The curious world of surrogacy #1: 'I want to keep my baby'

Xavier Symons
29 May 2014
Reproduced with Permission

A surrogate mother in the UK has received international media attention after she decided mid-pregnancy that she wants to 'keep her baby'.

Leanne Stanford, 26, offered to become a surrogate for her mother Judith after Judith miscarried a baby conceived by IVF. In 2011 Leanne impregnated herself with sperm provided by her stepfather Mark, falling pregnant at the first attempt. After an ultrasound midway through the pregnancy, she began to feel "the pull of maternal love" for the child, and eventually decided that she wanted to keep the baby. Leanne gave birth to Mollie in 2012, and is currently seeking parental support from the child's father Mark.

Judith Stanford has no legal claim over the child, as there was no written contract was made between the parties about the surrogacy arrangement.

"What it came down to was that the bond with my baby was stronger than the bond with my mum", said Leanne, who has not spoken to her infuriated mother since March.