Planned Parenthood was compliant in Texas

Matt C. Abbott
June 29, 2016
© Matt C. Abbott
Reproduced with Permission

An interesting angle of the U.S. Supreme Court's latest abortion ruling is described by D Healthcare Daily (June 27):

Last year, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas opened an ambulatory surgery center inside its new administrative building in Fort Worth that would adhere to the strict abortion requirements established by House Bill 2....

'I believe in pessimism because you're never disappointed,' said Kelly Hart, the organization's senior director of government relations and public policy. 'For Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, we have three facilities that perform abortions that were fully compliant. We were prepared to weather the storm regardless of how it went.'

Thus, Planned Parenthood was prepared to take over the baby-killing business for all the freestanding rathole abortuaries that weren't able to comply with Texas' clinic regulations.

The abortion giant has "very deep pockets," said one pro-life insider.


Veteran pro-life activist Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics , writes in his latest book Siege:

For many years, it has been widely known within the abortion industry that Planned Parenthood has been trying to squeeze out the independent operators and become America's exclusive provider of abortions....

My suspicion is that Planned Parenthood's ultimate intention is not to merely have a monopoly on America's abortion business, but to become an agency of the federal government. If so, the most likely scenario would be for them to be brought in as part of the national healthcare system operating within the Department of Health and Human Services.

Crutcher notes that, in recent years, Planned Parenthood "started building enormous facilities in various cities around the country," even though "the abortion industry was shrinking" and "the abortion rate was falling."

A chilling but very possible scenario, especially given the likelihood of a Hillary Clinton presidency. (Crutcher has an interesting take on the 2016 presidential race as well; click here to watch his video commentary.)

So the war between the abortion lobby and the unborn (not the pro-life movement, which, as Crutcher writes, "is simply an all-volunteer army that entered the conflict as allies of those who are under attack and cannot defend themselves") continues to rage.

Spiritual warfare.

Sadly, a number of church leaders - with some notable exceptions - are too busy trying to placate the gay mafia, liberal politicians, and the anti-Christian secular media to bother with defending the innocent unborn.

Nothing new, of course. Business as usual.

As for the Supreme Court's latest decision, Emily Zender, executive director of Illinois Right to Life, said in an email:

The court picked which medical opinions to cite and which ones to completely ignore. They asserted debated medical opinions as facts. They spoke straight from Planned Parenthood's talking points.

According to the state of Texas, 204 women suffer complications following their abortion every year. Additionally, scientific studies from all around the world show the tremendous physical, mental and emotional repercussions women can suffer after abortion. Yet, abortion proponents are celebrating Monday's decision.

This decision makes it crystal clear that the abortion industry is, and has always been, about profit - not about women's health. The court's decision threw women and science under the bus.

God help us all.