"Openly Gay" Australian High Court Judge Thanks Kinsey

Judith Reisman
Reproduced with Permission

Ignorance of truthful science history continues to produce such lethal "hate crime" laws, public policies, and behaviors like the 2007 convictions of The Philadelphia Eleven for their public testimonies on sexual sin and salvation. http://www.fighthatecrimes.com.

How many Supreme Court Justices, judges, and legislators worldwide, taught sex science frauds for decades, can trace their sexual radicalization, heterophobia and subsequent unwise legal edicts, to Alfred C. Kinsey and his cabal?

ABCNews, May 8 noted that "gay and lesbian groups are pushing for an openly gay or lesbian nominee" to replace retiring Justice Souter. "Openly" is the operative trope.

For decades the oligarchicly managed academe and mainstream media have concealed Kinsey's bi/homosexual science frauds, especially his pederast activism, in order to poison worldwide sex laws, ideas, and conduct.

Relevant to our own judiciary, "Michael Kirby, the first [Australian] High Court judge to declare his homosexuality [salutes] the courage of Kinsey" who he says changed him and who "helped to change the world."

"Kinsey spoke to our species and not just to the US."

Justice Kirby's "emotional tribute to the father of modern sex research Alfred Kinsey" was headlined in The Australian.

Speaking to Kinsey's Indiana University at Bloomington graduates, the retired Australian High Court Judge said as a teenage boy he learned that Kinsey proved all sexual lust equal, as "just a variant of nature."

Justice Kirby believed the party line; that Kinsey provided "nature's truth, revealed by science," based on almost 18,000 sexual histories in his 1948 book, Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male, a cross section of the American people.

Australian commentator, Bill Muehlenberg said of Justice Kirby, in Christian Today, "If anyone wonders why society is in such a mess, they simply need to look at our ruling elites….judges, movers and shakers, and intellectualoids."

For example, he says, "a former High Court judge of Australia" is publicly "praising one of the most notorious sexual perverts in recent history."

Based on his trust in Kinsey, his patrons and fellow travelers, Justice Kirby claims "homophobia" is "reinforced" by religious instruction." As President of the International

Commission of Jurists, http://www.icj.org, with national sections and affiliates in over 70 countries of lawyers, judges, legal academics and law students, many other Justice Kirbys' would be breeding a radical "gay class" based on Kinsey's heterophobic legacy.

What Justice Kirby say if he knew Kinsey lied about his interviews, tossing out 75% of those he didn't like? Or, as Muehlengerg notes, the data were largely "imprisoned sex offenders, criminals, pedophiles and prostitutes" who Kinsey called "normal and mainstream. But perversion masquerading as science is still perversion."

Unfortunately, saluting Kinsey meant Justice Kirby, like similar judges, formed his legal arguments and his votes on marriage, hate, on all sex issues, based on Kinsey's lies, such as:

Muehlengerg quotes one homosexual reviewer of the film Kinsey; "Kinsey is a must-see film. Without this man, it's seriously likely that the developing acceptance of gays and lesbians by society would not be anywhere near as progressed as it is today" (MCV, 14 January 2005, p. 8).

Justice Kirby thought Kinsey was "a shy taxonomist" whose famous homosexual scale "swung from a zero rating (exclusively heterosexual) through three (equally heterosexual and homosexual) to six (exclusively homosexual)," so all sex relations are normal.

Justice Kirby is now on the Kinsey Institute board which boasts a worldwide pornography cache (their huge child pornography stash is apparently now off limits).

Al Kinsey and colleagues shaped western society's beliefs and understanding of the nature of human sexuality taught at every level of education -- elementary school, high school, and college -- and quoted in global textbooks and courtrooms as scientific truth.

But Kinsey's research involved illegal and barbaric experimentation on up to 2,034 children and infants as young as 2 months of age. In fact, Kinsey's brand of sex "science" produced the greatest scientific hypocrisy in human history: advancing a sexual perversion agenda as "safe-sex instruction" for schoolchildren worldwide.

Walter W. Stewart, research scientist, National Institute of Health wrote, "Because of the obvious importance of Kinsey's work, these questions need to be thoroughly and openly debated by the scientific community," a debate hijacked to this day by the Kinsey cabal.

Jack Sonnemann the Director of the Australian Federation for the Family, responded to Justice Kirby, saying, "International Planned Parenthood, the international sex education community and many in academia, the judiciary and the media also bow to their leader: a sadomasochistic, bi/homosexual masturbation and pornography addict, a psychopath who employed pedophiles sodomize little boys."

"Law enforcement officials, concerned scientists and lawmakers and education professionals have all tried to determine what happened to "The Children of Table 34", all to no avail. They are blocked every step of the way by the totalitarians at Indiana University's Kinsey Institute. Kinsey's legacy as a sexual torturer of children and infants should in no way be praised.