Deception and the Cultures of Death (Part one)

Ron Panzer
June 10, 2017
Reproduced with Permission
Hospice Patients Alliance

Part 4.1 - Socialism and the Deconstruction of the Judeo-Christian Society

Hostile forces are threatening the peaceful enjoyment of life within freedom-loving societies, both East and West. When I say "hostile forces," I mean more than one force that is solely capable of obliterating our way of life, causing the fall of nations and the death of many people, as well as removing any real freedom from the land.

We are currently being warned about external threats from N Korean military and nuclear capabilities, China's surging military and economic power, Russia, as well as Iran and its development of nuclear weapons and its sponsorship of terrorist activities around the world. We are also warned about Pakistani nuclear capabilities falling into the hands of radical Islamists, and Islamist terrorists who are attacking people all over the world.

There are numerous realistic external threats and concerns that a nation or people need to be informed about and prepared to address - even to defend themselves against should they be attacked. If we are to "rescue those being dragged off to death," we might need to physically intervene in order to accomplish that. However, there are internal threats to life right here within our own society and in healthcare as well. Healthcare agency settings simply reflect the philosophies and values embraced by those who control the bureaucracies that regulate them.

To protect the vulnerable residing in such healthcare settings, we might need to act in order to stop a lethal drug or medication from being administered. We might act to make sure a patient gets the food and water or oxygen needed to live. Sometimes, we might need to make sure that the standards of care are followed in a healthcare setting so that the patient's life is not endangered. All of these are patient advocates' ways of rescuing those "being dragged off to death" and defending them.

What if you don't detect the threat to life and therefore do nothing at all about it? If carbon monoxide gas enters a home, the people will not see it or smell it, and it will kill those who breathe large amounts of it in. Colorless, odorless, and tasteless radon gas can cause lung cancer that will then kill most of those who are stricken.

While there are carbon monoxide and radon detectors that help protect us from these threats, what can be done to defend the people against other types of threats that are not always physical? What if a way of thinking or a philosophy itself threatens life? Can how we think - or not - and what we think cause death?

We all know the story about the "Emperor with No Clothes" or "The Emperor's New Clothes." Hans Christian Andersen tells us a story about an emperor who was so vain that he spent much of his time buying new clothes. Two swindlers came to him and told him they would weave the most wonderful clothes, but these would become "invisible to anyone who was unfit for his office, or who was unusually stupid."

All the ministers and people of the land pretended to see the clothes so that they would not be thought of as unfit or stupid. In this way the swindlers were able to keep up with their deception. The emperor finally walked in a parade down the street with nothing on at all, until a very young child, incapable of lying about so plain a matter, innocently blurted out, "The emperor has no clothes!" Only then did everyone also admit the obvious truth, yet the emperor continued to pretend that he had clothes, otherwise he would be admitting he was a fool.

I would say that among the threats to our way of life, the one everybody knows about but nobody talks openly about today is communism's and socialism's inroads into almost every niche of our society including many high places in government. Who is speaking out about how - once empowered in government - communism's proponents act to crush the human spirit and destroy the well-being of the people?

While many are alarmed about Islamic terrorists bombing or attacking innocent civilians, and they should be, there is a more important concern: those pulling the strings in government who have the authority to act are either not aggressively preventing those attacks by arresting those who are already known to be treasonously conspiring against our freedom-loving societies, or, they are actively suppressing and completely censoring accurate reporting about the aims of those Islamic terrorists and what adherents to Islam really desire to achieve in our nations.

They also have the power as "gatekeepers" to regulate the influx of individuals into the country, just as is done in every nation of the world. Rather than regulate the influx so that the safety of the people is assured, they have opened the borders ("gates") wide open for some who hate our society to come in and set up their base - "Al Qaeda" means "The Base" - and then their networks, and then engage in full-scale aggression against our governments and people.

Many of the terrorists who have successfully executed their attacks in Europe or the United States were known to security experts, and some of them openly posted their nefarious goals on the internet while they also appeared on public TV bowing to the flag of ISIS! Nevertheless, authorities did nothing to stop them. Why? There is a reason!

The decades-long condemnation of Senator Joseph McCarthy's early 1950s hearings about communists in America has been widely used to successfully muzzle critics of this political ideology that now prefers to be called "Left," "Progressive" or "Liberal." What is not widely admitted, but is obvious today, is that McCarthy was correct when he asserted there were many communists in government and other niches of society.

However, because McCarthy's hearings were relentlessly condemned in the media, and because there were abuses that victimized innocent individuals, the moment anyone raises the slightest criticism of someone spouting communist ideas, one is subjected to the harshest condemnation and accused of "McCarthyism," a "witch-hunt," or "persecution" of innocents, though everything you might say is absolutely true.

It is long past the time for many of us to wake up and see that "The Emperor Has No Clothes!" Yes, socialists have been working for several decades right in front of us all. They have successfully muzzled us and do seek to "fundamentally transform America" - as Barack Hussein Obama has repeatedly stated - from within.

People have refrained from talking about the dangers of socialism for so long that many no longer recognize its lethality and that it is the antithesis of a God-centered free society.

There are some things that are obvious to the multitudes, but everyone pretends not to notice because others might condemn them, or the news of what is really happening is censored by those high up in government and in the major media. Others' condemnation results in the silencing of an individual's right to free speech, similar to the tyranny that exists in many totalitarian regimes - just as occurs in any region governed by Islam's sharia law.

Such sharia law, like any other totalitarian law, forbids any criticism at all and urges followers to attack those who dare to question Islamic authorities or the religious theocracy itself. In 1989, China's totalitarian leaders ordered the military to end a people's rights protest at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China, 180 to 500 protesters were slaughtered by the military and thousands more were injured, but Chinese citizens cannot protest the government's past or present actions or they would be arrested even now, just as occurs in other communist and Islamic nations. 1

Though many nations profess to enable freedom and citizens' rights, political correctness is a tyrannical force that has grown like weeds in a lawn and is poisoning our societies by silencing dissent. It is one of many steps taken toward the Left's desired imposition of socialist rule in all nations.

Since one Marxist hero, John Dewey's, socialist "reforms" of education in the early 1900s, many undeclared and some openly socialist teachers in public schools and colleges have educated generations to admire socialism and despise traditional Judeo-Christian values. They have miseducated these generations to hate America while failing to inform them about all the horrors committed by every other people and nation on Earth throughout history. In other words, the young grow up not knowing that America - even with many of its past and present terrible flaws - is actually the freest nation to have existed in human history. 2

Wherever socialism is implemented, this fatal hate-filled philosophy that pretends to be all about "love," is still an increasingly great threat to mankind in many parts of the world. What do Leftists want? Not traditional American freedom, and certainly not the right to life for those they seek to destroy.

Yes, a way of thinking can cause death! If 100 million deaths under communism in the Soviet Union, Communist China, Cambodia, N Korea, and elsewhere during the 20th Century are not enough to convince you, then nothing will!

There is a threat to our peaceful enjoyment of life, to our society, and the nations that is seemingly just as undetectable as carbon monoxide or radon gas. Whenever a people refuse to see a threat, refuse to name the threat, and forbid any discussion of the threat, then the eventual death of that people, society, and the nations is certain!

What is it that is not being mentioned or discussed widely? Without any doubt, among other things, that Leftists in society and the Democrat Party - which once had some conservative elements and honored the Judeo-Christian ethic in some ways - has morphed into a political force whose policies are not differentiable from official communist party agenda. 3

While I am not a Democrat, I'm not a Republican either. The Republican elites are not much better at all. Many of them just hypocritically pretend to be dedicated to pro-life causes and traditional American values. How do I know for sure? All Congressmen and women who've been there for even a few years know about the medically-hastened deaths occurring in many settings, yet not one has even once spoken up publicly about this terrible evil!

We at Hospice Patients Alliance have heard directly from Congressmen in private that they know all about the stealth euthanasias going on, but they also admit that the government saves much more than $100,000 per year for each elderly or disabled patient who is eliminated and no longer receives Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, and many other services. They won't speak up to oppose or act to halt the imposed deaths, because they see these as a way to reduce costs. As those in government view it, "It's nothing personal!" even though it is so very personal to those who are killed and the family members left to grieve afterward!

What are the results of decades of increasingly Leftist policies that are shaped by political correctness? We see Londoners filing out of restaurants and concert halls with their arms raised to show they are not the Islamist terrorists who had just been stabbing them, running them over with vans, or blowing them up with bombs - yet in many cases, the terrorists were known to the Leftist socialists running the government!

Why is it that all of us are made to wait on long lines, have our baggage inspected in great detail, or have our bodies touched by sometimes inept TSA officials - at airports and sometimes at bus or train stations - to go through security checks that were completely unnecessary a few decades ago?

Yes, ostensibly these measures are supposed to prevent terrorists from bringing knives, bombs, or other weapons on board the airplines to do harm to passengers or to even hijack planes, but there are more effective methods of identifying the likely terrorists through scientifically-designed methods of analyzing and profiling the prospective passengers! These other methods are very effectively used in some nations and every traveler is not inconvenienced! Why isn't this being done in Europe and the United States?

Leftist socialists in power - yes, officials in Europe and the United States - refuse to implement these standard techniques used by effective police, because in part they fear being labeled a "racist," "xenophobe," or worse. More importantly, many of them also desire that the general public get used to being intimidated so that when the time comes, it will be easier to impose an actual police state where even the innocent are hassled and abused by government agents.

One reason the elite Leftists in European and in American government have invited mostly Islamic refugees into their lands is to negate the voice and votes of conservative Jews and Christians that formed the basis of the long-established culture they seek to fundamentally transform. It's mostly about the acquisition of power, and not about compassion for the refugees, just as legalizing assisted-suicide, euthanasia or looking the other way with stealth euthanasia is mostly about the money and economics. It is absolutely certain that if power was not to be acquired, or if money would not be saved, then these policies would not be adopted!

A large majority of these immigrants - some of whom are not refugees but jihadis seeking to overthrow the West - absolutely reject Judaism, Christianity, and have no knowledge of or experience with the freedoms, rights, and duties of citizens in our Western societies. They have a completely different worldview with completely different values.

Leftists and those who come from non-Judeo-Christian societies will shout down the voices and votes of conservative Jews and Christians thereby nullifying the objections raised to the increasingly socialist policies being put in place. If you wish to know what it's really like to live under such tyrannical rule, ask anyone who once lived in the former Soviet Union or any of its satellite nations in Eastern Europe like Bulgaria, Romania, or the Ukraine!

That's where the Left will take us! Because government leaders have failed to stop those who hate us and seek to kill us from freely entering these public spaces, we may be killed on the streets, in the parks, malls, halls, trains, buses, and planes. If any one of us is fearful or uncertain what the days to come will bring, they are not being paranoid!

What we are witnessing is the literal deconstruction, not only of healthcare and the physician/nurse - patient relationship, but the complete deconstruction of our entire Judeo-Christian society! I have no doubt that it is the same Leftist, secular humanist mindset - that has caused chaos and lawlessness in society for decades - that has infiltrated healthcare agency administrations and policymaking circles at the highest levels of the regulating bureaucracies in order to not only devalue the lives of many patients, but to set policies that assure steps are taken that will incrementally tend toward these patients' death.

The cultural subversion and deconstruction of modern Western society was originally ordered by Soviet leader, Vladimir Lenin, in 1922. It involved what is now known as "Cultural Marxism" and the effort was based at the Institute of Marxism in Frankfurt, Germany - later known as The Frankfurt School:

When the Nazis came to power in 1933 the Frankfurt School migrated to the United States. There its members set about poisoning American culture, based in Columbia University. Theodor Adorno promoted degenerate atonal music to induce mental illness, including necrophilia, on a large scale. He and Horkheimer also penetrated Hollywood, recognizing the film industry's power to influence mass culture. The American schools system was a prime target for successful subversion.

By the post-War era the Cultural Marxist programme had a wide-reaching agenda of destruction. It aimed to destroy the family, denying the specific roles of the father and mother, and advocated the teaching of sex and homosexuality to children; mobilisation of women as revolutionaries against men, through aggressive feminism; large-scale immigration to abolish national identity; dependency on the state and state benefits; control and infantilisation of the media.

The great canon of Western literature was demolished by pygmies in the name of "deconstruction", exploiting the intellectual snobbery of insecure academics. Universities today are the worst enemies of independent thinking and free speech: in the words of Robert Lind, all American campuses have become "small, ivy-covered North Koreas".

The Frankfurt idea of "pansexualism" which underpinned the so-called sexual revolution in the 1960s was championed by Herbert Marcuse, an admirer of the Marquis de Sade's "polymorphous perversity". Concepts such as childhood, innocence, virtue were anathema to the Frankfurt School, as was traditional order in society. 4

Now, the Frankfurt School of Marxist thought has succeeded in its transformation of society. We see its rotten fruits all around us (Matthew 7:15-20)! Some of us have lost mothers, fathers, and children to its influence.

There are threats to every aspect of traditional society. In fact, if you went to sleep in 1960 and woke up today, you would think the people had gone mad. If you went to sleep in the 1700s, you would be sure that an actual revolution had taken place! It has not been an evolution or progress for society, but its steady, incremental or "progressive" degradation.

I recently read a Leftist's statement saying that communist Cuba was a wonderful country and that the suffering of its people was not due to its communist government, but was caused solely by the trade embargo that the United States had placed on Cuba. Whatever we might think, I would ask, "What does that have to do with the many thousands of political prisoners who have been imprisoned and died after being tortured or abused by Cuba's communist officials? How does the trade embargo force the government to brutally abuse and intimidate the people and then kill them if they disagree?

If Cuba actually was such a wonderful utopia with its "wonderful" universal healthcare and other benefits, why do we see that through the years and decades, thousands flee and risk their lives to escape? Where are all the people who have risked their lives trying to "flee" freedom and emigrate to Cuba or N Korea?

If communism (and Cuba in particular) is so wonderful, why is freedom-loving dissident Daniel Llorente Miranda being kept against his will in a Cuban psychiatric hospital for expressing his belief in God and demonstrating for the people's rights to freedom? Why are Jews and Christians targeted all over the world and discriminated against in so many ways? 5 The Soviet Union imprisoned many thousands of political prisoners in psychiatric hospitals as well. Is this what "freedom from oppression" through Marxist revolution looks like?

The misery of the Cuban people shows us what the Left wishes to impose on Americans. Although abortion is not well-accepted in many South and Central American nations, Cuba has a very high rate of abortion, nearing 60% of all pregnancies! This is understandable because every communist nation has legalized abortion and encouraged it, while other nations whose people and governments respect religious faith discourage it. Leftists see little wrong with killing the unborn or those they see as unwanted, costly, "biologically tenacious" patients that just won't die!

Now, if any of us express traditional Judeo-Christian views about natural marriage (you have to say "natural" marriage because now there supposedly is another kind of "marriage"), you are condemned as a homophobe, though just a few years ago, almost all politicians publicly supported natural marriage. If even well-respected, brilliant doctors today warn about the numerous and lethal health risks associated with homosexual sexual practices, they are fired! In effect, no criticism of homosexuality as a chosen lifestyle is permitted at all!

If you warn about some (not all) immigrants who actively advocate for the destruction of our nations and way of life, or if you think that a nation has the right to control its borders (as virtually all nations in the world beside Europe and the United States do) you are condemned as a xenophobe. Does this make sense?

If some profess their belief that Jesus is the way to salvation, socialists who don't believe in any religion condemn them as "un-American" for not accepting other religions as being just as valid. Yet, Islam also dogmatically teaches adherents that no other way is valid at all and that Muslims should persuade others to adopt that faith or be forcefully converted or killed. Why aren't the Leftists condemning the intolerance of Islamists as well? What motive do they have for condemning one but not the other?

Many religions, but not all, teach that their way is the way and dogmatic, often violent conflicts tragically arise "in the name of God." Though various religions present different perspectives as to how man should live in this world and worship God, and there is some wisdom to be found in many of the paths people follow around the world, socialists use Americans' Constitutional right to freedom of religion as a way of particularly targeting Christian expression almost exclusively, while at the same time, they seek the eventual elimination of all religion.

Socialists view Christianity and conservative Judaism as socialism's main opponents in the culture wars. They have twisted our Constitutional right to freedom of religion into freedom from religion and seek to eliminate any conservative Judaic or Christian religious expression in public, especially in any government property, building, or educational setting.

In recent years, this aggressive attack has expanded to targeting solely Christian florists, bakeries, videographers, wedding venues, and other businesses, asking them to participate in glorifying homosexual marriage. All of these businesses will and have served just about anyone who asks for services, but they refuse to use their business and their abilities to celebrate homosexual "marriage" and proclaim a message that says "homosexual marriage" is a wonderful thing. Then, the anti-Christian activists sue them in court, forcing some of them to go out of business rather than violate their religious beliefs.

The goal is completely removing Christian religious expression from the public square, and transforming the legal system so that Christian values are no longer honored in the law. Many of the activists are atheists, but all are Leftists who don't acknowledge the very plain reasons that the leaders of our nation had the US Supreme Court building decorated with prominent depictions of Moses and the Ten Commandments, symbolizing the foundation for our entire Constitutional form of government and the nation! The Ten Commandments are the underlying basis for our legal system and Constitution.

Yet, the lyrics of Leftist John Lennon's song, "Imagine," portray a world with no religion - and therefore no Ten Commandments, no acknowledgement of God, and no reverence for life - as a "utopia" where everyone lives in "peace." There is no true "peace" or "harmony" that exists in such a socialist world, and especially in its final stage, i.e. communism. Due to man's imperfect and fallen nature, socialism in any form is eventually imposed at the end of a gun and through brutal torture and persecution, censorship, imprisonment, and many executions.

There is the root of the problem with socialism and communism: human nature! Socialists bizarrely believe in a fantasy that mankind is capable as a society of sustaining consistently unselfish, altruistic behavior and willingly and peacefully sharing all the wealth of the means of production equally with others , yet all of human history proves otherwise. They don't admit that they themselves are at their core, evil or imperfect, and they refuse to see mankind as he really is. They can not admit that without God's grace, such a harmonious society can never exist.

Therefore, the coldly idealistic but willful, arrogant, and often violent machinations they engage in to first destroy the status quo and any who resist them, always ends in totalitarian forms of socialism that are even more horrific than the capitalist systems they replace. They will beat any people who resist almost to death in order make sure they believe in their poisoned way of thinking. They scream at them: "You will agree!" "You will agree!" "You will agree!!

Or, if the stubborn, unconverted still refuse, they will continue to beat them till they are dead. No evidence of the communist State's failure to convince are allowed to persist! Similar to what has prevailed in all Islamic nations or caliphates for 1400 years, nobody who refuses the communist atheistic faith is permitted the freedom to live as he would wish and think independently.

If you speak up about the violence and riots committed by Leftist "Black Lives Matter" anarchists and communists - and that is what they admit themselves to be - you are condemned as a racist. If you question the so-called "feminists" - who have consistenly proved themselves to be nothing other than pure socialists, who promote animosity toward men and traditional women, the elimination of courage and other masculine as well as feminine virtues, and the elimination of marriage or traditional morality - you are condemned as a sexist.

If you seek to protect the unborn, you are part of the "war on women," though through the indoctrination of feminists, millions of embryonic or fetal "women" were never born because they were killed through abortion procedures. Are those dead, unborn human beings now "free?" Are any of us free when we are subject to socialist governments?

To get to the point more plainly, I could ask, "Is a pet dog really free?"

Dogs get to eat and drink whatever is provided. A home is guaranteed along with healthcare should he need it. He even gets to play in the park, walk on the street, and be "man's best friend." But should he act like a dog and eventually bite someone, anyone at all, it is quite probable that he would be put to death.

Communist leaders also plan for and provide what they believe is necessary for the citizens and they also regulate what food and activities are permitted. Is it much different from a dog's "freedom?"

In communist nations, whatever "freedom" to live one has, whatever State "benefits" one has, you are likely to be put to death or imprisoned for decades should you speak out against the regime's oppression!

Clearly, citizens in communist nations are just as free as dogs! This type of "progress" or "freedom" is what socialists in our nations wish to impose, though they promise everything will be better when they - not doctors and patients - are in total control of our healthcare. They promise all will be improved when they are in charge of our economy, education, food supplies, government, and industries.

Though many decry the steep cost of private health insurance in a free market, when government controls the healthcare system, it can be costly and deadly. When government bureaucrats wish to ration care, they set the reimbursement rates lower than the costs of providing that treatment, procedure, or medication; hospitals and physicians then refuse to provide such services because they will not choose to lose money that can cause them to go bankrupt. This rationing through reimbursement price setting has lethal consequences for those of us who need those treatments. The world is not perfect, but when government takes over healthcare through socialism, the "free" care has a real price in taxes and in lives!

Socialists seek a new social order that is to be imposed and will supposedly "free" all the people. What type of societal order will it be? They are truly anti-family and parental rights, and believe that it is the State that should make all major decisions. In socialist Ontario, Canada, it is now a crime for parents to disagree with the gender identity of their children, and the government social workers are empowered to take the children away from any parents who believe in the God-given gender of their children rather than the child's new "identity." 6

"Progress" toward their goals is seen when pharmacists, nurses, and doctors are forbidden to speak out against, or forced in some way to enable, facilitate, or participate in, abortion, assisted-suicide, or euthanasia. Legislation legalizing these evils has solely been introduced and passed by "progressives" on the Left! Socialists in several European nations and Canada have legalized euthanasia. Clearly, they have no reverence for God or for the lives we are called to serve!

Though 40 or 50 years ago, there might have been a credible argument that "Democrats" (Leftists) "for Life" was a reality, it has now become an amusing oxymoron since the Party has openly adopted communist party goals as its own and made the right to kill the unborn one of its most central and immovable principles. Leftists believe that killing the unborn is a sacred right and according to the Democrat leaders in the USA blunt enough to speak honestly, not even one Democrat should oppose the right to kill these innocents. 7

It is clear that many do not realize that those who whole-heartedly adopt secular bioethics and utilize this self-contradictory system as the basis to make healthcare decisions, are in fact, "Liberals" or Leftists, and that the conservative Jewish or Christian people of faith working in healthcare are mostly remaining true to the sanctity of life ethic.

In other words, the conflict in ethics seen within healthcare is based upon the Leftists seizing control of the system while conservatives (and others who agree with traditional medical ethics) are targeted for retaliation, punishment, and termination. The conflict of values within healthcare settings does have a political component!

If anyone is paying attention, in healthcare, we already know that when administrators, physicians, and nurses embrace Leftist secular bioethics - rather than a sanctity of life ethic - their decisions and actions lead to many thousands of patients losing their lives. 8

We know that the popularization of "assisted-suicide" and "death with dignity" is leading to increasing numbers of elderly, disabled, and chronically-ill individuals being put to death. "Assisted-suicides" are not events that demonstrate "dignity," and many are not voluntary, "requested" physician-assisted suicides. Imposed death is a widespread problem within healthcare settings and is easily disguised and hidden from others for economic and other motives.

What will happen if we increasingly embrace socialist practices that crush the human spirit wherever they have been implemented? Will those who choose not to contribute to society through honest work be rewarded and those who excel be punished? Will the learned by executed or imprisoned as has been done in other communist nations? Will our leaders more forcefully and openly embrace socialism or communism and imprison those who publicly dissent for ten, twenty, thirty years or more as they do right now in communist Cuba, China, Laos, N. Korea, and Vietnam, for example?

Will some be executed for speaking out against communist rule in America? Will pharmacists, nurses, doctors, and other professionals lose their jobs, licenses, or be banned from practice if they don't facilitate or actively participate in the killing of patients or the unborn? Some have already been affected! Will pro-lifers be arrested for speaking out? They already have been - many times!

Most people do not know that the Leftist Obama regime formally designated pro-lifers, "right-wing" Christians, and those who valued Constitutional rule as potential terrorists! They have labeled traditional Americans as dangerous radicals and in 2008, then Senator Obama even condemned them calling them "bitter" individuals who "cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations." This could have been predicted since socialists and communists seek to silence the people of faith who have historically made up the large majority of Americans. 9

The Leftist Obama regime was in many ways a silent coup in which the media's editors deliberately censored any information that would reveal the communist and Islamist connections to Barack Hussein Obama. They made him appear to be a virtual "saint" - which explains why some were even fainting at the sight of him and thought that the moment he was elected, all their problems would disappear! There were even paintings depicting him with a halo around his head!

Obama was virtually installed as President through the indoctrination of the people, and as a result, many socialist policies were implemented and goals achieved. These included the use of government force to target Christian speech and conservative groups by the Internal Revenue Service and the FBI, as well as the sanctioning of homosexual "marriage" to directly attack traditional natural marriage and those whose religious faiths condemn these evils, to attack the foundation of the culture of life that results in new life, and to openly reject God's will which is clearly revealed.

It should be concerning to any person of faith that the Leftist forces - whether through even more Clinton initiatives, an Obama Foundation, or other Leftwing groups funded by George Soros and other wealthy Leftists - will continue to work to "fundamentally transform America" so that socialism is finally and completely imposed and the heart of our free society destroyed.

That the Democrat base has adopted Left-wing ideology can no longer be denied. The Leftists have shown themselves as they truly are, whether in words filled with vitriole and hate - while condemning Christians and traditional Americans as "haters" - or in the actions taken by the Obama administration, or the violence they commit in city after city "protesting" and smashing windows, hitting peaceful protesters who express their opposing point of view, shouting down college lecturers and Congressmen who use logic to present a conservative point of view.

That Senator Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could even be the Party's front running candidates in their Primary election demonstrated it clearly. Sanders is a self-admitted socialist and Hillary Clinton is a self-admitted "progressive" - which is a socialist who doesn't admit she is one. It is no surprise that the undoubtedly Leftist Democrat Party removed references to God in their 2012 platform. When they realized how politically damaging that was, they faced significant opposition when they wished to re-insert the word, "God" out of political expediency. 10

For socialists, atheism is not the people's "religion" of choice , but an ideological or government mandate . For socialists, the ends do justify the means to achieve the socialist state and seize all power over the economy, government, and the people by any means they deem necessary.

As Leftists acquire power, they "give away" or redistribute many benefits soon seen as "entitlements" in order to effectively buy votes and thereby solidify and further extend their socialist hold on power. This was the entire rationale for ramming through the passage of the "Affordable" Care Act without any public discussion or even one Republican vote.

Socialists set in place policies and regulations that stifle individuals' small businesses and push more and more middle class citizens into the lower class where they also are forced to depend upon the State for assistance. When compliance with government regulations consumes so much of an individual small business owner's time and business budget, there comes a point where they give up and surrender by going out of business!

Only the large corporations that can afford to comply with the regulations survive, and these corporations support the government policies knowing the elites in government will set policies favorable to the large corporations. Where do these elite politicians get most of their political funding? - from these corporations!

When those receiving redistributive benefits and entitlements vote, they are naturally likely to vote for the political Party that provides more of those free benefits. Mobocracy, also known as pure democratic rule by the majority, is encouraged until the current democratically-elected Representative Republic collapses and a socialist regime is imposed.

This is the way of the utilitarian tyrants who trample the individuals' rights without hesitating to impose what they determine to be "the greater good" of society - including the imposition of death within healthcare facilities for those they deem "unworthy of life."

What must be realized is that there is violent socialist revolution and there is seemingly peaceful "progressive" revolutionary activity that is disguised as respectable, mainstream political activity: peaceful but deceptive means to the same end as violent revolution!

Islamists tell us repeatedly through their speeches and writings that they also use the same dual approach! They have openly admitted the two approaches: the well-publicized violent jihad and the completely undeclared and actually verbally denied peaceful settlement jihad - where the numbers of adherents are increased till a region is taken over to achieve an Islamic state wherever they incrementally and finally seize control.

The ridicule, boycotts, mob action, political, or violent attacks against individuals and groups are never just about aggression. It is always the acquisition of power at all levels of society that is the overarching goal. Socialism involves centralized control of society with government-ordered forcible taking and redistribution. The ideal that the workers will own the means of production after the revolution in reality always ends in the elites - who supposedly represent the workers - taking over and imposing totalitarian oppression.

In socialism, there is no conscious giving from the heart, no loving relationship with God and with man, and no uplifting expression of sacrificial love! It professes to be inspired by similar motives as Christian love, but is inspired by the elites' arrogance, quest for power over the people, and hatred of all that is truly good. It is the antithesis of the Judeo-Christian way of life and is hostile to the culture of life in every aspect.

Many naively mistake socialist and globalist policy as Christianity in action when it is its antithesis. Those idealistic people of faith who embrace socialist "social justice" movements as an expression of Christian love will always be disappointed in the end, because communist rule is the goal. People of faith are simply convenient tools being used by the socialists who manipulate the gullible who are justifiably outraged at actually horrific conditions and rights violations. Some of the seemingly never-ending upheaval in some of the South and Central American nations is a testament to the damage this deceptive ideology brings.

The culture of life that honors God manifests respect for the rights of each individual man and recognizes that these rights come from God because even though he is but a tiny bit of the infinite Creation, man is created so marvelously and with abilities that altogether may reflect and communicate the image of his Creator, God, who is pure love. The culture of life also recognizes each man's and each woman's duties in society and nurtures the child's and later adult's knowledge of those duties.

The U.S. Bill of Rights names many of the freedoms that are due man in such a society: the freedom of religion, speech, assembly, the press, to defend oneself and one's family by arming oneself, to privacy, to a trial by a jury of one's peers and due process, as well as a timely trial. We also enjoy the right to private property, the right to seek "redress" or correction for wrongs done by the government, the right to a speedy trial, and many others.

While all of these contribute to true justice in the treatment of the individual, all of these rights are routinely and completely denied in Communist, other totalitarian, and Islamist nations.

Though they were both eventually assassinated after many years of effort, and each achieved so much in their respective nations, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. would have been summarily arrested and soon executed decades before they achieved anything significant if they had dared to protest in front of a communist nation's police force and its guns. Gandhi clearly stated in his writings that his method of nonviolent resistance would be completely ineffective and inappropriate if undertaken to protest some other, much more brutal oppressor than the British Empire - whose citizenry back home did have a conscience even if the military leaders did not.

Pro-life advocacy and the sharing of one's faith publicly is forbidden in communist societies. Millions have been executed for doing so, and all such efforts are then mostly made in secret through what Richard Wurmbrand described in his book, Tortured for Christ: an "Underground" Church.

Many of us may not know that just one more example of communism's inevitable failure due to man's unfailingly imperfect human nature occurred way back in 1620 as a voluntary experiment entered into by the Pilgrims in America. 11

When those who worked hard were not rewarded for their extra efforts and those who chose not to work were rewarded just the same for their sloth, disrespect for others and mutual hostility were encouraged. The crops were failing because many did not apply themselves as they would if the land and crops were their own. This is part of the reason why in Stalin's communist Soviet Union and in Mao's China, centrally-controlled economic and agricultural policies resulted in the starvation of tens of millions who no longer owned and determined what happened on the land! The Pilgrims wisely realized the error and abandoned the communist method and survived.

Yet, modern-day communists continue to stubbornly keep trying to impose its evils upon the people all around the world. They do want a worldwide, global communist government, and the United Nations' Agenda 21 initiatives are aimed at the consolidation of small, independent farms into large, corporately-owned, government-controlled mega-farms.

In a similar fashion, individual nations are to be consolidated into regional powers like the European Union, the desired North American Union, South American Union, East Asian Union, and so on till the world is ruled with just several, not hundreds, governments that all answer to the one united nations' design (Daniel 7:23; Revelation 13:1-2; 17:10-13)

The large majority of people are to become renters rather than land or homeowners, and city dwellers - who are more easily surveilled and controlled - rather than independent, rural, or suburban, traditional Americans. Everywhere it is tried, the elites' arrogance convinces them that they know better than those other elites who have failed so miserably to achieve a just society.

Why bother farming, manufacturing, or providing any service if everyone is paid the same? Even if some of them rise out of the mass of workers, the elite former workers cannot make better centralized, federal planning decisions for multitudes of situations encountered far away at the points of production. Once prosperous Cuba is now a prison island. 12 Venezuela's people are rioting just to get bread and basic necessities yet the nation was once the richest of S American nations. North Koreans are starving while nearby South Koreans are enjoying a vibrant economy. Can the evils of socialism be more plain?

Hundreds of thousands of North Koreans are currently imprisoned in labor camps and may be raped, shot, burned, starved, or beaten to death at any time! Even family members of prisoners may also be killed as punishment for prisoners who dare to defy the guards. 13

The nature of mankind is such that when a healthy self-interest is rewarded, man works with great diligence and success is encouraged. Self-respect is destroyed when able men and women are paid for no reason and do not work as they are able! Communism and socialism crush the human spirit and nourish hatred, cruelty, and evil wherever they are practiced!

Do you doubt it? Watch the movie, Doctor Zhivago - based on the book by Boris Pasternak - for a glimpse of what a Leftist revolution entails, beginning with the naive idealists marching just as they now do in the United States, to the unmentionable brutality of the godless Bolsheviks. Americans grieve over the several hundred thousand who died in the American Civil War, yet most do not know that approximately 1 1/2 million died in the Russian Civil War which occurred after the prior stable Tsarist government collapsed.

Before you make any conclusions and think that this socialist movement in modern times is different , I urge you to:

You will never be the same after reading these books, and after you have read them, have others you know read these books so they understand the reality and horror of socialism when it reaches its full power.

Though the Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991, allowing for independent nations to be restored, the Russian Federation has retained an authoritarian regime with scant tolerance for any criticism of current President Putin. Even though the former KGB agent later criticized communism, his methods resemble those of the former Soviet Union, and dozens of journalists who have criticized him have been found mysteriously shot, poisoned, or otherwise murdered. Others have been and are being imprisoned for being political opponents. 14

Communist nations cultivated the very young as future recruits for the communist party, indoctrinating them just as the Nazis ("National Socialists") did, creating children's youth groups "such as the Komsomol, Young Pioneers, and Little Octobrists." The Soviet Union's

Communist Party isolated those children who did not join such groups, and were in fact able to create a radical other, or class enemy, before citizens even entered the workforce. The force of this institutionalization was seen most strongly in the formative years of the Soviet Union, and was perfected under Stalin. The effect these groups had is undeniable; the Communists created secondary communities for children to align themselves with. Rather than attach themselves most strongly to their families, Soviet children were taught to prioritize Communism above all , and these youth organizations provided the very first encounters with socialism. [Emphasis added] 15

In Western nations of Europe and the Americas, socialist-leaning "Progressive" politicians profess to be motivated by the needs of the children and then encourage "children's educational programs" when they are four, three, two, or even one year old when parents are not present, so that the socialist indoctrination begins before fathers and mothers can make a lasting mark on their children and tell them the truth, teach them about family values, and faith. 16

Through peer pressure and other methods, they seek to make sure that children acquire an allegiance to a socialistic government and socialism in general rather than an allegiance to God, family members, and truly freedom-encouraging modes of government.

How can individuals who believe they are doing good, engage in such evil? It certainly has something to do with the false ideas and narratives others have given them repeatedly over time, with schooling from early childhood onward or later in college when the youth are quite impressionable and easily influenced. If we rely on words that are lies, if we revere those who are blind, if we trust in the deceitful - like the vicious communist Red Guards of China or the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia who killed millions - we can only be led into madness and killing that seemingly never ends.

If our conscience is shaped and informed by such false narratives and conclusions, we will go astray. If some of us do horrific deeds, aren't those who taught or testified falsely also responsible for the horrific deeds of their students? Why else would we be warned not to sin by giving false testimony, deceiving, lying, or accusing others falsely? (Exodus 20:16). Why else would we be warned to seek His wisdom (Proverbs 3)?

Indoctrination works on the large majority of intimidated citizens, but only very few will bother to ferret out the truth. Among those who discover the truth, how many will be brave enough to speak out and expose the lies of those with power to end their lives? Communists, Islamists, and Nazis both past and present hate with a virulence that consumes them and ends in violence against all others. Why? They would not hate as intensely were it not for their dedication to what they have chosen to revere as their god, their idol - their political agenda through which they seize and exert power over others.

And yes, Islam is not just a religion as the Jewish or Christian people know "religion." Without any question, Islam is a political ideology that promotes a theocracy wherever it manages to seize control. Whether show votes are allowed or not, such a theocracy is ruled completely by the religious authorities, not by the citizens.

Yes, evildoers, devotees of dark forces (yes, they do exist), communists, and the former Nazis exalt(ed) and place(ed) their faith in things other than God. Communists fervently exalt the State. Though there are wonderfully kind, humble, and loving Muslims, Islamists are political zealots who seek totalitarian Islamic States governing all aspects of society and life.

In effect, Islamists seek to establish Islamic theocracies that exist as nations like Iran or Saudi Arabia, or Islamic empires. Most people today do not realize that the Ottoman Empire ruled vast areas - similar to the huge regions controlled by the Roman Empire - for over 600 years and was dissolved as recently as 1922 after so much war that even reached into the heart of Europe! To avoid the disasters of the past, we must learn what has happened in the past and then act wisely to preserve whatever bit of life-affirming society remains!

All who exalt anything other than the God who is, hate, and because they hate, they must hide what they are so they are accepted by others. They disguise themselves with lies and sweet words (Proverbs 26:21-26). If they cannot hide what they are, they end the lives of any who condemn their oppression.

We are told:

Men of bloodshed hate the blameless,
But the upright are concerned for his life. - Proverbs 29:10

An unjust man is abominable to the righteous,
And he who is upright in the way is abominable to the wicked.
- Proverbs 29:27

But why do those wed to evil hate? Deep within every one of us - buried to varying degrees - is the knowledge that there is the One, the true God who by nature is perfect Love, and His existence and His law threaten our rebellion against Him. Also within us is a lower nature that desires all things and is never satisfied, no matter how much or how long we attain any of the pleasures found in this world.

Our short-sightedness leads us to mistakenly believe that His law is an obstacle that prevents us from finding happiness, not realizing that if we let our desires lead the way, we are sure to effectively "curse" ourselves and end in disease, violence, and an early death of our own making (Deuteronomy 30:15-20; Proverbs 27:20).

If we have embraced a worldview that does not even include His existence or the natural moral law, we will not realize that His law shows us the way through which we may satisfy our desires yet also be filled with a happiness greater than we may ever have imagined. Rather than restricting us and punishing us, His law reveals the way to manifest our more noble, but only potential, nature.

His perfection threatens to expose our puniness, the shallowness of our plans, the emptiness of our false beliefs and misbegotten goals, and shows us that our self-pride rests on nothing that can justify us before Him (Matthew 7:26).

We rage against the truth so long as we reject Him, refusing to bow before Him, and then throughout our lives we call up from within ourselves that which is evil, thinking it to be good, and consciously choose to express those impulses and thoughts (Exodus 20:1-3; Isaiah 14:12-14)!

If we reject He who is pure love, could we ever be filled with authentic love? Though many do not and will not like to admit it, anything that does not arise out of His authentic love amounts to hatred! Many of what we consider to be "great works" may be seen to actually be worthless and evil.

The nations of the world have been targeted by communists for several decades. They consciously have planned how to "take down" these nations (not just in the West) by infiltrating the schools, universities, government, and the media. They encourage protests that include violence and rioting.

The fairly recent "Occupy Wall Street," and "Black Lives Matter" movements are anarchistic, secular feminist, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, communist (and therefore anti-Semitic) revolutionary groups that seek the complete removal of U.S. Constitutional rule and the imposition of a communist government in America. They encourage violent mob protests to shut down any opposition and garner support for their cause. Their rallies have led to rioting and shooting of police. 17

The Black Lives Matter organization officially says that it is "inclusive," but condemns any who support traditional Judeo-Christian views, any who support the sanctity of all life and oppose abortion, any who support natural marriage between a man and a woman, or any who remind them that it is blacks who are killing blacks by the thousands. In their own words, they seek to disrupt

... the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and "villages" that collectively care for one another, and especially "our" children to the degree that mothers, parents and children are comfortable.

We are committed to fostering a queer-affirming network. When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking or, rather, the belief that all in the world are heterosexual unless s/he or they disclose otherwise.

Black Lives Matter also supports "globalism" to create a "global black community." 18

These groups manipulate the gullible public to destabilize normal societal functioning so that Big Government, representing the push to socialize America, can step in and expand their power. The main leaders of these movements are well-funded by Left-wing foundations like the Tides Foundation and billionaires like George Soros through his Open Society organization and others).

Because Black Lives Matter is led by communists (who by definition are anti-life, anti-traditional family values, and anti-Semitic), it actively condemns the existence of Israel (because of the Jews), and will never admit that black on black crime occurs a thousand times more often than any police shooting of blacks. Leaders of Black Lives Matter (and of similar groups) will never admit that the breakdown of the natural family structure, the rampant promiscuity, the proliferation of the criminal culture in the black community, the failure of black men to marry the women who bear their children, and the failure to support their own children and be deeply involved in their lives, are all major causes of the never-ending violence in the black community.

Even one death by homicide is too much, but for those who blame the police or blame the whites for black homicide deaths, according to the FBI, in 2010 there were 218 blacks killed by whites, while there were 2,459 blacks killed by blacks! In 2011, there were 193 blacks killed by whites, while there were 2,447 killed by blacks! 19

Yes, there have been racists who committed atrocities against blacks during the time of slavery and thereafter, even in the present day. The "Great Society" welfare programs that rewarded unwed mothers for having more children, rather than helping, has actually devastated the black community.

Yes, the Ku Klux Klan still exists and they have been societally condemned and marginalized throughout the North and the South of the USA, as they should be. Bill Clinton's mentor, Democrat U.S. Senator Robert Byrd was a high level member of the Klan, and it was Democrats in the South that supported slavery, opposed reforms during the Reconstruction Era, imposed Jim Crow laws and other oppressive measures, and supported the Klan just as the Klan supported the Southern Democrats.

The evil committed by the Klan or Black Lives Matter racists is just as abominable as racism found anywhere, whether expressed by Blacks, Whites, Asians, or others. And yes, contrary to ridiculous assertions, blacks can be racists and women can be sexists.

But Black Lives Matter leaders and other socialist-leaning race-baiting hustlers betray the black community: they condemn those young blacks who seek to excel in their lives, who study hard in school, take jobs, or get married. For decades they have ridiculed these aspiring individuals and call these blacks "Uncle Toms," or "Oreos" - communicating to those they intimidate that having faith in God, being responsible, honest, peaceful, and committed to a woman is "white" and a betrayal of "blackness."

When Black Lives Matter leaders regularly call for the death of white cops, that is inspired by the black supremacist movement and their racism, whether they deny it or not. Liberal funders behind these movements hope to split the nation with racial tensions and to marginalize the voice of mainstream Americans so that the socialist agenda may be pushed even further. It is ironic that many modern Jewish liberals back these and other anti-Israel and anti-Semitic socialist organizations that inevitably reveal their thinly hidden but strong and unwavering bias. 20

Black Lives Matter leaders are well-funded and are paid to travel from city to city creating the impression that they number in the thousands, when the leaders' numbers are very small. They are instigators of violence and hatred and use racist language to inflame African Americans and others so that more blacks support their socialist agenda.

Societal chaos, the disempowerment of traditional Americans, and the deconstruction of society is the obvious goal. We can readily see that the Obama/Clinton/Kerry federal administration not only approved that disruption to society but encouraged it. Why else would hardly any arrests be made of those who committed violent crimes, incited riots, broke into businesses in order to steal, or set fire to buildings owned by individuals from the black communities themselves!

When local police are made to appear to be unable to handle the violence - because they are ordered to "stand down" and do nothing - the federal Justice Department agents are brought in to correct the alleged injustices of the local police, rather than to help investigate and then prosecute those criminals who committed so many crimes in the community. These efforts promote the federalization of all local and state police forces as just another power grab from the federal level - moving unswervingly towards national centralized control of all aspects of society. 21

Whether the instigators of violence and chaos are communists or anarchists, the secularism they embrace is not devoid of religious elements! Those who profess to be atheists or secular can be as intolerant of those who are not atheists, as dogmatic adherents to various religious denominations. In fact, some of the top-level socialist and communist leaders actually are devoted to Lucifer or Satan, or, if not devoted to such an entity, they are devoted to what exist as Satanic principles.

The leading authorities in communist thought have openly expressed that in their writings. These principles are summed up in a moral relativism that denies the existence of any intrinsically right or wrong act, or good or bad act. According to them, sin is whatever obstructs the revolution.

So long as human nature remains as it has always been, the singing of "Kumbaya" or "Imagine," and hugging each other in the streets saying "Love conquers hate" will never heal society and result in true freedom and justice. So long as men and women steal, lie, betray, kill, and commit other evils, any socialist utopian revolution will swiftly lead to a brutal prison state ruled by elites who follow none of the rules they impose on others! World peace or even one just nation, though desired by all sane people, will never be achieved without God's grace!

Yes, there are hostile forces at work to undermine our society and destroy not only the nations, but our lives. Physicians know that there are many threats to a life: a fatal infection, dose, environmental contaminant, genetic predisposition, accident, or wound. Just as these threats to life need not strike every part of our bodies to cause death, such threats to society need only completely damage one of the major societal foundations to bring a nation down.

They know that there actually is often a point where nothing more can be done that will save the patient. The cascading failures of cells, tissues, organs, and systems multiply till true death occurs with all aspects of the body nonfunctional and dead (and therefore, not harvestable for transplant).

If the appropriate treatment for a specific condition is not available soon enough to help, death ensues. Narcan (Naloxone) is one of those treatments now being popularized to appropriately be administered to reverse life-threatening opioid overdosage which lowers the blood pressure and stops the breathing. While millions around the country are being educated about the lethal effects of drug abuse using opioids and the life-saving advantages of this now more readily-available drug, physicians and nurses in hospices around the country refuse to use it when their patients suffer from the same type of lethal condition! 22

That hospice staff refuse to use Narcan to reverse opioid overdoses when they occur demonstrates their arrogant intention to play God and impose death upon their victims. To avoid saving their intended victims, they tell families, "It will cause a pain crisis!" "You don't want your loved one to suffer terrible pain, do you?" "It would be cruel to use it!" "Isn't it better to just let her go? She's suffered enough!" If you doubt this, ask any hospice nurse you know how often they have seen Narcan used? The answer will be "never" in almost all cases.

Of course, not all hospices misuse opioids or other medications, but many do! Consistently pro-life hospices and health care facilities are quite rare today. Many follow the secular utilitarian bioethics that deceptively "justifies" hastening death through a variety of methods while lying about it to the patients and family members.

When family members realize their loved one was not dying from the terminal illness but was intentionally made to be dead through an overdose, shocked family members ask, "Why wasn't I warned that my loved one could be killed in a hospice or other healthcare setting?" "Why was I misled and told that morphine can never kill you?" "Why wasn't Narcan used?" "I was so naive!" "I thought they were going to provide all these wonderful services, but within a short time, he was overdosed and now he's dead!"

For those hospice staff who lie repeatedly to families about what morphine can do - aside from effectively relieving certain types of extreme pain - I would ask them to explain how morphine can "never kill you" yet people are dying all over the world from morphine, heroin, and other opioids. I would ask them to explain how it is possible that Sigmund Freud committed suicide by just that method: taking morphine. 23

Self-professed, widely-respected, and popular "pro-life leaders" who knowingly lie in order to deny what is really happening have much to answer to the people and to God for betraying the mission and the people! They have chosen for years to remain silent and to actively deny the truth about the medical murders already happening in many hospices and other healthcare settings!

They are like priests or ministers who secretly abuse children, good police who murder an innocent citizen even once, teachers who sexually exploit students, or leaders of charities who misdirect donations for their own benefit. Though they may have done wonderful work for years, such "pro-life" leaders - who lead the public to believe in a lie so that they therefore trust those who deliver death rather than care - will one day be recognized as frauds.

If pro-life leaders do not warn the people, who will? If the benefits of Narcan to treat opioid overdoses occurring within healthcare settings are never discussed or if this life-saving drug is never used, the patients will only continue to die unnatural, imposed deaths!

While these self-professed "pro-life" leaders condemn the legalization and implementation of euthanasia and assisted-suicide, they actively censor the truth about the killings already occurring by stealth in many hospices in America. 24 It seems that these quite articulate "pro-life" leaders care more about remaining popular with their secular or religious Leftist readers and friends, and to a great extent, support that same ideology which, as we have seen, can never be reconciled with the true pro-life mission.

Next: Socialism & the Deconstruction of Judeo-Christian Society (Part two) (continued)


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