Slow Poison

Ron Panzer
President, Hospice Patients Alliance
June 10, 2005
Reproduced with Permission

Have you ever thought about what it is like to face certain impending death? To be poisoned? ... You reached down to pick up a particularly beautiful rock and are suddenly, before you know it, bit on the hand by a poisonous desert snake.

You are alone and have no antivenin to counteract the poison. You have no way of suctioning out any of the poison; there are no medical facilities nearby; you have no quick way of getting to a medical facility within the "advised" 40 minutes; and therefore, there is no realistic chance that medical treatment is going to save you. You know that the more you run (in order to get help), the quicker the poison speeds throughout your body, hastening your impending death.

Isn't this one of those thoughts that we don't indulge too far, we don't want to really think about? (Though we all have wandered briefly, very briefly, into that train of thought in some way, some time?)

You know the poison is slowly spreading upward into your body until it will finally kill you. What do you do? If you act immediately after being bit, you might save your life. But what could you do? Tie a tourniquet to prevent the poison from reaching the rest of your body? ... Even though all the "official" advice is to NEVER use a tourniquet? Immediately cut off your hand? ... Though you are advised to never even make a cut to be able to suck out the poison? You know many have harmed themselves by using the "old" methods. But does the "official" advice really apply to your situation?

What would you do? ... Too "attached" to your hand to do it?

It's a rare person who has the courage to do something like hiker Aron Ralston did, whose hand got pinned down by an 800 pound boulder in the wild and, knowing he would die if he remained where he was, amputated his own arm with a pocketknife in order to save himself.

You start to feel the signs of snake bite poisoning: weakness, a burning sensation, dizziness, sweating, faintness, fever, increased thirst, numbness, nausea and vomiting, rapid pulse, swelling, severe pain, and more.... You really do not feel very well at all!

When you quickly read your first aid guide, you are not reassured by the prognosis: "if treatment is obtained soon enough, only a small percentage of those bitten by a poisonous snake die." Unfortunately, you will not be treated "soon enough." You know that either you will have to act immediately or you will join the "small percentage" of the bitten that die.

In the lives of societies and nations, similar situations periodically arise. There are always going to be locations where society's safety nets don't reach. There are always going to be problems that are ignored by the government. In fact, there are always going to be unjust government policies that oppress some or knowingly allow the oppression of some. For those who are oppressed, the "prognosis" is dire, even deadly.

We have stepped into dangerous territory where the rights of many are threatened.

The vulnerable cannot "amputate" the government's role in their lives. They cannot easily change the policies of a government which knowingly allows their victimization. They usually cannot move away, or hide, or "secede." What then? Is there an "antivenin" that can neutralize the poisonous culture of death? "Desperate times call for desperate measures," but what measures can help our nation when the poison has spread throughout?

Many Americans are observing the serious changes occurring in our society, and while some are rejoicing at these changes, others are horrified. The collective realization is dawning upon many that the America they love is being targeted and attacked from every side, whittled away, and eliminated, just like many of the vulnerable who disappear in the health care gulags, never to be seen again.

"Gulag" is a term taken from the Soviet-era forced labor prison camps set up throughout the Soviet Union. Millions passed through these prison camps over several decades. Although they were not organized with the express purpose of killing the prisoners, many died as a result of starvation, cold and neglect. Similarly, the health care system's nursing homes and hospices are not organized for the express purpose of killing patients, yet many die of abuse, neglect, malnutrition or dehydration.

Strong statement? How many decades do we have to witness the abuse, neglect, and direct harm to residents of these facilities? How many reports need to be issued? How many hearings held? When will society decide that these deaths are simply intolerable?

In the Soviet Union, the use of prison labor (as in the current totalitarian Chinese government's forced labor prison camps) was seen as an integral part of the economic system. The benefits of such "free" labor were seen as justification for the continued use of forced prison labor, even though millions died within the system. Similarly, there are many in top national policymaking circles that privately approve of the victimization, malnutrition, dehydration and certain hastened death of the elderly in the nation's nursing homes and hospices.

A deadly poison is slowly seeping throughout our society! That poison is threatening the very freedoms that have made America a shining example to the world. As arsenic poisoning has caused slow death to many unsuspecting victims, the secular devaluation of life has also caused death to millions of defenseless innocent, and yes, unsuspecting citizens of our nation. Babies before or at birth, the elderly, the disabled, and chronically ill have been executed in health care settings. Others have had manipulated deaths. Corporate administrators, knowing the consequences of their decisions, continue to create situations that certainly result in the manipulated deaths of the vulnerable. Again I ask, "strong words?" Not for those who have had death imposed upon them. Not for those denied the choice to live. They have not chosen to be eliminated!

The lofty ideals expressed in our nation's founding documents resonate in every American patriot's heart. What American does not treasure such a democracy where each adult citizen has a right to free speech, a right to vote, a right to equal protection under the laws and many other rights?

Yet, even more fundamental than the right to speak, the right to vote, and the right to equal protection under the laws, is the right to live, the right to exist, to be.

For so many today, Shakespeare's famous question from Hamlet, "to be or not to be," has become an ongoing, dark and sinister nightmare. Dark clouds hover over these citizens. Many of the very elderly, disabled and chronically ill are being eliminated within health care settings, not only in the USA, but also in the U.K. and other nations.

Sometimes deceptive means are employed to end the lives of the vulnerable. Sedation without hydration, used to intentionally cause death, is the misapplication of a treatment for agitated patients at the end of life. Many physicians use terminal sedation to impose death without giving the outward appearance that a killing is occurring. Patients and their families may not realize what is happening until it is too late.

Gillian Craig, MD, an experienced British physician, has warned about the practice of sedation without hydration for many years. Her book, "Challenging Medical Ethics: No Water - No Life," provides details about physicians' debates about this practice and shows how the once universally required restraint on medical practice to "do no harm" has simply been removed, unleashing a poisonous tide of death that is consuming ever-increasing numbers of the vulnerable.

Many of the vulnerable elderly, disabled and chronically ill can not speak for themselves, and many of them simply no longer exist.

They have been killed.

They do not have the ability to ponder whether they should "be" or not "be;" that choice has been made for them by secular bioethicists, physicians, hospital committees, guardians and even other family members.

Many citizens do not realize, remember or want to even acknowledge that the basis for the formation of our nation and the basis for the freedoms and rights specified in our Constitution and Bill of Rights was a recognition that all of us are created, that the life we have is a gift from above (and is therefore sacred), and that the rights we enjoy are from the Creator.

The second sentence of the Declaration of Independence states:

"We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."

That sentence tells us volumes about the beliefs and worldview of the founders of our nation. I ask:

Do we hold those "truths to be self-evident" anymore? Are these truths so commonly understood that they need no explanation, no justification, and no defense? Are they even accepted as "truths" by most in our society? Would the majority of American people today write these same words if they had the opportunity to "be there" at the founding of our nation?

Would they accept the idea that "all men are created equal?" Not really. And long debates would arise as to what it means to be "equal." They would agree that the people have a right to liberty and certainly the "pursuit of happiness," but the right to live is routinely violated every day in America. With American mothers having chosen to execute over 40 million babies since the Supreme Court's imposition of the Roe v. Wade decision upon our society, to say that Americans "respect" the right to live is simply untrue.

Today, the self-evident "truth" (the right to live) would be qualified with innumerable footnotes stating when the right to live is "allowed" or not. And if a "right" is now "allowed," it clearly no longer is a "right" of all citizens.

Today, if the "quality of life" is not acceptable to the modern-day aristocrats who wield power over life and death (mostly certain physicians and attorneys), then you absolutely have the duty not to live, but have no "right" to live.

The formerly "self-evident" truths of the Declaration of Independence are now seen as quaint ideas that are considered great for lip service, speeches and rallies, but are no longer really recognized.

We are so "progressive" that our society no longer feels a need to honor the right to live.

And the idea of the people being "endowed by their Creator" with these rights is so foreign to the thought process of the elite modern-day aristocrats, that that phrase would simply be removed completely if the Declaration of Independence were to be rewritten today.

The people? They just believe they "deserve" to be free. Many don't know why they "deserve" to be free, nor do they have a logical reason why the people should have these "rights."

The mention of a "Creator" or "God" by those in public office is now routinely condemned under the spurious misuse of the doctrine of "separation of church and state." The doctrine of "separation of church and state" arises from the First Amendment:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;...."

and was designed to prevent the imposition of a state-mandated religion or denomination upon the people. We have to remember that the colonists had fled state-imposed religions in Europe. That was the context of the doctrine of separation of church and state. It was never designed to forbid the expression of religion in public. Yet this part of the First Amendment is being misused to impose an anti-religious secular agenda upon our society. Any reference to God, the Ten Commandments or Judeo-Christian beliefs are being filtered out of society, often justified with the goal of not offending some by the expression of religion in public.

The effort to eliminate expressions of religious faith in public is based on a secular view of the world that not only devalues the life given by the Creator recognized in our Declaration of Independence, but also rejects any belief in the sanctity of life. This secular agenda is destroying the very foundation of our nation's freedoms.

Without a respect for the life given from above, and for the Creator, the values and rights affirmed within our nation's founding documents are regarded as primitive, superstitious and invalid. The interpretation of our Constitution by those who hold a secular view of the world is destined to be an exercise in deception, redefinition of basic terms, and the nullification of the rights guaranteed in that lofty document. The interpretation of the Constitution and the laws supposedly derived from it becomes a subjective effort based upon arbitrary and changeable values at the whim of the powerful elite judges who no longer recognize a check upon their power.

Even a display of the Ten Commandments is increasingly forbidden in public places, especially in government buildings. Yet, the Ten Commandments embody unchanging laws for mankind to obey and were carved into many government buildings' stonewalls up to just a few decades ago. They were recognized as more than "guidelines" that may or may not be followed.

If the current efforts to ban the Ten Commandments from public display are consistent with our nation's deepest values, why were they prominently carved into stone on many U.S. government buildings, courthouses throughout the United States (including the U.S. Supreme Court building), the Library of Congress building, and other federal and state buildings)?

Today's secular culture of death considers nothing "sacred" except the right to kill the vulnerable unborn. The right to abort a baby is considered so central to the culture of death that they use that "right" as a single-issue test to determine the worth of political candidates or judges. Any candidate for office or judgeship is considered unworthy of office if he believes what every biology student knows, i.e., that a unique human life begins at conception.

To justify their position, adherents to the philosophy of death, redefine life and "personhood" at every turn and ignore basic biology. They are offended if you remind them that cells are "alive," that spermatozoa and egg cells are "alive," and that the combination of a sperm and an egg is the beginning of a genetically unique, "live" human being. That is utterly basic beginning biology.

How is it that those who wish to kill that life can simply redefine the "life" away, and be believed? How is it that millions "buy into" the redefining away of life so that newly formed human individuals are considered mere "clumps of cells" or "tissue" to be flushed away? The answer is that those who do not care about those being victimized, who care more about their own convenience or agenda, will assert a lie as long as it furthers their goals, and they will not tolerate any who expose their lies. They need not really "believe" their own lies.

But the founders of our nation thought differently. It was a different time, a time when the majority of citizens felt a reverence for God and the life given. The scientists of that day did not jump to the conclusion that God did not exist simply because the scientists were able to explain some small portion of the infinite physical reality.

It is important to recognize that the founders of our nation considered the rights guaranteed in the Constitution "unalienable," something that could not properly be separated from the individual. They not only believed, but also considered it "self-evident," (that everyone would readily know) that there is a basic right to Life; that is what the second sentence of the Declaration of Independence says. Yet, society today does not recognize this basic right to live. Some are selected for a hastened, manipulated death.

According to the latest Gallup poll, three out of four Americans support euthanasia in some cases! How do we reconcile an individual's right to live, given by the Creator, with a willingness to discard that same gift of life from the Creator? According to the Judeo-Christian tradition, it is a sin to kill the life given.

Although capital punishment for certain crimes is allowed under the ancient Mosaic Law, the taking of innocent life is expressly forbidden: "Thou Shall not murder." The commandment does not forbid the taking of the lives of certain criminals, nor acts of war, but forbids the taking of innocent life and the taking of one's own life.

But many in our society have crossed over and decided that it is now "ok" to murder innocent life (even one's own life), just because we "want to" die or because the life (of others) is considered "unworthy" of life, with an "unacceptable" (to them) quality of life.

When did we decide suicide was "ok" under certain circumstances? Just a few decades ago, the general understanding was that suicide was a "sin," and the desire to commit suicide was a serious indication the person needed counseling, support and protection.

Now, not only do members of our society not take the idea of "sin" seriously, but also killing those with a lowered "quality of life" is quite acceptable to the "elite" aristocrats of our day. They don't call it "killing," but call it "allowing" the patient to die. The desire to commit suicide is revered as a confirmation of the need to recognize (a bogus) "right to die" rather than an indication of mental illness. Terminology is supremely important in the push to mainstream the killing of the vulnerable in our society.

How can society take the idea of "sin" seriously when the people reject moral absolutes such as those expressed in the Ten Commandments? How can society take the idea of "sin" seriously when they reject the belief that some actions are "right or wrong" for all people?

The people who make up our society widely believe it is "ok" to kill under certain circumstances. That is what they do. It is "ok" to kill if the person wishes to die? It is "ok" to kill if the mother does not want the baby? It is "ok" to kill if the "baby" is an "embryo" (frozen or not)? It is "ok" to kill if the person is brain-injured? It is "ok" to kill if the person has major disabilities? It is "ok" to kill if the person is very elderly? This is what is being practiced today in our society!

The actions of the citizens who make up our society demonstrate what our society really believes!

Let's be clear about that. The elderly, the disabled, the chronically ill, the defenseless unborn and newly born and others are being targeted and killed through many methods within health care settings.

The killing of Terri Schiavo is just the tip of the iceberg. It is absolutely clear there are thousands of people hastened to their death through removal of food and fluids in health care settings. So many physicians were astounded at all the attention given to the Schiavo case, because they knew that there are thousands of cases like that every year in the USA where patients are hastened to their death (without extensive litigation).

Even death attorney George Felos admitted as much when he stated in his book Litigation as Spiritual Practice: "within a year or so [of the Estelle Browning case], families were routinely able to remove feeding tubes from people like Mrs. Browning. Lawyers weren't needed...." The obvious conclusion is that death is routinely being imposed upon vulnerable patients through the removal of hydration. Felos knows it, and most doctors know it as well.

And why does Felos say lawyers are no longer needed? Because some physicians are making sure patients die within health care settings, often with the express cooperation of some family members. Many physicians no longer hesitate to deal out death to any who fall within their clutches. No longer do physicians solely "heal"; treatment decisions are manipulated to assure death, often under the guise of "sedation," honoring the patient's wishes, or their "right to die." These predators do not admit any wrongdoing and are offended should anyone raise even the slightest objection to their now mainstream practices.

These predators are more refined in their killing and have redefined all the relevant terms so that what was once considered outright murder is now considered "compassionate" and "kind." They kill "softly" and are adept at explaining away their premeditated murders, absolutely hastened and imposed deaths.

They kill peacefully, with sedatives and opioid medications while music plays in the background and flowers sit in vases filled with water next to the beds where dehydrating victims await certain execution. It all is made to look so "pretty," but even the bite of a beautiful coral snake can kill.

The agenda of this elite group is just as lethal to the "chosen" as the "special treatment" reserved for those sent to the Concentration camps of the Third Reich, just as lethal as arsenic or cyanide, and just as lethal as the venom injected through the fangs of a poisonous king cobra snake! The philosophy that inspired the murder of millions has bloodied the streams of thought in this nation. Coloring the water bit by bit till all the rivers run blood red, the philosophy of death has taken over, infected our thinking and corrupted our decision-making.

While our nation's citizens increasingly suffer from this spreading poison, the major media, our nation's leaders, and the administrators of our nation's health care facilities pretend that the problem does not exist. Is that because they are completely unaware of the problem? Absolutely not! The reality is that they condone and welcome the victimization and elimination of the powerless and vulnerable. Not only are those with an unacceptable quality of life "relieved" of the "burden" of life itself, corporations that own the health care facilities maximize their revenue, and elected leaders are able to balance the government budgets by eliminating those needing care or those due Social Security benefits. I once wondered how we arrived at this point. I no longer wonder; I know.

But I do wonder what we can do to heal our nation.

A poisonous philosophy of death is spreading through our nation. Is there an "antivenin" that can neutralize the poisonous culture of death? "Desperate times call for desperate measures," but what measures can help our nation when the poison has spread so far? Will the danger be recognized? Will those who can treat this poison act in time? Will they be equipped to handle the challenge?

Can our nation be healed when the poison has seeped so deep into the fabric of our modern culture?

Is there any hope, or do we face the irreversible destruction of what was once the American "way?"

Are we at the "point of no return," or will control of our nation's policies be returned to those who truly recognize as "self-evident" the rights given to us by the Creator.?

The founders of our nation wrote:

"We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness?" Our nation no longer holds these truths to be self-evident. Will you actively work to heal our nation?

"If not you, then who? If not now, when? - Hillel