Ron Panzer
21 Feb 2014
Reproduced with Permission
Hospice Patients Alliance

Like a delicate flower
held in the hand,
We shield our patients' lives
from the threats that may arise.

all is well.
Yet, in a moment
life struggles to remain.

Dance in the ways of caring!
Share your joy in task after task
like the hummingbird drinking
nectar from the garden's flowers.

Pray for the strength needed,
the wisdom to know how,
the endurance to last
through this night's trial.

Hold back the darkness
till Another comes to take this one.

Friend one moment,
teacher the next,
Remind her why we are.
Remind yourself why we are.

Friend one moment,
student the next,
Remember that we can only truly be
when we're what we were meant to be.

Dance with joy
like the field of sunlit flowers
blown by the wind!

Remain true to your greatest love!
Guide us in our merciful mission!

Though you have been
and will be betrayed,
yet shed your warmth
on those so desperately in need.

Till the race is done,
day after day beat on!
Dance on till finally,
you and I can rest.