Go ahead, ban me, but I'll never say a man is a woman!

Carolyn Moynihan
August 26, 2016
Reproduced with Permission

A rebellion against transgenderism has broken out on the hugely popular British parenting website Mumsnet after some users were banned for "misgendering" and "transphobia" in referring to certain persons, it seems. Starting Thursday evening UK time the "I am Spartacus" thread has attracted more than 400 posts, all but a handful rejecting the idea of a "transgender woman".

Ringleader "OscarDeLaYenta" asserts:

Men cannot become women, ever. Women cannot become men, ever.

Anna Lee is a man. And I shall refer to him as he.
Ada Wells is a man. And I shall refer to him as he.
Paris Lees is a man. And I shall refer to him as he.
Alex Drummond is a man. And I shall refer to him as he.
Danielle Muscato is a man. And I shall refer to him as he.
Buck Angel is a woman. And I shall refer to her as she.

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But most contributors to the thread appear to be female. Indeed, the central issue is about recognising biological males as women; there is little about women who want to be men.

As for pronouns, they are rejecting the term " cis " in droves.

The push-back against Mumsnet's PC line is fascinating. The site is very influential, with literally millions of users, and it is also very feminist. Feminists have been fighting gender identity and roles for decades. Then along comes trans ideology wanting to make "gender identity" everything. Wanting men posing as females to be included in the women's agenda. No way, say the feminist mums.

These mothers see the trend to "transition" young children as a distinct threat.

And fathers:

I am Basil and I am full of sorrow for the young people who will be given hormones which change their voices, body hair levels and muscle mass and have their breasts, testicles, wombs and penises surgically removed when they are too young to understand the long term effects of what they are doing. And full of disgust with the adults who have made this possible by refusing to listen to the still, small voice of reason they surely must have somewhere inside them.

Women do not want biological males to invade their privacy:

What the whole thread amounts to - and what is explicitly stated by many -- is a declaration that biology matters. A lot. Gender is a suspect term that could undo what is generally regarded as decades of progress for women. Its believers have started mutilating children to serve its revolution. They are forcing girls and women to share facilities with men. This must be stopped!

And it's not religious conservatives complaining this time but readers of the Guardian and other educated Brits who, in this instance at least, are taking the body very, very seriously.