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April 19, 2014

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UN Rejects “Sexual Rights” In Lead Up To Cairo Anniversary
A UN official accused countries of opposing women after they failed to accept specific rights for men who have sex with men (MSM) at a UN commission last week.

Hospital Let 22-week Preemie Die Despite Mother’s Urgent Pleas
A UK hospital has apologized to a woman four years after doctors and staff let her 22-week premature son die in her arms within an hour of being born, despite the mother’s urgent pleas for help.

Judge Sir Paul Coleridge Retires And Calls For End To Family Breakdown
Sir Paul Coleridge says something must be done to stop the "misery" of family breakdown as he retires as a senior High Court judge in the Family Division

Philippines Population Control Law Gets Judicial Green Light
The single, most divisive issue in contemporary Philippine history—the passage of the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012—had its sequel last week when the Supreme Court of the Philippines, following a number of challenges to the law, declared it “not unconstitutional”, save for eight items which it struck down.

Fertility Breakthrough: Scientists Discover How Sperm And Egg Bind
A protein which allows a sperm and egg to bond together has been discovered by scientists in a breakthrough which could improve fertility treatments

The Rise Of 'social' Surrogacy
San Diego-based fertility doctor Lorni Arnold says her patients have included a socialite who 'didn't want to get fat' and a runner with an upcoming marathon The approximate total cost of surrogacy including medical, agency and legal fees is $100,000

Confronting Unending Lies
Perhaps what is most amazing and regretful about the current situation in Russia is the nearly complete absence of truth and objectivity in the mass media covering Ukrainian events. Lie upon lie — unprecedented in quantity and quite typically dismal in quality.

Excommunicate Catholic Pro-abort Justin Trudeau, Says Outspoken Newswoman
Sun News contributor Faith Goldy made the case last week during primetime that Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau, who calls himself Catholic, should be formally excommunicated from the Catholic Church because of his staunch support for abortion.

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Ethical Perspectives

New! Why schools deny that bullying causes suicide

Israel "Izzy" Kalman
I recently gave a presentation in a school where two weeks earlier a 15-year-old girl who had been cyber-bullied committed suicide. Every one of these suicides breaks my heart because I know how easily they could have been prevented had the kids been taught properly how to handle being bullied.

New! A deal with the devil

Michael Cook
Why did American officials refuse to prosecute Japanese doctors who had committed horrendous crimes in World War II?

New! The first harm is the biggest harm

Michael Cook
Britain's first same-sex marriages will take place this coming weekend. In May Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish plan to exchange vows, making them spouses as well as parents to their two sons, Zachary and Elijah. Jubilant campaigners say that fears of an impending social calamity are nonsense.

Beyond Limits
25th Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)

Antonio P. Pueyo
We who live in this part of Mindanao have gone through tough times. We have been through the wars of the early 1970's. We have lived through the earthquake and tsunami of 1976 that leveled the city and washed away coastal villages. We have survived the droughts of El Nino in the 80's and 90's . We have enjoyed sporadic peace in the past thirty years. Just recently we have experienced massive floods as incessant rains brought water from five provinces to the Maguindanao river basin. We have survived.

Taking the "mother" out of Mother Earth News

Harley J. Sims
An article on living childfree seems an odd choice for a back to nature magazine.

Names and the value of a human person

Uchenna Uzo
How many people actually know what their first names mean? In the four years that I have spent outside of my home country in Nigeria, I have frequently asked the people I meet in Europe and the United States what their names actually mean. I have always found it amazing to get replies such as: I do not know? Who cares? Why is that important? Such responses are very different from the typical response of an African.

Weissman Plays "Religion" Card; Scare Tactics With Russian "Ghosts"

Dianne N. Irving
So the gist of Weissman's article is clearly to undermine good science and medicine - and government -- by trying to debunk the scientific credibility of those who oppose his research by playing the "Religion Card", to scare the public - and the Russians - with Ghosts of Stalin and the arms race, and to promote the same voluntary regulations as those achieved at Asilomar by his old Nobel mentor Paul Berg.

A Prophecy Fulfilled

Dick Cremins
The contents of the article came out a number of years before Humanae Vitae, predicting what exists today relates to contraception.