Five Belgians euthanased every day in 2013

Michael Cook
30 May 2014
Reproduced with Permission

The number of cases of euthanasia in Belgium in 2013 rose by 26.8% over the previous year. Five people died of euthanasia every day. There were 1,816 cases, compared to 1,432 the previous year. These figures, however, only include the cases which were reported to the government monitoring commission. A good number - no one knows how many - are not officially reported.

Of the 1,816 case, 51.7% were male, and 48.3% female. Dutch-speakers represented 80% of the patients, even though they represent 60% of the population. The age distribution was: over 90 (7%); 70-90 years (53.5%); 60-70 years (21%), and under 60 (15%).

The figures were published in Sudpresse, Belgium's leading French-speaking newspaper. However, an official version does not appear to be available yet on the website of La commission fédérale de contrôle et d'évaluation de l'euthanasie .