Lift a Spoon

Ron Panzer
April 21, 2014
Reproduced with Permission
Hospice Patients Alliance

You ask, with tears and tears
flowing down your face,
"What do I do now?"

Lift a spoon,
and you will have done more
than the complaining millions!

Lift a spoon to feed one who cannot,
and you will have learned more
than a lifetime in study!

Share your life,
and you will have been a blessing
to those so desperately in need.

Give of your time
and you will have honored
what most only preach.

You have been given
books enough -
enough to cover all the Earth.

Now, eat the heavenly food!
Live a real life
rather than studying recipes forever!

Words of life --
must take root within,
and we must give of our very selves.

Give and keep on giving,
until we bleed,
knowing a life with true meaning.

Then we will have honored Him,
then we will have done
as He would have done.

Yet you refuse to accept
the simple answer!
You don't wish to believe!

You prefer the way
of strife in empty courts
and pleas to cold-hearted kings.

You don't wish to take.
You don't wish to eat.
You don't wish to serve those not "your own."

You didn't see and didn't know.
they were never " yours ."
they were always only His !

You spent a lifetime
doing everything you could
not to lift this spoon.

You still spend a lifetime
looking at every other thing
and every other path.

You are afraid to look
and see yourself
in the other's eyes.

You are forever hungry.
forever unfulfilled,
forever lost.

But only feed another
and you feed yourself.

Lift another
and you lift yourself.

Love another
and you know love.

Lift a spoon,
and you have changed the world!

Dare to look
in yet another
lonely one's eyes.

Open the door to paradise!
Know you are not alone.
Know He is forever at your side.