"Identical" Twins Are Clones Formed Naturally And Artificially By A-Sexual Human Reproduction

Dianne N. Irving
January 13, 2019
Reproduced with Permission

I. Introduction:

Given the on-going confusion about the differences between sexual and a-sexual human reproduction, as well as whether "identical" (monozygotic) twins are clones or not, perhaps the following brief explanation and documentation can help. Although there is only one form of human sexual reproduction (via fertilization), there are many different forms of human a-sexual reproduction. "Identical" twinning is just one of them.

Monozygotic twinning is even described in Stages 2-5 in the Carnegie Stages of Human Embryonic Development as naturally occurring within the woman's body. Such "twinning" can also be performed artificially in vitro in IVF/ART research laboratories and "infertility" clinics, as also indicated below.

II. MZ Twins are Clones:

"Identical" or monozygotic twins result from the splitting of a normal early embryo, resulting in those separated cells being "regulated" back to new whole embryos [see section on a-sexual reproduction in Irving, "Playing God by manipulating man: Facts and frauds of human cloning" (October 4, 2003), presented twice at the Missouri Catholic Conference Annual Assembly Workshop, Jefferson City, MO, at: http://www.lifeissues.net/writers/irv/irv_22manipulatingman1.html] "Identical" twinning does not involve fertilization; it is a form of human cloning, one of many kinds of a-sexual human reproduction. "Fraternal" twins do result from fertilization, when two different oocytes are fertilized by two different sperms.

For brief information on MZ twinning as cloning, see even, e.g.: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Embryo_splitting
Wikipedia: "Embryo splitting"
Embryo splitting may refer to:

III. Natural A-Sexual (No Fertilization) Human Reproduction of MZ Twins in Carnegie Stages 2-5:

Even the Carnegie Stages -- usually referred to for accurate detailed scientific documentation of sexual reproduction (fertilization) -- includes descriptions of "identical" MZ twinning:

IV. Long Past Time for the Accurate Scientific Facts of Both Sexual and A-Sexual Huan Reproduction to be Acknowledged and Used:

If only sexual reproduction (fertilization) is used, that leaves out of consideration, laws and regulations all a-sexually reproduced human beings -- which thus opens the door to killing them by abortion, the use of abortifacients, and in destructive experimental research in IVF/ART laboratory research facilities and "infertility" clinics around the globe. And it needs to be pointed out that although "therapeutic" cloning is legal in the USA, "reproductive" cloning is still illegal. But since MZ twinning is a form of cloning, and since those "twins" have been implanted into women for decades, that is "reproductive" cloning -- which is supposed to be illegal. How can women possibly give ethically and legally valid informed consent to allow those MZ twins to be implanted into them if they aren't given the accurate scientific information so that they can make an "informed choice"? And why is such "reproductive" cloning even allowed by our US government laws and regulations?