Legend Of The Daffodil
Lenten Lily

Dot McGinnis
© 2007
Reproduced with Permission

Little trumpet golden hue,
Leaves upraised in praise unto,

Christ who died on Calvary's tree,
Sacrificed himself for me.

Legends say that throughout lent,
Whispers heavenward are sent.

Of good deeds done, prayers, sacrifice,
Acts of kindness, all things nice.

Guardian angles on hearing this,
Pluck golden stars and with a kiss,

Blow them down to earth below,
Where they bloom there in a row.

Little star shaped trumpet flower,
First appeared in sorrow's hour.

In Gethsemane they grew,

To comfort Christ our Savior who,

Wept alone and prayed that night,
As He faced His sorrowful plight.

A sign of hope and new birth,
Their tender blossoms kissed the earth.

With star shaped centers, leaves upraised,
Tis' Easter's symbol, nature's praise.

Daffodils born during lent.
Are "Lenten Lily's", Heaven sent.

Their leaves upturned in praise unto,
Christ who gave Himself for you.