A Reason for the Season

Ron Panzer
December 20, 2013
Reproduced with Permission
Hospice Patients Alliance

You may have had a father

whose message was,

"You're worthless! You're a mistake!"

You may have had a mother

who left without even saying goodbye.

You may have brothers and sisters

who don't even know you,

Or friends who are gone overnight.

You may have enemies

who attack with a virulence that is shocking,

simply because you speak the truth -

simply because you are.

You may feel that life has broken you,

that you are all alone.

Others may not know your sufferings and ailments,

while making sure you know about theirs.

You may wonder how it is possible that the sacred

is turned into a crass pitch for something to be sold.

This is the culture of death that mocks all that is good,

and tells you, "Create your own reality!"

while it pushes you onto a foundation that falls away on the very first step.

They're ready to cheer you one moment,

and then spit on you the next.

It can be no other way, friend,

for those who He chooses cannot have any other path,

This is His path, His Way.

He was born, but more than being born, He lives still!

and asks to live within our hearts today.

He asks us to forgive and live our lives,

in His wondrous sacrificial love.

This is the reason for the season,

not some catchy tune urging us to buy, buy, buy

while they sell, sell, sell.

He is with us always. He is with you!

... ready to comfort, because He truly understands.

He cares and calls to you.

He names you priceless, not a mistake.

This is the reason we celebrate Christmas Day --

the birth of the Saviour, the birth of a Way that leads to Life.

He will never leave you or forsake you.

He is worthy and faithful.

His love is unchangeable!

Come, let us serve Him,

in those He chooses to send.

Come, let us praise and adore Him,

today, and ever more.