a report released by the U.S. Institute of Medicine titled "Crossing the Quality Chasm" the authors noted "Medical science and technology have advanced at an unprecedented rate during the past half-century. In tandem has come growing complexity of health care, which today is characterized by more to know, more to do, more to manage, more to watch, and more people involved than ever before." Research which should be driving positive changes in medical practice is often ignored for many years, sometimes decades. As described in the Institute of Medicine publication referred to above: "It now takes an average of 17 years for new knowledge generated by randomized controlled trials to be incorporated into practice, and even then application is highly uneven."

Worldwide migration: a constant factor

Marcus Roberts
So while migration continues to be a sensitive issue for so many around the world, overall the percentage of us moving countries seems to be constant (less than 1% of the global population in any 5 year period).

Being Thankful for What We Give

Hank Mattimore
One of our noblest impulses as human beings is to want to "give back" to our community, our God, our country the blessings we have received. There is no better way to make us conscious of that "larger" kind of gratitude that puts the stamp of A Plus on our character than to step outside ourselves and use our gifts for the benefit of others.

Change: But in What Direction?

Kenneth L. Connor
As he advances his agenda, President Obama would do well to remember his own inspiring words and ask himself if his policies will preserve the American tradition of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, or whether they will sacrifice these precious ideals on the altar of utility and scientific expedience.

A Question of Conscience

John and Evelyn Billings
The primacy of conscience is not a teaching of the Catholic Church. What is the teaching of the Church is the primacy of truth. Conscience is not the master, it is the pupil that needs to be trained.

Banning Babies
Humans Are the Solution, Not the Problem

John Stonestreet
No one wants their kids to grow up to become criminals. But for some, their crime is simply existing.

Homosexuality: Why Is This Disorder Being Singled Out for Celebration?

Deborah Sturm
Our country is on the verge of creating a "right" to homosexual "marriage." Homosexual acts, like other disorders, can be overcome, even if difficult. Twelve-step programs, when honestly worked, have aided millions of people around the world in overcoming a variety of addictions and disorders. But homosexuality is being singled out by homosexual advocates as a disorder to be celebrated. Sturm explores this issue offering insight about her own struggle with an eating disorder.