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September 19, 2018

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Labour Calls For Ban On Early Foetus Sex Test
Labour is calling for a ban on parents-to-be being told the sex of their baby after early blood tests, amid fears it may lead to abortions of girls.

Unborn Babies In Ireland Now Have No Right To Life As Eighth Is Formally Repealed
Ireland's constitutional protection of the unborn came to an end yesterday as the Eighth Amendment, which enshrined the right to life of the unborn, was formally removed.

Harvest Euthanasia Victims Organs Before They're Dead, Say Canadian Doctors
The proposal means the patient could be anaesthetised and his organs procured while he is still alive.

UK Social Services Are Taking Away Record Numbers Of Kids…leaving Parents Terrified
Having your children taken away by the state is one of a mom’s or dad’s worst nightmares. Unfortunately, this happens to thousands of parents in the United Kingdom every year--and not always with good cause.

Is Pornography Your Therapy?
You gave away your computer, unplugged your TV, had a total stranger put a lock on your phone. Maybe you’ve done well in stretches.

Sexual Exploitation Knows No Borders, Neither Should Our Efforts To End It
The issue of sexual exploitation knows no borders. Consider the case of Nigeria where sex trafficking and exploitation are pervasive throughout the country. Vulnerable populations, most notably young girls, face high risk of sex trafficking as harsh economic struggles in a country where options remain meager push children (and adults) to seek employment opportunities far outside their native villages. All too often, they are lured into a world of sexual violence and abuse with promises of jobs and economic security.

A Viral Photo Shows The Problems With In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
Realistic devices like IVF, show how questions of ethics and morality are not as cut and dry as finding the right Bible verse. This means pastors need to compassionately shepherd and disciple our churches to understand that the availability of technology cannot mean its unquestioned use.

Are Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE) Effective? Are They Harmful? What The Evidence Shows
"Sexual orientation change efforts" (or SOCE) are efforts to help people with unwanted same-sex sexual attractions overcome those attractions and/or abstain from homosexual behavior. SOCE may include professional therapy or less formal (often religious) counseling. Critics of SOCE make two claims—that it is ineffective, and that it is harmful.

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The New Weapon: Prenatal Testing

Dear Friends for Life: A new worldwide strategy ignites a well-thoughtout war on unborn babies. It’s called “Prenatal Testing”. I refer to fetal testing as a “New Weapon” which selects and annihilates a certain class of human beings. The selection is an unborn child with an abnormality, disability, or male or female. This current eugenic attitude is expanding and, sad to say, children with disabilities are its first target. For example in Denmark, only 2 percent of unborn babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are born; the rest are aborted. In Iceland, it’s 100 percent, France 77, United Kingdom 90, and the United States is estimated around 67 percent. This deadly discrimination is a growing epidemic. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI use to worry about the "new frontiers of genetics and the risk of eugenics". Now it has become a reality.
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Ethical Perspectives

New! Nearly 125 Indian Members of Parliament Back Petition to Introduce a Two-Child Policy

Steven Mosher
Nearly 125 lawmakers in India's Parliament have signed a petition to Indian President Ram Nath Kovind, calling for a nationwide two-child policy. Members of Parliament (MPs) who signed the petition have called for a law prohibiting Indian couples from having more than two children with stiff penalties for couples who exceed the proposed two-child limit.

New! The Church Cannot Teach That Capital Punishment is Inherently Wrong: A Reply to John Finnis

Edward Feser
The Catholic Church insists that even popes have no authority to introduce novel doctrines. To teach that capital punishment is inherently immoral would manifestly be a novel doctrine - not simply going beyond but explicitly contradicting what the Church, scripture, and tradition have taught for two millennia.

New! Women and Children First: The Missing Rescue System

Brian Fisher
America has rescue systems in place for every potential catastrophe and every group of people - except preborn children at risk of being killed by abortion.

New! Philosophy and Theology: Reproductive Rights

Christopher Kaczor
In common parlance, synonyms for "reproductive rights" include "reproductive autonomy," "reproductive justice," or even more euphemistically, "women's health." But what exactly are reproductive rights? What are the scope and limits (if any) of reproductive rights? What is the basis for the legal and moral duties that come with reproducing?

New! Why is the BBC promoting adultery?

Ann Farmer
A new six-episode show about sexual boredom and infidelity, Wanderlust, has been described as the BBC's "filthiest drama to date". The producers, of course, say that it is a serious look ";at how we build and maintain happy relationships and asks if lifelong monogamy is possible - or even desirable".

Painkillers. . . Heroin. . . Epidemic
Coming to Your Neighborhood?

John Stonestreet
It's an epidemic of shocking proportions. And Christians aren't immune. I'm talking about the scourge of heroin.

When Abortion is an Act of Kindness!

Judie Brown
I chose to write about Virginia Ironside because of two appalling statements she made about abortion and child murder - under the guise that her actions would be compassionate.

Does IVF actually work for women over 40?

Xavier Symons
Critics of the IVF industry in the US have attacked "misleading" marketing strategies that encourage older women to use IVF.

Pray the Harvest Master to Send Chaste Laborers

Anthony Zimmerman
In this writing my observations are directed to those called to priestly celibacy. But in a broader sense they are addressed to each and every vocation to which Christ calls His people.

Expendable mothers

Melinda Tankard Reist
The surrogacy industry treats women like disposable commodities.

Elderly population spurs small business

Shannon Roberts
At a time when health systems the world over are grappling with a higher proportion of older people in the face of demographic change and increasing costs, baby boomers are stepping in to fill some of the gaps.

To Civilize the Coming Generation
Confronting Sexual Immorality

Anthony Zimmerman
If we don't head off the contraception stampede, civil life will become increasingly chaotic. There is more sinister malice in massive contraception than at first meets the eye. The ban on contraception is the solid and indispensable pillar on which family life balances itself.

Comments: "Costly Cloning Isn't a Cure-All",
or "The Great Human Embryonic Stem Cell Fairy Tale Exposed"

Irving News Comments
So "The Great Human Embryonic Stem Cell Fairy Tale" is beginning to unravel. It is only going to make a few private biomedical researchers and drug company CEO's mega-rich. It is not really about stem cell research to produce miracle cures for sick patients, but about human cloning in order to study the processes of diseases. That is, disabled human beings' living human embryos, human organisms (not just cells or balls of cells ) -- must be purposefully produced en masse by the vats-full by cloning sick patients body cells in order to study these diseases for future therapies that won't work either for the same reasons. And is there nothing wrong with pseudo-cloning (parthenogenesis), or with hemi-cloning (pronuclei transfer used already in some IVF treatments )? This residual confusion is an indication that many still do not understand that the scientific issue is human genetic engineering. Regardless of the definitions proposed, regardless of the techniques used, any method or process that produces new living human beings for research fodder is unethical and should be clearly and specifically prohibited by law. The Great Fairy Tale still continues, using different disguises.

Blow to Germany's animal lovers

Michael Cook
Ahead of a debate in the Bundestag next week, Hans-Michael Goldmann, chairman of the parliamentary agricultural committee, has declared that animals should not be used ";for personal sexual activities or made available to third parties for sexual activities" thereby forcing them to behave in ways that are inappropriate to their species

Science and the Embryo

Christopher O. Tollefsen
It is an interesting, difficult, and manifestly important question: "When does a new human being begin to exist?" Many crucial moral, political, and legal matters turn upon the answer. But this question is distinct from a further one: "How should we go about answering this important, difficult, and interesting question?"