Only You!

Ron Panzer
November 10, 2012
Reproduced with Permission
Hospice Patients Alliance

To whom can I speak?
Who would understand?
Who has been with us from the beginning?
Only You, my Friend!

When my heart thrills
When I reach out and embrace You
When I lose myself in Your endless Love
Only You, my dear Friend!

When I've been so alone and
Heard Your voice calling
Guiding, teaching, leading
It is only You, my dear Lord!

When the dogs attacked
So long ago on a dark and dreary road,
You came and rescued me,
My merciful Savior!

Dazzling to the eye is Your glory!
Perfect is Your Law
Gentle is Your touch
Only You, my Lord!

Your beauty is inexpressible
Your justice perfect
Your way true
Only You, only You!

When we turn to any side
There You are!
When we look out at the Earth and Heavens
There you are!

You speak
and Truth reverberates through the world
You breathe
and galaxies are born!

You planted the seed of love
in our hearts,
wishing to see it grow.
The law is love! Love is the law!

Come away people of heart,
Sing praises to the One!
He arrives, Our Beloved Rules
His glory is on His brow!

His mercy is in His hand
Come away, Come away
Sleep no more!
His love is suddenly upon us!

As milk flows from a mother's breast,
Like a feast at harvest time,
Come away, arise, awake!
The Awaited One is here!

His Sacred Heart
speaks heart to heart,
Mind to mind, soul to soul.
Know Him, take refuge in our just King!

Your grace lifts us
In the darkest hour,
Your Light alone gives hope
Only You, only You!

Your life fills our veins
Your compassion heals us,
It is You we see
When we serve each other!

You it is Who whisper in my ear
It is Your love that beats in my heart
Your words cast themselves upon
The waters of my being.

Your words form in my mind
Your sweetness drops like dew from above
It is time we awaken
Time that we arise!

You suddenly appear at our side
Your embrace carries us to the stars
Your grace reveals Your magesty
Only You, Lord, only You!