Radical - Radical Deception and the Cultures of Death
Part Two - Modern Day Cultures of Death

Ron Panzer
September 5, 2016
Reproduced with Permission
Hospice Patients Alliance

Modern-Day Cultures of Death

The authentic and complete culture of life has never been realized within human history, but glimmers of it have sprung up here and there, and given birth to a hope that it is possible for life to be lived in a much more humane and loving way. In a culture of life, children and adults not only are taught what the world around us is and what is believed about God, they are encouraged to explore for themselves, to see for themselves, and to realize the truth of our objective world as well as to actually experience the Truth of God with His palpable presence in their lives.

In an authentic culture of life, the exploration of the world around is the basis for true science where there is no dogma, but honest investigation at every level. Even as children, we begin exploring with a question, "What is that?" "Can I touch it?" "What does it do?" "How can I change it?" "How does that happen?" "What will happen if ...?"

What children do and what adults do to explore this world are different in scale, in the level of reasoning and technological ability involved, but are quite similar in the most basic of ways. It is a process of acquiring what we believe to be accurate knowledge and clarifying what we really know that continues throughout life.

A child's exploration of his or her surroundings is the basis for the first stage of science where we develop the subject of the investigation or the problem being investigated. Children may not create a formal hypothesis about the object of their attention, but they do so informally. A child will also have ideas - which often are mistaken - about what will happen if he intervenes somehow with the object of his attention, so he will also predict the results of his investigation or "experiment" - also often mistakenly. But through trial and error, he will arrive at a conclusion closer to the truth of the matter.

As the child grows, based on the experiences and insights accumulated, he arrives at more realistic ideas as to the causes or explanations for the objects of his interest, innumerable as they may be! The child does experiment with the reality confronting him, even if only to test whether that brightly shining flame can be touched or not. Objective empirical reality gives us a "reality check," sometimes with a burning sensation! All sensory input is used to observe the objective reality around.

An older child who learns and then knows that a fire burns may tell another very young child to "be careful!" "That hurts!" But other children - as children and adults often do - may not believe the warnings, so they experiment for themselves and test the reported results of the others' experiment to see if it is reproducible . And when they touch the flame, they also experience the heat of the burning flame.

Mature scientists follow this process in a more refined way, and if it is authentic science, no data is erased, no data is falsified, everything that is done is reportable and reviewable, and the results of any experimentation are required to be reproduced by others for any finding to be considered as tentatively "conclusive." Also, other experiments are then done to test if there are other explanations for the results which might disprove the conclusions of the experiment.

Sadly, today we find that the true scientific method is not widely being implemented, though many scientists would angrily protest to the contrary. In a culture of death where the natural moral law 1 or "natural law" has been discarded and the Divine Law is assumed to be irrelevant or nonexistent, there cannot be a pervasive spirit of authentic scientific inquiry, because dishonesty within one's own thinking and deception when communicating with others prevails in every niche of a culture of death.

( Photo: 15 year old Anne Frank who died in Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp)

Exploring the various cultures of death is an unpleasant experience, because what we are actually doing is looking into the various "faces" of evil. Contemplating the imposed deaths in health care is horrifying, but it is necessary for us to understand what is confronting some of us already and what menacing conditions may await us in the near future. We must understand the sources of the increasing threats to life we see gathering on so many sides.

We don't need to dwell on them all the time, but we do need to see them as they are and then really understand. Although some disagree with their approach, Priests for Life, for example, has posted images of abortion procedures, embryonic and fetal human victims of abortion (killed). You will see that the fetal human being looks exactly like a human being and not a chimpanzee, a frog, or a horse! These brothers and sisters of ours are not potential human beings! They are 100% human beings just as you and I once existed long ago, but they are killed every day in some death clinic!

( Photo: Aborted Baby With Clearly Human Arm and Hand!)

If you have seen them once, you will never have to see them again, nor will you be able to remove those images 2 from your mind! It is the same when you see photos from the Holocaust or other genocidal evils. They are disturbing, and that they disturb you is a sign that your heart is still feeling and your conscience is functioning!

It's similar to when we watch a horror movie; you can't un-see the images or the feeling of evil conveyed. We recognize immediately that killing is evil, and what most people do not realize - even those who are dedicated pro-lifers - is that those who embrace the evil in any culture of death are really at war with those who resist and promote life!

( Photo: Bodies discovered by American troops at crematory in Dachau Germany May 14 19459)

Once they have completely seized power, their efforts will actually result in the destruction of reputations, careers, financial and physical well-being, imprisonment, possible torture, or killing of adults as well as children or the unborn embryonic and fetal human beings. This means that you and I and anyone in your family could be affected at some time in the future, if they haven't already. I know that many will think this a far-fetched idea, but that is the historical record, so be forewarned!

In the prevailing secular humanist culture of death, there is no doubt that we have politicized science used to justify political agendas like a global government effort to reduce the percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. I hope this is not too upsetting to some who are "true believers" in man-made global warming, though I definitely favor reducing pollution of the environment!

Central to the "man-made" global warming alarmist agenda is the need for either the agreement by cooperating national leaders to act in "lock-step," or the creation of an actual global governance structure. Either way, the result is the same: a world controlled by secular humanist and socialist-leaning elites at the United Nations who do not respect the U.S.'s (or any nation's) Constitutional law, Judeo-Christian values, or even basic freedoms for the individuals who live on the planet.

However, we know from basic biology that all plants breathe in carbon dioxide and need it to survive, just as we need oxygen to live. Reducing the carbon dioxide is just as harmful as reducing the oxygen in the atmosphere. We can't live without the plants that breathe out oxygen, but need carbon dioxide to do so! Yet, carbon-dioxide has been labeled a "pollutant," which is scientifically laughable if the most basic biology is considered!

Also, although the Earth has experienced regular alternating periods of global cooling ("Ice Ages") and periods of warming ("inter-glacial periods"), 3 some scientists, who are intent on proving that man has caused changes in Earth's temperature, have been exposed as having fabricated and falsified data to bolster the theory of man-made global warming. These scientists made adjustments so that measurements of temperatures appeared to be higher than what was actually measured.

In addition, they often show charts of temperatures for 10, 20, 50 or even 100 years, when to have any realistic perspective, temperature charts need to consider the past 1,000; 10,000; or even 150-200,000 years! Then let's see how "terribly warm" our temperatures are! When scientists have been shown to have falsified any data , it becomes even more difficult to believe what they say. If temperatures are actually rising, they are rising at a moderate rate, not drastically, and whether these changes are to result in a long-lasting global change, is yet to be determined. Some climate scientists are actually predicting moderate global cooling!

What I do know is that there are many scientists, actual climate scientists who are specialists in this very field, who do not accept the explanation that man has caused global warming, or that significant global-warming has actually been proved to exist, or that there really is any impending "disaster." In other words, when we are told that, "The science is settled." or "There is consensus and all agree ..." these are absolute lies! There is no consensus, and the science is not settled!

The media and government have censored the statements of scientists who question the dogma so that their insights are not shared with most of the people. Many of them have suffered retaliation for challenging the agenda and the science of the alarmists. That retaliation is just another example of how the elites who promote a culture of death work by punishing any who challenge them.

Advocates of the preferred explanation ignore or discount the most obvious sources of heating: fluctuations in the Sun's solar radiation, fluctuations in cosmic radiation from the galaxy, or cyclic changes in temperature. Authentic science never has a "preferred explanation," but does the research to either disprove or prove the hypothesis. The global warming alarmists' solution to man-made global warming is to implement a global agenda that seeks to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere through reducing much of the use of fossil fuels.

While reducing the products of combusion of fossil fuels is a wonderful goal and does reduce the air pollution that, in some cities, is at dangerous levels, many nations are thought to be not seriously pursuing these reductions in automobile and other industrial emissions.

What is certain is that any of the treaties envisioned to halt "global warming" actually will result in the transfer of billions of dollars in funds from the United States to international agencies assigned the task of implementing the policies while nations like China continue to increasingly produce huge amounts of carbon dioxide and pollutants from the burning of coal and other fossil fuels, no matter how many promises they make to reduce them.

The elites' plan to reduce carbon emissions worldwide does require the global socialistic and totalitarian form of government they seek to establish - which is the real goal behind this project. I remember global cooling alarmists in the 1970s and 1980s who terrified those who believed them with warnings about the "certain" doom the impending man-made Ice Age would cause - requiring the same global government to avert the end of all of us!

This is politicized science and a characteristic part of any culture of death, though they pretend to be "saving" the world from disaster and keeping us safe. Any crisis is used to make the public believe that whatever steps they wish to take are "necessary" to save us all - even if it means the loss of our privacy and confidential communications - and that anyone who opposes them, questions them, or even proves them wrong, is an enemy of the entire human population! On some college campuses, students are not even allowed to debate man-made "global warming's" validity or use information from sources other than "approved" sites that support the agenda.

Only time will tell, but if the cyclic temperatures continue as they always have, then we will know - perhaps fifty years from now - that all the propaganda and fear-mongering were just that: complete nonsense! We may have to wait it out and endure the explanations from the true-believers that "it's getting warmer because of man-made global warming," while at the same time, if it cools and "global warming scientists" get stuck in the ice at the North Pole (they did!) - while attempting to prove that there is no ice at the North Pole - "it's getting cooler because of man-made global warming." 4

No matter what occurs, we hear the tired explanations that cooling or warming is due to "man-made global warming." It would be interesting to see how many of the true believers watched Sunday morning animated cartoons that regularly feature(d) the fear-mongering of those Left-leaning producers who consciously use the TV medium/cartoons to indoctrinate the children of the world! Hitler also made use of the media to push his agenda. Questioning their fervently held beliefs about "man-made" global warming is perceived just as seriously as one might expect if you were attacking their religion, and that is what it is, a new "religion" of a sort, or as it is more properly characterized: dogma .

Of course, many, many of us have been indoctrinated to fear that man is destroying the Earth, and some of these concerns are very real! All sorts of chemical pollution are harming innumerable species and habitats, and these must be stopped. When we look at polluted rivers, streams, and lands, it breaks our hearts. It also causes all sorts of complex medical problems and even death for animals, plants, and the people.

But mixing this terrible reality with deceptions about man's supposed role in "dooming us all" through "man-made" global warming is the tactic of a culture of death. A little bit of truth mixed in with a lie appeals to those who are sincere but naive; it makes what is being said more believable. What our use of fossil fuels has done to affect the climate is not proved. There are theories about it and based on those theories, models have predicted what would happen to our climate. Yet, those models have failed, because all of New York City (and many other coastal cities) is not under water as was predicted; the Antarctic Ice is not all disappearing, and the Arctic Circle at the North Pole still has ice, in fact, the scientists seeking to prove it was melting recently got stuck in the ice they said did not exist!

We have to distinguish between what are naturally-occurring cycles of climate change, and what might be caused by man's activities on Earth. We need to find a way to be level-headed and not be coerced by alarmists seeking to manipulate us and the rest of the world. We need real science with a moral foundation that will give us honest answers to our questions, so we can find actual solutions to the problems that confront us!

In the current culture of death, we also have commercialized science used to manipulate research results and then rake in billions of dollars in sales of questionable products, like $29 billion in statin drug sales for the pharmaceutical industry, approximately $1.5 billion in 2012 for pharmaceutical giant, Merck & Co. There is much research showing the harmful effects of Statins that seek to unnaturally reduce naturally-occurring levels of cholesterol. There is also much research showing the benefits of cholesterol in normal human physiology and health, and therefore the efforts to unnaturally reduce cholesterol levels is a fraud that harms the public. 5

We also should consider the $5.9 billion taken in by Monsanto Corporation in 2015 for its GMO ("genetically modified organism") Bt Corn now used in much of the world, for example. There is also much research showing the harmful effects of "Roundup Ready" Bt Corn on the human intestinal flora and other effects, as well as the glyphosate ("Roundup") weed-killer used with it. Tragically, millions of families and farmers in many parts of the world are using Roundup (glyphosate and other chemicals), or other toxic chemicals, on their yards and farms so that we are slowly poisoning our environment. If they aren't using glyphosate, in some cases, they are using Atrazine, a toxic chemical banned in Europe since 2005, but still used widely in the USA. 6

With the flight from a moral society, we also have simply shameless greedy science where scientists at various research centers and universities commit fraud of all sorts to gain fame, powerful positions in academia, and millions of dollars in grant funding (1 Timothy 6:10; Matthew 6:24). 7

Of course, some would say that being a secular humanist does not automatically imply that dishonesty prevails; "Secular Humanists can be very good people!" However, the reality of human nature is that we all have many imperfections, and a virtuous character is not acquired easily. If we are truly brutally honest with ourselves, none of us are really, really good (Mark 10:17-22)! Unfortunately, secular humanists arrogantly believe that they really are good and that their good intentions prove that they are good. They "know" they are good, and anybody who questions that is offending them! This is part of why everything they touch is tainted eventually, especially any attempt they make to implement their various utopias.

So, mankind's failings assure that corrupt influences do taint its endeavors in science or in any field. It is only with great and prolonged effort and focus that reform of an industry can ever be accomplished, and the first step that would assure success must include humility, which is completely absent in the leaders of any culture of death.

We also have theologically-tainted "science" to help indoctrinate the uneducated masses, where Islamic "scholars," for example, can claim that human life does not begin until 120 days after the embryonic human being is formed at fertilization! We will discuss this later.

We may ask, "How has it gotten this bad?" "How is it possible for scientists to have gone so far astray?" Again, once the moral fabric of our society has degenerated and Judeo-Christian principles have been abandoned, children no longer are disciplined for lying, for cheating on tests in public school and college, and they then go on to become the scientists and politicians who lead our societies. When Western traditional ethics no longer serve as the basis for parenting, school discipline, for most of society, and for much of the "science" that is done, then we experience chaos and corruption in all fields! "Evil trees" can only bear evil fruit!

Retraction Watch, a project of The Center for Scientific Integrity, and the U.S. Office of Research Integrity, among many other organizations and journals, have publicized thousands of cases where scientists have completely falsified or fabricated their data and presented "findings" that have no basis at all in fact! Once these bogus "findings" enter the scientific journals, other scientists rely upon them as a basis for further study, leading to a waste of: millions of dollars in funding, years of dedicated work, lifetimes dedicated to completely bogus avenues of research, more chaos, and innumerable cases of fruitless research in the scientific field. I would ask, "If the scientists were honest, as is required at the very least, and are following the scientific method diligently, why would we need these organizations in the first place?" 8

When you and your family are directly affected by these deceptions fed to the public by corrupt corporate leaders, or others, you become radicalized. You or a loved one might take a medication that destroyed your health instead of helping you! Over 60,000 people in the United States alone died from taking Merck's now discontinued Vioxx medication, because they trusted the falsified research studies that convinced the physicians and public it was safe. Lies can kill!

When you and your family are directly affected by deceptions about how "safe" it is to enter the healthcare system as a patient, or to walk the streets of the nation, or to use the bathroom, or to simply sit in a cafe, and one of you is harmed or even killed, you become radicalized! You see the violence and death that the public either doesn't see or is led to believe are rare occurrences and disturbances of the societal norm. When the violence undercuts the image presented by government officials or the media, the people often become disillusioned and angry.

Cultures of death involve physical violence or other methods of imposing death. The people who survive are traumatized physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Some are pushed into mental states that are, at a minimum, what is now called post-traumatic stress disorder. In other cases, many suffer from clinical depression, suicidal thoughts, or are even lost into various forms of mental illness. The rate of suicides among these survivors of the cultures of death is much higher than those who are living in a relatively stable, peaceful society.

( Photo: Jews Being Rounded up from the Ghetto Jews Being Rounded up from the Ghetto during WW II)

Survivors of war, gang violence, crime, rape, sex-trafficking, slavery, medical and scientific abuse, terrorist attacks, or imposed death within health care settings share in the trauma caused by the terror that they experience. Terror experiences will scar most of these victims for life, but counseling, loving support, and validating the victims' experience help. 9 In every nation around the world and in every region and state within those nations, there are people who are being victimized in one way or another. Tragically, terror enters the hearts of men, women, and children, and death is imposed by many means. No society is indefinitely stable, peaceful, or completely untouched by these evils.

Even if peace lasts one generation or many, threats to every society exist and have always existed. The relative peaceful existence that residents in modern Western nations have enjoyed for decades is currently being threatened again from many sides so that the people can no longer ignore the increasing frequency of violent disturbances. In the Middle East and Far East, these disturbances have already been recognized as a part of "normal" life.

Our major media pay little attention to these daily attacks that occur in foreign lands, except they use these as material to make for a riveting story on television for a night or two. Otherwise, the media and the people who are not involved directly forget very quickly! Those who are involved never forget!

As we have seen, those who embrace a culture of death hate those they target.

( Photo: The dead at Bergen Belsen Germany concentration camp - April 30, 1945)

When you see what they have done and what they do, do you acknowledge from every pore of your being and every bit of your mind that a natural law exists and that it condemns such depravity?

Yes, we definitely do know that some actions are right to do and others are wrong to do, even though we are not consciously "being philosophical" about it. In its most basic sense, philosophy is an activity that we all engage in when we use our reason to determine if we really know what we think we know, or if what we are thinking and concluding is correct. We arrive at our understanding of natural law through our own use of reason, without resorting to the authority of any person, religion, or political agenda.

Without thinking about this process, we observe what is presented to our senses and that becomes our empirical experience of objective reality that we then process within. We analyze, question, and use logical arguments to come to conclusions about our position, view, or assessment of what is real in the world. Almost nobody really pays attention to this rational process we go through to arrive at our perception of and conclusions about the natural moral law, because it may almost be instantaneous (and we're not all philosophers), but it's there and helps us to really know that there are some actions that are truly wrong or evil. That we do this is really important!

Why is it important? If we are to really be able to protect those we love and serve or ourselves, we need to see clearly what is right to do and what is wrong to do, and not be hoodwinked by years of indoctrination, media-spin, "education," or by those charismatic speakers or writers who convince us, "It's OK to do X, Y, or Z." Those "great" speakers were once called "Sophists," but we can just call them con-artists - some of whom unfortunately are politicians - and deceivers that mislead the people, confuse them, and encourage them to follow dark paths that result in all sorts of evil!

These people who embrace the culture of deaths do not recognize or appreciate the God-given nature that unites all of us as human beings. They do not agree that those being targeted deserve respect, freedom to live in peace, or freedom to live at all. Their thirst for the death of those they target is unquenchable like a furnace that consumes without ever being filled!

The Roman Empire is just one example of an ancient violent culture of death where life was disposable and untold numbers of people were killed. A more recent culture of death was the Nazi Third Reich. The Nazis very clearly expressed what their goals were and who they wanted to kill. Medical killing of the mentally and physically disabled was performed with icy efficiency through the T-4 euthanasia program. Targeting of the Jews, Gypsies, and others was done with efficiency and a brutality that is virtually impossible for us to comprehend.

( Photo: Jews Being Loaded Onto Trains for Deportation to Death Camps)

The Nazis used their technical skills and experimented in how to most cheaply and quickly kill those they had selected to be killed and how to dispose of the massive numbers of bodies. They carefully designed and built furnaces that could incinerate thousands of bodies each day, but those were not just bodies - they were the remains of living human beings! The goal was to not only destroy the adults, but to especially eliminate all the children because they wanted to destroy even the very memory of any Jewish people! Thankfully, some survived! 10

To help us appreciate what a culture of death is, we should ask ourselves, "Where is Anne Frank now?" "Where is Moshe Flinker now?" "Do we know who they were?" "When did he or she get married?" "Where are their children?" "What schools are they attending?" "What degrees did they earn?" "What careers are their children pursuing now?"

But no! None of those things happened. They did not live past the war to have a life! Anne Frank lived from 1929 to 1945 and died when she was 15 1/2 years old. Moshe Flinker? He lived from October 9, 1926 till sometime in 1944.

Both died as teens in the Nazi death camps. Both wrote diaries and after reading them, you will understand just a little bit of the horror involved in a culture of death! 11

To better understand what a culture of death is, imagine millions of Anne Franks or Moshe Finklers having been killed. A few million mothers, a few million fathers, grandparents and children - visualize that for a moment!

This is genocide: the final evil fruit of a culture of death (Matthew 7:15-20). The Nazis consciously implemented genocide to eliminate the Jewish people, seize their possessions, and to create the supposedly "superior" Aryan race of "pure-blooded" Germans/Aryans. The Muslims in what is now Turkey implemented genocide by killing 1.5 million Christians and others to create the supposedly "superior" Islamic state there.

The Muslims in North Sudan have committed genocide against Christians and Muslims in the South with millions being killed. Although many celebrities have brought attention to the slaughter in the Darfur region, the killing continues. Genocide is being committed in other areas of the world as well. 12

On the other hand, presently in Myanmar - formerly Burma in Southeast Asia - an ethnic minority Muslim population called the Rohingya is being victimized and is threatened with genocide. Over 140,000 were forced from their homes and placed in what some have called concentration camps. Though Myanmar is a Buddhist nation and the Buddha taught compassion and kindness, the leaders of the nation have implemented brutal policies that marginalize these people. They revoked the citizenship of the Rohingya so they remain stateless; their future is quite uncertain. Mankind's inhumanity to man can touch any people through intolerance and cruelty. 13

Like those who commit genocide, the eugenicists and abortionists have their own targeted population. They seek to kill any humans they deem unfit for survival to create the supposedly "superior" human race - either with no perceived genetic imperfections or with genetically-enhanced traits to create what are called "post-humans!" The zealots behind each culture of death hate those they choose to target and are filled with a spirit of evil that pervades what they do.

In every culture of death, there is deception, there is hatred, and there is also a dehumanization of the intended victims. Gangs who target other gangs call them by derogatory names suggesting they are lower than real humans. But they are always still human and horribly victimized. The same is done by soldiers in war when confronting the enemy, or by those who engage in racist violence, those who enslave others for prostitution, sex-trafficking, plundering of bodily organs, or healthcare workers who kill the helpless men, women, and children who are thought to be unworthy of living in healthcare settings. In every case, they do look upon their victims as less than human !

Those who support Planned Parenthood should know that Margaret Sanger, its founder, wrote numerous articles about her racist and eugenic proposals. The Nazi leaders read them and were inspired by them to move forward with their forced sterilization program, and their T-4 euthanasia program that served as a beginning to mass killing of others. Sanger was a strong supporter of eugenics and euthanasia, and the Holocaust is just one of the many rotten fruits that Sanger's decades-long, evil labors partially helped to create. The death of millions of African-American blacks is also the direct rotten fruit of Margaret Sanger's life-long racist mission.

We can see that the evil in one or more individuals can spread to encourage evil actions by others who may be involved in a different face of evil. King Solomon described those evil-minded ones who are eager to kill:

For their feet run to evil, and make haste to shed blood . - Proverbs 1:16

The Secular Culture of Death

Those who reject the sanctity of human life promote a fictitious "right" to be killed and to kill the defenseless. They supposedly create this right simply by forcefully and repeatedly asserting that it is a right. They then demand the legalization of assisted-suicide or euthanasia, but if you look closely, there are big health insurance companies, HMOs, managed care organizations, and government bureaucrats and politicians who are backing these efforts for financial reasons.

In the Stealth Euthanasia book, I shared some quotes from The Art of War by Sun Tzu , but most people think these are cute sayings without much import. On the contrary, they hold the keys to a successful effort to protect and preserve life. The forces that seek to end lives, the various cultures of death, have their own methods, motivations, and end goals. Understanding those who oppose life itself, must be accomplished, which is one reason the Stealth Euthanasia book was written. However, let's look at those sayings again:

O divine art of subtlety and secrecy!
Through you we learn to be invisible, through you inaudible;
and hence we can hold the enemy's fate in our hands."

- The Art of War by Sun Tzu Chapter VI, verse 9

To enter pro-life advocacy and its mission is to enter the culture war. The culture war is a real war with real dead resulting. Without using politically-correct euphemisms, we can say that some support killing the unborn embryonic and fetal human beings, as well as newborns, and very young, cognitively disabled, severely physically disabled or injured, genetically different, extremely ill, elderly, and terminally ill, among others.

They are actively and aggressively seeking to impose their values and worldview upon others. They even suggest and demand that we have entered a "post-Christian" world, even though most Americans, for example, identify as Christians. 14

The Divine Law given to us by God through the prophet Moses, and expressed through the teachings of Jesus, not only forbid us to kill these brothers and sisters, but to care for them, to love them, and to treat them as we would wish others would treat us. Central to the Judeo-Christian mission to the world is that not only does my life matter , but your life matters , and all our lives matter - to God and to us! Therefore, we work to care for all life and serve others with love!

Anyone who asserts that only one race of people, their race , matters, brings us back to Adolf Hitler's racist quest to eliminate any who were not of the Aryan race. Blacks, Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Whites, Hispanics, or others who seek supremacy in society and specifically seek to subjugate, kill, or treat those of other races as less than complete humans, act contrary to the natural moral law.

If we think about it, each of us can realize through our reason what is good or bad for any human being because we have a common human nature.

( Photo: Starving Children)

We know that we all need food, water, clothing, and shelter, etc., but we also know through that human light of reason that all human beings have a right to live, to have an education, to be cared for humanely, to seek friendship, companionship, and happiness in their lives while not harming others. We can see that a human being has a distinct and unique dignity involving his very being, his nature, his capacity for love, compassion, mercy, and caring for others.

We can see that a human being has a distinct and unique dignity involving his very being, his nature, his capacity for love, compassion, mercy, and caring for others. We can see that human beings not only have a physical nature, but a spiritual nature as well, that we are created by God, and have a God-given right to life and to be treated with utter kindness and love.

It is evident that anywhere we may travel in the world, others need the same basic things we do (the common "goods" of life). If we are perceptive and paying attention, in those others we will recognize ourselves! Depriving any other of these goods of life amounts to a "human rights violation," and a violation of the natural moral law. It is for the common good of all of us that we honor the natural rights of other individuals, and through the natural law, we know within that in honoring those rights, we are doing what is truly good.

( Photo: War Victim)

If we have a properly informed conscience that has been shaped by our mother and father or our teachers, or our experience in life, we also recognize what actions are wrong, because they harm others or ourselves and do not help us find our way toward our ultimate good or perfect end, which is found in a palpably real and authentic relationship with He who is and was and will be ever more, our dear and glorious God (Jeremiah 31:33).

Where the people open their hearts to a culture of life, the natural moral law is not only recognized after rational consideration, it is self-evident to all those who are part of that culture of life. Those courageous men who signed the Declaration of Independence and risked their lives in doing so, stated, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." The natural moral law we recognize through the light of reason and a properly informed conscience requires us to value and care for every human being's life.

Yet, secular bioethicists, humanists, socialists, and others, mock the very idea of a natural law that is understood by all people. They also ridicule the idea that any of these rights are "self-evident." "Not only are they not self-evident," they say, "Not every human being has these rights at all!" How far we have fallen! How blind we have become!

( Photo: War Victim in Russia)

We can know very easily that such a natural law universally exists and applies to every one of us! Just look at the expression of children who are starving, or those whose loved ones have been killed, or those who have been maimed, or those who have been raped, or those whose businesses have been burned down by thugs. They know what happened is wrong! Anywhere in the world, their faces will tell you that the natural law exists! If you gaze upon these victims of violations of the natural law, you will know as well that it exists.

Although we have been indoctrinated to believe in the lie that there is nothing evil or good in itself, there are some things that are intrinsically good and some that are intrinsically evil. It is not "all relative!"

However, quite to the contrary in every culture of death, violation of basic human rights of all sorts are committed, especially the denial of the right to live! As Sun Tzu reminds us, our opposition may use methods that are deceptive or simply concealed in order to win victories in this battle. Whichever culture of death we may be referring to, deception is always used at some point to prepare the field for more open assault. Abortion proponents sold the public on that evil by telling us it would be "safe, legal, and rare." That was a lie, but the deception helped people accept it. Sun Tzu was right about how different forces win a battle.

( Photo: Finnish Women Raped by Muslim Refugee)

Those proposing legalization of physician-assisted-suicide (or euthanasia in other nations) use the same argument as was used to hoodwink the public into approving legalized abortion: "It will be safe, legal, and rare," meaning, with assisted-suicide, it will "only" be used for the terminally-ill in extreme pain with "strict safeguards." However, we know from decades of past experience in other nations, those made eligible for assisted suicide will not be restricted to only the terminally-ill. The criteria creep from very narrow and limited conditions to an ever-widening net that could eventually apply to almost anyone. This effort is organized and is being promoted on a world-wide basis!

Even children can now be euthanized in some countries like the Netherlands and Belgium! People with mental illness or any illness can ask for and be euthanized, and many who are not terminally-ill at all, but simply elderly are being euthanized involuntarily! It is clear from the data that pain is not the main reason people ask for physician-assisted suicide or are euthanized. When a State like Oregon approves payment to kill a cancer patient, but will not pay for treatment, it is easy to see how economics can play into the decisions to kill.

The euthanasia proponents have two wings: the covert stealth euthanasia practitioners and the overt proponents of legalization for physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia. Openly arguing that people should be medically killable is not yet societally acceptable in some nations (but others have already swallowed this message). So, rather than argue that we should be able to kill some people, they cloak their message within the guise of a right to self-killing in order to supposedly end suffering of various sorts.

The idea of self-killing to end suffering as a right is easier to market, except for the large numbers of those "stubborn" pro-life Jews and Christians! "What can be done to stop their efforts and silence their voice?" is the question the culture of death proponents seek to answer. They have tried just about everything to shut us all up! In many areas of society, they have succeeded extremely well! Of course, contrary to their mission and through their silence on these very issues, many rabbis, ministers, and priests have helped the secular culture of death flourish!

The stealth euthanasia proponents disguise their methods so that killing is made to appear more acceptable to the public. They use carefully selected language that conveys caring, while they encourage the opposite of caring. They spread an ethically poisonous message that killing within healthcare settings may be done without declaring it to be killing, or without even recognizing that it is killing.

They sell the message that ending life is ethically permissible. Over the past several decades, they have succeeded in convincing a large portion of the public and the healthcare professionals. They borrow the language that is properly used after someone dies without being hastened to death: As they complete the variety of death protocols, giving unneeded morphine, sedating the patient into death, or other means, they tell each other and the family, "We let him go." "It was time." "He's in a better place." "It would have been cruel to keep him here with all that pain." As they pretend to cry, they all reassure each other that they did the "right thing" , but inwardly, they know very well what they did.

Sun Tzu also says:

A clever general, therefore, avoids an army when its spirit is keen,
but attacks it when it is sluggish and inclined to return.
This is the art of studying moods."

The Art of War by Sun Tzu Chapter VII, verse 29

According as circumstances are favorable,
one should modify one's plans."

The Art of War by Sun Tzu Chapter I, verse 17

Now that the expression of religious faith has been incrementally and pervasively suppressed in public for so long, the forces that favor imposing death within healthcare settings have become more vocal, more open about what they intend, and are pushing the legalization of physician-assisted suicide in every state of the USA and around the world. 15

Fifty years ago, the spirit of Christian and Jewish religious faith influencing basic societal values was much more evident in public life, though the "cultural revolution" had just begun spreading a moral relativism that has led to chaos in relationships and in society as a whole. Today, we are witnessing the destructive fruits of those efforts from so long ago.

In fact, "moral relativism" is not an accurate description of what is occurring. Libertinism and license to do almost anything one wants to do would be a more accurate description of the current state of societal ethics. Just about anything that was formerly condemned, if the circumstances seem right to the individual, is now allowed.

Actually, a new "ethics" that is actually hostile to traditional Judeo-Christian ethics and medical ethics has come into play since the 1970s, but most people do not realize what has changed. The deception began formally in 1974 when the Congress passed the National Research Act which mandated the creation of a commission - known formally as the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research, or as it simply came to be known, the "Belmont Commission" - to create new guidelines for research and ethics.

The Commission provided separate recommendations for research on the fetus, prisoners, children, psychosurgery, the institutionalized mentally ill, and biomedical and behavioral research. It also formulated the new ethical guidelines we now refer to as secular bioethics, but we didn't need new guidelines or ethics!

In any case, the Belmont Commission's Report on its ethical guidelines was released to the public in 1979, printed in the U.S. Federal Register and given the full force of federal law. The principles set forth became the guide for decision-making by all federal employees and then spread throughout society.

With the supposedly professed goal of creating guidelines that would assure ethical work, it completely dispensed with traditional Judeo-Christian ethics and the Hippocratic Oath! Right there we can see that something was "not right" about what they were seeking to accomplish! Also, it was about this time that more and more medical schools abandoned that part of the traditional Hippocratic Oath that prohibited performing abortion or euthanasia!

Had the public requested that Judeo-Christian ethics and the foundation for our Constitution and system of laws be thrown out? No, but they did it anyway, and came up with three "principles" that were "made to order" to open up new approaches to healthcare and research: "respect for persons or autonomy," "beneficence," and "justice," all re-defined as secular humanists understand them , and decidedly not how those of faith would define them!

This system of ethics was called "federal ethics," "principlism," and later, "secular bioethics" or simply "bioethics," but in actual cases, any one of the principles does not always help guide one to the same conclusion as the others! The system is not intellectually coherent but is often self-contradictory. That is not surprising because out of the 11 members of the Commission to create the great "new ethics," only two had degrees reflecting formal study of ethics! Ridiculous! - If the effort had been a sincere attempt to improve the application of what would widely be understood as "ethical" practice, but it was not! Today, we understand what was actually done.

In practice, whichever principle allows for denial of needed care, for the destruction of life, or for the experiment or treatment to be permitted and performed, that principle will be cited as "justification according to the ethical guidelines." The system is pure deception, like the shell game played where one pea is hidden under one shell, and the shells are moved quickly; you then have to guess which shell the pea is under. The "pea" or "justification, can be any of the three, which ever works for the culture of death agenda, so the "game" is rigged. That is why healthcare advanced directives, living wills, or other medical statements are very often overridden to assure the one-way street toward imposed death!

If you very clearly state that you want to be treated and cared for in a healthcare directive, for example, you are ignored based on one of the principles, usually "beneficence" which can mean avoiding harm to the subject of experimentation or treatment, but also can mean that individuals have a duty to submit to experimentation for the good of society, and not necessarily for what's good for their well-being! Secular bioethicists - with many but not all physicians among them - implicitly take a utilitarian view of the issues and formulate policy from that perspective.

In other words, what is best for the greatest number of individuals in society is more important than what is actually good for one patient, one subject of an experiment, or one citizen of a nation. Utilitarianism runs through secular bioethics which gives it its totalitarian, tyrannical, and callous quality that devalues the lives of, and therefore harms, so many!

The current utilitarian approach is not new to the world and elements of it have existed for thousands of years: in the United States from 1907 to 1939 , doctors forcibly sterilized about 30,000 men and women who were in mental asylums or prisons. Beginning in 1934 in Nazi Germany, from 300-400,000 forced sterilizations were performed, all based upon the belief in eugenics - that man could control and improve the population by encouraging reproduction of those individuals who had good genes while preventing those who did not from reproducing. Forced sterilization, often without the patient's knowledge, is still occurring in several nations of the world! 16

If you very clearly state that you want to be treated, you may be ignored because of another of the three principles: "justice." "How can that be?" you ask. "Justice," for the secular bioethicists means the "just" allocation of scarce healthcare resources and treating you would interfere with that goal! Their idea of "justice" is not justice applied to your needs! You see how it works? Now you understand the secular bioethics "shell game!" If you fit the criteria, they may flip a coin and ask you to pick "heads or tails," and then they tell you: "Heads you lose, and tails you lose!"

In the case of those patients who are "biologically persistent" and not competent to legally express their wishes, a surrogate decision-maker will assert the principle of "respect for persons" or "autonomy" and request suicide be assisted (where it is legal in some U.S. states and in other countries). Of course, the patient has no idea what is going on when he is "assisted" to death in order to "respect his person" or his "autonomy."

Being able to end patients' lives in such cases is the long-sought "pot of gold" for those who seek to legalize assisted-suicide. It saves billions for health insurance companies and the State and Federal governments, and "Yes," they really do wish to kill those patients! If that patient is me or you or your loved one, then we become the target!

If you ever wonder how medical scientists can experiment on those who did not give permission and were not even fully informed about the experiments being done, now you can understand. If "beneficence" is defined along utilitarian lines as doing what is good for society, even at the expense of the individual, then these medical scientists are "justified" according to secular bioethics in what they do.

If they are challenged and questioned about the damage they did to and the suffering they caused for the subjects of their experiments, they will (like the Nazis) say that they were working for the good of society. In secular bioethics, as in this example, the ends justify the means, even if they are harmful or evil. In Judeo-Christian ethics, evil means are never to be used to accomplish a good. It is clear that these are completely opposite approaches to life.

Now, we can understand: if Judeo-Christian ethics guide healthcare decision-making," then the ordinary care that patients expect they will receive actually will be provided! However, we can also understand: if secular bioethics guides the decision-making in healthcare settings, many patients simply will not even receive ordinary care and may be the recipient of actions that actually and intentionally harm them! The philosophy of care and the worldview embraced by those in positions of power makes all the difference!

Finally, in addition, the Commission also suggested "informed consent" be given to research subjects and patients, for example. Yet, how does an unborn embryonic or fetal human being give consent to be dismembered in innumerable manners and experimented upon. How does a comatose patient or someone with dementia receive "informed consent?" They "receive it" through a surrogate who may or may not actually have their best interests at heart and may seek to impose death upon the patient for a variety of reasons. This is one illustration showing why the - in many cases rejected - "Do No Harm" precept in the physician's Hippocratic Oath is essential to prevent harm to the patients!

Clearly, the suggestion that all research subjects or patients are given "informed consent" is a deception, and as one example, many patients do not receive complete informed consent when physicians write prescriptions for all sorts of pharmaceutical drugs! Has your doctor taken the time to seriously discuss the dozens and dozens of adverse effects that could occur with just about every medication they prescribe for you?

For example, when your physician instructs you to take or give Tylenol, has he or she told you that Tylenol is the leading cause of life-threatening liver failure in the United States? No? A pharmacy's printout of a list of adverse effects is not real "informed consent," because in many cases, the people just assume their doctor would never write a prescription that might, or is known to, harm them, so they most often never read the printouts. They also assume that the federal government's Food & Drug administration would never allow any unsafe medication to be so widely sold or prescribed. They would be wrong!

So, when this Belmont Report was released, if it was even reported in the major media, it would have been touted as a completely benign effort to improve "the system," but it was exactly the opposite! Almost nobody noticed this stupendous deception except, for the most part, the few really attentive pro-life, research, and patient advocates whose concerns were completely ignored. The elites ecstatically embraced the new guidelines, because they had previously felt blocked from doing the unethical research or healthcare treatment that they wanted to do.

They had been frustrated by the traditional ethics that prevented them from imposing death upon certain humans as they pursued their goals. Now they were free: to target the unborn embryonic and fetal human beings (now available through legalization of abortion), to target those living human beings said to be "brain dead" whose organs they wished to plunder for transplantation (now available since the Ad Hoc Committee of the Harvard Medical School to examine the definition of brain death created the definition of "brain death" out of thin air in 1968), and to target those considered "life unworthy of life" (as the Nazis phrased it) or in the words of Daniel Callahan four years later, the " biologically tenacious patients" who just will not die!

With the new guidelines, the opportunities for scientific "play" was drastically expanded and virtually anything scientists wished to do, they did do. It is now evident that secular bioethics is the foundational ethics for the modern Western culture of death.

It is intended to provide guidance ("permission") for all decision-making in most aspects of life, and is especially relied upon by most licensed professionals, physicians, other healthcare professionals, attorneys, judges, social workers, scientists, government bureaucrats, not just healthcare or research. So, when a physician or judge makes a decision that just flies in the face of the Hippocratic Oath's motto to "Do No Harm" or violates the principle of sanctity of life, you can now understand why! 17

With the huge departure from traditional ethics, the attack on Judeo-Christian ethics in any workplace setting was accelerated. Now, decades later, it is considered offensive to even openly express one's Jewish or Christian faith in public, and even more offensive to quote Biblical verses on morality, though these views were openly expressed and widely accepted just a few generations ago! If healthcare or legal professionals express these views in their work, they are considered "unprofessional" and are very likely to be harshly reprimanded and eventually terminated from employment as troublemakers!

As Sun Tzu suggests in his analysis of war strategy, because our "spirit is sluggish" to act to re-assert our Judeo-Christian heritage, we appear and are vulnerable to those promoting the big push to bring the secular culture of death to its final stage. Many are attacked with a ferocity that is characteristic of other cultures of death, like the Nazis, communist regimes, etc.

Now, it is evident that circumstances are favorable for the proponents of medical killings since the secular bioethicists have seized control of the power structure within government, health care, and most of society. Now, they have modified their plans and are moving forward to facilitate the imposition of death upon - supposedly - the willing. They hope to achieve legalization of physician-assisted suicide in as many states as possible through legislative action. They also hope to bring a future court case that could be appealed to the US Supreme Court, with the final goal of having the court legalize this evil nationally (as was done recently in Canada).

Families of patients need to be vigilant when accessing healthcare, because those wearing the white coats may not actually intend to provide the best care for the patient. They may believe the patient's quality of life is unacceptable and manipulate care so that the patient dies sooner rather than later. This can occur through an intentional failure to inform the patient and family of helpful treatments, the provision of intentionally inadequate treatment, the provision of treatments that intentionally do not help, the failure to perform the tests necessary to find the right treatment, or the provision of treatments that actually harm the patient directly, among many others.

There is more and more talk about security experts who refer to something called situational awareness - always being aware of our surroundings, the position of the buildings, the roads, the people near and far, anything that seems "off" or unusual about those around us, and any other details. Having situational awareness is crucial to not only being able to flee an attack or avoid an accident, it makes us less likely to be attacked by predators in the first place. Family members and patient advocates also need to aware of the patient's situation, especially the attitude of the healthcare professionals, how they interact with the patient and family, what philosophy of care and goals they have, and whether anything seems "wrong" or inappropriate, even if it is difficult to understand.

Criminals target the weaker and less aware. These are less likely to detect any attacker before he or she hits, less likely to be prepared to do anything even if they do, and less likely to do anything that would harm the attacker(s). Those of us who do not practice situational awareness are the weaker targets in healthcare or other settings!

Patients whose family members or patient advocates do not appear uninformed, who ask questions, who are assertive (not aggressive), and who do not allow unwanted interventions that are not needed, are less likely to be victimized. But, patients and family members who are not aware of the current environment prevailing in healthcare settings and just go along with whatever the doctor or nurse says to do are more likely to be subject to healthcare attacks from those who work in those settings.

It is quite surprising to some that patients are at risk of great bodily harm and even death not only due to the publicly-acknowledged medication errors, surgical errors, and infections acquired in the healthcare setting - that result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of patients each year in the USA alone - but are at risk of death due to actions taken by health care staff that are actually intended to facilitate or hasten death!

There are thousands of ways that death may be imposed, though the public is usually completely unaware of those methods. We are fragile human beings and the difference between continuing to live and dying is not always that much. A clever but evil-minded physician can tilt the odds towards death in innumerable ways. That is why the Hippocratic Oath's "Do No Harm" motto was so important in assuring the safety and well-being of the vulnerable patients. Tragically, most physicians today do not even take that oath to "do no harm!" The public has no idea that secular bioethicists have removed it from the medical school graduation ceremonies and replaced it with oaths that specifically allow for "taking a life!"

Something as simple as a physician who suggested that a bedbound patient not be allowed up in a chair, even though she was able to do so, would very likely be intentionally moving the patient incrementally toward an earlier death. A nurse who left a patient flat, or almost flat, in the bed while offering a drink would be doing the same. A doctor who orders the removal of a patient's regularly prescribed and needed medication for the treatment of a chronic condition would move the patient toward death. All of these and many more seemingly innocuous but lethal methods are being widely used in many patient care settings.

The failure to take the time to feed a resident in a nursing home would move the patient toward death, and all of the similar methods used by those who impose death would not be detectable by most investigators or many family members! Very few investigations are conducted to expose these almost imperceptible methods of imposing death, and the death certificates state that the patient died from "natural causes," "failure to thrive," "aspiration pneumonia," and so on.

Situational awareness is paramount to maintaining the safety and well-being of patients and others. Being knowledgeable about proper care that meets the standards of care is crucial when it comes to protecting a patient's life! However, most people have no idea at all, and if they do, they often end up believing the staff who may lie to them repeatedly while edging the patient closer to death.

Many of us go through life with a complete lack of the situational awareness needed to protect ourselves. If we have our head buried in a smartphone while we walk along, or even drive, harm may come to us at any moment without us even noticing its approach.

If we immerse ourselves in entertainments, if we drink or drug ourselves into a stupor, if we are medicated with anti-depressants to make us feel artificially good (no matter what our life is really like), if we are addicted to video games and other fantasies, we are not really paying attention to the world around us. We also are so distracted that we do not have the time or energy to do what is needed to participate in the lives of those around us and help to make changes for the better.

If the colonists at the time of the American Revolution were lost into entertainments as hypnotically entrancing as we have today, if many of them drank, medicated, or drugged themselves, and had access to video-games like we do today, the United States would certainly not exist today. There would never have been a Revolution. Patriots would not have existed in significant enough numbers to mount a challenge to the King of England, and many would not really care what rights we enjoyed. They would simply not have cared!

Many of us are completely unaware of the dramatic societal shifts occurring in many parts of the Western world. It's not just a question of accepting or tolerating the so-called "marriage" of homosexual individuals or immigrants who enter a nation illegally. LGBT activists have openly admitted that their goal is not to have secured the right to enter "marriage" recognized by the government with its benefits to homosexual partners; their ultimate goal is to remove all traditional Judeo-Christian values from society and create a new societal order based on their worldview, and have every citizen affirm that worldview or be punished.

Many in the United States do not realize it, but they do intend that expressions of Biblical morality and condemnation of homosexuality be classified as hate speech. Many have no idea that in 2013, "the Supreme Court of Canada ... ruled that Biblical speech opposing homosexual behavior, including in written form, is essentially a hate crime"18 and that people who have expressed these views to other individuals have already been fined and ordered to pay legal fees amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars!

It is obvious to those who are paying attention that we are witnessing a marked push to at first marginalize, then silence, and finally punish the majority of people in our nation who hold a traditional, Judeo-Christian worldview - a Biblical worldview. We are especially witnessing fierce hostility to Christianity and those who seek to live lives that express that Christian faith.

Those who are very aggressively pushing these changes, though their numbers are in the minority, recognize that the foundation for the American dream and its spirit is the Judeo-Christian worldview. Many of them seek to impose changes that install a completely secular, socialist government. This plan has been acknowledged and implemented for several decades with the enthusiastic assistance of those in the media, the government, the universities, and some of the very rich.

Many of us today are so blind as to refuse to recognize evil for what it is, and good for what it is, but the two realities exist and are not dependent on anyone's opinion - as those labeled moral relativists keep trying to convince us. Secularists who do not possess faith actually believe themselves to be possessed of superior insight. They consider themselves to be the elite who truly understand, yet their hearts are dead to real life, and their advice is much worse than foolishness.

Too many of us are almost completely out of touch with what is going on around the world and in our society, and do not realize how swiftly things can change and are changing. Many in the world are virtually hypnotized in such a way that they go through life and do not get involved in issues that affect their own or others' lives. They have no appreciation for how fortunate they are!

Are we upset because a co-worker said something mean to us? Do we become frustrated when the traffic light takes too long to turn green? Do we scream because our computer is not fast enough? Are we angry that our favorite sports' team lost a game? Are we discouraged because we haven't made as much money as we'd like? Do we think we are deprived because we don't have the latest smart phone?

Really? When we consider what has happened in the past, when we consider what is happening to so many around the world, and when we consider that some are kidnapped, enslaved, raped, abused, or murdered ... really?

We worry about the price of gas, our jobs, and whether the weather will cooperate with our plans for the weekend. They worry whether they or their children will still be in one piece or even alive one hour from now - one week or a month from now!

We must shake off the lies expressed by those who have deconstructed our entire culture and who refuse to acknowledge or share the true character of what we are witnessing in the world. We must shake off our willingness to choose to do nothing! It is long past time that we awaken to the realities and become actively involved in promoting a culture of life!

This terrible apathy pervades our society, and our apathy allows the enemies of life to gain ground and victimize their targets! Yet, apathy is not unique to our time. It is part of our self-absorbed, selfish, and imperfect human nature (Luke 17:27-29). It is the partner in evil that assures its success.

However, the dear Lord Jesus spoke to people just like me and you:

To the angel of the church in Laodicea write:

The Amen, the faithful and true Witness, the Beginning of the creation of God, says this:

'I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot; I wish that you were cold or hot.
So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth.

Because you say, "I am rich, and have become wealthy, and have need of nothing,"
and you do not know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked,

I advise you to buy from Me gold refined by fire so that you may become rich,
and white garments so that you may clothe yourself,
and that the shame of your nakedness will not be revealed;
and eye salve to anoint your eyes so that you may see.

Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline; therefore be zealous and repent.

Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door,
I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me.

I say "Yes," dear Lord! Be with us as we are with You! Help us to be with You as You are with us!

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