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February 19, 2020

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New York To Consider Allowing Men To Commission Babies From Rented Wombs
Third-party reproductive efforts are increasingly normalizing a build-a-baby culture that encourages people to commission designer babies in much the same way they would commission designer handbags.

SPUC Condemns Exploitation Of Vulnerable Woman Who Was Forced To Have Surgical Abortion
SPUC has condemned the exploitation of a vulnerable woman with the mental capacity of a toddler who was forced to undergo an abortion after being raped by her carer in Leeds. Margaret Akers, SPUC Campaign Research Officer said: “A woman understood to have the mental capacity of a toddler cannot consent to sex and therefore cannot consent to abortion. This vulnerable woman should never have been placed in this situation.”​

Competing Reports On Euthanasia For Mental Illness.
The Provincial and Federal governments in Canada need to amend their euthanasia laws quickly. They have to meet a March 2020 deadline set last year by Quebec Superior Court Justice Baudouin who ruled that it was unconstitutional to deny Canadians the right to die unless their deaths were “reasonably foreseeable”.

Assisted Suicide Bills Are Not What They Appear To Be.
The assisted suicide lobby has introduced assisted suicide bills in at least 18 States in 2020. All of these bills include "safeguards" that appear to provide oversight of the law.

When It Comes To Abortion: Human Rights Begin When Human Life Begins, At Conception
In his now infamous appearance on ABC’s “The View” earlier this month, Democratic presidential hopeful, former South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, was asked when in pregnancy an abortion would become unthinkable to him.

Disgusting Web Site Tells Women: How To Kill Your Baby In An Abortion
Abortion activists are encouraging women to have dangerous self-induced abortions.

Why We Should Respect Doctors’ Conscientious Objections
Many people believe that conscience is just a matter of personal feelings and unverifiable convictions. How would you respond?

Florida Senate Passes Parental Consent Bill, Legislation Heads To The House
On Thursday, the Florida Senate passed a parental consent bill for minors seeking abortion. The legislation, SB 404, passed with a vote of 23-17. The Miami Herald reports that the House version of the bill is fast-tracked in committee and is expected to reach a floor vote next week.

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“Excruciating Pain”

Dear Friends: (1) When was the last time I experienced pain? (2) When was the last time I felt “Excruciating Pain“? These are questions that ran through my mind as I read the article “Medical Expert Confirms Unborn Children Feel Excruciating Pain During Abortions” by Dr. David Prentice of the Charlotte Lozier Institue. Dr. David Prentice clearly states that “science pretty conclusively demonstrates: Young babies still in the womb at 20 weeks do indeed feel pain, and in fact, may feel more intense pain than a newborn or an adult.” Many pro-life doctors maintain that fetuses can feel pain by 8 weeks, about the time most surgical abortions take place. Human beings feel pain. Newborn babies can feel pain. Unborn babies can feel pain. There is no pain button that suddenly switches to “on” or “off” as one's journey progresses through life. “To feel pain” is a life long process for a human being. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! Why Roe Must Go

Rita Joseph
All ideological fads eventually fade and collapse into disrepute, because they have no foundation in truth. "Pro-choice" ideology had its rise, which was based on the crude, reductionist falsehood that a human being in the womb is an anonymous, generic "bunch of cells." Now, its central lie has been unmasked, and Roe is ripe for reversal.

New! Aborting the Wanted Child

Paul Sullins
The unstated mythology of therapeutic "abortion care" is that pregnancies come in only two types: wanted pregnancies, all of which children are delivered, and unwanted pregnancies, all of which children are aborted. But that's not true. At least one in seven abortions in the U.S. are of children that the mother reports were wanted. I recently found that the risk of depression, suicidality or anxiety disorders from such abortions was almost four times higher than for women who had aborted a child in an unwanted pregnancy. Mine is the first empirical study ever to examine these more distressing, invisible abortions.

New! Healing from Donor Conception: My Story

Kathryn Francisco
Donor conception is an unethical practice that separates family members under the guise of charity. It's okay to believe that the method of your conception was wrong and still give thanks for your life.

New! Human Undesirables

Judie Brown
Remember the deplorables? Perhaps you felt like one of them during Hillary Clinton's run for president. Currently in our society we experience attitudes toward human beings that are not only offensive but that are deadly, because America's cultural elite treats certain people like undesirables.

New! Is There Still a Place for Boys?

John Stonestreet
Those of us who have watched this sad story unfold can't help but notice that the Scouts' quickening decline coincides with the group's decision to betray its founding values. In 2013, the Scouts began accepting openly gay members and then leaders. Shortly afterward, they opened their ranks to transgender members, and then - despite the organization's name - to girls.

"Contraceptive" and "Morning After" Pills: Women and Young Girls, You're On Your Own

Dianne N. Irving
Summary: FACTS: Plan B does not "prevent a pregnancy". It is an abortifacient. And it causes death, disease and injury to women and girls and to their unborn children. (But shhhh, don't tell anybody; it's a secret!)

Who's Making the Choice?
Women's Heightened Vulnerability During a Crisis Pregnancy

The Post-Abortion Review
Abortion advocates speak proudly of "freedom to choose," conjuring up images of women freely and autonomously making decisions that are "right" for them. But research into abortion decision making presents a far different picture.

Switzerland's "peculiar institution"

Michael Cook
What is the position of the law on assisted suicide in Switzerland? Journalists often make the mistake of asserting that euthanasia is allowed there. This is not true: only assisted suicide - but this has been legal, astonishingly, since the 1930s.

A prescription for full disclosure: The results of clinical trials of many drugs are going unreported or unnoticed, which flies in the fact of science and may even harm patients

Irving News Comments
The medical scientific community has failed to self-regulate. Those who conduct clinical trials have become subservient to the drug companies that pay them. The scientific community and drug manufacturers must be held legally responsible. They must disclose the entire clinical trial data set -- not just selectively report positive findings.

Sri Lanka: Meethotamulla tragedy to be duplicated at Muthurajawela?

Asia Human Rights
Dealing with the Meethotamulla waste dump has now become a major national problem for Sri Lanka. At least 30 persons have lost their lives due to the collapse of the waste dump. Many others might have died or suffered serious diseases due to the existence of this waste dump polluting the entire environment over a long period of time.

Faith and Patriotism

Charles J. Chaput
Words are cheap. Actions matter. If we believe in the sanctity of life from conception to natural death, we need to prove that by our actions, including our political choices. Anything less leads to the corruption of our integrity. Patriotism, which is a virtue for people of all faiths, requires that we fight, ethically and nonviolently, for what we believe. Claiming that "we don't want to impose our beliefs on society" is not merely politically convenient; it is morally incoherent and irresponsible.

Sri Lanka: Extinct legal system caused security crisis resulting in Easter Sunday carnage

Asia Human Rights
According to Sri Lankan Army Commander Mahesh Senanayake, the present security crisis facing the country was a result of the failures of many government institutions.

Some Wisdom from William Blake

Hank Mattimore
"The tree which moves some to tears of joy is, in the eyes of others, only a green thing which stands in the way. As a man is, so he sees."

Catechism on Family and Life Issues
Celebrating 40 years of Humane Vitae

Rosa Linda G. Valenzona
Forty years ago, on July 29, 1968 Pope Paul VI issued the Humanae Vitae against the expectations of the Secular World and even from some Catholic circles. His words have proven prophetic. Since then the Church has waged a continuous battle in defense of the family and human life against the Population Control Movement's racist agenda to pursue universal access to contraceptives and abortion. These enemies are determined to transform our laws and institutions into instruments for attacking the family and the sacredness of human life through a manipulative political process.

What Human Embryo?
Funniest Mental Gymnastics from Medicine and Research

Dianne N. Irving
Such is merely a very small sampling of the fate of the McCormick and Grobstein "pre-embryo" over the last 30 years. Now, instead of human embryos, human individuals, human persons, human beings, human organisms, human cloning and other human genetic engineering, we now have only "pre-embryos" or their "substitutes", "cells", "reconstructed oocytes", "infertility treatments", "near-cloning", "bio-tech inventions", and "human embryonic stem cell research". Some "mental gymnastics" those are! But at what cost?