The most common "death chamber" for killing the unborn

Michael D. Pfeifer
Pastoral Statement
January 2, 2024
Reproduced with Permission

The fastest growing common death chamber in our country for murdering the precious unborn is not a clinic or a hospital but the family home. Our home, which should be the sanctuary for the caring and protection of children, is now with the easy availability of abortion pills, has become a major center for abortion. Various statistics show the rapid increase of this deadly place and the Guttmacher Institute state that over 50% of abortions now happen by way of the abortion pill. According to Acu Council, "more unborn babies are killed every year through chemical abortion pills than by any other type of abortion. President Biden is intentionally violating federal law by expanding the use of these deadly drugs - including sending them through the mail."

As we deal with the rapidly increasing death chamber in our homes, more than ever pro-lifers need to stress especially with young women, the divine dignity, the sacredness, and beauty of the unborn they carry in their wombs. We need to remind them verbally and visually of the brutal reality of abortion. Both Pope Saint John Paull II and Pope Francis have clearly stated that abortion is murder. Pope Francis has also stated the hard shocking comparison that abortion is like hiring a hitman to kill a totally precious innocent child.

Our Christian belief about the sacredness and humanity of the tiny unborn person is based on the Holy Word of God and has been confirmed over and over by recent scientific research that reaffirms our biblical belief that human life truly begins at conception. Abortion destroys the precious little unborn child of the primary right to life which is central and fundamental to every other human right. According to the World Health Organization, every year abortion globally destroys 73 million unborn children. For the sake of the good of humanity, and the divine commandment "you shall not kill", we need to work more fervently to abandon this death procedure of abortion.

Chemical Abortion

Sadly, this brutal process of destroying the precious unborn is becoming more and more common with chemical abortion which happens in our homes. The Chemical abortion pill regime is causing the abortion rate in America to sky rocket. This is why it is urgent that all pro-lifers take action to abandon this death pill that now can be acquired very easily through mail order. The white house, Planned Parenthood, and big Pharma are attempting to saturate America with these death pills. These pills don't heal, they kill. These abortion pills are created to torture and murder millions of innocent, defenseless preborn babies by starving them to death in their mothers' wombs at home. It is a nightmare. The current administration, supported by abortion and drug industries, has radical loosened rules on Chemical abortion. And now a woman is no longer required to have medical supervision to receive these deadly abortion drugs. This flood of death pills are, or, will be unleashed at our neighborhood drug stores like CVS, Walgreens, and other centers. Retail pharmacies could soon be handing out deadly abortion pills with a prescription along with other drugs like antibiotics. These deadly pills are also easily acquired by mail, available for online orders. These killing drugs are marketed as safe, simple, and relatively painless, but hide the terrible reality that they brutally kill God's unborn children. Sadly, in the past several months, the Biden Administration working with secretary Beccera of HHS, is proposing major changes in TANF [ Temporary Assistance for Needy Families ] , that will cancel funding for Pregnancy Centers and alternatives to abortion, thereby denying free assistance to women, babies, and families in their moment of need.

No greater enemy to our children and mothers

In the next two paragraphs, I share with you some reflections on the terrible effects of abortion from two wonderful pro-life leaders, Kristan Hawkins and Lila Rose. There is no greater enemy to our children, their mothers, and our nation than abortion. Abortion leaves a terrible legacy and shatters lives and, in most cases, leaves lasting negative marks on mothers. Pro-lifers, based on facts, have been stressing for years that women who have undergone an abortion are more prone to depression and other mental health issues. But pro-abortion radicals, for years, have tried to hide these statistics as they attempt to normalize abortion. Planned parenthood doesn't want people to know that a survey taken earlier this year that 55% of women who call themselves "pro-choice" struggle emotionally after an abortion. Abortion kills tiny children made in the very image and likeness of God and studies prove that women who have had an abortion, often have severe psychological and sometimes physical repercussions that last their entire lives. Abortion pills are burdening public health systems because emergency rooms across the country are being flooded by women victimized by the dangerous abortion pill. Supporters of chemical abortion often stress that the abortion pill is as safe as Tylenol. But pro-abortion research group Gynuity shows evidence that this claim is totally false. The National Pro-Life Alliance reminds us that Planned Parenthood is the nation's largest abortion provider destroying more than 332,000 innocent lives each year, while receiving more than $500 million in tax-payer funding.

As at-home abortions are rapidly increasing, women need to see the humanity of the babies they are tempted to kill. A mother's womb should be a safe haven, a place of nourishment, and love but with easy access to the pill, it has become a war zone in which innocent babies are annihilated with the backing of government leaders. Because the unborn cannot speak for themselves, many of the born pro-abortion groups trample on their rights using euphemisms that cloak the brutal reality of abortion. They disguise abortion killing with ambiguous terms like "reproductive healthcare", "woman's rights", "the right to choose ", and "bodily autonomy". It is ludicrous to claim that healthcare includes the right to harm a child, even kill a child. More and more we need to challenge public officials, candidates, and others who support abortion about what abortion is called, and the clear fact of what it causes - the killing of an unborn child.

Helping pregnant mothers

There are many pregnant mothers right now who don't feel they can afford another child, and many others are being pressured into abortion against their wishes by someone close to them, even a family member. Others have a career goal or dream they think a child will sabotage, but there are other pregnant women who have legitimate health concerns and are being told falsely that an abortion is needed. This is where many more pro-lifers, especially women, are needed to help guide and assist these pregnant mothers. To overcome these negative pressures, there is a Christ-like need to overwhelm these expectant Mothers, who might be contemplating an abortion, with love, compassion, and personal support for babies and raise them in love by helping them to attain the resources they need so that they can give birth to beautiful babies. Every parish or teaming with other parishes nearby, need to have women prepared who can help these pregnant women. There are clear visual means of helping these women by reviewing with them videos, films, and movies that show the true reality, beauty, and sacredness of the little ones in their wombs. And to also depict the harsh reality of the brutal means that are used to destroy these innocent little children of God, true human persons. One of these strong visuals is Olivia. These visuals are windows into the womb that show the development of the unborn child and the brutality of abortion. Various reports indicate that many women who review these terrible visuals of the brutality of abortion of little babies ripped from their mother's womb, change their hearts and minds that are altered forever. Abby Johnson, former planned parenthood director, strongly points out, "The abortion industry depends on covering up the horrors that take place within its doors. Seeing is believing, and abortion is so horrific that many people simply cannot comprehend the sheer brutality of a baby being dismembered in its mother's womb." We need to applause and support the recent efforts of 19 Attorney Generals who have filed a legal brief with the supreme court asking the members to uphold the ruling from a federal appeals court that banned mail-order-abortions and protects women from then dangerous abortion pills.

A God-given moment for all pro-lifers

This is a God-given moment for all pro-lifers, Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Religious, and faithful Laity to work together to stop the spread of the deadly abortion pills that are becoming more prevalent and easier to attain, even by mail. And this is a wonderful pro-life moment guided by the Holy Spirit to show compassion and love by reaching out to mothers, and fathers, who are struggling with an abortion decision. In this radical community new pro-life efforts, all our actions must be based on prayer and the solid teaching of our Catholic church about the true meaning of human life, and the respect that must be shown by all followers of Jesus for one another. This is indeed a God-given moment for all pro-lifers of all religions to unite in love, and Catholic organizations like the Knights of Colombus, Catholic Daughters, Guadalupanas, knights and ladies of the Holy Sepulcher, young adult groups, and many others, to be in Radical Solidarity in prayerful pastoral action guided by the Holy Spirit. Let us not wait to speak clearly and loudly in solidarity that we know that God's Word and his moral law, confirmed by the latest science, considers the unborn as true human persons. We especially need the active presence and participation of pro-life leaders to work with our government officials to promote good human, moral legislation, and to prevent the increase of evil means, like the abortion pill, that promote and protect human life from its very beginning until its natural end as determined by God. In Radical Solidarity all pro-lifers Bishops, Priests, Religious, Deacons, and all Lay leaders need to study and promote with our Legislators, the means to approve the Life at Conception Act. This Act will provide now and far into the future, a solid basis and inspiration to protect and promote all Pro-Life activities from the Womb to the Tomb. In Radical Solidarity, with our legislators, we especially must study and promote with our legislators, the means of approving a Life at Conception Act. This Act will provide, far into the future, a solid basis and inspiration for all pro-life activities from now and from the womb to the tomb. God created the human person in the divine image and likeness as the pinnacle of all creation. Human life is a magnificent gift from God and is sacred and invaluable.