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May 3, 2016

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Hillary Clinton Slams New Law Banning Abortions On Babies With Down Syndrome
While campaigning in Indiana over the weekend, pro-abortion Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made it clear she has no love for the new pro-life law in Indiana that protects unborn babies who have Down syndrome. As LifeNews has reported, Indiana approved a measure that pro-life Governor Mike Pence signed banning abortions done on babies if done because they have the genetic condition.

Planned Parenthood CEO: My Proudest Moment Is Forcing Christians To Pay For Abortion Drugs
Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards seems to jump at every chance she gets to do an interview with a journalist who will flatter her abortion work.

Pornography Is A Danger To Us All
The pathetic attempts in recent letters, editorials and comments to portray pornography as victimless are ignorant and imbecilic.

Facebook Tells Woman To Remove Posts Opposing Men In Women's Bathrooms
Facebook has attempted to censor a Washington woman who posted viral meme-like photos opposing the push to allow men who self identify as female into women's bathrooms after some angry viewers falsely flagged her post for "nudity.

Alabama City Responds To Target By Restricting Bathrooms To Biological Sex
As pressure mounts on Target, a city in Alabama has responded to the retail chain’s bathroom policy change by codifying in law that restrooms are to be restricted according to biological sex.

Aborted Quadruplets Were Born With Arms ‘wrapped Around Each Other’: Former Planned Parenthood Worker
An abortion industry worker left her job at a Planned Parenthood facility – and eventually brought four of her colleagues out of the abortion industry with her – shortly after she witnessed a woman abort her quadruplets. Most of them were delivered stillborn as she sat on the toilet or stumbled through the hallway, writhing in pain.

5 Ways To Live The Theology Of The Body In Your Family
Pope Francis’s recent apostolic exhortation “Amoris Laetitia” (The Joy of Love) has captured in a beautifully intimate way what the Theology of the Body should look like as a marital and familial spirituality.

Only 17 Babies With Down Syndrome Were Born In Taiwan As Abortions Target Unborn Babies
Last month, we had the privilege of talking with our affiliate director from Taiwan, Gloria Hsu. She shared not only what is happening in her center, but what is happening in her family to promote the dignity of each and every life!

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Ethical Perspectives

New! Sex-Selection, Forced Abortion Are Happening Here in the United States

Steven Mosher
Many women today living in immigrant communities in the United States face discrimination, mistreatment, or resentment from family members if they fail to bear a son. Disproportionately girls are being targeted for abortion in some parts of these communities. The choice to abort is a coerced one, more often than not one pushed by husbands or female in-laws.

New! "If I Don't Go Ahead With It, I'll Be Dead:" Forced Abortion and Human Trafficking Go Hand in Hand

David C. Reardon
A woman who was a victim of human trafficking spoke out about being forced to abort in a UK study of people who survived trafficking.

New! Is God Dead? No, but our faith may be ailing

Carolyn Moynihan
Christians need a theology that talks about God to stay strong.

Another victim goes on a rampage

Israel "Izzy" Kalman
Every horrific shooting is committed by someone who claims to have been bullied.

Life-Giving Love of Husband and Wife
In light of the Teaching of the Church on Marriage and the Family

John T. Steinbock
Christian parents must teach and witness to their children and to society true married love, love that is exclusive, unending and fruitful. Christian couples are called by God to promote true conjugal love amongst other couples, especially young couples, struggling to live the Christian vocation of marriage, in the midst of a society whose culture does not support that love.

Talking about Abortion

Judie Brown
Every life - born and preborn - has value and must be treated with dignity and respect. Abortion is the direct taking of a precious life - and an act that often destroys other lives as well. But abortion is not something to be silent about. We must talk, we must teach, we must listen. And most of all, we must forgive.

Be Careful What You Pray For ...

Dot McGinnis
"Always be careful for what and for whom you pray.

Duress and Contraceptive Sterilization

Anthony Zimmerman
The reply of Fr. Anthony Zimmerman, STD to "The Meaning and Role of Duress in the Cooperation in Wrongdoing," by Prof. Thomas Kopfensteiner, LQ, May, 2003. Duress cannot justify the practice, just as duress was never an excuse to escape martyrdom.