God's Child

Dot McGinnis
© by Dot McGinnis
Reproduced with Permission

God's Child

God calls on certain people
To love and follow Him
And the baby, you hold in your arms,
Just might be one of them.

Though they seem too small and tiny
To carry on God's way,
They'll grow into a strong child, soon;
With each passing day.

Then, someday, they will tell the world
Of all God's wondrous things;
Of Jesus and His glory,
And all the love He brings.

They'll help us lift our hearts to God
And give our lives to him,
And show us love, to fill our hearts
That once were filled with sin.

And, when they die, they'll join God
In the heavens, high above.
Then, someone else, maybe their child,
Will take their place to teach about God's love.