Demand the Arrest of Kevin Jennings

Judith Reisman
October 3, 2009
© 2009 Judith Reisman
Reproduced with Permission

Many Americans logically anticipate the resignation of President Obama's "Safe Schools" Czar Kevin Jennings of the US Department of Education. It was in his pedagogic capacity that Jennings advised a 15-year-old boy who was being sexually violated by an adult male, to submit to two years of abuse, and to thus risk a broad spectrum of venereal diseases including AIDS. Instead of reporting the crime to the police, as the law requires, Jennings advised the boy to use condoms during sodomy (unsafe, illegal). Hence:

President Obama's choice is known as the savvy community organizer who created GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network as well as GLSTN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Teachers' Network.

Jennings' criminal collusion in the boy's years of rape was confirmed in an audiotape released by Fox News. The lad was seduced in a "bus station bathroom" and violated at a man's home. Tony Perkins of the Family Research

Council reports that in "One Teacher in 10," Jennings brags that due to Jennings' sexual encouragement the boy "left my office with a smile on his face that I would see every time I saw him on the campus for the next two years, until he graduated." Of course, Jennings only saw what he desired to see.

GLSEN is as it says, a "network," organized to demonize the normal, natural sexual life. This network would limit employment in schools, libraries, youth groups, research grants, etc., to those who share their homoerotic visions.

In 1996 one of the "network," Gay and Lesbian Adolescent Social Services (GLASS), was exposed as systemically abusing children in their "five group homes." The Washington Times reported:

[S]staff members, members of the GLASS board of directors, and volunteers sexually abused or molested children. A night supervisor was accused of sodomy and threatening children, while a volunteer gave children dildos and made pornographic magazines.

The headlines in this cryptic story (ignored by The Washington Post), might have noted the fact that the agency confessed to these crimes.

Nevertheless, typical of what is emerging as a "politically correct" view of homosexual child abuse, criminal charges were not filed against the confessed child molesters - even considering their abuse of authority. Their license was "put on probation for five years." Gosh.

This "private, non-profit 501(c)(3) social service agency" caring for "children and youth who are in foster care, on probation, or who are homeless," is still open.

In late June, GLASS signed a waiver with the DSS agreeing that its staff and volunteers had engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct… A night supervisor was accused of sodomy and threatening children, while a volunteer gave children dildos and made pornographic magazines…. [O]n numerous occasions staff members, members of the GLASS board of directors, and volunteers, sexually abused or molested children….The DSS complaint also accused GLASS President Stan Ziegler of removing children from the group homes and taking them to his mountain cabin for the weekend…. Two of the children testified here Thursday. (September 21, 1996, A2, Emphasis added)

SMYAL (left) and others of the sexual network pop up everywhere. SMYAL, GLESN, GLSTN, GLASS apparently believe their Kinseyan propaganda, that children are sexual from birth and that "gay" children are unharmed by sex with adults (rather like Roman Polanski, alls well if you escape).

Gay Culture In America (1993), edited by professor Gilbert Herdt, writes of adult commitment, planning and effort to recruit youth. The advisor, guide, teacher, or "helping hand," aids seduction and limits potential escapees during every stage of sexual initiation. Employing the language of religion and ritual, Professor Herdt says adult-led groups direct the:

"…adolescent's entry first into a self-affirming semisecret group, then by collective socialization into a "gay" cultural system…. [Men] seclude and protect the youths, furthering their initiation… which socializes them further into the cultural system of the gay community."

These are quotes. Their "adolescent" initiates are often, says Herdt "fourteen" years old. More teachers molest students per capita than do Catholic priests. The first school safety step is to tell your state school board to tell the Present to fire Jennings (if he hasn't done so already). Most important for school safety would be to arrest Mr. Jennings as an example for others who would aide and abet in the sexual abuse of a child. Contact your State Board of Education.