Sc. documentation, abortion kills living human beings/persons

Dianne N. Irving
June 26, 2022
Reproduced with Permission

Since Roe was recently overturned by the Supreme Court I have received a flood of questions re abortion and requests for the accurate facts of human embryology that people can use to refute pro-abortionists. Best I can do is provide the following list of my resources copied at the end. Hope it is helpful.

Consider too that it has been known for a long time that the accurate scientific facts also apply to abortion/"contraception" pills as well, since in sexual reproduction the new human being begins to exist in the woman's fallopian tube ( not in her uterus!) at least 15 days before implantation; see John Wilks, "The Impact of the Pill on Implantation Factors - New Research Findings" ( Ethics & Medicine , 2000, 16:1, 15-22), with 107 scientific references, at:

Mis-definitions of major scientific terms fraudulently claim that such pills don't cause abortions - e.g., as touted on Planned Parenthood's web site, as well as used by IVF/ART research labs and "infertility clinics", genetic engineering centers, and similar labs around the world, etc.! -- but such fraud results in the killing of already existing innocent living human beings and precludes ethically and legally required Informed Consent . (Yet consider that Big Pharma needs such fraud to make their Big Bucks; and eugenicists, pop-controllers, Transhumanists, Gnostics do as well!) ... If accurate scientific terms are used, it is clear that such pills definitely cause abortions, allow the killing living human beings by abortion and destructive experimental research, and thus Informed Consent is protected.

'Please Pass On' to others so that they can empirically prove to others how pro-aborts are objectively empirically wrong - include sending these to prolife pregnancy crisis centers that are being attacked, to SC Justices who are being threatened and whose homes are being targeted, etc. -- and to make sure that pressure is put on the legislators that every state law must also use only these accurate objective scientific facts ( over 19 states purposefully MIS-define "conception" as "beginning at implantation" , thus allowing real abortions and the use of "contraceptive" pills, and the use of early human embryos in deadly destructive scientific research!). The following articles of mine provide collectively thousands of objective accurate scientific studies and articles on related "abortion" issues by scientific experts that you can share with others - including pro-abortion protesters, including "Jane"!! ... Could it be that the persistent willful use internationally of fraudulent and fake "human embryology" for so many decades that has resulted in the deaths and severe physical harms to millions upon millions of innocent human beings internationally constitutes crimes against humanity ?! ...

Irving: My Major Articles, Etc. Re Documentation of Accurate Human Embryology: (see dozens of my other articles on other issues posted on , the Irving Library: )

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