Submit and Die!

Ron Panzer
May 12, 2012
Reproduced with Permission
Hospice Patients Alliance

They're chasing us as fast as they can, with everything they've got. Out! Out of the public square. Out of the hospitals, the nursing homes, the hospices and universities. Out! No pro-life voice will be tolerated in the "respected" halls of medicine. No! Get out!

You don't even have to be "pro-life" to be banned. You just have to be "pro" the life of your loved one and you are threatened with being thrown out of the hospital or other facility! ... if you "raise a fuss," "question" what they are doing, stand up for the life the dear Lord gives. "Shut up!"

So, now, people are really afraid. Afraid that their loved one will die, be killed .... And afraid that they will be thrown out of the facility and be prevented from being at the bedside of their loved one, their mother, their father, wife, or husband, or child. It is happening just like that, all over, many places. Yes! It is! So, what do they do? They shut up. They submit. They die.

And what about the rest of us who have a clue about what is happening? Have you ever feared for your life, running from someone chasing you or another threat to your life? The adrenaline kicks in, ... it's "fight or flight," and with everyone out there chasing us, it's mostly "flight." Nowhere in major public settings is the pro-life voice truly welcomed by the powerful. Why should it be? We are a threat to everything they stand for and everything their power depends upon. And they're making money building the Death Machines. A lot of money.

Are we fighting or fleeing? Are we speaking out or trying to forget it all. Are we silent? Have we given up? And if we give up, can we truly say that we care?

It's obvious to those who've studied the culture of death's secular bioethics arguments that they simply pull a "justification" for some sort of death-protocol figuratively "out of a hat" and then proceed with whatever they want to do, or they simply lie about what is going on, or intimidate family members and patients alike into submitting quietly.

"Patients, submit and die!"

"Family members, shut up! ... or be thrown out!"

And yes, we've had many reports of family members being "banned" from being at the bedside of their loved one, because they protest the methods of killing, because they love and seek to protect, because they see what is being done.

"Submit and die!"

Yes, that's exactly what is being done, today. Tonight. Right now.

For example, tonight when I received calls from frantic family members about their mother who is being forced to take morphine when her condition makes that almost a death sentence, I have to wonder. As a COPD patient, yes, with cancer, she has a very poor respiratory effort, much congestion in her lungs. But she's not dying of the cancer right now. What is she dying from? Health "care!"

"Safe" at home in bed, she was manipulated by the hospice nurse, who insisted that she use a morphine pump when she had little pain at all. And were they treating her COPD with medications to open up her airways, or providing oxygen to help her get what she needs? No! Just giving "morphine to help you breathe ..." though the pharmaceutical companies tell everyone:

"Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [COPD] and patients with acute asthmatic attack may develop acute respiratory failure with administration of morphine. Use in these patients should be reserved for those whose conditions require endotracheal intubation and respiratory support or control of ventilation." [emphasis added]

In other words, if you give morphine to COPD patients and others with weak respiratory efforts, and they don't really need it for pain, they are likely to stop breathing, i.e., ... and die! Can it be any clearer?

Be prepared to provide artificial ventilation if you don't wish to kill them .... is what the package insert is saying. Why? Because the patient's own respiratory effort, i.e., "breathing," will stop!

Yet, hospice nurses all over are now trained to tell patients, "morphine helps your breathing." Have none of them read the package insert from the pharmaceutical manufacturer or the Physicians Desk Reference that all say the same thing? Apparently not! They keep telling each other, "morphine helps the breathing," as another thousand, and another thousand patients die from morphine overdoses they are giving to the patients. Can they be so ignorant to not know the medications long-established metabolic effects? Is it really possible? Or are they simply practicing euthanasia without saying so?

Well, who's running the show? Who's got the fancy jets? Who runs the military, the industries, the major media and national policies that keep the appearance of "normalcy" going? The powerful. And they don't want to hear from us. They've chased us into a corner. They've got their "societal SWAT teams" ready to take us down. The industry is set; they have their agenda, and it is not pro-life!

We, who care about these things, we've run into a "safe house" and climbed into a cozy corner, a secret compartment, behind a hidden wall, in the safe house, far from anyone who could hurt us. Feels safe. Nobody will find us here. It's even padded and soundproof, but now, we can't get out! Just like the safe-spaces those fleeing from the National Socialists ("Nazis") ... who found temporary safety in the hidden compartments behind a wall or above a ceiling or below a floorboard.

But who can hear us? Who is allowed to hear us? If we march on Washington to the tune of a million people, the major media basically ignores us. But if culture of death fans manage to scrounge 100 or 200 people together, they make it appear as if the entire nation is behind them. Who is hearing us? And, if we are afraid to speak out, who will ever hear us?

This son would not be crying tonight. This mother would not be being killed tonight, if more of us spoke out and refused to stop speaking out. Only because we are silent does the Death Machine roll on, crushing life day after day, week after week, all across the country!

The COPD patient who tonight is not dying from her terminal illness is dying from an overdose of morphine and other parts of the Death Machine. It's a very real Death Machine. It's got many moving parts and it continually runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Though this patient was on almost no narcotics (opioids), they put her on a morphine pump and let's see, what kind of dose did they give her with that morphine pump?

Let's see:

She was getting 5 milligrams (mg) per hour with the morphine pump.

Doesn't sound like a lot, but it gets tricky. You see, morphine stays in your system about 4 hours, more or less. So every dose given in that 4 hour period is added together.

So, 5 mg each hour times the 4 hours it lasts in your system, and we get 20 mg circulating in the blood.

That's already quite a bit for someone who wasn't taking opioids at all before, who was "opioid naive."

But there's more. There was a button on the pump and she was getting 4 pushes of the button every hour ... 3 mg of morphine each time. She was told, "this will help your breathing," so because she couldn't breathe well and was desperately trying to stay alive and keep breathing, she's been pushing the button every 15 minutes. Or a family member has done this for her to "help her breathing."

What do we get here?

3 mg every 15 minutes X 4 of those doses every hour = 12 mg every hour.

Then, those doses last for 4 hours, so,

12 mg in an hour X 4 hours = 48 mg every 4 hours

So, she actually may have 48 mg circulating morphine in her blood, just from pushing the button. But wait! She had the 5 mg every hour which came to 20 mg circulating in her blood already. So, what is really happening here?

20 mg scheduled to run no matter what ... + 48 mg being given by pushing the button ("bolus") on the pump = 68 mg of morphine

That's 68 mg of morphine, the total circulating dose in her body after four hours. That's a huge dose for someone not in extreme pain!

Math matters in medicine! So does the dose and the time or interval between doses. So does whether or not the patient needs the medication in the first place or whether it is actually harmful to her. So, this woman was "safe" in her bed at home and this is what she received.

If her body is not processing the opioids well, and many elderly have somewhat impaired liver and kidney function, the biproducts, which can also be "active" in continuing the opioid's effect, the dose can accumulate in her blood, with a higher dose of morphine circulating in her blood than would be calculated, as shown above. Even in healthy people, opioid medications can continue to circulate in the blood. Not all is excreted as soon as one might expect. So, it accumulates into an even higher dose.

What happened to this woman? She stopped breathing when she was "safe" at home, was rushed to the emergency room and given the opioid (narcotic) "antagonist" Narcan which reverses the harmful effects of the opioid (morphine in this case. She was then admitted to the hospital for "care." That she even made it to the emergency room is quite a feat. Normally, she would have stayed not-breathing at home and died there.

Why does this matter? Because people need to understand that opioids suppress the breathing, slow the breathing and can stop the breathing completely if they are not needed for pain. Opioids like morphine are wonder drugs for certain types of pain, and are truly a blessing. They have helped many people in relieving terrible pain. But when they are given when not needed, or not administered properly, i.e., dosages increased beyond what is needed, then they can become deadly, and are likely to become deadly.

Most people have no idea about calculating dosages of opioids, or the significance of how far apart is the time between giving those doses (the "interval"). Most people have no idea that morphine can stop the breathing completely. They have no idea that the harmful effects ("adverse effects") of morphine are very much like the actual signs of the active phase of dying which indicate a person is really likely getting closer to death.

Most people don't know that if you give the medication in half the time, you double the dose! That's a 100% increase in dose. So, if you give 5 mg of morphine in 4 hours, and then give it in 2 hours, you've doubled the dose in the blood. If you make it every 1 hour, you're way beyond what is considered "safely increasing" or adjusting the dose, called "titrating" the dose.

As I write, a mother is being "cared" for in the hospital on the East Coast of the USA. Her desperate son is praying somehow to save her from the death squad that has targeted his mother. He protested. He questioned what they are doing, so what did they do?

Yes, they stopped giving her 5 mg every hour and they stopped the 3 mg every 15 minutes. The Emergency Room staff saved her, but they continue the morphine as I write. What? Yes, she is now getting 1mg of morphine in an I.V. drip every hour and another 1mg morphine administered I.V. push in her vein each hour. She's getting 2 mg morphine every hour X 4 hours = 8 mg morphine most likely as a circulating dose.

Well, that's a lot better than 68 mg morphine circulating dose, but again, it's tricky. Those culture of death workers, doctors, nurses, and others, they can lie about what is happening, saying they "care." They are "doing everything possible to help her."

But no, that's not what's happening. The details matter. With the morphine, she's sleeping. She's not eating or drinking. Hasn't eaten for three days and yes, they removed any fluid they were giving her! What does that tell you? She's being "terminally-sedated," dehydrated to death.

The hospice couldn't kill her at home, or at least got as close as they could to doing so, but she was saved. Now, the hospital is killing her through terminal sedation. Anybody. You, me, anyone can be killed if they are not allowed to have fluid. And sedating her? That means she can't drink. Choosing not to give I.V. fluids? That is a decision to kill. Just as lethal as shooting someone. Euthanasia. Medical killing. Routine hospital care today.

Yes, we're temporarily "safe." But outside, the killing goes on. The Death Camps of the Nazis kept on incinerating the people they gassed in the chambers, nonstop. Even if people hid, others were being killed with impunity like a well-oiled machine, and today it's just the same. Where are the protests? Where are the people who care about this? Why aren't they picketing the Congress, the state legislators, the district attorneys who won't prosecute these definite medical murders? This is just as much killing as any other killing, so why don't people picket the powerful? They don't need anyone else to do this. They can make a sign and start to protest where they are. Why are they all hiding?

Some of them are afraid. Afraid to speak up. Afraid to say what they really believe and think. I can understand that. I've been afraid. But if we don't do something, the Death Machine will continue to kill ... your mother or father, or son or daughter, or husband or wife, or friend or neighbor ... who we know is everyone in need. Shall we run and hide? Or will we fight? Will we speak up and defend the innocent and helpless?

This is the anatomy of the death machine. The details matter. The math matters in calculating doses. The actions and refusals to act, matter. As I write this, death is being intended tonight in a hospital on the East Coast where a son cries. Tonight a woman, a mother, is being killed through terminal sedation. This is the Death Machine at work. Now, you will understand it and recognize it when you see it.