British sex and the modern-day 'slave trade'
Exclusive: Judith Reisman notes irony of new U.K. rule restricting 'escort' ad

Judith Reisman
Posted: February 23, 2010
Reproduced with Permission
Dr. Judith Reisman

When morality goes, government grows.

The London Telegraph just reported that British "massage parlors and escort agencies will be banned from advertising their services in newspapers under Government plans to stifle the sex industry."

Well, not exactly to "stifle."

The U.K. worries that "many of the advertisements are offering women who have been forced into prostitution by criminal gangs."

Now, that's not nice since consensual prostitution is still A-OK in Merry Ol'England.

In 2008 a U.K. study estimated there were 921 locally advertised brothels bringing in "at least £86 million" to newspapers marketing sex. Many offered "very, very young girls."

DVD shows how "the father of the sexual revolution" has endangered our children and our culture - "The Kinsey Syndrome"

As prostitution grew, laws were put into place to restrict common sex business practices like "kerb crawling, brothel keeping, pimping and soliciting."

Sex sales are, of course, the modern-day "slave trade."

Surely, William Wilberforce would explain that those who rent their sexual parts out are commonly early sex-abuse victims, suffering epic rates of venereal disease, drug and alcohol addictions, and depression. Additionally, these women, girls and boys are commonly victims of battery, rape and premature death, often due to homicide and suicide. (See Shelley Lubben at The Pink Cross Foundation.)

In morally neutral parlance, anyone with any of these problems is mentally troubled, unstable and cannot therefore give "informed consent" to prostitution.

England (like much of Europe and the U.S.) now chaotically pass laws to hold back the sex disease and crime flood launched in 1957 when the naïve U.K. Wolfenden Committee helped spread sexual liberation to resistant moralistic Judeo-Christian societies.

Knowing our sex history is instructive.

In 1957, The Wolfenden Report of the Committee on Homosexual Offences and Prostitution opened the floodgates to the U.K.'s current sex traffic.

Why? Well, in 1955, after catechizing Danish, Swedish, and Dutch elites to purge their sex laws, several like-minded English parvenus brought Alfred C. Kinsey and his "data" to London's Wolfenden Committee.

There, Kinsey helped craft the controversial Wolfen den Report. Quoting Kinsey's "data," the report recommended legalizing and licensing the crimes of obscenity, homosexuality and prostitution.

After Kinsey's visit, the Wolfenden Report became a cited authority in the United States; Wolfenden cited the Model Penal Code [MPC] of the U nited States, while revolutionary American attorneys and judges cited Wolfenden [crafted] for Parliament in 1957. (Reisman, "Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences," 2003, p. 279)

Wolfenden extolled the Model Penal Code (a 1955 opus that covertly mugged our sex laws by copiously quoting the pathological Kinsey's sex libels.)

The BBC reported that the Wolfenden Report said the U.K. should respect "individual freedom of actions in matters of private morality.... Ultimately, private morality or immorality was not the law's business." Really?

Wolfenden recommended England "clean up the streets" by raising penalties for soliciting. Admittedly, this would increase the number of "call girls" and small ads in newspapers referring to "masseuses, "models" or "companions."

Wolfenden said an "adult" was someone "over the age of 21 and that sex acts should be decriminalized" were they "in private" and with "consent."

Now, 50-odd years post-Wolfenden, private sex acts are publicly ubiquitous in films, TV, the Internet, magazines, newspapers, in chichi public museums and the like. And an "adult" is no longer over the age of 21 for U.K. sex, but age 16.

Of course, the U.K. and U.S. restrict suffrage to age 18. It seems immoral for anyone younger than 18 to consensually cast a ballot.

Yes, "we've come a long way, baby."

Thanks to the unrelenting drive of sexual revolutionaries we are back where we forgot we came from, returning to the 1800s White Slave Trade, "fondling" homes for abandoned children, and with widespread sex diseases and sex crimes flooding the Judeo-Christian nations.

But, put a hold on advertising your brothels in the mainstream U.K. press.

How utterly retro.