Part 5.1 - The Advance of Islam and the Defense of Life

Ron Panzer
September 14, 2017
Reproduced with Permission
Hospice Patients Alliance


Because there are so many inaccurate articles continually being written about the Islamic movement and its advance into any of the non-Muslim nations, I've been strongly encouraged to write about this topic in order to help us understand the very real threat to pro-life advocacy and to not just the lives of the yet to be born, newborns, or patients, but to the lives of any who resist this extremely political movement.

It is a vast topic and to cover all the issues that concern pro-life advocates will require several articles. This is the introduction. I encourage you to really take a look at the references listed, because numerous authors have written really "eye-opening" articles to help us understand the gravity of this additional threat to a free society that respects life.

Nevertheless, there are some that question whether this is a pro-life issue at all, and I've thought about this quite a bit over the past several years. They think that the issue of Islamic violence is all that is involved.

However, those leaders who have my greatest respect assure me that this is a pro-life issue and that it is something we must understand. There are numerous aspects of this issue that need to be addressed for us to properly understand it. The issues are not solely related to Islamic violence .

I realize that as usual, sharing the truth about one topic or another will offend some or even many. That is not my intention. The purpose of this study is to prevent any suffering of the people that can actually be prevented and to minimize that which is coming our way no matter what we do.

You may ask, "Why is this a pro-life issue?" There are many answers that may be given.

I would ask you to name just one Jewish, Christian, (or any non-Muslim) pro-life advocacy organization that is actively working in Iran or Saudi Arabia and holding conferences there or distributing their materials in the streets. That does make you pause and think about this a little more, doesn't it? I could name dozens of other nations as well with the same result.

I would also ask you to consider the case of a young Christian or Jewish girl in England who is "cultivated" as a target by Muslim immigrants, given treats and flattery, then encouraged to take drugs until one day she acquiesces, and then - when she is put into a comatose state - is raped by one or more men.

The girl is eventually made to be addicted to drugs, and in order to get the drugs she craves, continues to frequent those who abused her in the first place, becomes pregnant, may have an abortion, and then contemplates suicide, or actually does commit suicide. There are hundreds of cases like this or other forms of abuse occurring on a daily basis somewhere in Europe today, but we are not hearing much about them. 1

Are sexual molestations, sexually-transmitted diseases, human trafficking and sex slavery, rapes, forced pregnancies outside of marriage, abortions, drug addictions, depression, suicides, and murders pro-life concerns? Is the suppression of pro-life speech a pro-life issue? Is the devaluation of life itself a pro-life issue? If we do not think these are pro-life concerns, then what qualifies?

If they are pro-life concerns - our concerns - and if these issues are manifesting in many European nations along with criminal acts of violence and theft, there is something terribly amiss that must be looked at and understood. Yet, many of us are afraid to look at this issue head on and research it. Many are terrified of speaking out about it. Is this spirit of fear that is sweeping over our lands the Spirit we are given from above?

Of course, there are many non-Muslims committing these types of crimes or abusing others, and also there are many migrants who are true refugees fleeing violence in their home nations who deserve our compassionate help. Many of these simply wish to live in peace and find work.

Some of the causes for the migration of refugees from N. Africa, the Middle East, and elsewhere are complex. Chronic unemployment, a lack of educational opportunities, and violence cause some to flee their home nations, but there is something else occurring as well. The intentional destabilization of Middle Eastern nations was a major factor.

There is a significant number of Muslim migrants who work hard when they enter our nations, but there is another segment of that population that does not enter in order to assimilate, adopt a Judeo-Christian or even a secular worldview, or work hard to become a member of "Western" society. Why?

Some come because they see nothing but death around them in their home nations, but many still do not wish to apply themselves in their new host nations. After years of living in a society that is quite foreign to what they find here, many find it almost impossible to adapt and make the best of the education and vocational training provided.

Others come to advance Islam and everything these migrants do has that motivation . If young non-Muslim girls and boys are destroyed as just part of that process, these individuals do not care and actually view this as part of the process of destroying Western Civilization. They believe that Islam is rising throughout the world.

On the other hand, there are some migrants who simply drift into violence, crime, and violence without having a major purpose in life. They take drugs, drink, commit crimes, and then often are eventually arrested, imprisoned, or deported. There are thousands of such tragic cases throughout Europe, America, and other nations.

As we study the nature of those societies they have left, we will begin to understand the source of these problems. We should ask ourselves why there is so much unemployment, chaos, and hopelessness in many of these lands.

The answers will offend some or even many, but truth has a way of doing that.

When we exposed the National Right to Life Committee's intentional failure to expose the hospice killings, many were offended. When we exposed the self-described secular humanist, Ira Byock, MD, as one who has been most responsible for tainting the mission of hospice and end-of-life care - all while promoting his own version of it - many were offended. However, the truth remains the truth.

Even some fellow pro-life advocates were and are still offended when we exposed those who have sadly given unqualified support for the present-day mostly secular utilitarian hospice industry - as corrupt as it has become - and been unwilling to admit that crimes taking the lives of patients are being committed in hospice.

Though we completely support the original pro-life mission of hospice, that mission is often not even recognized by the administrators and many of the staff at these hospice agencies. When that is the case, the type of "care" being provided to the patients is something entirely different!

Terri Schiavo wasn't the first to be executed in hospice, but she was the first to be publicly executed in hospice to serve as a legal precedent and type of "public permission" for further hospice killings. How long does it take for some to acknowledge that this is hospice as it is practiced today in many facilities? We hear from families and even patients regularly who confirm this is happening all over America, in Europe, in some nations of Africa, and those in other continents.

What difference does it make when such pro-life leaders not only refuse to denounce imposed deaths in the hospice industry but deny they are occurring at all? It makes all the difference, because many trust those leaders and walk right into the "wolf's den," not recognizing what they are dealing with until it is too late!

These leaders betray the very people they say they are protecting!

For example, a German nurse - already convicted of killing 6 patients in 2015 - has recently been found to likely have killed about 90 patients through the years. Authorities state that "the killings could have been prevented if the people responsible at the time ... hadn't hesitated to alert authorities." But they didn't say anything or do anything! 2

That's right! People who knew of dangers should have spoken up and their warnings would have saved lives. Many pro-life leaders who are friends with hospice and palliative care physicians and nurses have been reluctant to speak up about these abuses! Don't you think they should speak up? It doesn't mean 100% of hospices have staff imposing death, but many are!

Please think about whether or not you would remain silent if you knew patients have been killed and are going to be killed in some healthcare settings, and also, that if you spoke up, families could take steps to protect their loved ones, make sure they receive clinically-appropriate care and nothing else, and in that way save them? Would you?

Isn't it clear that when we know what problems are likely to arise in the future, we are empowered to take steps to deal with those problems?

If those who know don't speak up, we must ask, "Why?" Obviously, pro-life leaders as well as facility managers are responsible to make sure abuses do not occur and to speak out about killings when they know they are occurring so they can be ended and the perpetrators of these crimes may be charged, prosecuted, and imprisoned.

I hope you will pray for those individuals and organizations - who do know that the euthanasia industry has infiltrated much of the hospice industry and that medical killings are occurring there - yet refuse to say a word. Please pray that they dedicate themselves to the truth rather than to telling people what simply is not true because they have aligned themselves with the hospice industry - the "sacred cow" of health care - no matter how many patients are put to death there through the years! 3

In just the same way, all of us bear a responsibility to speak the truth and do what we can about other major threats to life in society as well as to warn others around us in order to keep them safe. We at Hospice Patients Alliance have shared report after report from family members whose loved ones were killed in a medical setting and in this way, many family members have been empowered to save their loved ones! Having accurate information is vital for the preservation of life!

That is also why we've discussed the evils of secular socialist and communist ideologies that inevitably lead to tyranny, devaluation of life, and imposed death. Yes, exposing those faces of evil has offended some. Now we must look at what some are calling Islamic terrorist actions in the world as well as the general spread of Islam around the world and what is really involved in either.

We must also look in the mirror and understand that we are responsible for these unwanted changes in a significant way! The dear Lord Jesus said,

So, because you are lukewarm - neither hot nor cold I am about to spit you out of my mouth. - Revelation 3:16

We are those who have been lukewarm in our faith, and because of this we have failed to manifest His light into the world. We have failed to give more generously to fund charitable facilities that are pro-life. We have failed to give more generously of our time - looking to enjoy ourselves in our comfortable homes when too many are suffering. Even when we are somewhat generous in giving to charities, we are stingy with our time and our efforts and our attention!

We have not lived lives that are altogether worthy of Him! When the people do not see authentic witnesses to His love, they look here and there for some way to escape their plight and latch onto false paths that lead them even further into the darkness.

Though we may condemn those who commit crimes or follow a false path for their errors, it is we who have failed to allow His light to shine through us and touch them with His glorious love and grace. If we had done that, how many would have been saved from the lives of misery they live?

For this reason, terrible suffering is certain to come our way, but I pray that if it is possible some of this may be avoided. That is why I write about this most difficult topic and look into the face of evil that has darkened the lives of millions through the centuries.

My attitude toward the Islamic threat and toward Muslims is best expressed in the words of Richard Wurmbrand who was imprisoned by the Romanian communists for more than 14 years and explained his attitude toward the communists who tortured him and so many others in his book, Tortured for Christ . 4 It is one of the most important books we could read today!

He wrote:

The gates of heaven are not closed to the communists. Neither is the light quenched for them. They can repent like everyone else. And we must call them to repentance.

Only love can change the communists and the terrorist (a love that must be clearly distinguished from compromise with non-Christian philosophies, practiced by many church leaders). Hatred blinds. Hitler was an anti-communist, but one who hated. Therefore, instead of conquering them, he helped them win one-third of the world.... [and]

The communist regime makes no one happy, not even its profiteers. Even they tremble that any night the van of the secret police may take them away because the party line has changed.

I have known many communist leaders personally. They are heavily-laden men, and only Jesus can give them rest. [and]

... the worst thing communists do is not that they torture and kill the bodies of men. They hopelessly falsify the thoughts of men and poison the youth and the children. .... They teach youth not to believe in God and Christ but to hate these names. - from chapter 4

This love that the dear Lord infuses into our hearts is the only force that can vanquish the threats to life - no matter where or how they arise, and it is only His love that can rescue those who are lost within the cultures of death and bring them out of their confusion and darkness into the light.

Whether threats to life arise out of utilitarian secular humanism, socialism, or Islamism, the light that shines within the culture of life can never be extinguished. It is this light that we must bring to the world - His light! And, it is His love with which we must approach this subject and those individuals who have embraced socialism, utilitarian secular humanism, Islamism, or any other "ism" (Matthew 5:44).

The culture of life is not a part of any "ism," political force, or movement. It is the affirmation of and respect for life in every niche of society throughout the world.

How will advancing cultures of death affect us, our children, and our children's children? Will Western Civilization as we know it survive? Are these ridiculous questions or are they the questions we most urgently need to ask and answer? If there is a threat to Western Civilization itself, what effect will such a threat have on life itself in the non-Muslim nations of the world?

We have heard about "fake news" that cites no identified sources for its assertions. We also know that in a valid journalistic article, there should be at least one or more identified source. We will provide hundreds of references that we encourage you to investigate, so you can find out for yourself what is true or not.

And just like many important issues in our work to protect life - like exposing the hidden epidemic of stealth euthanasia - it is clear that most of what is discussed here has been almost completely censored by the Western major media so that many have little understanding of the actual changes being made all around the world! Yet even thirty years ago, some were warning about the impending threats to the West. 5

Martin Niemöller, the Protestant pastor who emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps, famously said:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me - and there was no one left to speak for me. 6

How many of us would have dared to speak out if we had lived at that time? Shall pro-life leaders follow in the footsteps of those who said nothing - or denied the truth - before Nazism spread its utter evil throughout Europe? Or shall we speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Aren't we most obligated to do exactly this?

Seeing things as they are, discerning what is actually good and what is evil for man in the world, and then speaking that truth is not hate but a turn toward objectivity and sanity! Was it "hate speech" to expose the National socialists (Nazis) for what they were?

Even if the Nazis might have considered it "hate speech," in America we have the right to free speech - which includes offensive speech! Why even mention the right to free speech if speech that offends some was not to be protected?

We must examine the evidence for any conclusions made before we label and condemn others as xenophobes, Islamophobes, or haters and then use that ad hominem attack as an excuse to shut off debate and ignore the overwhelming evidence presented!

Those fascist Nazis were some of the most evil known, but there are others today who actually hold the same hate-filled beliefs! 7

Should we live in a climate of fear and simply remain silent as evil spreads through the land? It was not so long ago that many were not so afraid to call it as they saw it and as it was. Today, so many people are afraid to say almost anything that might offend anyone!

If we speak about these things in the privacy of our homes but are afraid to speak about them in public, then we are not experiencing the freedom for which America was founded. If we cannot speak the truth or will not dare to speak the truth, we are not following our duty to witness to the Truth.

When we are not allowed to openly speak about the advance of Islam - and that is what all the talk about "jihad" is really about - Islamic sacred law ("sharia law") will be implemented to some extent in our societies around the world. Islamic scholars tell us that "Jihad means to war against non-Muslims, and is etymologically derived from the word mujahada, signifying warfare to establish the religion" (Reliance of the Traveller Bk. o9.0 - Justice) 8

"Establishing the religion" is the advance of Islam into our world, and wherever you observe it, you should know that jihad is taking place right in front of you.

This is already the case in several non-Muslim nations where open discussion about Islam is considered "hate speech." In these cases and when such speech is suppressed even more, the advance of Islam will overshadow Western Civilization and swallow it up. 9

If we believe that Islam only manifests in the world as the simple religion we may have studied in Religion 101, we are sorely mistaken. There is much, much more to it than the "Five Pillars of Islam" - that remind us of other religions' practices or even our own - that involve the Islamic profession of faith, the five daily prayers, charitable giving, fasting, and the pilgrimage to Mecca.

Yes! There are those who simply worship God as they have been taught to know Him and live their lives: a solely religious practice of Islam. There are also secularized Muslims just as there are secular Christians, Jews, and those of other religions.

There are many, many Muslims who worship regularly yet do not know their own scriptures, just as there are many Christians, Jews, and Hindus, for example, who do not know their own scriptures and the teachings conveyed.

Other Muslims are actively seeking to reform Islam and assure a moderate practice that is not violent and is able to co-exist with non-Muslims, but then there are those who support and practice modern militant Islam which reproduces the behavior of the hordes of Islamic invaders who created vast empires over the centuries.

The proof that there is an inherent hostility toward non-Muslims within Islam is found throughout the Qur'an and what are called the Hadith in Islam. In the present-day, all those good-hearted Muslims -- who know it through their own life experience -- who seek to reform Islam are proof that it needs reform.

Why would there ever be a need to reform Islam to make it non-violent, and authentically loving towards non-Muslims, and therefore capable of co-existing if it was already "the religion of peace" and loving toward all people? There would be no need! History itself is the proof of what Islam means to the non-Muslim world.

Yes! We may know that there were huge Islamic empires in India, the Middle East, and even Europe but how many of us are taught exactly why there was Islamic conquest repeatedly through 14 centuries? Do we really know Islam's history or even general world history?

Do we really understand what it meant to be attacked by invading armies? Those who have experienced warfare and genocide understand. Do we know why they invaded? Was it just to conquer more land or was it due to another factor - Islam's worldview and, do we really know what that Islamic worldview is?

It is not right to ignore the other aspects of the Islamic worldview, because our societies are being led to a state of complete unpreparedness for the advance of the Islamist political movement that includes religion. If we remain uninformed, we cannot take appropriate measures that would prevent many deaths. Can we call ourselves pro-life if we avoid doing that which preserves and protects life?

If we are truly free, we should be able to discuss these things or anything, debate them openly, and come to a conclusion about them. What we will be studying here is not so much the violence conducted by Muslims in the world, but the effect Islam will likely have on the non-Muslim nations as it advances into our societies.

This will only be understood when we understand what Islam actually is in much more detail than a sound bite on the news will give us. We urgently need to know!

If some are offended by the truth or even the raising of a question about this, then at least we are following in the footsteps of those who have helped the people escape tyranny in the past. Tyranny has come by those who waged war in the name of Islam, communism, fascism, and even Christianity, and others.

Authentic Christians - radical Christians - would never wage war upon others. Radical communists certainly have and would wage war and engage in violent revolution to achieve their utopia. They've done this in many nations, but what about Islam?

We will look at the record and see. Yet, there is another question being raised by many: "Can a war be waged without violent action, and if so, is Islam waging just such a non-violent war to advance into other regions of the world?

The Left is currently in the process of attempting to erase American history, indoctrinate the public and especially public school students into Leftist ideology and immorality (they go together), and has already impugned the character of several imperfect founding fathers, as well as contemporary conservative or Christian leaders. Many of the young do not recognize or understand even the most fundamental characteristics of American Constitutional government! 10

While those who promote socialism or Islamism are also imperfect human beings just like you and me, the Left will continue to smear any who disagree with them and strive to undermine the Constitutional rights each of us now enjoys. At the same time, no acknowledgement will be made about the evils committed and still being committed by communist regimes like N. Korea, China, Vietnam, Cuba, and others around the world.

In fact, they celebrate the brutal communist leaders like Fidel Castro, Mao Zedong, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Che Guevara. Have you noticed how many "educated" individuals wear T-shirts displaying the faces of these monstrous mass murderers who executed hundreds or thousands every week? 11

We must be aware that in the U.S. the Leftist Southern Poverty Law Center ("SPLC") and other Leftist groups have labeled conservative and Christian charitable organizations like the Family Research Council, Liberty Council, American Family Association, D. James Kennedy Ministries, Alliance Defending Freedom and others - that spread the love of God, support traditional values, and hate nobody - as "hate groups" while they refuse to condemn actual communist or Islamic terrorist-linked organizations residing in the U.S. and other nations. Other organizations like the SPLC are working around the world to accomplish the same suppression of conservative voices.

Google, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook are censoring the news presented by conservative Christian writers. Steps have already been implemented to punish those conservative writers and videographers who post online so that these voices are not even heard by others and their message and witness to the Truth is not received. We must remember that these social-networking sites are not "the internet" and that there is infinitely more on the web than what is permitted by these Left-wing businesses.

While Leftists refrain from condemning communist nations, they protest against America which is one of the freest nations in the world. Why would Leftists condemn Leftist communist nations? They wouldn't! They admire those nations.

Though men and women of every race and ethnic group have the opportunity to pursue whatever education, career, and occupation they wish in many nations of the "free world," Leftists protest that they are oppressed in America. Yet, if any of us say the wrong thing that could be considered "offensive" or politically-incorrect, we could be thrown out of the university (as students or teachers) or lose our jobs.

Though there is prejudice in every nation, the nations of the "free world" have laws that are designed to protect minorities, and although the application of those protections is imperfect, many of those who have applied themselves have reached the highest levels of success.

In the U.S., Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas rose from poverty in a then openly racist society to the U.S. Supreme Court. Ben Carson, MD lived in a single-parent home and with his mother's influence, studied hard and applied himself and then became one of the most brilliant and talented pediatric neurosurgeons in the world. Both are black and faced obstacles, but the opportunity to succeed was there, and they both made the most of those opportunities. Those opportunities are still there for any who seek it.

Nevertheless, despite each of them having demonstrated a way forward through hard work and self-discipline, they are viciously condemned by Leftist and Muslim-leaning black organizations. Those like them who work hard in school and continue to apply themselves later in life are condemned as not acting "black enough" or for acting "like whites." 12

Why are these blacks condemned by other blacks when they are hard-working youths or adults? Why are Asian individuals also attacked for the same work ethic that helps them to succeed? They're condemned because they are conservative and not part of the socialist, Islamic, or even "gang-related criminal movements. While whites who join the socialist or Islamic movements are accepted, if they voice any other message, they are condemned and rejected. For the ideologues, it is not the race or ethnic group that makes the difference; it's your ideology that matters.

The hardworking demonstrate an individual work ethic and worldview that rejects the idea that we are dependent upon the group for our success, rejects the idea that we are "victims" of the oppressive nation, and rejects the socialist, gang-related, or even Islamist "group think" - all of which denigrate the importance of the individual and sacrifice any of them to achieve the group's agenda. These groups cause so much unnecessary suffering!

The idea that America is one of the more oppressive nations in the world is a completely false narrative contradicted by even the most elementary understanding of the history of the world. The false narrative is being spun and fed to the masses, because the Left wants to replace America's form of government with something else - socialism. That is what Leftist Barack Hussein Obama meant when he repeatedly spoke about "fundamentally transforming America." 13

That is what the so-called "Affordable Care Act" and his other executive actions and military interventions undermining stable Muslim governments and creating the conditions that would give birth to the "Arab Spring" were all about. Creating chaos was done to open up the doorways to further Leftist - and Islamist - interventions in the Middle East and Africa, in Europe and American society, as well as S. America and Asia. It is no accident that there is a level of migration not seen since WW II. A redistribution of populations has been planned by the United Nations and actively manifested by the leaders of our nations.

Though the major media has done everything possible to present the Leftist Obama years as a wildly positive period and to censor news of all the scandals and violations of law as they occurred, the Affordable Care Act had nothing to do with improving patient access to care but everything to do with expanding government's ability to intervene in every physician-patient interaction and gain insight and power over every citizen's lives - which is the socialist goal.

Do you think the mandated national electronic healthcare database containing every citizen's medical records will not be violated for political purposes? We already know that without securing a warrant, nameless government bureaucrats have already accessed our phone, email, and other electronic records and communications.

We also know that even the most trusted cyber-security conscious corporations - like the credit-monitoring organization, Equifax - have been and can be hacked with the resulting violation of privacy of over 143 million records. 14

There no longer is any way we can guarantee our privacy unless we were to abandon the use of phones, computers, or credit cards and then live as a hermit somewhere far away from any neighbors. Even then, satellites have the capability to zoom in and view any area of the Earth. We have entered an age where government bureaucrats within spy agencies have the power to surveil anyone they choose to study.

We also know that bureaucrats with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and other departments have wielded their agency's power to punish the Left's opponents, and Left-leaning and voting citizens fill a majority of the federal bureaucracy. This type of misuse of government power occurs in many nations! The inviolability of our private records - when this widespread surveillance occurs - is an illusion that only the naive could accept. Any electronic record can be hacked and then misused for political purposes in order to harm others.

What the Leftists do at times can be perplexing to those who do not hold those views, just as what some Muslims do can be perplexing to those who do not share those beliefs. Why are some protesting in the streets and burning buildings or attacking those who express conservative views or are patriotic? Why do some refuse to respect the flag of the nation they reside in? What is the motivation?

Yes, some Americans are very perplexed and truly upset. They do not understand why many young people as well as, for example, former star NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, and several other mostly black athletes - refuse(d) to stand for the national anthem and salute the American flag or the flag of other Western nations. Why?

Many public school teachers have taught their students about the evils and atrocities committed in the name of America such as the suffering imposed upon the blacks or Native Americans, so that they now hate America. Though many evils were done, no nation has done better. Many simply do not know or understand world and American history. If they did, they would look more kindly upon the imperfect but ever-aspiring American nation.

Kaepernick and others have embraced Leftist ideology and admire, for example, the former Nation of Islam leader and later Muslim minister Malcolm X's fight against oppression of blacks in America. Kaepernick says that he admires Fidel Castro's contribution to - what the Cuban government ridiculously claims - a "100% literacy rate in Cuba."

Have Kaepernick and these other socialist athletes visited any of Cuba's political prisoners? No. Many of those prisoners have been incarcerated for decades for speaking out against the socialist regime. Thousands have been killed for protesting there!

Many blacks have adopted the erroneous idea that racism cannot exist without capitalism, and that socialism and/or Islam hold the key to solving the racial discrimination they experience in America (or elsewhere in the world). Black Lives Matter is extremely Leftist and anti-Christian in its mission, though it is not yet an Islamic group. Islamic groups are working to recruit Black Lives Matter members into Islam.

Why blacks believe Islam holds the answer to racism is a "mystery," since innumerable blacks were enslaved by Muslim slave traders for centuries, however that history has been forgotten or never taught to the masses. Though Muslims tell us that Islam condemns racism, it certainly promotes supremacist attitudes towards non-Muslims and there is undeniable evidence from well-recognized Islamic scholars that Arab Muslims look down upon those blacks from Africa or elsewhere. 15

In other words, the Islamic world is not as homogeneous or united as many are led to believe. There are major divisions within the Islamic world beyond the Sunni vs Shia sects. Each of these have sub-sects that argue and fight about the nature of "true Islam," and many black Americans - like Muslims elsewhere in the world - have adopted different sects of Islam or created new ones.

Why discuss the black Muslim movement in several Western nations? With the breakdown of the black family and widespread single-parent households without a father figure to guide them, the black community is tragically riddled with crime and drug abuse. Though there are Christian outreach programs in the prisons, many are targeted for conversion to Islam. The form of Islam they adopt is often a more radical and violent manifestation of the movement.

Though this can be confusing at times, many blacks have affiliated with organizations that have adopted a black supremacist form of socialism, whether Islamized or not. Many fan the flames of resentment, anger, and virulent anti-white and anti-Semitic rhetoric.

The Nation of Islam, the New Black Panther Party, and Black Lives Matter are just a few examples of such organizations. This is one of several reasons why many blacks turned out in record numbers to vote for Leftist, Muslim Barack Hussein Obama while they did not turn out for white socialist Hillary Clinton.

And yes, he's a Muslim of sorts and far from being a Christian, because, as we've discussed, no Christian and only a Muslim would ever say that the Muslim call to prayer was the most beautiful sound on Earth, and no Christian could ever support the practice of partial-birth abortion as he does. Unfortunately for the blacks, Obama did more to usher in socialism than he did for the long-suffering black community.

These black Muslim groups believe that this Islamized style of socialism provides a "spiritualized" socialism even though it encourages the use of violent means to advance its ideology, the fight against "white oppressors," and capitalism - just as violent Islamic jihadis have done through the centuries. They view black, Christian civil rights leaders as "Uncle Toms" and reject the many Christian leaders' repeated calls for non-violence, universal brotherhood and the acceptance of capitalism and the individual work ethic.

The gulf between Christian civil rights leaders in the mold of a Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and those in the mold of Muslim Malcolm X has only grown over the years. The Leftists hold a fierce hostility toward the Christian black civil rights leaders who are pro-life - who are pro- all life. Even the formerly widely-respected civil rights organization, the NAACP, once led by the pro-life Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has moved further Leftward in its political alignment - which explains its pro-abortion position.

Their stance is mindboggling when one considers that over 16 million black babies have been aborted since 1973. Since the elimination of blacks was a central goal of the racist founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, her evil "success" is - and continues to be - a form of black genocide. 16

If we knew that Kaepernick's Left-leaning current fiancée is a life-long observant Muslim and that his protests against America only began after he met her, we would understand that though he says he has not converted to Islam, he is certainly influenced by socialism and Islam and by their hostility to America and its Constitutional rule! The American flag represents a form of government that is quite the opposite of the type of society established by Islamic sharia law - where the rights of the individual are not one of the guiding principles for the society.

What is the guiding principle for an Islamic society? The establishment of a system of government that is aligned with Islam's system of life, or sharia law. There are few rights under Sharia law except the "rights" - duty - to conform to the commands in the Qur'an as explained by the religious leaders and enforced by the Islamic state. That this system of governance is steadily advancing into our societies is not a concern for just "Liberals" or "Conservatives." It is a concern for everyone. 17

Why would fundamentalist, adherent Muslims or socialist sympathizers respect America? They don't! While surveys of Muslims in America show that many of them are proud to be American and at this time only a minority seek to establish Islamic sharia law in the land, what will happen in the future?

Though surveys reveal that Muslims support democracy, what kind of democracy do they actually support? America is a Representative Republic guided by a Constitution that is inspired by a Judeo-Christian worldview. If a majority or even a large minority of the population do not share the Judeo-Christian worldview and adopt the values conveyed in one culture of death or another, then democracy leads to an entirely different outcome.

Democracy based upon an Islamic worldview leads to Sharia law as state law, and by definition, a religious leader who assumes control of the state. That is what exists in Iran and some other Islamic nations, for example.

While socialists and Islamists are marching in the street to protest American oppression of the masses, if anyone were looking for oppression to protest, there are dozens and dozens of other nations ruled by Islamic sharia law that would easily top the list. Kaepernick and other Left-leaning protesters say nothing about protesting Iranian, Pakistani, Indonesian, or Saudi Arabian treatment of their citizens. They say nothing about N Korean, Cuban, Vietnamese, or Chinese oppression. 18

Why? Because once one adopts an anti-capitalist and anti-Christian stance, and embraces a Leftist or Muslim-influenced worldview, whatever these nations do is seen as an attempt to implement the desired utopia, however imperfect and oppressive they may be. While most Muslims are likely "moderate" and not zealots bent upon changing the world, others are.

If one adopts a radical, fundamentalist socialist or Islamist worldview, violence is then seen as "justified" to achieve those goals, and it is estimated that a significant minority of Muslims worldwide reject moderate interpretations of Islam and support the "militant Islam" that is responsible for the actual thousands of violent acts around the world each year. 19

The Left will never stop in its efforts to undermine America's Constitutional protections as well as other nations' citizen rights unless they are stopped by those who have the power to do so. Sometimes, that power resides in people like you and me who can still presently speak up, call attention to the source of these problems, and expose their deception.

You might ask why the Left has aligned with the Muslims in these nations. That old saying, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" explains it all. Left-leaning Twitter, Google, Facebook, Youtube, many Democrats and Republicans, and others are labeling as "hateful" any statements that expose the truth about Islam's inherent and unquestionably anti-Semitic stance (Qur'an 2:63-65, 87; 4:46; 5:82; Sahih Bukhari Volume 004, Book 052, Hadith Number 177, and many more), its Qur'anic-inspired historical violence, and its utter incompatibility with Judeo-Christian society or any other non-Muslim society. 20

But accurate information obliterates the false narratives and deceptions by those who would seize power over the people. That is why the major media smears those who speak the truth, and that is why many paid Leftist organizers and protest leaders from ANTIFA, BlackLivesMatter, and other groups travel from city to city to incite violence by the masses and use other methods to silence those who have a different point of view, who oppose their Marxist agenda, and who have the information to share that reveals the true nature of these ideologies.

Members of many Leftist, anarchist, as well as Islamist organizations now brazenly openly chant that they wish police - especially white police - to be killed, Christian voices to be shut down, and the American government to collapse. When others voice an opposing opinion, they become enraged and violent. These intimidating tactics are consciously used.

The push for socialist revolution and fundamental transformation of nations has happened in several countries around the world, and the same violent methods used to successfully bring about revolution there are now being used here. We are witnessing the Left's big push to transform society, because they believe that they have reached "critical mass" where the tipping point has been reached and they can successfully "transform the nation." This is why we see relentless legal - and other - challenges to traditional views, morals, and laws.

For example, these methods were used to usher in communist Russia and then resulted in the formation of the Soviet Union. Finally, when the people are suffering and made to be dependent upon the government, the government can control everything they do. 21

The Southern Poverty Law Center is working with the Left-wing major media to neutralize the effectiveness of ordinary conservative, patriotic Americans. How? The SPLC is cited by news organizations as a reputable source when it labels one conservative Christian group after another as a "hate group," yet the SPLC, like several Leftist organizations, is itself a Leftist hate group that targets many traditional, peace-loving, conservative Americans and organizations.

The SPLC hides behind its justified condemnation of the evil KKK, white-supremacist, and other hate groups, to cover its main purpose: its anti-American, anti-Christian, Left wing agenda. 22

Many naive individuals accept the idea that "because the SPLC condemns hate groups like the KKK, they must be on the morally 'right' side when they attack conservative groups!" Not so!

Because the people no longer recognize the realities of the threats to a free and moral society, these nations (our nations) will likely fail and fade into the dustbins of history if they do not awaken soon. Why? We have brought in not only actual refugees who desperately need help, but those who openly declare in their speeches and writings that they are mingling with the refugees so they can enter the land and then attack from within.

In fact, you may be surprised to learn that European nations are already losing their unique traditional character and are being fundamentally transformed into something that is almost unrecognizable! Those who have recently visited major European cities and towns will immediately understand this.

It is likely that in a decade or two much of Europe will be re-claimed by the Muslims who are there to create a new Caliphate similar to the Moorish or Ottoman empires that ruled parts of Europe and other nations for centuries. Again, though many Muslims do not aim for this goal, there are enough who do and are actively working to achieve it.

Even though "Gilles de Kerchove, the European Union's Counterterrorism Coordinator said that more than 50,000 jihadists who may act violently in the future are now living in Europe," the end of Europe as we know it will not necessarily come about through violence. That end will more likely come about as a result of population trends that will result in its Islamization.

If matters escalate into open violence at some time in the near future, the Leftists who invited the jihadis in may end up fighting them in a civil war or they may themselves convert to Islam. There is abundant evidence that some Left-leaning leaders are already implementing policies that encourage the population trends that will surely destabilize Western nations. 23

Throughout history, many of those who dwelled in prosperous well-established nations - that later fell to invading forces - could not imagine that their own powerful nation could ever be defeated. Most Romans did not think their empire would end. Residents of imperial Japan did not believe it could fall.

The British could never imagine that they would be forced out of India by non-violent protests or that their empire would collapse. They laughed at such ideas, yet we are just like the residents of those nations that fell (Jeremiah 37-40)! 24

With regard to violent Muslim attacks in most nations of the world, some explain that we need only be concerned about individuals who adopt an "extremist," "fundamentalist," "radical," "Salafist" or other Islamist ideology. They try to convince us that "most of Islam" is harmless and just another religion like all other world religions.

They tell us if we use the military forces to "destroy" Al Qaeda or ISIS or some other terrorist group within Islam, and let the police handle those individuals who commit "lone-wolf" attacks, then "the problem will be solved." It will not! Such talk is a misleading diversion that prevents us from looking at the source of the violence itself.

Some do identify the problems arising out of the imposition of Islamic Sharia law and its innumerable conflicts with a free society as envisioned in the U.S. and other "Western" nations' constitutions, but then tell us that only a small segment of Muslims are fomenting the conflicts we see around the world.

Well, even if that were true, a small segment of 1.6 billion Muslims in the world is still a huge number of those who seek to wage war against the West. 10% of 1.6 billion is 160 million, and 15% of 1.6 billion is 240 million, and 10% to 15% is the estimate made by Middle East expert Daniel Pipes, PhD. Even if the accurate estimate is 1% of all Muslims, that is still 16 million dedicated to violent attacks and warfare on the non-Muslim regions of the world. How do you stop 16 million people intent on committing violence?

Contrary to what we are being told, history tells an entirely different and terrifying story about the violence committed in the name of Islam, but most of us don't know that history! We can be certain that if we continue to ignore the history played out over the past 14 centuries, we are assuring increased civil unrest, continued violence and war, innumerable deaths, and eventual complete societal suicide. 25 That means that the people you know will be affected!

This is a very real threat to a free way of life. Original Islamic documents and statements prove that the collapse of Western or any other non-Muslim civilization is the actual and conscious goal of many residing in Islamic nations as well as of those who have already entered these nations. The people who trace their lineage back to Ishmael believe that they are destined to rule the entire world!

He shall be a wild man 26

His hand shall be against every man and every man's hand against him. And he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren. - Genesis 16:12

Cultural Tsunamis Threaten the "West"

When an underwater earthquake-caused tsunami is approaching the shore, the ocean waters first recede and the view on the beach is deceptively calm. If you didn't know what the strange activity meant, you would just stay right there staring with astonishment.

What would you think about those who knew what those deceptively calm and strange waters meant, and who not only gave no warning, but told you and your loved ones, "No worries! Stay right there on the beach!" If your loved ones died in such a tsunami, wouldn't you be outraged by those who refused to tell the truth? Yet, there are leaders who remain silent while knowing there clearly are terrible, terrible dangers. Tsunami Approaching Shore A tsunami's final height may reach over 100 feet and its destructive power is massive!

A tsunami's destructive effect along the coasts is virtually complete when the waters crash inland, rip structures and entire towns to pieces, smash and drown thousands, and leave an unrecognizable, flattened death zone for survivors to navigate. 27

Seeing a cultural tsunami entering our Western societies is horrifying because it is one of the most dangerous forces realistically threatening to obliterate our freedoms! Yet, such a cultural tsunami also appears to be deceptively calm and innocuous at first. The actual eventual consequences are hard to detect until one understands its true nature. Just imagine that behind the tsunami are ships bringing in those who seek to finish the job after the tsunami has done its job!

William Kilpatrick cautions us to understand that:

Our society's focus on acts of violent jihad makes us forget that there is another, more subtle kind of jihad that we need to worry about. Terrible as violent jihad is, cultural jihad is actually a greater threat. Violent jihad -9/11, Barcelona, London Bridge- is intermittent, but cultural jihad never sleeps. It is active 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. And though your odds of being a victim of violent jihad are quite low, your odds of being a victim of cultural jihad are exceedingly high.

Cultural jihad is a long-term campaign to influence and even co-opt key social institutions such as schools, churches, media, business, and courts. 28

Studying the current cultures of death and writing about them is difficult, but that is where we stand today. We must understand what they are! 2011 Japan tsunami devastation with ship on land But some want us to be afraid to speak out and tell us, "Don't judge the tsunami! Don't say a word! You should tolerate the tsunami and love it!"

After the tsunami hits, some will ask, "How could you have stood there and done nothing to warn the people when you knew ?" That is what we will be asked when the time comes and God judges what we did in this life.

Some are telling us, "That (cultural) tsunami out there? That's not a tsunami. It's actually not dangerous and won't do any damage." But relying on bad advice has gotten many people killed through the ages.

Many tell us Islam is the religion of peace and not a cultural tsunami. However, even well-respected Indonesian Islamic scholar Yahya Cholil Staquf tells us:

Western politicians should stop pretending that extremism and terrorism have nothing to do with Islam. There is a clear relationship between fundamentalism, terrorism, and the basic assumptions of Islamic orthodoxy .... [and]

Within the classical tradition, the relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims is assumed to be one of segregation and enmity [and]

Within the Islamic tradition, the state is a single, universal entity that unites all Muslims under the rule of one man who leads them in opposition to, and conflict with, the non-Muslim world. 29

Muslims who seek to advance Islam do not wish us to understand what is plainly stated above or what is right before our eyes - just like the story of the emperor with no clothes we have discussed before!

You may have heard a saying based on the Jewish Talmud that tells us:

Whoever destroys a single innocent life
is as guilty as though he had destroyed the entire world;
and whoever rescues a single life
earns as much merit as though he had rescued the entire world.

The actual saying that was directed by the rabbis to the Jewish people is the following:

For this reason was man created alone,
to teach thee that whosoever destroys a single soul of Israel,
scripture imputes [guilt] to him as though he had destroyed a complete world;
and whosoever preserves a single soul of Israel, scripture ascribes [merit] to him
as though he had preserved a complete world. - Mishna, Sanhedrin 37a

Shall we be responsible for saving a life or the ending of life due to our silence or actually bad advice? Bad advice can destroy a life just as effectively as someone with a knife, a gun, or even an unneeded dose of morphine.

Those who promote Islam like to quote Qur'an verse 5:32 that is clearly copied from the Talmud verses cited above, but under Islam, the saying is changed! They quote this verse to show that Islam is just like other religions. However, Islam's version states:

On that account: We ordained for the Children of Israel that if any one slew a person - unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. Then although there came to them Our [Muslim] apostles with clear signs, yet, even after that, many of them continued to commit excesses in the land [Emphasis added].

Many never notice the difference between the two. Inserted within this verse is the permission to slay someone as punishment for murder and also to slay them if they spread "mischief in the land. " Many think that "slaying someone" as "punishment for murder" sounds like many laws that punish murderers, however, what is considered "spreading mischief in the land" according to Islam?

Teaching anything other than Islam or challenging it! Take out a Christian bible in Saudi Arabia or Iran and stand on a street corner preaching at the center of town and you will find yourself in prison and likely executed after sentencing. This verse that is quoted to show how peaceful Muslims are, actually tells Muslims that non-Muslims can be killed for challenging Islamic law and thought!

To make this absolutely clear, let's look at the very next verse in the Qur'an that those "Islam-is-a-religion-of-peacers" never quote. It instructs Muslims that anyone who rejects Islam is not innocent and therefore may deserve death:

The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter" (Quran 5:33).

What is meant by "waging war" in this context? Anyone - all Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and others - who disagrees with Islam is considered to be waging war against it. Is this verse widely quoted in the West to show how "peaceful" it is? No. Did you know this? The understanding of Islam changes completely when you read and understand things for yourself in context.

This is the Islamic force barreling down upon our nations just like those terrorists who have been running over people walking in the streets. They are not complete lunatics as the media would have us believe. They are following Qur'an verse 5:33 and hundreds of others that demand that they act.

Though we are told to be tolerant - and there are many secularized or reformist Muslims who do not follow their religion's demands - do observant Muslims really believe in "multiculturalism," "tolerance," or "diversity?" Not at all! They are commanded not to do so! 30

Physical tsunamis don't stop and retreat once they have arisen and cultural tsunamis do not retreat either. Communists never retreat and neither do those seeking to advance Islam. Once a handhold is gained in a society, the work begins to "fundamentally transform" it even if it takes a hundred years or more. They are not "going away" and will work behind the scenes or in public to accomplish their goals.

You can just as effectively debate with a wave that is about to crash ashore. Go ahead! Plead with the wave: "Please! Don't crash on me!" "Don't destroy us!" It won't stop anything.

The solution to these threats is not found in dialogue, though that is what we have tried, do try, should and would try, and do hope and pray would work. This is not because dialogue would not be helpful; it's because they are not listening and don't want to listen !

Now, what we should have done long ago is no longer possible. What has already been done has been done.

There is no question that committed adherents to any culture of death do not accept dialogue or pleas for mercy from those who are threatened by their aggression. Once they hold positions of power over others, if they do agree to be "merciful" to their opponents, that "mercy" is imprisonment or execution to end your suffering (in communist, Islamic, or other totalitarian settings).

Zealots of the cultures of death deceive, pretend, and silence dialogue and the voice of reason. They are zealots! They scream and yell and beat up any who challenge their deceptions. They work relentlessly toward their goals, and when the opportunity presents itself, they seize control through any means necessary, whether legal or not, and whether violent or peaceful.

Euthanasia, assisted-suicide, and stealth euthanasia - all forms of imposed death - are not compatible with authentic health care and will never be! Communism, socialism, and Islam are not compatible with Judeo-Christian ideals of freedom and respect for human rights, and they will never be - though we would hope that people of all religious persuasions could just "get along!" History shows us that they just don't.

We ask, "What's going on?" and most of would agree with the great singer, Marvin Gaye, that "War is not the answer!" and that "There's "too many ... dying." But war is being made upon us. This is jihad - the advance of Islam, whether we like it or not. Others were confronted with the same clash of civilizations in the past.

To get right to the heart of the matter: though we are constantly told differently - and shamed if we disagree - all cultures are not equal! There are many who do not wish to get along! They wish to assume control and eliminate any who oppose them! How is it even possible that so many do not recognize this persistent and most obvious fact of history?

We must wake up and recognize that all philosophies, ideologies, and worldviews are not equal! Anyone who has studied even the smallest amount of philosophy or history would know this. All forms of government are not equal, and when one challenges another, eventually one will prevail.

The idea that all students should get a gold star for their efforts, that nobody should be declared the winner, and that competition in sports is "damaging to the self-esteem of the children" does not reflect the real world! Nations and peoples of the world are not universally holding hands and singing "Kumbaya." They compete aggressively for their own interests, and sadly, the United Nations is not actually a force for good in the world - though we wish it was!

When the goal of the United Nations and its Agenda 21 is actually not mutual respect for all nations, but the imposition of a global form of governance that is incrementally being implemented at this time, we must open our eyes and see it for what it is. Efforts to do so are cloaked in language that sounds benevolent, but are increasingly depriving individuals of their rights all around the world. The World Health Organization promotes abortion and the now tainted mission of hospice and palliative care and fills its committees with hospice professionals who are culture of death advocates.

With regard to Islam: it is simply not compatible with Western or Eastern Civilizations, and it cannot be reformed even though there actually are very well-intentioned Muslims seeking to do exactly that! Why would it be impossible to completely reform Islam? Because to do so would require removing the Qur'an itself, the Hadith (reports about the words and actions of the founder of the movement) and the traditions of the founders and accepted scholarly authorities found in the Islamic teachings. 31

Is Christianity the same as the Judaism it rose from? No. Even in the case of Messianic Judaism where its followers observe all the Jewish traditions but accept Jesus as the promised Messiah, is it part of Judaism? Not according to the Orthodox Jewish rabbis who vehemently oppose it.

In the same way, those who would reform Islam - who condemn the violence and intolerance of other Muslims and in essence, the violence contained within the Qur'an itself - would make it something other than what it has been, and there will always be those orthodox Muslims who do not accept any major changes and do not consider these reformists to even be Muslims! They follow the example of the founder of the movement.

Those who are reformist Muslims may create something new, but it will not be Islam as ordained in the Qur'an if it eschews violence and the advance of Islam that has always been central to the Islamic mission.

Let's be clear: there are many good-hearted Muslims, but that does not mean that Islam itself is a benevolent force when applied in the world. Islamic fascism is widespread in Islamic nations. Secret police or regular security forces arrest and beat individuals for all sorts of violations of the Islamic Sharia law.

These nations' citizens endure a society that is quite in line with the short-lived - but world transforming - fascist regime of Hitler's Nazi Third Reich. How many lived in fear that they might be arrested or shot on the spot at any moment? 32

Have you seen pictures of observant Muslims protesting in the streets of America, Europe, and other nations carrying signs denouncing "freedom?" You may have been shocked if you have seen them. Why would they denounce freedom? They denounce it, because they truly don't believe in it! Freedom is not an Islamic concept!

They believe in adhering to the Islamic Sharia law that dictates in great detail how every Muslim should perform literally every, every action in life. They violently oppose any who seek to change or re-interpret the Sharia law, and when they arrive as refugees into Europe, America, and other nations, most of them certainly are not assimilating into the culture of the nations that have taken them in. They possess only disdain for Western law. Of course, they seek to establish Islamic rule here!

It is certain that reforming Islam would require it to not be authentic, original Islam and there is a large number of Muslims who oppose reform! Though there have always been different sects within Islam, the Muslim against Muslim battles have been raging for 1400 years to determine what happens to this movement. 33

There are many peace-loving Muslims, but violent Muslims have also always existed. And, whether they wear uniforms and serve as government "security" forces or not, those who are non-violent just advance Islam in different, seemingly non-aggressive ways.

Polls can tell us who is unaware of the rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution or whether they know what the three branches of government are here, but they can never tell us accurately what the real attitude is of some Muslims (jihadists) who will lie to advance Islam.

Of course, there have certainly been numerous violent individuals from other religious faiths or from those who had no religious affiliation - and history is filled with accounts of their horrific deeds - but Islam is at the top of the list today .

The cultural tsunami is already here! Instead of knife attacks and bombings mostly occurring in the Middle East as the news reported in decades past, we now are experiencing those crimes here as they are committed by "refugees" spreading throughout the non-Muslim world! 34

Just a few decades ago, just about everyone would know these fundamental truths about the violence and resistance to change within Islam, but that's not the case today. It's not politically correct to speak the truth!

Almost anything formerly known for thousands of years to be basic facts about life is now questioned by those who have abandoned the traditional Judeo-Christian worldview that allowed for the development of Western Civilization along with logic, scientific inquiry based upon objective empirical evidence, and common sense. While other cultures did develop mathematics and elementary levels of science, it has been Western Civilization that brought about the development of true modern science.

Have you ever wondered why modern Islamic societies have not produced great scientific advances while they have admittedly built some architectural wonders like the Taj Mahal? Obviously, there are very intelligent individuals within these societies, just as there are throughout the world.

What is preventing the development of knowledge there? According to Sharia law, anything that contradicts the religious dogma is prohibited, so any scientific finding that did so would be and still is condemned. It sounds "medieval," but in Islamic culture it has remained unchanged for 1400 years.

Valid "knowledge" is defined by Islamic religious authorities as whatever agrees with Islam, and according to them it is not what is discoverable through objective scientific pursuits. What is "good" is defined as what is set forth in the Islamic teachings and is not what one discovers through reason or perceives through the exercise of one's own conscience.

You see, Islam is a theocracy where every field of knowledge or activity is controlled by the religious teachings as interpreted by the Islamic authorities.

Islamic law does not simply mildly disapprove of those who disagree with the religion. Anything that challenges the dogma is considered offensive. Islamic sharia law actually prohibits numerous specified offensive actions (Reliance of the Traveller, Bk. r - Holding One's Tongue).

What's a scientist to do in an Islamically-ruled nation? What is anyone to do? Many simply choose to surrender to the totalitarian regimes in place and "hold their tongue." No truly free speech or expression of dissent is permissible, and that is what is increasingly being brought into our world. 35

Nonetheless, those who have adopted moral relativism, secular humanism, atheism, and aspects of socialism have been taught to refrain from objectively observing others and accurately assessing or judging the nature of different activities and cultural practices. "Whatever you want to do is fine!" Right? "I'm OK, and you're OK" - no matter what we do. Right? In this case, the secular moral relativists fail to judge, learn, or even perceive what Islam actually involves.

A type of de-sensitization and numbing of the population has long been encouraged so that many do not perceive the changes occurring around them. While the supposedly moral relativists profess to be non-religious, they have placed their faith in other false narratives and naively and happily applaud the influx of those who actually seek to impose Sharia law. They have no idea what they are inviting into their midsts! 36

Yes, it is a type of insanity that makes us incapable of recognizing that the cultures of death do result in such terrible suffering or incapable of even recognizing them as evil. Members of socialist or Islamist organizations who have built an ever-darkening culture of death actually celebrate with an evil glee when individuals commit suicide, or are made to die through various forms of execution. 37

Leftists and Islamists claim that the changes they seek will contribute to the creation of a utopian society. While generation after generation they try again, their efforts have always created brutal hells on Earth. Can it be otherwise?

Sadly, these trends are not being stopped, and they are gaining strength. Like the momentum in a tsunami wave nearing shore, there is such a thing as cultural momentum, and those pushing the socialist, utilitarian, secular humanist, post-modern, and moral relativist agenda have been promoting it for several decades. Their efforts have transformed the major media, the public schools and universities, as well as local, state, and the federal governments. These efforts have succeeded in indoctrinating many.

Sadly, these efforts have removed the foundation of a free society's worldview. Years ago, some called the cultural momentum the "zeitgeist" of the times, but you and I can sense the major direction of the culture even when there are a few who are still dedicated to promote the culture of life.

No, the culture of life is more than a concept; it is a reality that saves and nourishes more than our lives; it nourishes our souls!

It lights up the hearts and minds of all people at one time or another, even if they have been surrounded by darkness and have embraced many of its deceptions. Darkness has no power to keep out the light when any of us open to that light.

For example, though there is terrible pain beforehand, when a new infant is born, tears of joy pour forth from the parents, because the miracle of life has been given to them (John 16:21). They marvel that this new being simply breathes and looks back at them - eyeing the world for the first time.

Father, mother, and all present are pierced by the undeniable pure radiance and sanctity of new life! This is the case even if they don't even believe in the sanctity of life. They perceive it for themselves in that moment, but forget it too quickly!

When that infant becomes a toddler playing with a puddle of water, a leaf, or some toy, her joy continues to radiate to all around and remind us what life is about.

Life stage after stage, good mothers and fathers love their children, treasure the moments they share, and guide them to grow into adults who are fully capable of functioning in society. Good doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals dedicate themselves to serve and protect their lives. This, too, is part of the culture of life.

When those children grow into adults and their parents age, caring for that mother and father, seeing to their needs, is what loving children do. They treasure the moments they can still share knowing that all too soon, their loved one will no longer travel the same road. They don't hasten death before its time has come, but care for the ones who cared for them so long ago. This is part of the circle of life.

Even if we are not a parent, we still glimpse God's design around us. We still may witness the joy of children and others around us and the beauty of Nature in all its glory. Creation is filled with astonishing wonders, and it touches even the hardest of souls at one time or another (Psalm 65). You see, like the sun breaking through the clouds, the culture of life pre-exists all the cultures of death and will remain when they all fade away.

Although none of the world's cultures has ever been even close to realizing the full culture of life, some are more aggressively evil cultures of death. There is a difference between communist totalitarian rule and moderately socialist nations or nations where several freedoms exist. There is a difference between slavery, or unchecked brutally exploitative capitalism, or the tyranny of out-of-control robber barons, on the one hand, and a relatively free society that has laws and regulations that effectively protect individual rights.

Do we need to state the obvious? Today we do, because all cultures of death - including the present culture - begin with a lie, and then lie after lie are woven together to form a false narrative that eventually forms a complete and false worldview from which every policy of government and attitude toward life's experiences is wrongly understood (Genesis 3, Proverbs 14:12). If those lies are fed to the children and continued throughout life, zealots or "true believers" in the cultures of death are created.

It is almost impossible to engage these zealots in a rational conversation about easily verifiable facts. They don't wish to seek out the facts and become enraged when the objects of their ideological "faith" are challenged. Sometimes, they call for the death of those who question their agenda or false narrative.

What begins as a seemingly simple diversion from the proper use of logic and adherence to Divine Law results in endless complications, chaos, and even anarchy so that a traditionally life-affirming societal order and individual health are undermined and finally destroyed.

Even when those who have been victimized - who have witnessed their loved ones being slaughtered and who have seen the atrocities committed by communists or Islamists - speak the truth about them, they are condemned and silenced, though the anti-Semitism and anti-Christian hate speech regularly spewed out by those working to spread these is never condemned.

In many cases, sermons are in Arabic and most non-Muslims have no idea what is being said. When sermons are translated by those who know Arabic, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic messages are found regularly!

Little attention is given to the Islamically-based persecution of Christians, Jews, and others in many parts of the world, or the horrific genocide of Christians in the Middle East. 38

Though nations in the West are certainly flawed, the idealistic vision of the rights of man that are derived from an emphasis on the right use of reason to understand and explore the world, combined with Biblical principles, have spread the light of freedom and mutual respect throughout the world. Their understanding and implementation has grown over time in many nations.

Where do you think that our ideals of freedom from oppression, the liberty to live as one chooses, and to pursue happiness came from? These are Biblical ideals that have shaped many evolving societies.

We read:

And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year,
and proclaim liberty throughout all the land
unto all the inhabitants thereof:
it shall be a jubilee unto you;
and ye shall return every man unto his possession,
and ye shall return every man unto his family. - Leviticus 25:10


The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me;
because the Lord hath anointed Me to preach good tidings unto the meek;
He hath sent Me to bind up the brokenhearted,
to proclaim liberty to the captives,
and the opening of the prison to them that are bound; - Isaiah 61:1

These are the words of the prophet Isaiah that were read by the dear Lord Jesus at the synagogue in Nazareth (Luke 4:14-30). By reading this passage, He summed up His mission: to share the good news with those who were humble enough to receive it, to comfort the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to those in captivity (to the darkness of sin and the cultures of death), and to free those imprisoned in that darkness.

This message has resonated through the centuries and reached people in every part of the world!

Though there are many religions in the world that address the idea of man's relationship with God and have concepts of sin and morality, in this age, it is a mostly the Judeo-Christian culture that has inspired man with the idea that all men and women are brothers and sisters in this world and that not only one day man might be free, that he is meant to be free here in this world , but that it is God's will that he actually be free here and now!

It is this culture that emphasizes the merciful good we must do for each other - for all in this world and not just those who believe as we do - throughout our lives (Micah 6:8; Luke 10:25-37). It is a Judeo-Christian culture guided by His teaching that has given this gift to all of man.

But mercy is not practiced throughout the world. Hardly! Most people are completely unaware today that every people - every ethnic group or race - has at one time been enslaved, and though slavery has been practiced in every land throughout history, not every culture has a law that mandates (as in the Jewish law) that slaves are to eventually be freed during the year of Jubilee or under other conditions.

Muslims who ruled parts of Europe, N Africa, and other regions for centuries are estimated to have enslaved about 1.2 million white Christian Europeans who were captured through piracy at sea, captured through raids of European seaside villages, or otherwise tricked into human trafficking operations that existed for centuries.

Those slaves, white or other, were also enslaved during the same periods that blacks were enslaved in the Southern United States. Did you know? Do you know why the U.S. Marines were formed? To rescue whites enslaved to Muslims in N. Africa and assure the safety of ships entering the Mediterranean Sea! 39

Clearly, not every culture encouraged real freedom of thought, inquiry, research, and the expansion and passing on of human knowledge that had been acquired from one generation to the next! Not every culture encouraged freedom at all! Some cultures do not even recognize the idea of freedom. Islam does not. It demands obedience to the Sharia law - not freedom.

Contrasted so deeply with Islam, it is an utterly different and unique culture that planted the seeds that have blossomed into the idea that all men and women are equal and should be treated equally with great respect under laws that apply just as much to the leaders as to the common man. If anyone tries to convince you that men and women have equal rights under Islamic law, they would be lying in the extreme, and we will explore the oppression of women in Islamic societies.

Where do we get the idea that slavery is wrong and that it is an evil that should be stamped out? Though slavery is recognized as existing in the Bible, its practice was and is not encouraged. In Islam, though there are a few verses suggesting that freeing a slave is praiseworthy (Reliance of the Traveller Bk. k32 - On Slavery), Sharia law specifically requires that those enemies who are captured in "war" - and are not killed - be enslaved, and that has been the practice for 1400 years!

Even the discussion of slavery by Muslims is cloaked with deception: the translators of the Reliance of the Traveller exposition of Sharia law conveniently failed to translate Book k32 "because [supposedly] the issue is no longer current." Actually, slavery is extremely current and practiced throughout many Islamic lands. The Yazidi girls enslaved by ISIS and the millions of others enslaved by Muslims all over the world would disagree about the issue not being "current!"

In fact, Muslim warriors are generally required to either kill or enslave those enemy warriors they capture, and a Muslim slave owner can beat their slave to death and no punishment is required. 40

Not only that, the Sharia law regarding slaves is certainly implemented in Islamically-ruled regions. Muslims are told they should mirror the actions of the founder of the movement who captured and enslaved many and was well-known as a slave trader. Muslims are trading and selling human beings today and it is not only permitted under Sharia law, it is accepted as a routine, ethical business endeavor!

In fact, the Proverbs of the Old Testament (Jewish Tanakh) and other instructions guide man in ways that would help him avoid such a terrible life. In addition, we may ask: Where do we get the idea that we can understand more and more of Nature's truths?

The emphasis on our minds' ability to apprehend reality - and not just empirical potentialities and actualities but also philosophical and religious truths - is woven into the West's very fabric....

Consider Socratic thought, Roman law's careful clarification of various legal relationships, or the effort of specific Enlightenment thinkers to apply the scientific method. Each of these constituted an explicit attempt to comprehend and shape aspects of reality as well as to distinguish which choices are rational, good, and right from those that are not. They also helped facilitate wise intellectual and social habits: a wariness of superstition and a desire to avoid error, as well as a concern for just relationships, a suspicion of arbitrary power, and an attachment to liberty....

It's also much harder to imagine the delegitimizing of slavery, the affirmation of the essential equality of men and women, or the de-deification of the state and the natural world without the vision of God articulated first by Judaism and then infused into the West's marrow by Christianity. 41

Most peoples of the world have adopted these Biblically-based ideals of human rights, however, not all peoples have adopted the reverence for the God who gives us those rights and that is necessary for such human rights to be respected!

When we demand rights, but do not recognize the Giver of those rights, and simply demand more and more for ourselves, we fall into the same trap of self-pride and selfishness that some now call the right to "autonomy." In many cases, this simply becomes a justification for the same self-centeredness, egotism, and defiant pride that has plagued us all since the beginning (Genesis 3:5).

Without making an effort to follow His divine law and to glorify Him in all humility, our struggle for human rights becomes nothing more than a sham and just another dark chapter in human history. Striving to assure just treatment for all in society is admirable and must be done, but it can never be perfectly achieved in this world and will certainly not be even partially achieved without humility and reverence for God. Even then, finding salvation is so much more than having one's rights honored in this world (1 Peter 1)!

What can be more wonderful than to receive the good news of God's love and salvation freely given to those who open their hearts to Him! What can be more wonderful than actually experiencing His love and grace? But so many wallow in despair and live their entire lives in misery and fear. Much of history is filled with accounts of the despicable treatment and tragic circumstances people have endured. Does Islam proclaim God's love for all humanity? Certainly not! Socialism certainly does not either and even denies His existence.

There are entire Islamic books written to tell Muslims that they will be cursed if they do certain actions as well as what actions others do that would allow them to curse those others. They also explain when God will curse individuals. However, we are taught never to curse anyone but to love everyone! What a difference!

There are entire Islamic books written to explain when Muslims must retaliate against others and describe in great detail how they must retaliate. If someone steals, the hand is cut off. Where is the love or mercy?

Though many may read or watch a movie about Japanese samurai warriors and then admire the great skill with which one of them vanquishes those who offended his or his master's "honor," do we really approve the killing of dozens simply because someone was offended? How would that mass murder be evaluated if such a samurai warrior suddenly killed many somewhere in our society and in our time? Don't we condemn the mass murderers however they seek to justify their actions?

Some cultures regard life as a precious and sacred gift from God while other cultures consider life to be disposable and cheap. Can we equate these?

Of course, there is great beauty and much wisdom to be found in many cultures, but there are also other aspects that may repulse us. For example, how would we - who now enjoy many Constitutional rights - feel about being commanded by royal monarchs and aristocratic nobles who oppressed us, taxed us, and abused us? The American colonists revolted against England for just that reason.

Though we may appreciate the contributions of various nations of the world, can we accept the brutal practices of any nation that uses its military force to invade, conquer, and permanently subjugate residents of the land taken or mistreat its own people? This is still being done, but it is no longer accepted under international law. It is not accepted in any culture of life.

The people in most Eastern and Western nations no longer understand the world as people did thousands of years ago. How people live has changed in so many ways, yet there are those who would send us back 1,000 years or more. There are those who do not recognize the rights of individual men and women and would sacrifice many or even most of us for what they consider to be the greater good of the dark society they seek to establish.

Are those cultures that disregard man's individual rights the same as those that make great efforts to affirm and protect those rights? For once, let's be clear and restore a semblance of sanity:

2 + 2 does equal 4. A circle is not a square. Up is up and down is down. East is not West, and earth is not sky. In almost all cases, boys are actually boys and girls are girls, not boys. Marriage is and always has been a covenant between a man and a woman, and not between a man and a man, or a woman and a woman.

Bad is not good. Homosexuality is not the same as heterosexuality. Rape is not equivalent to the mutual love expressed sexually within marriage. Honesty is not morally equivalent to lying. All individual actions are not equally virtuous! All cultures are not the same, and they are not equally valid! Each of them is unique!

Is this too difficult to understand? Or is expressing the basic facts of life in a rational way now considered hate speech? In a culture of death, speaking the truth and affirming traditional Christian values are considered to be crimes!

Even European residents note that thousands of Muslim men, aka "refugees," are raping women in incidents throughout their countries, and when they speak up to stop it, they are accused of being bigots while those doing the raping are either not charged or are given lenient sentences because it's not politically correct, or because it is culturally accepted in Islam to rape non-Muslim women who are "captured!" 42 Where is the outrage from the so-called "feminists?"

Because science has revealed that an atom's structure includes much space between the electron and the nucleus, we are told by clever sophists that the entire world we experience around us is an illusion, that any individual's ideas about right and wrong are just as valid as any others', and that there is no absolute Truth.

Some say, "You have your truth; I have mine," and if these "truths" contradict each other, they shrug and don't even consider the illogic of it all. When challenged in a debate, they do not accept the application of the most fundamental principles of logic.

However, not one of those very clever sophists will walk in front of a bus because it is "just an illusion." Not one of them will happily allow their own child to be harmed, wife raped, or husband killed because others' ideas about right and wrong are supposedly just as valid as their own. When something that is really important to them is threatened or discussed, not one of them will agree that their own values and ideas are not based on obvious truth, or that they are mistaken.

How they suddenly adopt the view that there are absolute rights and wrongs in these circumstances is not a mystery. They - like every human being - have recognized the natural moral law at one time or another, but not all of them are willing to take the logically required next step in understanding that what is good or bad for any one of us is also good or bad for other human beings. They condemn any harm that might come to themselves or their own loved ones, but they willingly choose to harm others who they have devalued.

They don't see the contradiction and continue in their willful blindness. They continue to tell us that all cultures should be respected, that all religions lead to the same place, and that all points of view should be considered equally valid. We are told again and again that we must not be judgmental, must be tolerant of others' views and traditions, and must practice inclusivity.

Of course, we must love and respect others, however, when any one of us affirms a conservative Judeo-Christian point-of-view, tolerance and inclusivity are discarded and we are judged, condemned, ridiculed, shunned, silenced, or even physically attacked by those who told us not to be judgmental (Matthew 10:22)! 43

Many say, "We are offended by your (Christian) views," but however much we are offended, they don't care at all. If our values are trampled upon, who cares? If our society is being attacked from many sides, they don't even notice, or if they do, they welcome it! They hate traditional Judeo-Christian values and those of us who have faith in the God who has taught us.

Voices that embrace innumerable depravities and insanities are the only voices accepted and celebrated by the modern culture of death embodied in the far-Left "progressive" socialism that has steadily crept into our world!

Yet, it is Western culture that has given rise to a Socrates, Aristotle, St Thomas Aquinas, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Mozart, Bach, Handel, Beethoven, and so many others - and given rise to the Magna Carta, common law, and the American Constitution and our Bill of Rights!

Though many are enamored with modern rap musicians, are they really on the same level as musical geniuses like Beethoven or Bach? Is the author of Harry Potter as talented and insightful as Shakespeare? Do they have the same message and wisdom to convey to man in the world? Hardly!

Western culture has produced innumerable technological advances and products that have saved lives, brought modern communications, computing, sanitation, healthcare, clean water, and many other benefits to the world. Western culture has shared these with all the world, though it is rightfully condemned for its colonialism of the past.

Do those who condemn the West recognize that every Eastern as well as Western major imperial power in the world has invaded and colonized other regions by force?

For example, do they condemn the Comanche Native Americans for butchering other indigenous tribes or the whites? No. Just like Muslim invaders, the Comanches killed all of the enemy's adult men, raped the women and often killed them, killed the infants, and kidnapped the young children who were then brought up as Comanches. All Americans used to know these facts but today a fantasy version of Native American history is accepted. 44 This is exactly what Islamic raiders have done for 14 centuries.

There are those who would re-write history to say that America was not founded predominantly as a Christian nation, but they would be hard-pressed to find any valid and objective evidence for their lies. Every colony, state, and earliest educational institution had Christian language in their founding documents.

For example, Samuel Adams expressed the widespread Christian mindset of the colonists who sought freedom from England's tyrannical rule when he wrote in his "Rights of the Colonists," in 1772:

... The right to freedom being the gift of God Almighty ... 'The rights of the colonists as Christians' ... may be best understood by reading and carefully studying the institutes of the great Law Giver ... which are to be found clearly written and promulgated in the New Testament. 45

Anyone who reads the original writings from that time might be astounded to learn how fervent the faith of many colonists was and how openly religious the elected leaders were. There was not even the slightest sense that when they fought against an "establishment of religion," they were abandoning their faith in God or their Christianity, or that they disapproved of religious expression in public. They simply sought freedom of thought for each individual and freedom from the tyrannical power of an English king, Church, or any other.

What has become of the nation they fought and sacrificed their lives to create? What will become of Europe, N. and S. America, and the other nations as Islam advances throughout the world? We will need to explore Islam's nature further in detail to better understand the cultural tsunami that has reached our shores.

Part 5.2 to follow....


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