Justice Cannot Exist without Truth

Judie Brown
October 21, 2016
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

David Daleiden, director of the Center for Medical Progress, recently wrote in a press release: "The justice system must cut the Gordian knot of the unconstitutional prior restraint blocking the release of the videos, and we will not stop until our First Amendment rights, and those of all Americans, are vindicated."

Daleiden is asking the court to do something quite simple: stop throwing up false roadblocks that have created this particular Gordian knot and allow people to see the truth. The prior restraint, Judge Orrick's current order, and other such actions dubiously founded on various forms of rigmarole are concocted by the pro-aborts to tie up the revealing videos that show the grisly truth.

But it seems that the abortion-minded judicial system is not doing due diligence; it is not ruling in ways that are honest and just. Rather, the system has become hard core pro-abortion over the past 44 years. If the National Abortion Federation and its ilk succeed in blocking the videos, the truth about the gruesome practices of selling baby body parts by groups like Planned Parenthood will be buried along with the videos and their investigators in miles of red tape.

The knot would grow tighter and justice would be denied.

This sort of ugly reality is not happening in a vacuum. And while many postulate that politicians could change all of this, my fear is that the reality of what is really going on has been lost on most people.

We live in a culture of declining morality, and in situations like this the very idea of justice and what it means is lost. This is why we see growing efforts to decriminalize the act of doctors intentionally helping their patients take their own lives. It's called assisted suicide.

In Washington, DC, for example, the media frames the question by using the phrase " right to die ," thus immediately calling to mind the idea that dying is a right guaranteed by the Constitution. What gets lost in the debate, similar in so many ways to abortion, is the rational truth that being born and dying are natural events that occur in the lives of every man. No laws or judicial decisions are needed!

But if the end game is to confuse personal rights and choices with natural law and common sense, justice is tossed out the window.

So whether we are talking about the Center for Medical Progress' efforts to expose the heinous side of procured abortion or the arguments against imposed death parading as a "right to die," the challenge is the same - a struggle between good and evil, right and wrong, and justice versus injustice.

St. John Paul II taught that justice can be manipulated, distorted, and even cruel depending on the actors involved. He wrote of such people: "Although they continue to appeal to the idea of justice, nevertheless experience shows that other negative forces have gained the upper hand over justice, such as spite, hatred and even cruelty. In such cases, the desire to annihilate the enemy, limit his freedom, or even force him into total dependence, becomes the fundamental motive for action; and this contrasts with the essence of justice, which by its nature tends to establish equality and harmony between the parties in conflict. This kind of abuse of the idea of justice and the practical distortion of it show how far human action can deviate from justice itself, even when it is being undertaken in the name of justice."

Indeed, when the enemy is the innocent human being prior to birth or the vulnerable, perhaps terminally ill person at the end of life or nearly anywhere in between, despicable things can be imposed in the name of justice!

And that is what we are witnessing today. David Daleiden is right: The Gordian knot, if untied, would reveal that truth creates the foundation of justice. Anything else is anarchy!