Comment on article: Doctors face orders to 'kill on demand'
New assisted suicide law requires physicians to act

Ron Panzer
May 3, 2009
Reproduced with Permission
Hospice Patients Alliance

As we have been warning, the zealots who are pushing a "right to die" actually seek to impose their values upon those who are vulnerable and to force health care professionals to participate. The freedom of choice for health care professionals is NOT to be tolerated by these zealots, and they are in government as well as in the general population. They want freedom for people to ask to be killed, freedom to kill babies, but no freedom for the baby to choose life, no freedom for the doctors or nurses to refuse to participate. See this article which details how in Montana, a case is working its way through the courts that seeks to impose the culture of death's ethics upon all health care professionals!

This is very real. In Nazi Germany, doctors were forced to perform euthanasia. If they did not, they were seen as enemies of the state and punished, imprisoned, even killed themselves.

This article (and the case) are only considering patients who wish to be "assisted" to death. The reality, as we have often seen, is that some patients will be victimized, sent to a health care facility to be killed, by a family member who wants the estate sooner, is tired of "caring" for the patient, or a guardian who has already siphoned off the estate from the elderly person. The ideal held up as the standard for the wonderful "service" of assisted suicide is not what this is all about. It's just the "camel's nose" in the tent. See article below.

Best wishes,
Ron Panzer
for Hospice Patients Alliance

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