Why Is that Baby an Enemy?

Judie Brown
November 12, 2013
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

For more than 40 years, Planned Parenthood and its allies have plied their trade in a way that has isolated preborn babies from their parents and, in many instances, their entire family. It is as though we have regressed to 1967, before abortion was decriminalized, when Dr. Kenneth Ryan not only sanctioned experiments on human embryos, but defined pregnancy as "a disease with far reaching effects."

The fact is, that in order for the abortion cartel to continue raking in the money, is has to create at least one, if not two, generations of individuals who will suffer anything for the cause of sexual relations. This is why one-third of Americans today have a sexually transmitted disease.

Professor emeritus James V. Schall, S.J., commenting on the statistic and the money spent on preventive treatments, opined, "Not only are there these diseases with us but also the millions of abortions which are also the results of failed 'sexual transmission' techniques that were designed to prevent the conceptions of children. Contraception methods and sexual education programs have not worked. In fact, they seem to have made the problem worse."

And that is really the bottom line. Those who teach purity as the path to chastity are maligned because the culture has a vested interest in assuring its customer base that more sex is better and that chastity is impossible given the age in which we live. Hogwash!

Father Matthew Habiger, OSB, nailed it when he argued against such silliness, writing:

Teens today have been victimized by their culture, the media, and now by their schools. They live in a "sex gone wild" culture, where chastity is belittled and promiscuity is encouraged. Planned Parenthood (PP) knows that if they can unleash the sex drive of youth, then hedonism sets in, and youth are enslaved to their passions. All of which makes for good business for PP's pharmaceuticals and abortion mills.

The victims of all this, of course, are not only the young, but the babies they procreate and throw away under the knife of the local abortionist or pharmaceutical outlet. After all, the argument goes, it is not right for any woman to have a baby she does not want.

And what happens when pro-lifers come along and challenge this delusional idea with the truth? A recent occurrence in Kansas gives us a clue.

When Operation Rescue started mailing out postcards featuring the aborted remains of a preborn child, one father of a 13-year-old boy became visibly upset because his son saw the postcard and asked about the image. Operation Rescue's senior policy advisor, Cheryl Sullenger, responded:

At the age of 13, this young man is old enough to be subjected to Planned Parenthood's sex education in the schools. Perhaps within months, he could face peer pressure concerning teen sex. We see young ladies of his age, unfortunately, being taken into abortion clinics for contraception and abortions. It is entirely appropriate for 13-year-olds to ask questions about abortion. . . . The postcards are not meant to target minors, but in cases like this when we are talking about a teenager, this might be a "mole-hill" turned into a "mountain." As a mother myself, and a former teacher, I suggest that if a 13-year-old teen is truly afraid to check the mail, perhaps there are other issues in his life that need to be addressed.

And that, my friends, is the point! That baby, or any preborn human being at any stage of his development, is not anyone's enemy. Each is a flesh and blood human being just like you and me.

The enemy is the force in society that will not rest until every expectant mother detests her child and wants nothing more than to kill him.

We must never let this happen.