Kinsey's Hollywood: Women who bathe naked with boys

Judith Reisman
October 29, 2004 ©
Reproduced with Permission

Liam Neeson and Bill Condon's cover-up for mass child sexual abusers in "Kinsey" will doubtless claim several Academy Awards. This follows Academy wins in 2002 by Hollywood's favorite expat pedophile rapist, Roman Polanski.

So, make way for Nicole Kidman who gets equal time in pedophile promotions.

Kidman is distressed at the European response to her nude scene with a boy in her new movie, "Birth." She is even rumored to have been spat at in the streets by intolerant Italians during the Venice International Film Festival.

Oh these up tight, repressed Europeans! What is the fuss it all about? Kidman insists she doesn't know!

OK, so "Birth" is R-rated (perhaps for repressed). The press reports it features a "shocking scene of the Oscar-winner naked in the bathtub with a 10-year-old boy."

So what? She didn't skinny-dip in the film with her own son Connor - this was another boy. Anyway, the boy taking a bath with the naked film star is "done in the best possible taste" she says.

Gracious! Of course!

Kidman said this was a tender scene. She is shocked, appalled, stunned that a scene with her sloshing around naked with an apparently naked almost boy lover might be seen as a sex scene.

She is quoted as saying, Oh, "It's not about sex, you know, it's certainly not about sex. It's about love, it's about being ... under the spell of somebody."

Wow! Razzle-dazzle, folks, razzle-dazzle!

In her film, Nichole is a widow who thinks the 10-year-old boy is her dead hubby. And we know that director Jonathan Glazer is not another Hollywood Polanski-like closet pedophile because he says he "never set out to make a salacious film."

There you are. Still, the film was booed and hissed at by those uptight Viennese film critics who did not understand the artistic beauty and innocence of it all.

Dirty minds, really! In one scene, Nichole "tenderly kisses" the boy-who-is-her-dead- hubby, played by 11-year-old Canadian Cameron Bright, on the lips. In another scene, they share an ice-cream sundae and she asks him whether he has ever made love to a girl.

But this is not, we repeat, not about sex. Then Glazer has the 10-year-old strip to slosh with Nichole in the tub. We see Nichole's bare back and the lad waist up in the water. But we are assured, often, all is OK because he isn't naked, they say.

I, for one, am so reassured now. Well this is not done "to exploit a young boy," Nichole says. Polanski is still stuck in France after his rape of a 13-year-old girl, and this isn't 12- year-old Brooke Shields being auctioned off for deflowering in "Pretty Baby," or Jodie Foster prostituted as a "12-year-old whore in Martin Scorsese's 'Taxi Driver.'"

Now, those innocent films were also artistic. Nichole's film is about "loss and grief."

Director Glazer noticed that a naked woman and child in a tub was a kind of "taboo in many respects." But he sees his skinny-dipping as "sacred in a way."

The folks connected with the film say Nichole was so "careful to protect the young actor's innocence." But why if the film was about love, not sex? Why were they so "careful?"

Nichole explains that "he never got to read the script," and in fact, that the two were filmed separately for the "bath scene." Now, are we to just believe that all those involved in making "Birth" - as in "Kinsey" - are just naively stupid, unworldly? If so, how can they make films that so dramatically influence our lives and our culture? If they're not stupid, when do we admit that such people would use their power and influence to do evil, and that children are, for them, objects to exploit and brutalize?

Kidman says her boy-husband - who is allegedly so mature that he can play a reincarnated dead man who returns to life to lust for his wife - "just thinks it's kind of fun."

"He doesn't quite know what he's doing, which is good." A strange defense. If, as Nichole and Glazer claim, their film is about innocent "love," why hide the script to protect the boy (and where were his parents)?

Why rejoice that, "he doesn't know what he is doing"?

In my jaundiced view, watch the theaters near you for a cadre of Kinseyan Hollywood pedophiles who know exactly what they are doing.

They are on the march - to the Academy Awards and beyond.