Seeing in Black & White - Seeing In Living Color

Ron Panzer
President Hospice Patients Alliance
March 12, 2005
Reproduced with Permission

Some of you may remember the black and white television sets that were the latest technology just a few generations ago. We now live with high definition television and one does not even mention "color" with regard to TV, because it is assumed, it's a "given." But as outdated black &╩white TVs are today, so is the so-called "right to die" agenda. It is simply a very old and evil agenda, repackaged with a slick marketing campaign, to slowly, imperceptibly, move the American mood over to the side of death.

The picture you see when using a black &╩white TV is similar to the limited vision of those promoting an agenda of death, zealots who promote their ghoulish ideas as modern, "cutting edge" progress, yet is taken directly out of Hitler's Nazi euthanasia project. The vision of the euthanasia advocates fails to perceive the rich, symphony of life with all its variety and opportunity for spiritual growth, caring and love.

The material vision of the euthanasia advocates shallowly extols the virtues of youth, health and strength while condemning to death anyone who does not possess an acceptable "quality of life." Quality of life is the catch phrase for the culture of death. It is like a trojan horse, intentionally inserted into our national thought process, that attempts to devalue the lives of those who are unable to speak for themselves or protect themselves. We must beware that this concept of an acceptable or unacceptable "quality of life" may destroy the very fabric of our society and may threaten the values that make America the land of the free.

Values. We don't hear much about "values" from the proponents of death. We don't hear much about life or the creation of life. We don't hear about sanctity of life or the Creator of life. Our nation was founded upon a firm faith in the Creator. Those who signed the Declaration of Independence clearly acknowledged the Creator. They risked everything to affirm a belief in the rights of each individual to live in a free society without judicial, legislative or executive tyranny. Our nation's guiding documents and laws are based in such an understanding.

But history has shown us that threats to such a right to live recur regularly from time to time. We must remember that the USA did NOT enter World War II because euthanasia proponents were mass murdering the vulnerable in the chambers of Auschwitz or summarily shooting the mentally ill, retarded or otherwise disabled. The USA entered that war because we were attacked at Pearl Harbor. If we had never been attacked, is it possible we would have sat out the War? ... at least until we were ultimately attacked in some other way?

The euthanasia advocates never left society after World War II. They survived in Germany; they survived in the US and elsewhere, and they have never given up. The euthanasia zealots celebrate their agenda with the short-sightedness of those who fail to understand the implications of their actions, AND demonstrate a complete failure to appreciate the very sanctity of a living human being's life. They certainly do not give credit to God for creating the lives they seek to snuff out.

Looking through the "black &╩white"-like tunnel vision of the Nazi era, they cling to an agenda that affirms the dark, secular utilitarian devaluation of all human beings, only valuing those individuals who contribute to society in pre-conceived, accepted ways and considering useless, those who are "different" or "disabled." They sneer at the values of those who love God. They laugh at the prayers of the devoted.

This is not just a respectable difference of opinion between people; this is a clash between people who live in diametrically opposed world views: one world view affirms the sanctity of life in all its rich, living color ... and the other denies the sanctity of life, fails to acknowledge God's existence, fails to acknowledge the gift of life as coming from our God, and fails to perceive the value in every life.

We do not impose our view on others, yet the culture of death seeks to impose its view on all. It cannot tolerate our faith, our reverence for life, our love. Those who embrace the death agenda are horrified at kindnesses being bestowed upon the vulnerable. It would outlaw such kindnesses by outlawing the very lives of the vulnerable.

We do not say we are "better" than others, but we do not willingly embrace evil. Those who push their death agenda upon the world hug evil with a fervor reminiscent of the most loyal SS Troops in Nazi Germany. They would storm into a church, smashing anything lovely and holy, and killing anyone who opposed them.

What is it that makes our nation's freedoms possible? It is not something that arises out of man's thought processes alone. The founders of our nation were not just "gifted thinkers." They were men of faith, and the freedoms established through our Constitution are based within a firm faith in God.

Those who seek to impose the culture of death are the same ones who would remove any reference to God from public life. The prohibition against establishing a government religion is NOT the same thing as removing any reference or acknowledgement of God from public schools, government or our society's institutions. We must realize that there is a decades-long effort to destroy the very foundation of our society, by those who care little for God, our values or freedoms.

We must wake up as individuals and look ourselves in the mirror. We must examine ourselves and what we think and believe and ask ourselves whether our thoughts are consistent with the beliefs we hold most dear. When we think about end-of-life policy, we must evaluate our thoughts, decisions and actions and ask ourselves, "is this what Adolf Hitler would have done?" and if so, we must admit that our very thinking has been poisoned by a culture of death that rationalizes the degraded, despicable policies of a monster and makes his policies palatable. As a society, we are far gone down the path of destruction. If we are agreeing with an evil monster, isn't that a good reason to pause and really think about what we are doing?

And then we need to ask ourselves, "is this what Jesus would have done?" or thought, and act accordingly. Can you imagine Jesus suffocating Terri Schindler? Can you imagine Him denying one of God's children basic food and water? You know that the idea of Jesus harming even one of His own is completely absurd. If Jesus would not starve Terri, then neither should we. We need to be doing our best to act as He would have acted.

Killing the vulnerable is convenient to those who wish to control society according to their narrow, short-sighted vision: a vision of the blind. Blind guides who see nothing of the glory of this life created by God. They see in "black &╩white." We see in God's living color. We embrace His grace. They curse His grace.

Those who are arrayed against Him and against Terri, who care little about what Jesus would have done or would do in this time do not care about Terri, or about anyone like her, nor do they care about God. They do not believe in Him, nor do they worship Him or glorify Him.

We are dealing with pervasive evil, corrupting many of our leaders and certainly many who sit as judges in our courts. Our judges not only wear black robes; they wear robes blackened with the stench of the culture of death, conspiring to write law from the bench in such a way that the vulnerable citizens of our nation have no chance of preserving their lives if they unfortunately fall into a category deemed to be "unfit" for life! Without a vote of our representatives, the aristocratic judges seek to write case law that twists our society into a perverted shadow of what it is intended to be.

Our nation is being taken over by this aristocracy of the privileged few. Powerful interests back willing servants of evil, who MISuse their power in the courts to victimize the most vulnerable of all. And the "good boys" in the network of power share that power among the elite few. This ever-spreading evil threatens the very fabric of our nation.

And yes, there are some who speak about the "danger" of our society "slipping down the slippery slope" by allowing euthanasia and assisted suicide. Wake up! We have already slipped. It is a done deal! There are thousands of people who have already been snuffed out, and are being snuffed out, quietly, systematically, each in their own separate hospital, nursing home or hospice bed. The execution of Terri case is all about making an airtight legal precedent for the mass killing of the vulnerable in hospices all over our nation. It is clever, demonically clever.

George Felos, the servant of the culture of death, says that he is merely promoting "policy," and therefore, he believes he will win this case. What policy is that? It is the policy of the culture of death, the national think tanks, the unseen, manipulators of government policy. The agenda is big: changing the very fabric of our society to accept the wholesale slaughter of the vulnerable. The financial pressures are big.

Government officials will promise everything to the citizens. They will promise "cradle to grave" care. They just won't tell you that if you are found unworthy, your cradle may be your grave.

Or, if you live beyond your cradle, your grave may be approaching you much sooner than you think.

Each victim will not be led into a large chamber and executed with hundreds of others. NO! The evil and clever plan is to disguise the mass executions by taking each victim one by one. The plan is to execute each victim individually, alone, in death centers all across our nation. The wonderful service of those dedicated to easing the suffering of the dying will be swept aside to be replaced by a policy of simply killing off the unwanted, the inconvenient, the expensive to care for. Money talks and the financial interests will sweep millions of live aside, to be discarded in new death factories. A perversion of health care and hospice both.

They won't do it openly yet. They need the public's support to implement their plan. So some receive good health care, good hospice care, all as a public relations effort. And naive, dense health care workers will be offended by any mention that there is anything sinister going on. Just as there were many who were offended when some warned of the rise in power of Hitler's Nazi party. While everyone may acknowledge that there is good in the world, we need to recognize that there is evil in this world. Only then can we know how to deal with death dealers and deceivers.

The miracle in this case is that Terri still survives. She cries out: "I am ALIVE!" God has clearly chosen her as a focal point for this fight, a rallying point for those who would enlist in an army dedicated to serving the sanctity of life, who view life in "living color" rather than "black &╩white."

How can one communicate with those who see the world as a dreary "black &╩white" distortion and find pleasure in the killing of the most vulnerable of all?

How can we reach them? Convince them? Change them?

No! We cannot reach them, convince them or change them. They are beyond that.

They do not hear the same drummer. They do not serve the same Master. They do not acknowledge a purpose in life beyond the physical. Blind guides. Blind oppressors. They don't even see the "living color" of life around us.

Just like a bulldozer racing through a field of flowers, destroying everything in its path, oblivious to the beauty that it crushes, they bully everyone around them, denying care to the needy, hastening death in a thousand ways. Imposing death. Killing. But they do not wish us to use THOSE words. No! We must speak about a "good death" and "dying with dignity." We must speak about a "right to die."

We must know that the euthanasia advocates have carefully researched, formally, what words they use in promoting the culture of death. They have been researching and adjusting their tactics for over 70 years! Working vigilantly to advance their agenda and take this nation down.

What a preposterous concept! "The right to die." Everyone of us shall die, one day.

What they are really talking about is a "right" to die at a time of someone's choosing. They would have me, and you, believe that only we ourselves will decide when that time is. But that is the lie! They know that once the "right to die" is established, the right to KILL will be established. In every nation where euthanasia has been legalized, the so-called "safeguards" supposedly protecting the vulnerable, are violated routinely.

Elderly residents of nursing homes in the Netherlands fear to drink orange juice, thinking they may be spiked with powerful sedatives, placing them in medically-induced comas from which they will never be allowed to awaken. And they are right to fear drinking their juice. It happens. The government of the Netherlands confirmed it: over 1,000 involuntary imposed deaths in one year in such a tiny nation as the Netherlands. How many killings would we see in the USA if a similar policy was instituted?

I do not believe that those who promote the agenda of death hear, or CAN hear, our voices. They laugh and ridicule them. They know in their own cold hearts that our vision is not their vision. They know in their own cold hearts that they must impose their philosophy on the world by deceptively presenting the death agenda as a "right." They would never openly proclaim their ultimate goal, without first having led society step-by-step to embrace an evil and dark path that may victimize all. They know that our faith is not their faith. They publicly admit that they will lie if necessary to achieve their goals. Liars. Killers. Betrayers.

They do not care for the vulnerable, nor do they acknowledge God as Creator of all life.

Yes, we must understand that there is a time to let go, when death comes of its own accord with a terminal illness. But the dark agenda of the culture of death is not about "allowing a natural death," it is all about causing an unnatural death, whenever it is determined that someone's life is "unwanted."

We know that killing a defenseless person such as Terri, is an abominable, evil act! And it is a perversion of the original mission of health care services, whether in a hospital, nursing home or hospice. Health care professionals used to take an oath to "do no harm." Physicians took an oath to never administer any medication to cause death. But that has changed. The training of physicians and other professionals is increasingly influenced by the culture of death, the culture of convenience, the culture that Adolf Hitler dreamed about.

We can no longer sit idly by, while our nation is taken over by an elite, arrogant and ever-more powerful blackened robed army of judges who dictate from the bench who shall live and who shall die. They are just like little Caesars of Imperial Rome who pronounced life and death for the vulnerable, unwanted Christians and any others who challenged their debased vision. Efficiency in government administration and road building does not constitute the fulfillment of a HUMANE society. "Progress" for the culture of death is the antithesis of what you or I would consider "progress."

We see the world in living color. They see the world in black and white: the wanted vs. the unwanted. The young vs. the old. The beautiful vs those they deem "ugly." The able vs. the disabled. The temporarily "acceptable" vs. the unwanted and expendable. black &╩white. Two-dimensional. Unreal. Dead. Blind.

Those who promote the culture of death work very well together. They have international and national conferences to define their goals, determine their plan of action, and reassess their progress in influencing the world. Hitler had efficient troops too.

We must be united in our efforts to protect the most vulnerable of all. We can not sit back and trust that those in power will do what is in our society's best interests. Powerful financial interests are working to promote the culture of death.

There are too, too many who will profit by the deaths of the vulnerable.

It is time to take back our nation, our legislators, our judges. We need a revitalized America, and it starts in our local community. We cannot ignore politics. We cannot afford NOT to be involved. The majority of Americans are God-revering individuals of faith. But they must, we must, awaken and take back our government. The time is now. Local prosecutors who do not prosecute the killings in our counties must be removed. Local judges who take it upon themselves to deal out death to those who seek mercy need to be removed. Local representatives who do nothing and turn their backs on the needy need to be removed.

And God-loving servants of the public need to step forward and seek office as judges, legislators, even prosecutors. We cannot sit by and allow our government institutions to be filled with those who subscribe to a two-dimensional vision of the world that desecrates all that our nation stands for.

We must act, each in his or her own way and at the end of the day, look in the mirror and ask ourselves, "have I done today, what Jesus would have done?" Have I given what Jesus would have given? Have I made my life a living testament to His love?

I hear Terri whisper to all of us, "I am alive." All of those, like Terri, who depend upon others for care need our protection, our service. It is time to speak out and demand that the vulnerable are protected. The laws to protect the disabled are already written; they are just not being enforced. We must demand that they are enforced. We must make the elected fear our power of the vote. Remove the death dealers. Remove the betrayers.

As each of us is born, it is only God who gives us our life. And we need to pray for God's mercy in this case, to save Terri and our nation from a terrible, an abominable, evil murder of one of His children.

Spread the message of life!

Speak up and be heard!

And at the end of our lives, at the end of Terri's life, it is only God who should take that life in His own timing.

In between birth and death, our purpose here is only to serve, care and obey Him. And we will, for we see His glory in living color all around us, and yes, in the life, the MEANINGFUL life of Terri Schindler Schiavo.