The Demand-to-die is already here

Ron Panzer
Oct 6, 2008
Reproduced with Permission
Hospice Patients Alliance

The tortuous lengths so-called "ethicists" go to in order to justify their nefarious agenda is never-ending. Though they are true believers in their work (and tell us how "altruistic" their motives are) they sometimes inadvertently admit that they have lied in the past, will lie in the present and future, if it means advancing their cause, and consider mere "people" beneath them, the "givers and takers" of life. These are the judge-jury-executioner types who truly do hold the keys to your life or death, and the life or death of your children or parents and friends.

In the following article, the "ethicist" admits the truth (that ethicists have been lying about for decades), ... that when they harvest organs from patients, they are ALWAYS technically "alive," and when they speak of "brain-death" or "cardiac death" or any other kind of death, it is NOT "death." Death is complete. When the heart has stopped, and the brain is dead, and the organs and cells are no longer functioning, the person is "dead." If the brain is not functioning, you have a seriously brain-injured person, but they are not dead.

I believe we need to be clear about what is being decided and what actually is happening in health "care" or kill. Many in the end-of-life niche within health care speak of "letting the patient go." However, the reality in many situations is an imposing-of-death. Imposed death is determined death, controlled by all the collective actions of all the individual team members, all the medications given or deliberately not given, all the treatments given or deliberately not given. Death can be manipulated easily today, just as certainly as shooting someone with a gun.

When a baby's heart (or anyone's heart) stops, it is medically possible in many cases to restart that heart. The decision of a team not to restart the heart and let the patient "die" long enough to harvest the organs is the decision for the patient to die. It is not a "letting" die. It is a choosing death which precludes promoting the life of the patient/baby (or other patient).

As the ethicists say, "Actually, doctors don't wait for the donor's death. They arrange it. Not the illness or injury, of course, but the timing of demise. The Denver team calls this "anticipated" death, with donation as part of an "end-of-life care plan."

The goal is not optimum patient care or even minimal patient care, it is how to get more organs for the transplant team, which often means more money for the hospital involved and prestige for the surgical team members.

The medical ethicists ask: "How can we get more organs? By redefining death. First we coined "brain death ," which let us take organs from people on ventilators. Then we proposed to allow organ retrieval even if nonconscious brain functions persisted <>. That goal has now been realized through "donation after cardiac death <>," the rule applied in Denver, which permits harvesting based on heart, rather than brain, stoppage."

Families are easily manipulated through a failure to provide the complete information necessary for them to knowledgeably consent to one plan of care or another (the real meaning of "informed consent"), yet "informed consent" is the most basic standard of care within every aspect of health care.

Ethicist, Robert Truog says, "Enough, ... Stop redefining death. Let's accept that we're taking organs from living people <> and causing death in the process." But that is not what doctors are telling patients. They tell the patients that their loved ones are dead with no chance of recovering or living at all, and that is a lie. Patients and families deserve the truth!

In hospice, families tell me repeatedly of being misinformed that the patient is absolutely "dying," or is in severe "pain," when it may be that the patient wakes up, denies pain and actually has the audacity to live and disprove the all-knowing "experts" at the hospice. Often, hospice workers today will push more morphine on the patient simply because the patient wiggles their toe, moans or struggles to awake. Often, it is clear the patient has opposed any morphine dosages and does not wish to be drugged into a medically-induced coma. Patient consent is often ignored in hospice as well as in the hospitals. How many chances do vulnerable patients have to protect themselves from those with ulterior motives? Do they have any chance at all?

In many cases, they have no chance at all. What we are seeing is the shift to an open admission of the realities in health "care"/kill. Whether it is the "need" to plunder the organs from patients who are still alive, the "need" to experiment upon patients who are mentally ill or developmentally disabled or the "need" to end the lives of patients who require care, there is a decidedly utilitarian devaluation of the lives of those deemed "unworthy." Exactly the sentiments of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi doctors who perfected horrific experimentation upon millions of victims in the death camps. Our nation is now engaged in practices which would have been cheered by the Nazis: euthanasia of the unwanted (the term used by the Nazis), abortion, medical experimentation and organ plundering and transplant.

Yes, we can cite the good that comes from truly voluntary organ donation. after true informed consent, however so often, physicians and nurses as well as others on the medical team, are willing to lie in order to achieve their goals. Once upon a time, the standard was that what was done was based upon what was best for the patient, and physicians swore an oath to do just that. Today, that is just a fairy tale of a once upon a time reality. Today, any patient, you, me, or anyone around you, has a very real threat of being somehow exploited in a health care setting. In other words, "enter at your own risk." And many refuse to go the hospitals or other facilities for just that reason. In the Soviet Union, political dissidents were shipped out to gulags or mental asylums ... never to return. Today, chance may determine whether a lucid and relatively healthy elderly patient, for example, is shipped out to a nursing home or other facility ... never to return. If, by chance, the patient or family protests, the heavy power of the "state" is exercised through court-appointed guardians who can trample any Constitutional rights of the person (yes, patients are still "persons" under the Constitution) with impunity.

And right-to-life organizations at the state and national level are doing nothing effective to inform the public of the realities within our health care system. Like ostriches with their heads in the sand, right to life groups pretend that all is "well" within the end-of-life hospice industry. Like ostriches, they ignore the warnings and complaints that they have received for more than a decade. Heavy is the guilt that those in charge of these right-to-life groups have, because they knew, and yet have done nothing effective. On the contrary, they continue to act as if the hospice industry has NOT been infiltrated by those espousing a dark agenda, the culture of death, the utilitarian exploitation of the defenseless at all stages of life.

Of course, there are still many who practice the original mission of hospice, to care for the dying and allow a natural death in its own timing, but they are becoming increasingly rare, for many reasons. We need to deal with the reality today! Over 50 million babies have been killed through "abortion" (another euphemism for killing, plain and simple). An untold number of elderly and disabled have likewise been killed (likely in the millions over the past decade).

Who is considering the Constitutional rights of the newborn, the unborn, the elderly or disabled? Medical opportunism is flourishing, all for the so-called "good" of society. When persons lives are exploited for the good of society, when their lives are even ended for the good of society, we have entered a very dark path, threatening the very nature of our families, our society and nation. Families, society and the nation are at risk when lives are devalued with an ever-widening swath. When we look in the mirror, will we recognize ourselves as the land of the "free" and home of the "brave?" Issues at the end-of-life can affect, and are affecting, all of life in the USA. When the government promises "total" care, through Medicare, Medicaid, children's health plans and soon-to-be adult "continuum of life" health plans (between childhood and Medicare), we will assuredly receive total death care, whenever the all-powerful arbiters of life and death decide that it is your, or my "time," conveniently chosen by those sitting in the elevated chair of judge, jury and executioner. The demand-to-die (duty to die) is already here; it's just not an advertised "service."

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