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Archived Messages Newsletter #733

October 12th 2016

Unsubscribe Automatically: Newsletter #733 Dear Friends for Life, The problem of _loneliness among the elderly_ is a growing problem around the world. In Britain and the United States, roughly one in three people older than 65 live alone. In the United States, half of those older than 85 live alone. In Japan where I work, the number of elderly people aged 65 or older accounts for 26.7 percent of the 127.11 million total population. China, India, Singapore, South Korea and other countries are facing si ...Continue Reading Newsletter #732

August 7th 2016

Unsubscribe Automatically: Newsletter #732 Dear Friends for Life, 71 years have passed since the United States dropped the atomic bomb on masses of innocent people, many still at home having breakfast with their families. The first city hit by the atomic bomb was Hiroshima. The time was 8:15am on August 6, 1945. In just a few minutes, the entire city - babies, school children, mothers and grandparents - was completely erased. Radiation was so intense that those who did not die immediately di ...Continue Reading Newsletter #731

June 30th 2016

Unsubscribe Automatically: Newsletter #731 Dear Friends for Life, The headlines are filled with bad news about Planned Parenthood and its destructive influence on society and the family. To shed more light on the "dirty tricks" of Planned Parenthood, I have asked Dr. Dianne N. Irving, M.A., Ph.D. to comment in this Introduction of the newsletter on her recent article "Planned Parenthood's Website "Glossary" - Fake Science, Phobias, and Sexually Obsessive Definitions". Dr ...Continue Reading Newsletter #730

May 25th 2016 Newsletter #730 Dear Friends for Life, Today we are observing a world which is descending into moral darkness. We avoid looking at the refugees living in camps, poverty resulting from the combined wealth of the richest 1% will soon overtake that of the other 99%, sex-education based on un-researched conclusions, traditional marriage being swept under the carpet, hard earned taxes supporting the abortion industry and the slippery slope continues. Now we are bombarded with _laws forcing the general public ...Continue Reading Newsletter #729

April 10th 2016 Newsletter #729 From:  " Newsletter" Subject:  Lifeissues Newsletter #729 Date:  April 10, 2016 Dear Friends for Life, Think of a little unborn child fighting for life in its mother's womb. A beautiful scene of God's creation- the growing process. Then consider the biggest lie to hit the news in this presidential race. Hillary Clinton stating publicly that babies are people but don't have human rights. What? "The unborn person doesn't have cons ...Continue Reading Newsletter #728

March 15th 2016 Newsletter #728 From:  " Newsletter" Subject:  Lifeissues Newsletter #728 Date:  March 15, 2016 Dear Friends for Life, In Syria, massive and systematised violence - including the killing of detainees in official and makeshift detention centres - is taking place out of sight, far from the battlefield. The latest report, "Out of sight, out of mind: Deaths in detention in the Syrian Arab Republic", released recently by The UN Commission of I ...Continue Reading Newsletter #727

February 25th 2016 Newsletter #727 From:  " Newsletter" Subject:  Lifeissues Newsletter #727 Date:  Feb. 25, 2016 Dear Friends for Life, The war against babies with Down's syndrome continues to widen. The latest headlines read: "New prenatal test for Down's eugenics by the back door?" The killing by abortion of these beautiful babies has increased as a newer and more accurate prenatal test for Down's syndrome was developed in Britain. Pro-life campaigners f ...Continue Reading Newsletter #726

February 14th 2016

From: Newsletter Subject: LifeIssues Newsletter #726 Date: February 14, 2016 Dear Friends for Life, "Time waits for no man" as the old saying goes. Six weeks have already passed in the New Year and no sight of world problems easing down. However there are signs of public disgust and a _demand for better leadership, better accountability from leaders in politics, religion, education and the mass media_. Many times the ordinary person witnesses these leaders either taking actions which go contra ...Continue Reading Newsletter #725

February 7th 2016

Lifeissues Newsletter Newsletter #725 From:  " Newsletter" <> Subject:  Lifeissues Newsletter #725 Date:  Feb. 07, 2016 Dear Friends for Life, "Some parents and educators believe that a child is like a huge container. To insure the child's success, they think it their job to fill it up with as much information as possible, as quickly as possible. This misconception is damaging the brilliance of millions of our youth.& ...Continue Reading Newsletter #724

January 29th 2016

Lifeissues Newsletter Unsubscribe Automatically: From:  " Newsletter" Subject:  Lifeissues Newsletter #724Date:  Jan. 29, 2016 This week we bring some disturbing news. A Texas grand jury has ignored the videos exposing a Houston-based Planned Parenthood abortion clinic caught selling aborted baby body parts and has instead indicted the man behind producing the expose' videos. Steven Erteit, the editor of, has sent the following mess ...Continue Reading


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