Abortion to be Limited Step by Step

Anthony Zimmerman
Culture Wars
September 1999
Reproduced with Permission

Content: The letter takes issue with opponents who do not support restrictive legislation on abortion, who take an "all or none" attitude.

Patrick L. Cole reminds us again, and I agree with him heart and soul, that a law which allows some abortion is not only against natural law, but it mis-educates and scandalizes the public. Worse even than the law on the books which permits some abortion - which has no binding power in heaven - is a President who lends the prestige of his office to outlandish support of abortion, thus painting tar over the face of America. Pray that a next President will remove the scandal. We have an obligation to scrap every sign and vestige of abortion finally, and to join our thoughts and actions with those of God who, when He creates human life, does so with tender love, greater even than the love of a father and mother. To gain that final goal step by step instead of by one giant leap, is serpentine wisdom and dovish candor. It is not sinful to extinguish abortion step by step.

We agree, then, that abortion must be made illegal entirely. The law must finally be bright and clean, excluding a legal killing of children who received their lives from God consequent upon crimes of incest or rape. We agree similarly that firemen must put out fires entirely until the last cinder stops smoking. We do not forbid them from doing this methodically, step by step. We must be wise as serpents and prudent as doves when devising means to stop legal abortion and hosing down fires.

Firemen get the job done by working methodically, basing sequences on experience and science. The hose gushes first on the hottest flames. Other details must wait. First things first. Altar boys and girls snuff out candles with one quick action, but the work of professional firemen is not that simple.

The abortion industry is not burning candles; it is a wild prairie fire. The flames feed, first of all, on money. Quick, easy, filthy money. Second, the flames feed on lust for power over people; doctors in white coats wield knives on inexperienced girls abandoned by the media and the public; the media mesmerize the public with lies. Third, abortion is pitch black and devilish - delicious evil. Abortionists can relish evil for its pure taste of maliciousness. Murderers lust in an orgasmic wickedness when they shoot or stab or suffocate a victim. Police watch for murderers to return to the scene of their crime, to once more lust in its deviltry. Money, power, evil that's the threesome which feeds abortion in America. The conflagration rages like a prairie fire driven by winds of the media. Clinton's appointees in the courts routinely manhandle elected legislators. Well-paid abortion attorneys know what to say to starry- eyed victims who threaten suit. We cannot put out this fire with a candle extinguisher. The flames are too big.

First cut off the easy profits. Regulate abortuaries by requiring safety equipment standard to surgical facilities in hospitals. Bit by bit, choke off the sources of revenue by legislating incremental restrictions. Second, de-glamorize abortion. It's males who want it more than females. Feminists must be made to see that females are the victims, and that males manipulate them. Third, drive out the evil with the power of Christ. Christ gives us the Mass, Sacraments, teachings, prayers. We must overcome this evil with good. Christ beckons us to increase our love. For those who love God, all things work together unto good.

The fight is proving to be ardent, long, burdensome. Forget dreams about snuffing out abortion with one simple act of legislation, like blowing out a candle. Abortion is not a little candle but a huge conflagration. Wishful thinking doesn't convince Congress. One act of Congress will not snuff out abortion for us, until we ourselves elect the kind of people who will do that; until officials whom we elect will first fight to get this prairie fire under control, and when the flames are all out, then stamp out the last smoking cinder. So once again: de-profit, de-glamor, de-devil. Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus, Christus imperat.