The Reisman & Johnson Report
Applied to "Homosexual Marriage" And "Hate Crimes"

Judith Reisman
August 19, 1997
Reproduced with Permission
Reisman's website

As recorded in the homosexual history, Long Road to Freedom, The Advocate is the acknowledged record and expression of the popular beliefs, aims, and history of "Gay Culture." Thus, The Reisman & Johnson Report analyzed the aims, and desires of heterosexual male culture in Advocate "In Search Of" (ISO) advertisements as compared to the same "mate" seeking ISO ads of a statistically similar demographic heterosexual male group of Washingtonian readers.

This short paper focuses only on marriage and hate crimes as seen largely in the data collected from these two male mate-seeking groups. The findings identify wholly antagonistic "partnering" aims of these "straight" v. "gay" males. ISO "gay" versus "straight" males statistically seek men for instant sexual gratification, cite body/organ size, and youth and commonly also cite sadistic interests. Hence five core "marital" differences were identified with "gays" eschewing 1) time bound, 2) non-sexual mates for forms of 3) prostitution, 4) sadism, and 5) sex with youths.

Prior to the post 1988 move into the mainstream public access the boy as a "playful" recreational sex toy (left), was common in The Advocate. The Advocate identified this 'boy-man' as its "unofficial mascot during its early years." Drawn with a macho "adult" hairless chest and arms over a child's face, implies sexual receptivity. In order to better assess the boy's age his face, above left, was here vertically rotated isolated, and enlarged.

The boy as a sexually desirable object continues to dominate "gay" writing; poetry, novels, films and the like. The implications of such public endorsements of sex with boys for legalization of homosexual marriage, adoption and the right to normalize homosexuality in school sex education, "diversity" and "bullying" education are thus significant. This decades-long acceptance and repeated use of this boy-man as the mascot in the mainstream Advocate supports a large body of data confirming the acceptance and the recruitment of young boys into the "gay" lifestyle.

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