UK transgender woman wants to be both father and mother

Michael Cook
3 Oct 2015
Reproduced with Permission

Another dispatch from the Wild West of assisted reproductive technology. The third place contestant in the UK's first Miss Transgender beauty competition wants to be the first Briton to be both father and mother of a child.

Fay Purdham, 27 (formerly Kevin McCamley) froze some of her sperm before transitioning to a woman via hormone treatments and surgery. Now she has launched a 100,000 pound crowd-funding appeal to help her engage a surrogate mother. If she is successful, she would be both the biological father and the adoptive mother. "Even before I knew I wanted to become a woman, I wanted to be a mother," she says.

Ms Purdham first raised the possibility of changing her gender with a doctor when she was 16. At 19 she changed her name by deed poll; at 21 she embarked upon gender reassignment surgery. At the moment she has a career as a performance artist fire-breather, but she would like to be a TV presenter.

She is preparing to marry a childhood friend, Chris Dodd, 24. "It took me some time to get my head around the fact that she used to be my best friend Kevin," he told the Daily Mail , "but I have never looked at her in any other way other than the fact she is a gorgeous woman."