Pushing Evildoers Off The Cliff ... Of Taypayer Funding

Judie Brown
Reproduced with Permission

The sinister schemes of Planned Parenthood remind me of the possessed man in Mark 5:2. Christ encountered the troubled man and, at one point, the man said, "My name is Legion," meaning multitude. Eventually a herd of swine came into view and, at their request, Christ sent the demons into the pigs - and the pigs then proceeded to run off a cliff.

What reminded me of the demon-possessed swine and their ultimate fate is Planned Parenthood's obsession with contaminating the minds of our children with all manner of evil. There is little difference between the possessed man and the insatiable thirst Planned Parenthood has for inviting unsuspecting children to taste of its lurid fare. Planned Parenthood's operatives are attempting to possess the very souls of young people.

Planned Parenthood's voracious hunger for young people's involvement in its web of deceit is typical. This is why the organization is a bottomless pit into which the United States government pours millions of our tax dollars. It has become obvious that government programs under President Obama acquiesce to Planned Parenthood's pressure without batting an eye. Who would expect otherwise?

In last week's edition of Stop Planned Parenthood International's (STOPP) Wednesday STOPP Report, its director, Rita Diller, wrote an article entitled, "Planned Parenthood grabs $20 million grant from new government Office of Adolescent Health." According to Diller, "Planned Parenthood's push for government funding to take over sex education programs in public schools and community organizations has received a sonic boost." She reports that there are six Planned Parenthood affiliate groups involved in this, with locations in Washington state, Idaho, Oregon, Montana and Alaska.

Diller points out another shocker, telling readers, "Planned Parenthood will eevaluate' its own esuccesses,' so that it can get even more funding." This is unprecedented among genuine professionals. The norm is the analysis by an independent third party so that success or failure is measured objectively. Not so with Planned Parenthood. When government officials are enamored with the smut Planned Parenthood markets under the guise of "sex education," the rules change!

My reference to demons taking possession of a herd of swine is quite similar to the level of evil that has driven Planned Parenthood operatives for years. As long-time pro-life hero, Father Tom Euteneuer explained, "Abortion is a demonic industry. Abortion is blood sacrifice of innocent blood to the devil. … They have a dogma called choice, a hierarchy called Planned Parenthood, and guardian angels in the form of police guards that will arrest you if you try to stop them."

This word picture of the abortion industry might make some folks nervous, but once you stop and think about it, the description makes perfect sense.

Abortion is an industry that profits from the practice of killing human beings who are not yet born. That is demonic!

The denial of those in the industry that they are, in fact, killing people proves that it is a blood sacrifice to the devil. There is no other description for a business that profits from lies, abuse and death. And there is no other organization in the United States that can take credit for being the world's leading proponent of child killing. That "honor" belongs to Planned Parenthood - and a dastardly badge of evil it is.

We commend Father Euteneuer for his accuracy as we admit that it will not be possible to stop this Planned Parenthood juggernaut - financed by our tax dollars - until we realize that this is a spiritual battle, requiring spiritual weaponry.

This is why STOPP introduced "Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary" in May of this year. Prayer always comes first.

This is why STOPP continues to press Americans to sign the Stop Planned Parenthood Tax Funding Petition. Actions are integral as a second step toward victory.

And this is why we invite you to engage in this struggle to beat back the Planned Parenthood herd - praying and striving for the day when it is driven off the cliff once and for all.