My Sea of Remembrance

Dot McGinnis
© 2007
Reproduced with Permission

I'll remember your sins no more it said,
T'was' a promise in your word I long ago read.

Then You took all my sins away from me,
And swept them all into Your sea.

Now, If I could only just leave them there,
My life would go on without a care.

But I keep trying to take them back.
Seems forgiving myself is something I lack.

Things from the past haunt me night and day,
I try to relive them Lord, what can I say?

In My Sea of Remembrance the waters run deep.
Things I've done old memories keep,

Crashing through my mind, though Lord I do try
To forget, and yet can't let the past die.

I know You've swept my offenses away,
Like a cloud at the break of the dawning day.

My sins are now gone like the morning mist,
You delight in showing mercy such as this.

My transgressions blotted out by Thee,
My iniquities hurled into Your Sea

Of Forgetfulness Lord, tell me where it might be,
This Sea that You've hidden far from me?

For my Sea of Remembrance won't seem to let,
Me walk away from the past and forget.

Though mercy and grace You've offered to me,
Still...I want to go fishing in my sea.

Please tell me Lord, where is Your sea;
Your "Sea of Forgetfulness."