"Depraved" remarks about disabled cost Cornwall councillor his job

Michael Cook
2 Mar 2013
Reproduced with Permission

Public outrage over a crass remark about disabled people has cost a councillor in Britain his job. Collin Brewer, 68, an independent councillor at Cornwall Council, told a charity worker who helps youngsters with special needs that "disabled children cost the council too much money and should be put down".

Even though the remark was made a year and a half ago, it surfaced only this week in the press. Celebrities and disability advocates were infuriated. Mr Brewer has apologised, but he initially refused to resign, calling his comments mere "flippant remarks". But he soon saw that his position was untenable.

Mr Brewer's insensitive ("depraved", according to disability advocates) words prompted a satiric outburst from Cranmer, one of the UK's best-read bloggers:

"Mr Brewer has nothing to apologise for. His view is precisely that which our progressive society manifests toward the disabled in the womb - right up to full-term. There is no 24-week limit when it comes to 'getting rid' of those who can't walk, talk, see, hear or catch a ball. You'll have no problem at all getting your Down's child sliced up and vacuumed out, and you'll even find doctors who will neatly dispose of a baby with a hare lip, for that's an undoubted disability. The glorious achievements of our Paralympians have done nothing to change this."