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2021-03-03 The ACA (Section 1557) May Be Used To Violate Your Conscience, Please Help Us Stop This Mario R. Dickerson, M.T.S.
2021-02-24 The Equality Act Discriminates Against People Of Faith And Threatens Unborn Life. Tell Congress To Oppose It! Joe Schmidt
2021-02-22 Oppose The Equality Act: A Message From The Health Care Policy Committee Steven White, M.D.
2021-02-17 This Is My Nightmare. Linda Goudsmit
2021-02-16 The United States Should Give Fleeing Uighurs A Home
2021-02-04 Catholic Medical Association Expresses Concerns After Biden Administration Rescinds Mexico City Policy Jill Blumenfeld
2021-01-23 Today We Grieve, Tomorrow We Fight Lila Rose
2021-01-08 SICK: Aborted Baby Skin Grafted On Mice – Sign Urgent Protest John Ritchie
2020-12-28 There Is Weeping On This Fourth Day Of Christmas Steven W. Mosher
2020-12-19 Catholic Medical Association Congratulates HHS, OCR On Action To Protect Conscience, Religious Freedom Jill Blumenfeld
2020-12-16 Information Regarding Degrees Of Responsibility Of Vaccine Usage Jill Blumenfeld
2020-11-12 We Have To Stop Trudeau From Passing Bill C-7 Jeff Gunnarson
2020-11-08 Spiritual Warfare And The Family: Free Webinar! Stephanie Burke
2020-11-06 Offering You Some Election Hope Steven W. Mosher
2020-11-06 Catholic Medical Association Encourages Catholics To Pray Rosary In Midst Of Election Controversy Jill Blumenfeld
2020-10-30 Catholic Medical Association Congratulates Secretary Of State And HHS On Signing Of Geneva Consensus Declaration Jill Blumenfeld
2020-10-24 Fake News About Fake Clinics Katie Barrett
2020-10-23 Catholic Medical Association Applauds HHS, OCR Action To Protect Patients’ Right To Religious Freedom Jill Blumenfeld
2020-10-22 “Stop Telling Couples All Roads Lead To IVF” The Center for Bioethics and Culture
2020-10-22 Pregnancy Centers Are Changing Lives. The Latest Report Shows It! Jor-El Godsey
2020-10-22 Special Voter's Guides From EWTN Michael P. Warsaw
2020-10-21 URGENT: Take Action Today Jasmine O’Connor OBE
2020-10-21 Today Is Anti-Slavery Day Jasmine O’Connor OBE
2020-10-21 Clarification On Media Claims Re: Pope Francis Statement On Civil Unions Douglas McManaman
2020-10-16 The Silent Grieving... Joanna Hyatt
2020-10-10 Thank You For Being A Voice For The Voiceless Dean Nelson
2020-10-07 Catholic Medical Association Opposes State, Federal Funding For Embryonic Stem Cell Research Jill Blumenfeld
2020-09-27 Vote To Confirm Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett
2020-09-25 Take Action As Our Nation Replaces A Supreme Court Justice Fr. Frank Pavone
2020-09-24 Summit Of Grace: Moral Injury Of Abortion Martha Shuping, MD

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