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Archives: Newsletter #664

Sent April 12th 2014 Newsletter #664 From: " Newsletter" <> Subject: Lifeissues Newsletter #664 Date: April 13th 2014 Dear Friends for Life, The Fukushima nuclear accident continues to worsen. After three years, record levels of radioactivity are being detected at the Fukushima nuclear plant. People no longer trust the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) because of their cover ups and inability to do anything. Last year, TEPCO was caught cover...

Lifeissues Newsletter #663

Sent April 5th 2014 Newsletter #663 From: " Newsletter" <> Subject: Lifeissues Newsletter #663 Date: April 6th 2014 Dear Friends for Life, Sex Trafficking has many faces. I'd like to mention one surprisingly hidden face I recently ran across. The headline read: "Sex Trafficking Happens in the Porn Industry." The writer asked that we do not buy into the notion that it is a business which promises fame and fortune. The reality is that "Porn Star... Newsletter #662

Sent March 14th 2014 Newsletter #662 From: " Newsletter" <> Subject: Lifeissues Newsletter #662 Date: March 9th 2014 Dear Friends for Life, Too often, mainstream media and politicians throughout the world set policies and spin the agenda when it comes to pregnant women and abortion-related issues. I wonder sometimes if reporters are aware of their crimes against humanity.  Since the Supreme Court made abortion legal in 1973, there have been an estimated 56,662,169 ...

Lifeissues Newsletter #661

Sent March 7th 2014

Dear Friends for Life, Toward the end of last year, I had the opportunity to attend several HIV/AIDS conferences in Thailand. The conferences where more or less what I had expected, many speakers leaving behind more problems than solutions. However, the trip was not a complete loss. A good friend, an Italian missionary priest dedicated to working with HIV/AIDS children, gave me a on-site tour of young people and the sex industry in Bangkok, the icon of many Asain cities facing the same problem. The sex industry produc...

Lifeissues Newsletter #660

Sent January 10th 2014

Dear Friends for Life, We just experienced an electric failure and the mailing of this newsletter stopped; consequently, we are sending it out again. Some of you will receive two copies. We apologize for any inconvenience. The links have been checked in this newsletter and should be accurate. If not, email Time for all of us to better understand brain death During 2013, I had a conversation (probably better described as a confrontation) with a doctor at a nursing h...

Lifeissues Newsletter #659

Sent December 20th 2013

Dear Friends for Life, It is becoming a sad period in history this year. The atheists are on the war path. The heart, soul and meaning of CHRISTmas - Christ - is being thrown out by the voice of a small minority. I wonder why the large majority of CHRISTians in the United States do not vehemently oppose this and stand up for our constitutional right to freely express our Catholic faith. The following article is worth reading and give some serious thought to what is happening not only in this city but over the...

Lifeissues Newsletter #658

Sent December 15th 2013

 Dear Friends for Life, Christmas Holidays are just around the corner as we celebrate the 3rd Sunday of Advent. As we prepare for this great day, let us give thanks to the Baby Jesus for becoming human like us and walking with us 24-7 as we combat the Culture of Death. Only His strength and love will change hearts and minds so that the Culture of Life will flourish. Only our prayers and perseverance focused on this Child can we participate on this important journey. New Study Confirms Abortion Brea...

Lifeissues Newsletter #657

Sent December 10th 2013

 Dear Friends for Life, The Indian Ministry of Home Affairs has ordered that those coming to India for surrogacy services must apply for a medical visa. Starting this month, people traveling for surrogacy services can no longer enter the country with a tourist visa. The new order requires couples seeking surrogacy to have the permission of their home country, attain services at an approved medical facility and be a heterosexual couple married for at least two years. It is estimated that up to 30 per...

Lifeissues Newsletter #656

Sent December 1st 2013

Dear Friends for Life, When will our attack on children stop. For the survival of the human race, we need children. For our working force to support the ageing population, we need children. For our personal and spiritual growth, we need children. Through abortions, IVF and euthanasia, we are destroying our future. World, wake up! Look at the statistics. In many countries like Japan, Korea, France, etc., they no longer have a future because they can no longer replace their population. A national average of 2.1...

Lifeissues Newsletter #655

Sent November 28th 2013

 Dear Friends for Life, Australia: State Approves Sex Selection of Boys in IVF Health authorities in Western Australia have become the first to approve sex selection in IVF to reduce the risk of autism. The Reproductive Technology Council has permitted the use of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) in fertility clinics to determine gender, seeking to identify and eliminate males believed to have a greater likelihood of developing autism. Sperm may also be...

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