Dumb and Dumber
Part Two - The Age of Lies

Ron Panzer
May 16, 2016
Reproduced with Permission
Hospice Patients Alliance

We need not fear taking morphine if we have severe pain, but as we have seen, it must be used wisely. Let me share a thought you may not have considered. We know that today when a State orders a prisoner to be executed as punishment for a capital crime, they usually use three different medications: a barbiturate to induce a coma, a paralytic that stops the breathing, and potassium chloride that stops the heart.

Upon first glance, one might think that the officials are making great efforts to peacefully and painlessly put the convicted prisoner to death. Yet, there have been problems using that or other methods. Problematically for the States, some prisoners didn't go to sleep. Some didn't stop breathing, and some didn't die. Some prisoners died painful deaths.

They tell us they're trying to improve the process to avoid inflicting pain upon those sentenced to death, - which used to be done by electrocution, hanging, the guillotine and other horrific means. Whether you think capital punishment is justified or not, some of those executed in modern times with lethal medications have died in terrible suffering.

Similarly, in States or nations where "physician assisted suicide" has been legalized and patients take a lethal medication, some have endured terrible suffering before they died. Others have been harmed by the medications yet still did not die, requiring active intervention to finish the job and kill them (direct euthanasia).[1] You don't hear much about that in the major media!

There are all sorts of discussions, research, and articles debating what drugs are best to use in capital punishment. There are many who seek to outlaw capital punishment altogether for those who have committed murder and other heinous crimes, yet it seems just as many are calling for the legalization of methods to impose death upon vulnerable elderly, disabled, acutely or chronically ill, as well as terminally-ill patients!

To anyone familiar with opioids and their effects, the effort to avoid using them doesn't make any sense. It's like the proverbial elephant in the room! Though I am adamantly opposed to legalized euthanasia and assisted-suicide, it is obvious that a much surer method of imposing death without pain has been available all along - one that has already been proved for many decades.

High dose morphine given intravenously. orally, or through injection (to someone who was not already taking high doses - the "opioid naive") would most certainly swiftly cause sleep, cessation of breathing, and painless death. Intravenous administration would have a very immediate effect. That's exactly what happens when someone overdoses on heroin (which we've already seen rapidly becomes morphine once metabolized within the body).

The only rational reason morphine is not widely used to kill prisoners already in the U.S. is that physicians and other elite decision-makers don't want the public to know the truth about morphine's potential to impose death if misused. It would make obvious one method of killing used surreptitiously when patients are involuntarily killed - most often in hospice or palliative care settings that are not pro-life.

Here is an email just received this morning. It's just one of hundreds we and other patient advocacy organizations receive regularly. This is unedited except for removing the name and location of the hospice:


My father was given morphine overdose by hospice care staff in our home, so he could "die already". We had a terrible experience with ______ Hospice in ________ in 2012 and are still stunned. I am finally able to speak out about what's really going on because a neighbor recently had the same experience with _______ hospice. They had time to switch providers at the end, but they said to me that the staff at _______ Hospice are "murderers". I have looked and looked for a place to review them but they are very good marketers and hide what is really going on there.

Thank you!

This woman, only after four years of terrible anguish, is now able to write about the horror of seeing her father killed! Yet, contrary to Wesley J Smith and others like him who know the truth yet tell the public that severe problems in hospice do not exist or that patients are not regularly being killed in many non-prolife hospices (which are now the majority in the USA), the truth arrives from every corner of the nation, over and over again, just as this woman has written.

It is despicable when these pro-life Pharisees lie and effectively enable the untimely deaths of unsuspecting victims who enter the killing fields. These deceivers are similar to the Nazis who reassured innocent Jews, Christians, and others, "Come along!" "You're just going to be able to rinse off in the shower and get clean," as they opened the doors to the gas chambers - that were converted showers. When will they stop lying?

It becomes hard to understand where these pro-life Pharisees like Smith "come from" when they seem to be advocating for the protection of human life and make some sensible pro-life arguments (as they get paid to travel around the country in the pro-life lecture circuit), yet enthusiastically applaud those corporate scientists who have inserted human genes into animals to produce medications.[2]

While we don't like the idea of testing on animals - that is necessary to avoid testing upon humans - the idea of inserting human genes into animals (that Wesley J Smith enthusiastically supports) is opening up Pandora's box! Supporters of such genetic experimentation, which unavoidably eventually ends up being released into the environment, are playing with fire! They show no sense of caution when there is a very great probability of an unforeseen great harm to mankind and other life arising sometime in the future!

If the deceivers were on the federal or state payrolls their lies might be explainable. The Federal and State governments save billions when patients go into healthcare settings that are not pro-life and that hasten death. The government leaders wish to encourage secular hospice utilization and don't wish to discourage any patients from accessing these services.

They don't want the public to realize that in addition to the permanent sedation of patients into death, the administration of morphine overdoses is another common form of stealth euthanasia practiced nationwide. Patients and their families don't always know what is being done to them, but they expect to be cared for, not killed!

It is astounding that the public is being so well-deceived! With all the publicity about opioid addiction and individuals dying from overdoses all across the nation, the media and physicians never mention the possibility that patients might be dying either inadvertently or intentionally from the use of exactly the same drugs within hospice or palliative care settings.

Over time, more and more people are waking up to the horrific truth and are figuring this out. They realize what has been done to them. They know they have been deceived and victimized and robbed of time with their loved ones. If euthanasia is to be practiced legally, probably after being sanctioned by the U.S. Supreme Court, morphine will then very likely finally be openly used for that purpose. And those who have been victimized and who have been ignored and whose reports have been discounted will finally be able to respond, "Now, you see the truth!"

Some may not believe that the Supreme Court of the USA will legalize euthanasia. If citizens had been told in 1950 that the Supreme Court would one day legalize abortion or that a large percentage of woman would have children without being married, they would not have believed it. If citizens had been told as recently as 2010 or even 2013 that the Supreme Court would create a legal arrangement called homosexual marriage, they would not have believed it. Those prescient leaders who warned the public decades ago where our society was headed have been proved right year after year.

If euthanasia is legalized in the USA, the deconstruction of good end-of-life care will be accelerated. The provision of authentic palliative care that relieves suffering while supporting life will suffer and decline! Many will argue, "Why bother with the relief of suffering?" "Just end it and get it over with!" "These lives have no meaning!" just as their Nazi predecessors thought. There is no denying that this is the direction our society is heading.

Canada's Supreme Court did recently legalize euthanasia, and this evil practice will certainly be used to involuntarily end the lives of thousands of vulnerable individuals! Without a major change for the better - where respect for the sanctity of life is restored[3] - tragically, sooner or later we will do the same.

We will have increasing numbers of doctors and nurses who lie to patients and then kill them while death certificates state that the patients died of natural causes. More and more of the caring of health care professions will become a lie.

Just as soldiers, who do not agree with homosexuals serving openly in the military or women being placed in combat forward positions, are being purged, so too pro-life professionals like Jill Stanek who speak out are being purged from hospital settings where abortion or infanticide is to be performed, or purged from end-of-life care settings.

When they stand against assisted-suicide that has been legalized in their state or nation, they will be purged from the staff so only those who adhere to the government agenda remain to practice. It has already happened.

Those truly ignorant, professed opponents of assisted-suicide who have stood at lecture podiums but have never stood in the trenches of the healthcare industry year after year, simplistically and naively tell health care professionals to simply "not cooperate" with assisted-suicide. They don't have the slightest clue.

Healthcare professionals will not merely be subject simply to "criticism, ostracism, and emotional pain."[4] Those in power will seek to have them professionally and financially destroyed! They will possibly lose their homes and freedom in years to come. I and many others who have stood up as whistleblowers and pro-life advocates know the cost of taking a stand.

When the American colonists pledged their lives to stand up to the British monarchy and revolt against the tyranny of King George, they chose not to cooperate, but the reality is they declared war and were warred against. Thousands of American colonists died in battle, of disease, of exposure, or in British prisons! Thousands were wounded and became disabled.

When the law mandates euthanasia or assisted-suicide practices within healthcare settings, there will be a type of real war against those who disapprove and resist. This culture war has real victims and many will suffer!

Intolerance is the common modus operandi of the culture of death. Yes, it's necessary to stand up for life and liberty, but to pretend it will come at a small cost, or to mislead others to believe that non-cooperation is a simple thing, is just another lie! People need to understand this is a real battle, with suffering to be endured by those who are pro-life. It is not going to be easy at all! Nevertheless, there are rewards and blessings for those who make a stand for life! Their lives will never be the same.

The Age of Lies

For various reasons throughout history, men and women have lied. Professionals within culture of death hospice or palliative care settings lie routinely to the patients and their families. How tragic that those trusted to care for the vulnerable consciously seek to end their lives!

The tale of Adam and Eve eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is all about a terrible lie. The serpent lied telling them they would become "like gods," but it was they who suffered when they believed the lie rather than the truth given to them by God.

When their son Cain killed his brother Abel, Cain lied to God and said he didn't know where Abel was (Genesis 3-4). When we do wrong, we also wish to avoid responsibility and punishment. Nothing has changed in our human nature.

So, people lie to cover up the wrongs they do. Many also lie to acquire what they desire: the enjoyments of this world, wealth, fame, or power. It doesn't matter whether we're considering children who lie to their parents and cheat on tests, those who lie to get a promotion, or supposedly great scientists who fabricate and manipulate data to obtain a pre-ordained result so the grant funding keeps rolling in or so that they make a name for themselves in history.

There have always been some who lie easily without a pang of conscience, stepping on others to get ahead, and others who generally strive to speak the truth. None among us are spotlessly pure. We can look at all of history and see the perpetually dishonest nature of man.

We can also see that in every place and in every time, there have been some who have sought out God and others who could care less about Him. Within every culture, within every religious group, there are some who deeply hunger for Him and others for whom religion is either merely a social practice to be tolerated or something considered to have no value.

Whether East or West, Left or Right, ancient or modern, some seek Him sincerely. Other than these few whom God only knows, the rest wander aimlessly in a spiritual desert of their own making. Many supposedly great philosophers justify their own personal leanings with flowery language that upon closer inspection borders upon or arrives at the absurd.

Some philosophers now tell us that our reality is not real. Others say that with the aid of science, men can be real women and women men, while transhumanists insist that by accessing a digital world, our true selves - our minds - can be uploaded to a computer and we would then live forever.

Though you might dismiss these proposals as the ravings of lunatics on the fringe of society, these individuals are actually being supported and encouraged by many of the most wealthy and powerful in society. Their views are promoted by many in the mainstream media and corporate world.

There are vastly well-funded initiatives promoting what are called the "NBIC" (Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno) areas of science and technology: Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and genetic engineering, Information and computer technological advancement, and Cognitive technology. These technologies are changing our world very swiftly while most of us are "asleep at the wheel!"

For example, Google and other mega corporations have provided millions to fund the Singularity University and other initiatives whose goal is global transformation through technological change and the transhumanist agenda. They seek to develop and utilize artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, genetic modification of living organisms, and more, in order to create what they believe will be a "bright future!" They do embrace the quest for immortality, which reminds me of the story of the serpent's promise to Adam and Eve that they would not die but would become like God.

They label anyone who questions their agenda as anti-science, but they couldn't be more mistaken! True religion does not discourage scientific and technological advancement, but there is a line beyond which attempting to do good becomes sheer evil. Pacemakers, artificial hearts, knees, or various surgical and medical advances are wonderful. Exploring the depths of space or science of all sorts is wonderful, but polluting the Earth, permanently damaging the genetic nature of mankind, or taking actions that will result in the deaths of millions of people is not.

One area we can no longer ignore is the effects of gender-bending chemicals that now pervade our environment. We must realize that the push to confuse gender issues is intentional and the introduction of some gender-bending chemicals into the environment is intentional.

Scientists know about these effects but do nothing. For the businesses, it is just part of a quest for profit whether the manufacturing process and products created result in harm to many or not. For the politicians, it may be a matter of their being paid off by the industry lobbyists or they may be among those who actually believe that the pollution involved is a necessary evil on the road to progress.

We must come to grips with the reality of this very strange world scientists, corporations, and powerful government leaders have fostered. Our physical world is being transformed, just like the societal mores that are being turned upside down. The debate about transgender individuals is not just a matter of individuals who are psychologically disturbed, though many are. Some of the transgender individuals have been physically effected by very real biological causes, resulting in their gender confusion. There is a type of chemical chaos in our environment!

Estrogenic chemicals awaken genetically female characteristics or influences in males, for example. Plastics that pervade the environment also have an effect. Some affect physical sexual characteristics while others shift the brain chemistry toward that which is characteristic of the opposite gender. Many think these problems are all solely due to mental illness, but they are not. The truth is not that simple.

Through the sum of all the chemicals and pollutants released into the environment, we are damaging the very nature of our own children, the unborn, and even the gametes - sperm and oocytes - that when joined together into one actually are a new unique human life. If our basic physical nature is changed, we will no longer be human as we understand it; we will be posthuman, and that is the goal embraced by many elite leaders around the world.

Any pro-life organization or effort that does not take into account the gender-bending transformation that is actually occurring due to physical, chemical contamination in our environment will fail to remain relevant in the years to come as the human race becomes physically other than it once was. Are pro-life leaders and organizations even addressing this? These issues are not science fiction!

We don't wish to think about these problems perhaps because the issue seems so unwieldy. We don't wish to discuss it because we don't believe we can stop it or simply don't know what to do. However, if gender-bending pollutants are not prevented from continuing to enter into the environment and altering the very nature of mankind, the chaos of so-called multiple gender identities will be the reality, not just a far-fetched conspiratorial fantasy about a political agenda or concern!

We may ask, "Who could ever imagine that a President would command every public school to allow boys into girls' locker rooms and bathrooms, girls into boys' locker rooms and bathrooms, or allow either to participate in sports teams of the opposite biological gender? Yet, this has happened and is the strange, quite insane national situation that has been thrust upon us by those with an anti-Christian, secular, utilitarian, and socialist agenda.

While we know that many predators will take advantage of these commands to exploit the situation and victimize the vulnerable children in school bathrooms and locker rooms, something needs to be done to accommodate the truly physically, biologically-occurring transgenders. Increasingly, parents find that some newborns have sexually ambiguous characteristics.

These are victims of gender-bending chemicals, and we cannot accurately and honestly deny that some of this is physically occurring. We must protect our children from predators, but we must also find some way to help those who are physically or psychologically confused. TV series and spinoffs of Law & Order have been among the most-watched of all shows, even internationally, very likely because we yearn for good to triumph over evil and for there to be a sense of common sense, sanity, and order in society.

But the order we yearn for does not arise from evil. Chaos arises from evil , and that is what we are experiencing in our world, whether psychologically, spiritually, politically, or physically (1 Corinthians 14:33). We must find some way of restoring order within the flames of chaos fanned by evil-minded individuals leading the nations of the world!

The corporate owners and scientists behind the manufacture of certain materials tell us, "Trust us!" "Everything we're doing is perfectly safe!" They continue to profit as they create "wonderful" products that we readily accept, but when not only fish are born with both female and male characteristics, when some of our children are born this way, we know there is something terribly wrong. Again and again, just like tobacco corporations that denied their products had anything to do with cancer, they lie to us!

Many of us want a simplistic answer and denounce transgenderism, but we must admit that these are being created by what is being done to our environment. Although decades ago, transgender reassignment surgery was universally denounced and forbidden, now it is more accepted and performed by some surgeons for the small percentage who have major psychological problems and sometimes very real physical problems.

Even when surgery is performed, physicians and psychiatrists warn that reassignment surgery still does not resolve the psychological problems that torment these individuals. We will have to find a way to compassionately help these individuals, while at the same time we seek to preserve some societal order.

If the introduction of gender-bending and other damaging chemicals into the environment is not halted - and it seems they will not be halted - the world will experience more and more genetically-different, sexually different, and chronically-ill children and adults.[5]

Never before have such problems confronted humanity. A completely satisfying solution to these problems will likely elude us, because humanity has wed itself to a path of destruction. Our leaders are not receptive to wisdom like the king of Ninevah - who after being warned by the prophet Jonah, turned away from evil and led the people back to a path of sanity.

When it comes to the food we eat, scientists who increasingly tinker with genetics tell us that they have improved upon Nature by genetically-modifying all the major foods mankind eats. This has already been done! Other scientists seek to improve mankind himself by removing defective human genes and improving the genes we already have!

They tell us all the wonderful things they seek to accomplish while assuring us, "Don't worry! Everything we're doing is perfectly safe! We know what we're doing!" "Trust us!" Yet, as they add more and more toxic chemicals, more and more suffer from various chronic diseases, whether gastro-intestinal disorders, cancer, autoimmune diseases, hypersensitivities or allergies, and other conditions or even changes in human sexual development.

Do you remember hearing about many children suffering from leukemia or autism decades ago? Do you remember so many adults who suffered from gastro-intestinal problems or cancer? While they tell us, "The increases are only due to better monitoring and records," they lie. We may be better at curing some illnesses and conditions, but chronic illnesses are becoming more widespread each year.

It will not be surprising to those who know basic genetics that they are leading us toward disaster since they mostly work with nuclear DNA and have little understanding of and for the most part have ignored the mitochondrial DNA. Even when they work with human nuclear DNA, they have the most primitive understanding of the entire DNA process and believe they really understand how much of it works. The chemical components that make up DNA code may have multiple functions, many of which are completely unknown to them today, yet these tinkerers blindly barge ahead without caution.

If you sense that all of this is eerily similar to those who intend to impose death upon unsuspecting patients yet tell them, "Trust us!" you would be quite correct. The same type of worldview that allows one to impose death upon the vulnerable also allows blind guides, scientists, politicians, and wealthy elites to speed our world towards certain disaster while lying about what they intend for us.

It is no accident that elite population alarmists like Bill and Melinda Gates openly speak about the need to depopulate the Earth and that they influence the decisions being made around the world.[6] The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has invested millions to fund research into sterilization programs, genetic modification of food, or vaccination efforts that could be accomplished topically without injections (and intentionally without the vaccinee's knowledge).

The harm done through vaccination programs is concealed by the powerful pharmaceutical industries who influence the policies of their comrades at the Food & Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control (or corresponding government entities in other nations). Data manipulation and fraud in research studies has been widely publicized for any who wish to look at it.

The incidence of childhood neurological and other chronic conditions is expanding exponentially year after year, often corresponding to years when certain vaccines containing mercury or other harmful ingredients were administered. This is evident when considering the incidence of these childhood neurological diseases that suddenly appear once vaccine programs are instituted in other nations around the world.[7]

While we are assured, "Trust us!" "Nothing we are doing can cause any harm!" college students who received the mumps vaccine are getting mumps, and measles outbreaks are occurring in groups of people who similarly received vaccination for measles. Yet we are told, "Our vaccines are very effective!" Some of those who received the oral, live-attenuated polio vaccine, or who were in contact with those receiving the vaccine, have suffered from full-blown polio and become paralyzed.

While professing to be dedicated to global health improvement, the Gates have stated in some circles that they seek to actually lower the human population. They have the financial and political pull to do more than much harm. Obama's Science Czar, John Holdren, just one of numerous elite depopulationists, has advocated forced sterilizations and efforts to reduce world population since the 1970s. They've been working on this agenda for decades.

Clearly, while great steps have been made through scientific and medical advances, not all of them are beneficial. Vaccines have without doubt been used to sterilize unsuspecting women in Africa, yet the people are told, "Trust us!" "Everything we're doing is perfectly safe!" Some scientific "engineers" experiment upon an unwitting public and have taken steps that will eventually cut down large swaths of humanity (Revelation 6:8). Again, the elite in power have lied!

Basic biology teaches us the survival value of biological diversity. Yet, international and national leaders across the world are exerting irresistible pressure upon farmers around the world to plant monocrops: genetically modified, identical, and patented seeds. Now we have genetically-modified identical species of wheat, corn, rice, and others that will undoubtedly eventually succumb to a disease that will wipe those monocrops out, resulting in worldwide famine.

Knowing that this will be the result, they are moving as swiftly as they can toward this goal, all the while pretending that their modifications will erase hunger and starvation. Speaking partial truths is the nature of evil-minded individuals. If they succeed in erasing hunger and starvation, it will only come about because billions fewer will be living on this Earth!

Those of us who survive will be able to "thank" brutal global corporations like Monsanto - that literally hold humanity's future in their hands, manipulate nations' government leaders with impunity, and have destroyed those farmers who attempted to resist them.

Thousands of poor Indian farmers have committed suicide due to the losses they suffered. Monsanto and other holders of patents on the GMO seeds require farmers to buy their seeds each season, rather than collect seeds from the crops they grow. With only one bad season, they have to shell out money they don't have and go bankrupt. Many farmers were and are coerced to use the GMO seeds. When they go bankrupt, other wealthy corporations scoop up the land. It's one of the biggest exploitative scams ever heard of, all covered up by the powerful elite and the media.

Others have lost their herds of animals when they died after foraging on GMO plants like Bt cotton! Glyphosate has finally been labeled a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization even though much of the public is still spraying Roundup to kill weeds in their lawns. Farmers are using it on most of the corn, soy, sugar beets, and canola fields in the USA and in other nations as well. As a global society, we are basically bathing ourselves in glyphosate, other pesticides and chemicals!

I was surprised to learn that the Quaker Oats Company (bought out by Pepsico in 2001) sprays glyphosate on its 100% natural oatmeal as a desiccant! Glyphosate is detectable in numerous foods and if any of us had our blood tested, it is certain that we would test positive for some levels of glyphosate!

Poisons, poisons everywhere! Even infinitesimal amounts taken in year after year obviously are having their effects! What will happen to the world fertility rate when large percentages of the young are autistic, chronically-ill, genetically damaged, or otherwise rendered incapable of living full, normal lives?[8]

It is arrogance that moves blind guides forward and prevents them from seeing what mere high school students should be able to see. Yet, this is man: proud, blind, and impulsive. Scientists used to honor a Precautionary Principle that prevented them from doing something that might result in harm to the public, even if it were to occur far into the future. Some Native American tribes also had that same principle of not doing anything that would harm the children born several generations into the future.

Rather than be cautious, these modern scientists, politicians, and philosophers refer to what they call a Proactionary Principle, which is simply a fancy name for doing whatever they want to do, without considering the consequences, making as much money as they can in the process, and if anything goes wrong, it will be too late to stop it anyway. The elites assume that they will not be affected by the disaster they invite, but they are mistaken.

In other words, they do not care if they unleash irreversible, horrific harm to mankind. In their blindness, believing themselves to be doing great good in reducing the human population, they have a natural bent toward evil and unfortunately, global suicide. Globally imposed evil will result in globally occurring death (Romans 6:23; Revelation 6:8).

Like teenagers hurtling along at 100 MPH on a curving country road, everything seems to be a thrill until it's absolutely not, and suddenly they crash into a tree, dying instantly. That is the nature of modern genetic experimentation, whether that experimentation is done on humans, animals, or upon the foods of the world.

To these blind leaders, it matters not that with every advance in our understanding of genetics, we see a seemingly infinitely complex yet perfectly harmonious function within living beings. They fail to perceive the infinite genius revealed in all living things! These scientists have no idea what the results of their experimentation will be generations into the future.

"Wow!" they childishly think as they enter the "control room" of our genetic structure. "If I push this button, what will happen?" "If I push that button, what will happen?" And if they push the wrong button, they don't care. Or maybe, they won't be alive to suffer the consequences.

Their reckless experimentation is playing with the very genetic makeup of man and will be carried forward forever by future generations. Who can stop them? While mad scientists play with humanity, nobody in power is even speaking of this danger. Many of the leaders actually are privately encouraging them to move ahead with their agenda!

Unfortunately, all will suffer terribly and certainly. Man may become something other than he was designed to be. They tell us man will be posthuman - a new and improved man! They believe they know better than God all the while they lie to themselves and try to convince themselves that He does not exist! While they continue this deception, they never stop rushing ahead while promising nothing they do will invite the obvious consequences of their actions!

That man has lied at one point or another, for one reason or another, throughout history is our nature. Yet only in modern history have men and women so thoroughly believed the lies of the high priests of our time: scientists and technical engineers who tell us they can improve the genetic makeup of man himself, or physicians who tell us that the embryo or fetus is not a human being, not a human person, not a life.

For thousands of years, people always at least understood the utterly basic fact that a pregnant woman was carrying an unborn child. But we who consider ourselves so advanced, have convinced ourselves that this unborn child is simply a collection of cells and tissues that can be killed without a pang of conscience. We are so indoctrinated that we don't recognize a truth that even the most ignorant man and woman understand rightly to be true!

In what other time have men and women actually believed that their unborn child was not what it clearly is, or that killing is not killing? That millions believe the lie shows how far we have fallen. That millions and millions are willingly killing their own unborn children shows how evil we have become.

In ancient times, in some places, some number of children or adults were cruelly sacrificed to "the gods" in ignorance. Even if it actually had been hundreds or thousands sacrificed each year, it would still not equal the slaughter of millions occurring today in the name of personal freedom. At least they understood that they were sacrificing lives. We don't even honor the victims of this slaughter by recognizing them as human beings who are just as much human as we once were!

You may wonder how the world could ever have become so crazy or evil. You may wonder how people no longer value life as they once did. You may question the sanity of many individuals within our society and ask, "How can people be filled with so much hate or selfishness?" "Why is there so much strife in the world?" "How can people choose to and then kill the innocent?" "Why did they kill my loved one?"

Many just can't understand it at all and want it to end. They want to call someone and have the government come in and fix what they think is an isolated problem. On and on, one after another, they call advocacy organizations and cry out, "They killed my mother/father/wife/husband/son/daughter/grandmother/grandfather!" They don't realize that there are easily a few hundred thousand hastened deaths every year within healthcare settings in the United States alone.

They don't realize that today many physicians really think, "What harm will it do if this patient dies a few days, a few months, or a year sooner?" or "Why not end this life and do him a favor?" Many don't realize that their loved one's doctor may believe it is better that the patient die rather than suffer from a terminal illness or may believe that spending money on such a patient is a waste of health care resources. They don't realize that there are thousands of ways to make patients die sooner and that making patients die sooner is done by doctors, nurses and others every day all over the country and in many other nations of the world.

The reason all these things occur is the same reason for evil in the past: man's pride and selfishness. Just as the serpent tempted Adam and Eve to defy God, many of our leaders and educators encourage us to care nothing for God and His ways. Jesus told us:

".... The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a man who sowed good seed in his field. But while his men were sleeping, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went away.... - Matthew 13:24-25

Those of us who are not grain farmers probably think that this story is about wheat and simple weeds we might be familiar with, something that would be tedious to deal with but would not harm anyone. However, Jesus mentioned the tare as a very specific well-known plant, the darnel or Lolium temulentum (which means "drunken"). This darnel is a species of rye grass that is almost indistinguishable from wheat until the final mature stage is reached at harvest time.

The tare or darnel is a poison that can make one feel intoxicated, vomit, lose control of one's body, have convulsions, and if a large amount is eaten, even cause death.[9]

The poisonous darnel grain (tares) looks just like wheat until the very end. If we are impatient and do not wait till the very end when the grain is fully mature, we may not see that what we are about to eat is actually poison.

So, we are being warned that what we have been told is "good" is actually evil. We may not realize that what we are about to do is really wrong and terribly harmful, though we are sure it is very desirable and good. Sometimes, it takes years, even hundreds of years to see the terrible harm arising from our actions!

It takes great foresight to envision what the consequences of our actions may be, whether in the near future or far into the future. It takes a prayerful opening to God's Spirit to discern which of our actions is "wheat" and which of our actions is poison.

We must remember the command God gave Adam and Eve in the garden. It is a command that actually applies to us today:

.... You may freely eat from every tree in the garden except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. You are not to eat from it, because on the day that you eat from it, it will become certain that you will die." - Genesis 2:16-17 (Complete Jewish Bible)

Many of us think the verse means that on the very day Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they should have died. But they didn't die that day. They were thrown out of the garden and eventually died after living a long life. This is why I use this translation for this verse. Rather than implying that "on the very day that you eat from it you will surely die," we understand the actual intended meaning: "it will become certain that you will die."

Adam and Eve were estranged from God, dying spiritually, and could no longer freely speak with Him directly and hear His response. They were cut off and barred from entering the garden again. What was this all about? Is it just a nice story told to entertain children or is there a much deeper meaning? Does it have anything to say about what is happening today in our society and in our own lives?

The simple story is difficult to understand and is something most of us have struggled with for quite a while. "How can it be wrong to know the difference between good and evil?" we think. "Why wouldn't God want us to understand these things?" "He created us with the capacity for rational thought, so why shouldn't we have this knowledge?"

But that's not what this story is about either. I believe that what is meant here is that Adam and Eve ate or took in - they embraced and knew evil in the biblical sense - they became intimate with and one with evil and with good. The only way we can know evil in this sense is to participate in sin, to miss the mark, to go astray and live a life out of harmony with His will.

It is not about sexual relations at all. It's all about an arrogant rebellion against His will. It's about living without His love in our hearts. It's about living without the Holy Spirit in our lives.

God is life itself: infinite life and power. He is being that has no beginning and being that goes on being without end. He is perfect wisdom and love. So, to do evil is to think, will, and act in a way that is contrary to the life-giving will of God, to reject His Spirit, to act in a way that harms us and others, and in a way that eventually causes death, both physically and especially spiritually.

Adam and Eve thought that the fruit was good to eat, even though they had been commanded not to eat it and warned that if they did eat it, it was certain that they would die. Clearly pride had already entered their hearts and minds so that they thought they knew a truth contrary to what God had told them. The "truth" they "knew" was a lie!

They thought they knew better than God! Just like our scientists and leaders today, they imagined they were doing a good thing, but they did not know the truth and did what was wrong.

Many of the Pharisees of Jesus' time were great thinkers. In their time, they were the equivalent of PhDs in academia today. They knew what was to be known, yet still judged as evil He who is perfectly Good. They condemned the utterly innocent dear Lord Jesus to death (John 11).

Remember, Jesus was a Galilean, a country teacher without credentials. Many of the Pharisees and Sadducees had only disdain for Jesus whom they considered to be uneducated and ignorant. The Sadducees especially rejected Him as His manner of teaching reflected the oral mode of teaching and tradition rather than their own academic approach derived more exclusively from the written scriptures.

They considered themselves to be the true and faithful, righteous servants of God. In their time, they were as pro-life as anyone could be. They were invited to the conferences and elegant dinners of their time and were well-respected by men, yet they were evil. They did not have love for God within their hearts and lied to the public.

They did not speak the truth and did not recognize it when it was presented to them. Many were more concerned with bringing money into the Temple and thereby into their own pockets! When Jesus overturned the tables of the moneychangers in the Temple, He was not only condemning the dishonest thievery practiced by the moneychangers, but was condemning the entire scheme through which the Temple priests enriched themselves.

Many do not realize that the Pharisees considered Jesus to be a mamzer - a person born of illicit relations, of unknown heritage, who existed on the lowest level of society. Mamzers could not marry those who were born of known heritage and were treated as badly as some of the lower castes in Hinduism!

Many of the Pharisees and Sadducees rejected out of hand the idea that Jesus might have even the slightest possibility of being a teacher or rabbi with something worth listening to. They could not imagine him to be a holy man, let alone a prophet, or the actual messiah. They saw that He did not come as one who would rule as the worldly king, who would restore the temple and do many other things they expected of such a man. So, they acted to destroy Him.

Some pro-life leaders today also think themselves to be among the great and the righteous - whether they are religious ministers, attorneys, or others. But those who also do not speak the truth about what is going on are just as untrustworthy as the Pharisees. They betray the very mission they represent! They enrich themselves while concealing the truth from the public.[10]

In our secular world, our high priests - some doctors, scientists, lawyers, judges, for example, - are just as blind and cannot see the evil in what they do. They are comfortable with the most barbaric practices: the casual killing of the vulnerable elderly, disabled, chronically and terminally-ill by withholding food and water (the misuse of terminal sedation into death), and the killing of the unborn and unwanted newly born. They kill without even blinking an eye.

Adam and Eve were completely unaware of the reality and immensity of their error. The Pharisees and Sadducees were completely unaware of the reality and immensity of their error. Our leaders are completely unaware of the reality and immensity of their error!

They had, and have, no idea what terrible consequences would arise out of their decision to reject God's command and defy His guidance. God had not commanded them out of any sort of willfulness or fear, but had commanded them and cautioned them out of pure love. He knew what would happen and did happen. They fell from their state of perfect grace, and we continue to do just the same when we defy God and remain in a state of alienation from God.

We are not different at all! Don't all of us think we know what is right and wrong and condemn those who think differently? We are so sure of ourselves, aren't we?

Our knowledge is imperfect and our judgment is imperfect. For this reason, we should exercise every precaution so that we avoid acting impulsively or in a way that results in harm. If we give in to what deceptively seems to be great, without checking and double-checking our science, our goals, and our decisions, we embrace a path that is a recipe for disaster and invite our own deaths.

Unfortunately, modern society shows no signs of reining in the mad push by those who are experimenting with modifying the basic genetic makeup of man. There is no sign of any halt to those who genetically modify food and animals, who spray toxic pesticides across the land, who mandate either ineffective or outright harmful vaccine utilization, who create products that pollute the environment and are causing chronic illnesses.

There appears to be no stopping the current global experimentation upon a mostly unsuspecting world population. We can call it dumb, even dumber, or terribly foolish, but more than that, it is an evil that threatens the well-being of all of us and all of our children.

We must choose whether to be guided by love and wisdom or to be guided by greed and the quest for worldly attainments. We can only serve one or the other (Matthew 6:24). We can only follow the path of the heart that considers all around us as well as generations into the future, or not.

Through all time and through all the world, people may choose to love or choose to hate. The push and pull of this world comes naturally to us. We love our own but do not naturally love those we consider other than us. So, the never-ending disputes, alienations, killings, and wars continue.

We look at others who appear superficially different from our own group, or do not live in our neighborhood or nation, and may hate them. Only because we fail to recognize our own reflection in their eyes do we hate. When I am consumed with self-pride, recognizing only that which is mine or controlled by me, I fail to love and then act in ways that harm others - whether I realize it or not.

Yet, we have been called to a higher way, an eternal way that honors and respects the others as well as ourselves, and a way that allows for loving relationships, open discussion, enterprise, discovery, innovation and societal peace. God has told us that we are to be industrious. True religion empowers man to advance in knowledge and wisdom (Proverbs 2:6).

Love is more than any feeling we may have. It is much more than the infatuations of youth or even the partiality we show to our own . I remember searching for love, as we all do, and searching in so many ways, till I realized that God is the only One who could be relied upon to love. Therefore, He is known as our refuge, God reliably with us. He is my refuge (Psalm 91:2).

Somewhere souls are dancing to most beautiful music, like flowers swaying in a field. Filled with love, they step to a song called, "Narrow is the Way." It is a way rejected by most and thought to be most-boring and restrictive, but it leads to perfect bliss and peace. Souls that yearn for the Beloved know this dance, and weep for the world.

Our ways as men and women in the world are not His ways. If we are to walk with wisdom through this world, we must be willing to listen and learn so we gain insight into the real significance of things in this world. We then must participate in the world in a way that protects the others we can protect and manifests His love to those we meet.

He is our Teacher, the only One who truly possesses Wisdom and is Wisdom. "Lady Wisdom" of the Proverbs is none other than a poetic representation for the dear Lord Jesus Himself, the Word of God (Psalm 33:6; John 1:1, John 20:30-31).

Throughout history, He has made Himself known to some of us. His face shines like the Sun with a blinding spiritual light, radiating the fierce purity of His Love, before which we can only bow with reverence and humility. Before Him, we recognize that we are as nothing, and our faults too terrible to consider.

Faith is more than the mere thought of Him as an idea. If we only would relate to Him as we relate to our own loved ones, not only would we believe in Him, we would know His touch! We recognize that our foolish arrogance is based upon nothing, nothing at all. Nevertheless and unfathomably, we know that He loves you and me!

We see that He is not only the Truth, the reality, but that out of His being, out of His love, arise all the good paths for man, and all the ways that restore order and sanity to this world. His nature is justice itself - righteousness. We see that all laws that are true are expressions of His justice.

Within society and especially within healthcare, we see that our role is to safeguard, to protect, and to nourish life that He has given. Without the recognition and acknowledgement of God, the foundation for all good that is done in healthcare and throughout society is lost. Therefore, He told us,

I am the Lord thy God, ... Thou shalt have no other gods before me - Exodus 20:2-3

Contrast that with the advice given by blind pro-life leaders, pastors, attorneys, and others who strategize and say, "Keep God out of any discussion about abortion, assisted-suicide or euthanasia." "It's a losing argument." "People don't want to hear about religion or God."

Well, the problems we're seeing all around us are due to the failure to honor Him, failure to follow His law, failure to even remember Him, and failure to reverently invite His presence into our lives. What these blind leaders fail to see is that all the chaos around and all the killing, arises out of the lies of our time and our acceptance of those lies: "You will become like gods." "You will live forever." " We will solve all mankind's problems - without God." "Trust us !"

This is the truth: any efforts to protect life that do not honor Him are bound to fail. Without Him and without honoring Him with every breath we take, our world will be swept away with evil . Overnight, frightening changes will occur that we could never have imagined. Be sure: you and I can never honor Him if we are ashamed to even mention Him (Matthew 10:33)! We cannot honor Him if we do not follow the path of sacrificial love.

Whether or not to oppose assisted-suicide, euthanasia, abortion, or any other evil is really not the most important question confronting any of us who are pro-life. The only question that matters is whether we open our hearts to Him and receive His presence in our lives. Everything else follows from this decision.

Those who refuse to honor Him publicly or to even speak His name rely upon shifting sands. They have rejected the only sure foundation for the work. Although we must do our part, He is the One, the only One, who can empower us to succeed in the little we may do and Who will one day restore respect for life (Psalm 118; Matthew 10:32-33)!