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April 21, 2019

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Priest-activist Reiterates Support For Trump
I am more and more impressed with how much is happening behind the scenes that people who elected him need to know. And it's not that the administration is trying to keep it secret; it's just that good news travels slowly.

A Third Of Pregnancies For Women In Early 20s Aborted In England And Wales
New government data show that nearly one-third of pregnancies among women aged 20 through 24 in England and Wales resulted in abortions in 2017.

World's Smallest Surviving Baby Boy, Born In Nagano Weighing Same As An Apple, Ready To Go Home
The world’s smallest baby boy, who was born in October in Nagano Prefecture weighing as much as a large apple, is now ready for the outside world, his doctor said Friday.

Michigan High Court Will Allow Woman To Challenge Gym Letting Men In Women’s Locker Rooms
The Michigan Supreme Court will not prevent a woman from suing the gym that canceled her membership after she complained of a man in its dressing room.

WATCH: Pro-Life Leader Lila Rose STUNS At U.N. In Fiery Exchange: Right ‘To Choose What?’
"To choose what?" Rose continued. "If everybody here agrees, and I think they do, that it is never right to intentionally take an innocent human life, it’s never right to intentionally take an innocent human life. And if we know there is a life in the womb, and he or she is innocent, and an abortion intentionally ends her life, then it is never right to commit an abortion."

Why Religion Is Not Going Away And Science Will Not Destroy It
Secularism has failed to continue its steady global march

The Abandonment Of Professional Ethics, Individual Nurses, And The Patient
The American Nurses Association Draft Position Statement on nursing and assisted suicide completely upends the proper role of nurses, leaving those who object without support.

Don't Cave: Physician-Assisted Suicide Unethical
The World Medical Association should uphold its ethics code and not succumb to politics

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“The Devil is Smiling”. Where are our Shepherds??

Archbishop of New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan responded to calls from Christians to excommunicate New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s for his role in enshrining a “fundamental right” to virtually unlimited abortion in the state, by saying: Excommunicating Andrew Cuomo is “NOT an Appropriate Response” for Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth. What? We didn’t quite catch what you said Cardinal Dolan, would you please repeat that again for us Catholics: Excommunicating Andrew Cuomo is “NOT an Appropriate Response” for Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth. Wow! This is Gov. Andrew Cuomo who has always been an advocate of abortion, has just signed a bill to legally kill unborn innocent children throughout pregnancy, mocks the Catholic Church and you say that "excommunication is NOT an appropriated response". This bill paves the way for New York to become unquestionably an abortion paradise in the world. At present, a third of all new unborn babies are aborted. And the "DEVIL IS SMILING". Where are our Shepherds? Why are the Catholic bishops and priests not following the Church’s teachings that these Catholic politicians who passed this murderous law are to be excommunicated from the Church for doing this unless they publicly repent? By failing to stand up for God and protect innocent lives, they are leading others to grave mortal sin. Can you imagine it – an innocent baby, just hours from being naturally born, murdered in cold blood? It’s disgusting. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! Abortion Recovery Programs: Restoring Marriages and Families

Martha Shuping
As a university student in the early 1970's, I was taught that motherhood could be a barrier to women's success in life, and that abortion was necessary for women's happiness and fulfillment. At the time I entered university, abortion was not yet legal through most of the United States, and this teaching was not based on research, but on unproven theory. Today, research shows a different picture.

New! Dancing with the Devil

Judie Brown
In this era of personal truth versus universal truth as set forth by God, human beings can get into all sorts of trouble. By using personal opinion to replace objective truth, awful things can happen. Dancing with the devil is always deadly.

New! A Message to Mayor Pete from a Latina Mama: "Don't Force Your Sexual Ideology on Me and My Children"

Ana Samuel
Yes, be polite to us, and we will be polite to you. But we know that we are in an intense battle over the hearts and minds of our children. Mothers are very good at educating and protecting our children from harm when we believe they are in danger. This time, that danger is the harmful sexual ideology of the Left.

New! Immigration Policy and the Consent of the Governed

Arthur Milikh
Today, the fanaticism of activists, the ambitions of elite political operatives, and the passive passions of an apolitical public combine to determine our nation's immigration policy.

New! Abortion litigation takes diverse paths in Blue and Red States

Arthur Goldberg
The contentious issue of abortion in the American court system was on display in three recent court cases that occurred in one conservative state and two liberal states. The conservative state of Alabama recognized the "personhood" of an unborn child by permitting the father of an aborted child to name the deceased fetus as a co-plaintiff in a lawsuit for "wrongful death."

A slow slog toward success

Andrew E. Harrod
The persistence, inventiveness and grit of their foes is beginning to dishearten pro-abortion activists in America.

Denmark, migration and racism

Marcus Roberts
Is it racist to control who comes to one's country?

Pakistan: Rising violence against children

Asia Human Rights
The Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) would like to draw the UN Human Rights Council's attention to the rise in violence against children in Pakistan.

All you who are thirsty, come to the water!
18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Douglas P. McManaman
Suffering tends to snap us back to reality. Unless we are ridiculously stubborn, suffering typically brings us in touch with our own poverty of spirit, and then we go looking for God. And that's the one thing God cannot resist: a contrite heart that knows its neediness, and which stands before Him helpless and seeking His help.

The untold story behind the childhood obesity epidemic

Nicole M. King
Family meals, and someone there to cook them, make a difference.

Mother's Day Is Not Always a Good Day

Judie Brown
As a mother and a grandmother it grieves me to say this, but like many other pro-life moms I know that, for some mothers, this Sunday may be an extremely difficult day.

Intelligible Goods, Marriage, and Intellectual Conversion

R. J. Snell
Unless we ask the "what" and "why" in ethical debate, we aren't doing ethics. Debating ethics requires intellectual conversion and thus a commitment to intelligible reality.

Japanese stem cell researcher denied appeal

Michael Cook
The Icarus-like rise of Japanese stem cell research Haruko Obokata has ended with a gigantic splash. Ms Obokata was found guilty of scientific misconduct by Japan's RIKEN Institute after an article and a letter published in Nature were found to be supported by manipulated data.

"Are You Gonna Watch Me?"

Hank Mattimore
I know I'm not mom or dad or even their "real" grandpa but at least they have someone there to give them a hug or a pat on the back and say "Hey, you did great."

The New Eugenics

Michael Cook
What will the new eugenics look like? In the last century, the fashion was to eliminate "degenerates" through sterilization or murder. In the 21st century, eugenicists may call for physical and intellectual genetic enhancement. Those who cannot afford it will drop behind, doomed to become mere drones.