Legal Drugs Meant to Be Lethal

Michael D. Pfeifer
October 1, 2012
Reproduced with Permission

Some have heard in the past, and many more need to know today, about the cause of the death of Holly Patterson who sadly died from legal drug use. Holly was pregnant, and shortly after turning eighteen, went to Planned Parenthood (PP) clinic for an abortion. She was given deadly pills that led to her death a few days later.

Holly died from the FDA approved pills dispensed from Planned Parenthood. The first is Mifeprostone, known as RU-486, designed to kill an unborn baby. The second drug, Misoprostol, is designed to expel the dead baby. The two deadly pills are routinely prescribed by Planned Parenthood as alternatives to surgical abortion. In April, 2011, the FDA quietly issued a report about the complications from these drugs dispensed by Planned Parenthood. The report only reveals the tip of the iceberg. The FDA reported 2,207 adverse events, 612 of which required hospitalization. The FDA reported 14 US deaths, and 5 additional deaths in foreign countries.

Of course, statistics don't tell the full story. No one at Planned Parenthood told Abby Johnson, a former manager of PP about the agonizing labor or the eight weeks of blood clots, nausea, heavy bleeding and excruciating cramps to come. But at least she lived to tell her story, which she is doing loudly, and far and wide.

With all these excruciating problems at Planned Parenthood, politicians should be tripping over themselves in outcry. The FDA should be banning the use of the pill for abortion. Neither is happening. Why? There is an ungodly war being waged on the unborn human life at Planned Parenthood.