The Rush to Advance Socialism/Communism (part 2)
Radical - Radical Deception and the Cultures of Death
Part 6.4.2 - The Radical Heart of God

Ron Panzer
March 5, 2020
Part Three of Three
Reproduced with Permission
Hospice Patients Alliance

While so many are victimized by one cultural push, many others are victimized by another societal push. Yet, those who are older and those who come from modern communist nations will never forget what life under communist tyranny involved. Most of the young today have never been taught what really happened.

Most of them have no idea that over 100 million were killed by the communists. They don't have the slightest idea what freedoms they will lose should the communists seize power. They don't have the slightest idea about the cruelties inflicted upon the innocent!

They do not know that for most of human history, the freedoms we enjoy in the West were virtually unknown. Sadly, many of these misguided and uninformed youths support even further Left-wing political forces that will overturn our Western society and create just another communist hell - as communism has done in every nation where it was imposed .

They do not know that other idealistic Russians invited that hell - an almost five yea r bloody Russian Civil War, and the death of the naive idealists at the hands of brutal "Red" Bolshevik totalitarians. A minimum of 9 million people died - many civilians among them! 27

As Margaret Thatcher said,

While there are conservative youths, the percentage that view socialism positively has increased dramatically year by year. This is not surprising since Leftists recognized early on that their path to success lay through education. Public school teachers and university professors have hidden much history from their students while painting the evil of socialism and its final stage, communism, as shining utopian dreams. 30

It is up to us to educate the uninformed and demonstrate in our lives a way that actually improves the lives of the people, frees them to and enables them to pursue and enjoy the fulfillment of their dreams, and helps them to understand that all lives matter. In this God-given mission, we all must do our part in caring for and raising each other up and especially, we must help those who do not understand the consequences of what they are doing.

The "Cancel Culture's" Efforts to Deconstruct the "West"

That most of the Europeans and Americans have been "white" has been seized upon by "woke" Leftists and Islamists as a means to condemn all things "white," and condemn any traditional conservative values as racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, transphobic, etc. Individuals of minority ethnic backgrounds who are Christian and conservative are actually condemned for "acting white" and being "traitors" to their people. The goal is the disempowerment of any who oppose the Leftists. For that reason, whites who choose to conform to the "cancel culture," and who apologize for being what they are, are excused.

Many succumb to this peer pressure and the bullying tactics employed to intimidate them into submission, silence, and participation in the mob action of the Leftists. However, if studying in school, applying oneself with diligence, going the "extra mile" in one's work or to help others, or revering God are supposedly part of the "white condemnable culture," then what is left? Only degradation, failure to succeed in life, dependency, gang membership, drug dealing and taking, illness, violence, broken families, incarceration, and bitter jealousy and hatred for those who do work hard and achieve!

At first, those who rejected traditional Judeo-Christian values and wanted to engage in homosexuality, pornography, pedophilia, or recreational drug use, etc., told us, "We just want to be allowed to live our lives!" "Just leave us alone!" "Don't tell us what to do with our bodies!" "Don't tell us how to live our lives!" "Don't judge us!" "Judgmentalism is wrong!"

But as soon as they acquire(d) more and more governmental and societal power, their assertion - : that "judgmentalism is wrong" - was quickly forgotten. Their relentless shrill and obviously judgmental refrain became, "Shut up!" "You are a bigot and homophobe…!" Their plea for tolerance was discarded with respect to any who questioned their agenda.

The popular libertarian idea that the federal, state, and local governments should have no power to legislate what people do in their lives is faulty, because all governments legislate what people can and can't do. That's what law is!

The failure to make laws to promote natural marriage, parental rights, families, and the raising of children leads to the disintegration of the culture of life in the West. When personal "autonomy" reigns supreme - as the libertarians would have it - self-centered concerns are the determinant of what people choose to do, and others are truly harmed. 31

Those Leftist counter-culturists who protested government "interference in their lives" now tell everyone else what to do with just about every aspect of their lives. And if Islamists gain power in Western governments, they will impose Sharia/Islamic law here just as they have done in every other region in which they have acquired control during the past 1400 years.

In this context, we may consider what is meant by a "culture of life" or a "culture of death? There could be many ways of answering that, but simply stated, a "culture of life" works to protect lives and affirms the value of everyone's life. A "culture of death" actively works to end those lives that are considered "subhuman" or "life unworthy of life."

Currently, Leftist activists continue to intimidate their opponents: if business owners or individuals don't actively celebrate their perversions, that business or individual is boycotted, sued, and otherwise targeted for total financial and personal destruction. This is a battle between the worldviews! Conservative Christians and Jewish individuals completely reject the counterfeit "gay marriage," glorification of homosexuality, or rushed irreversible medical suppression of an individual's biological gender through hormone suppression therapy when they are confused as children and still growing.

The idea that biological men or boys should compete against women or girls simply because the males "identify" as female is unfair to biological girls and women. Girls and women are being victimized yet again by men posing as women, and these men will never be actual women no matter how many people assert that they are.

Like cross dressers, they merely present a medically-enhanced, plastic surgeon enhanced, caricature of what they think a woman is! Women are and never will include biological men who believe or think they are women.

Biological women using common sense know this to be true; even lesbians know this to be true and have been very vocal about it. The invasion of women's locker rooms, bathrooms, and even women's prisons by biological men who declare they are women is pure insanity that only puts girls and women at risk from sexual abuse and rape. It deprives women of the privacy demanded by their natural sense of modesty, which is a virtue and should never be taken from them. 32

While there are some intersex or biologically ambiguous individuals, these are much rarer than the media would have us believe, and even here, women and girls should not be victimized by having their right to privacy violated.

Leftists are thrilled that children, teenagers, and others are actively using medical science to medically create an outwardly appearing opposite gender, and then declare that they actually are that. They believe it nullifies or deconstructs the "binary" understanding of humanity, that we are either men or women, and therefore invalidates the entire Biblical understanding of life, our morality, and the natural moral law! They believe that simply recognizing someone's biological sex can lead to bias or even "harm" when that person believes they are something other than that biological sex.

Fear-mongering, Globalism,& Population Control

They also recognize that gender "transitioning" is just one more way people will be made sterile and depopulation is a major largely unspoken goal for the globalists. Not only do they wish to control the masses, they wish to control how many of us exist on this Earth and although they are not volunteering to lower the number by eliminating themselves, they definitely are taking steps to lower the number of others! 33

To achieve the goal of depopulation, John Holdren, Obama's science "czar" favored,

"Adding a sterilant to drinking water or staple foods."

"The development of a long-term sterilizing capsule that could be implanted under the skin and removed when pregnancy is desired opens additional possibilities for coercive fertility control." 34

Bill Gates who is not considered a "mad scientist" like Holdren,

… reaffirmed the global population control agenda during a recent TED conference presentation in which he stated,

"The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent."

Well, everyone has been told hundreds of times that vaccines are supposed to promote health! So, how could health-promoting vaccines lower the entire global population by 10% (680 million) or 15% (which is 1.02 Billion)?

Obviously, these vaccines could be designed to decrease fertility somehow. Although it was denied, laboratory testing found that tetanus vaccines were used to sterilize women in Kenya by inserting a human DNA antigen associated with a hormone - human chorionic gonadotropin which is produced during pregnancy to maintain pregnancy - into the vaccine, so that the women mounted auto-immune attacks upon their own pregnancy later on, and then miscarried. In other words, they could never continue a pregnancy through birth and had been involuntarily sterilized! 35

Only a global highly lethal pandemic infecting huge numbers of the world's population would cause people to be so fearful that they would voluntarily clamor for and participate in a world-wide government mandated vaccination program.

The current Novel Coronavirus ("COVID-19") pandemic that first struck in late 2019 in China may be just the type of crisis Gates desired so that the population is reduced as well as providing the necessary justification for his plan to vaccinate all the world's people. Only time will tell how far this epidemic will spread, how many will acquire serious infections, and how many will tragically die. Whether the fears some have are unjustified or not remains to be seen.

There are reports that crematoriums are working nonstop in China's industrial and technological center: the modern Wuhan City which is home to 11 million in Hubei Province where the outbreak originated. China has its only high level 4 biological research lab there where the most dangerous pathogens are studied and experimented upon . If the crematoriums are working so continuously, the number of cases and deaths reported is much lower than the actuality.

It just so happens that the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, which is backed by billionaire Bill Gates, invested $9 million in Inovio, the company that "coincidentally" has discovered a vaccine against the Novel Coronavirus that is devastating China and spreading outward from there! Much profit can be made from the sale of such a globally-required vaccine.

Using the rationale that exchanging cash could transmit a virulent pathogen, a cashless society might also be mandated. In this way, the surveillance state would know about every electronic transaction anyone made! And, most importantly, as mentioned by Paul Cottrell, MBA, PhD, a Bio-Patriot Act enabling emergency government powers may be enacted that could increase the reach of a surveillance state and further deprive individuals of many rights. 36

Contrary to what most assume, the globalists in the United Nations are not concerned with promoting the health of and fertility of women. For example, in March 2009 [the] U.N. Population Division Policy brief began with the question , "What would it take to accelerate fertility decline in the least developed countries?" 37

Depopulating the Earth (possibly by intentionally released bio-weaponized viruses or bacteria) and decreasing the fertility rate (through deceptive uses of vaccines) is the opposite of the culture of life's deepest regard for all life. Reducing fertility is contrary to God's commandment to be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 1:28) .

What the depopulationists have not understood is that as the population increases, by God's grace, man has been inspired to find ways of producing the food needed for all. When they predicted starvation, the Earth has produced bountifully. Their narrow thinking never allows them to even consider the possibility of God's unending bounty and grace.

In modern times, it has been man's wars of conquest that have caused the famines that have ravaged certain war-torn areas of the globe. Even when swarms of locusts or other threats destroy entire regions' crops, with modern agricultural production and international generosity and cooperation, famines can be avoided. Just as the patriarch Jacob, his children and all those with him, finally found refuge and food in Egypt when Joseph -- after being sold into slavery -- had become "governor" over Egypt (Genesis 41-42), it was and is God's will for loving relations among all people that is the real solution.

However, radical ideologues reject that loving Spirit and would never come to the aid of those who do not submit to their rule. They not only do not aid those who oppose them, they dance and celebrate when these suffer. What the short-sighted depopulationists - utilitarians and secular humanists - fail to understand is that once mankind betrays God and does not follow the principles that naturally establish a prosperous society, disaster awaits.

Those who sin today - and that is the correct word for it - invite a terrible pandemic "plague" upon the world. It may be that they will even unleash such a plague themselves, erroneously thinking that they could control their bio-warfare and profit from it at the same time (Isaiah 13:11)!

And behold a pale horse, and he that sat upon him,
his name was Death, and hell followed him. And power
was given to him over the four parts of the earth,
to kill with sword, with famine, and with death,
and with the beasts of the earth. - Revelation 6:8

We pray that it is not so! But they are part of the Left-wing, Marxist, globalist, anti-God movement that seeks to disempower the American nation and any other relatively free nations. They encourage the "cancel culture" tactics and confrontations arising in the universities and elsewhere that are specifically designed to delegitimize the Biblical - and historically universal - view of gender, biological sex, natural marriage between a man and a woman, the family, and the culture of life based upon these God-given realities of life. 38

Marxism and Misery in the World

These tactics are used to intimidate any who hold faithfully to traditional values and revere God. This is no surprise as Marx was a Satanist, not a true atheist as many believe. Marx's writings predicted the disastrous curse that spread across the world which we know as socialism. He wrote:

If there is a Something which devours,
I'll leap within it, though I bring the world to ruins-
The world which bulks between me and the abyss
I will smash to pieces with my enduring curses.... 39

And in every place where Marxism has reigned, all goodness is "smashed to pieces." Rather than celebrating the wondrous love between man and woman who pledge each to the other in marriage, rather than accepting joyfully the blessing that children bring and the creation of families, Marxist pseudo-feminists have discouraged women from marrying and having and raising children in traditional families at all!

Like a bitter poison that paralyzes the body, confuses the mind, and then deadens the heart, they have tragically convinced so many that killing their own pre-born child through abortion is a "sacred" right! This is the antithesis of the bountiful creative life intended by God for women and men living together in a loving marriage.

Parental rights are weakened so that the State bureaucrats can intervene when they choose to do so and make decisions for the children instead. Although Child Protective Service workers can do much good and save children from abusive environments, in some cases they misuse their power. If a mother or father protests and refuses to follow the CPS workers' directions, police stand ready to take their children away by force and even arrest the parents at the request of tyrannical, socialist Child "Protective" services. 40

First Wave feminists marched for equal property rights, the right to vote, and equal opportunity in the workplace. Second and Third Wave pseudo-feminists have fueled hatred against men and alienated them from women so that more and more mutual distrust, animosity, and fear exist today.

They have convinced women to reject the nature God has given them, reject marriage and the bearing and raising of children, divorce husbands, regard homemaking with disdain, and put pressure on boys and men to be more like women. At the same time, they've convinced girls and women to be more like men. They have made it impossible for boys or men to know how they should act that would please the pseudo-feminists' impossible demands. They've encouraged the drugging of boys - labeling them as having "ADHD" when sometimes, they are simply boys who tend to like to be more physically active and move around in school!

They label normal masculinity "toxic," but men who are not confused know that their natural inclination is to love their wife and children, protect them and support them, and not be ashamed to do so. Of course, there have been terribly abusive men all along, but that is not part of the culture of life where husband and wife respect and love each other mutually, and both are encouraged to develop the gifts God gave them and to pursue the dreams they have that express these gifts.

The Leftwing pseudo-feminists have succeeded in reducing the reproduction rate in the West to less than the replacement rate, so children of the pseudo-feminists and a large majority of women in the West are far fewer in number than the Islamists who are dedicated to drastically increasing their reproduction rate! 41

Many women who pursue careers to the exclusion of marriage and raising children, experience deep regret and unhappiness years later after following the decades-long indoctrination of the pseudo-feminists. Some never have the children they desire(d), because the period when they possessed the biological capability to carry a child has ended. If they become pregnant and have a child outside of marriage, then not only do they suffer in the hardship of raising a child without the support of a husband, but they deprive themselves and the child of a loving husband/father and all that such men can contribute to a family.

Women who reject the pseudo-feminists' worldview and strongly desire to have children may actually convert to Islam where they feel affirmed rather than condemned for their natural inclinations. The value of motherhood and the raising of children is highly valued in the Islamic community and is an indispensable element in the successful implementation of settlement jihad!

The highly ironic result of the pseudo-feminist trends in society is that in a couple of generations, the Islamic population will easily dwarf the population of Westerners and then, the most dictatorial and oppressive patriarchal political system of all, Islamic Sharia law, will be set in place. Because the pseudo-feminists have refused to fulfill what is most natural in life, to carry and bring new life to the world - and because they rejected His blessings, women will be subjugated and controlled by men who adhere to a system that has not changed for 1400 years! And yes, those who plan to assume control in the near future openly state that this is what they will do.

Both the Islamists and socialists are very confident that they will be able to seize ultimate power in the West through planned demographic changes! The Islamists have strategically adopted settlement jihad while the Leftists have strategically embraced unrestrained immigration. That is their justification for the Leftist-controlled "sanctuary cities" - it is their path to power.

Who will gain that power in the Western nations remains to be seen, but it is clear that the fight between the Left (communists) and the Islamists will be fierce. Before that occurs, they both have decided that strategically, the conservative Judeo-Christian worldview must be deconstructed, its legal system overhauled, and its adherents silenced, repressed, and in time, if they still resist, re-"educated" or executed.

Therefore, in many cases, conservatives are increasingly shouted down and not allowed to speak on campuses at all. Not only are they told that they should be ashamed for being what they are - for having conservative Judeo-Christian values - they are treated as if they were criminals for faithfully believing as they do!

Many have been physically attacked by anarchist/communist domestic terrorist organizations like ANTIFA that have been around for many decades in Europe and elsewhere trying to create chaos in order to destroy the stability of the non-communist nations.

Pro-abortion zealots have beaten pro-lifers who are merely standing and sharing information. However, accurate reports about the alarming increase in the number and frequency of these violent attacks is not provided by the major media. 42


These tactics have always been a characteristic of the various cultures of death: no matter how lofty they say their vision is, no matter how gifted the sophists may speak, they are totalitarian, intolerant, cold-hearted, deceptive to the core, violent, and in the end lethal. Much of what they say is quite the opposite of the truth.

When the Socialists and Communists achieve full control of government, "Instead of checking crime, the law itself [will become] guilty of the evils it is supposed to punish!" 43

This is to be expected since those who adopt culture of death ideologies do not tolerate disagreement with their agenda. They cannot accept that anyone rejects their thinking and especially detest those who expose their lies or the flaws in their reasoning.

The Left's hatred for those who reject their culture of death, is nothing new, as we have been warned:

Bloodthirsty men hate those with integrity,
but just men pray for and seek his [that bloodthirsty man's] soul
- Proverbs 29:10

What a difference between the culture of death and those who follow the path to Life!

Once the bloodthirsty have acquired complete control of any society, they imprison, torture, exploit, and kill those who openly resist. History has repeatedly shown that this is the unswerving nature of their diabolic quests for power. The communist Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the USSR for example, held millions in its Gulags and other prison systems! The still full-blown communist totalitarian Chinese government is the world's leader in imprisoning its political opponents. 44

About 2700 years ago, the prophet Isaiah told us,

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil - Isaiah 5:20

That is what we experience today. Some may have thought that once Germany was vanquished, once the communist Soviet Union fell, and once the Islamists were thrown out of Europe - after centuries of brutal, total war that targeted not only men, but women and children as well - that peace would prevail forever.

But peace has not prevailed forever! Not at all! There have been hundreds of wars waged by the communists and Islamists throughout the world even if Western media fails to cover the carnage. In dozens of nations, more Christians are being killed today than at any time in history . 45

Of course, there is no doubt that those who claimed to be Christians waged wars of conquest as well. These have been terribly wrong as well, and centuries and centuries of such horrific wars are inexcusable.

Anti-Semitism, and violence against the Jews is resurging throughout Europe and other parts of "The West." What has occurred just prior to this resurgence is the massive influx of Muslims who are taught to hate Jews and Christians from childhood (Qur'an 5:33, 5:51; among many other verses and sayings). They do not hide their anti-Semitism and often readily admit their views. 46

Self-Admitted Anti-Semitism

It is undeniable that there is anti-Semitism in the American and European Muslim community. It is also undeniable that anti-Semitism has existed in some of the Christian and secular atheist or neo-Nazi communities for centuries, or several decades respectively, as well. Hatred of any group or individual is not part of the culture of life at all.

But the resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe and elsewhere coincides with the influx of those who tell us they are there to re-take Europe for Islam and conquer America for Islam, and who openly admit that they hate Jews and Christians.


For example, the Islamic American

Sharia-activist Linda Sarsour used a classic Nazi tactic employed against Jews when she urged her followers not to fall into the trap of "humanizing" Israelis. Dehumanization was a classic Nazi tactic used against Jews during World War II.

Sarsour made the comments while endorsing the many different anti-Israel strategies employed by activists. But the bottom line, she said, was,

"If you are on the side of the oppressor, or you are defending the oppressor or you are actually trying to humanize the oppressor, then that's a problem, sisters and brothers, and we gotta be able to say that is not the position of the Muslim-American community." [End of Sarsour's comment]

… "[For the Nazis, Jews] were untermenschen - subhumans - and as such were excluded from the system of moral rights and obligations that bind humankind together. It's wrong to kill a person, but permissible to exterminate a rat." 47

So, if you're not supposed to "humanize" Jews, then the assumption conveyed is that Jews are subhuman, which is exactly how the Nazis viewed them. If anything is absolutely opposed to the culture of life, it is the idea that anyone is "subhuman!" We are all part of the human family and all lives matter !

Other leaders repeatedly agree with Sarsour's well-publicized anti-Semitic and anti-Christian statements. How can we understand what is going on? We need to understand that many Muslims remember their history of ruling some parts of Europe, Asia, and of course, other parts of the Middle East including Jerusalem.

They view their influx into currently non-Muslim lands as the precursor to reclaiming what they believe is "their land" or the acquisition of land that should be Islamic. How many remember this history? 48


The Ottoman Empire ruled parts of Southeast, Central, and Eastern Europe in addition to their lands in Western Asia, the Middle East, and N Africa! 49

Parts of Spain, Italy, and France (as well as some other nations) were invaded and ruled by Islamic Caliphates for hundreds of years though wars were repeatedly fought either to evict them from Europe or for their conquest further into Europe.

"…. since the 1530s, North African Muslim pirates raided European coastal towns and villages from Sicily to Cornwall as well as European ships for some three centuries and enslaved over one million Europeans (including many American seamen)….

"Villages and towns on the coast of Italy, Spain, Portugal and France were the hardest hit. Muslim slave-raiders also seized people as far afield as Britain, Ireland and Iceland. 50

Quite clearly, Muslims view the West and its history quite differently from how Westerners do. Europe and the rest of the West is a target for conquest while Westerners naively assume that "everything will be OK." Westerners assume that society will continue on as it has done in modern times. This blindness to the threats that are approaching and to the violence that is already widespread is a fatal error!

The Nazi worldview Still Affecting the West

Just as the Nazis brutalized the people of many European nations and other parts of the world, and swept into power, communists and Islamists today have their eyes set on the power to rule, dehumanize those who oppose them, and subjugate the masses.

The Nazis sadistically medically experimented upon thousands of victims and some Nazi scientists were tried for these war crimes, however it is less well-known that the Japanese also experimented on thousands in their infamous "Unit 731," and little was done to them.

Why? The US government traded information acquired from the Japanese scientists for leniency and a decision not to charge them with war crimes, even though it was clear they had committed egregious crimes against humanity. On the other hand, the Soviet Union convicted some of the Japanese scientists that they had captured. 51

Some assume that after World War II the way the Nazis thought was excised from Western society forever, but as many as 1600 Nazi scientists were brought to the United States as part of "Operation Paperclip!" They worked directly with American scientists on our rocket and missile programs and others worked in the medical research fields. Would ethical American officials allow Nazi war criminals to live and work in the USA without being punished? Certainly not, but the officials did so and brought them here! 52

Other Nazis escaped to S. America and other nations around the world. They had acquired vast wealth and technologies that other nations' leaders desired, so they welcomed these Nazis into their countries and often treated them as one would treat aristocrats and high level advisors.

The former Nazis in the USA and like-minded Americans have influenced the views held not only by the scientific community involved with rocket and missile technology, but also those involved in medical research, experimentation, and what is now called secular "bioethics" that guides and restrains (or rather fails to restrain) such research on human subjects! It also justifies the killing of those deemed to be unworthy of life or who no longer are seen as providing a benefit to society. 53

If any doubt that Nazi-like medical experimentation occurred and still occurs in the US and elsewhere, just think about the infamous "Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment." Beginning in 1932 and all the years through 1972, Alabama physicians studied the unfolding stages of syphilis in blacks without either bothering to inform the patients what illness they had, and, in 1947 when penicillin was known to be an effective remedy, shockingly chose not to treat them!

The experiment on the uninformed men ended up permitting the spread of syphilis to the men's wives and some of their children. Due to end-stage syphilis, many went blind, insane, or died. When the decades-long experiment was at last exposed in 1972, the study was finally shut down, but significantly, none of the doctors involved was punished in any way! 54

This evil and involuntary experimentation went on right here in the United States long after the Nazis of the Third Reich had supposedly been vanquished. Its exploitation and terrible abuse foisted upon the unsuspecting resulted in outrage by the public and the Congressmen at the time publicly declared that it was wrong. However, many medical scientists actually didn't think such experimentation was wrong at all. The proof is that other involuntary practices continued from that time to this day!

When pharmaceutical and other corporations create new medications or various products, and studies show horrific adverse effects, the studies are often "buried" so that the public never knows the truth. As billions of dollars are made, the masses become the experimental "guinea pigs." Eventually the truth is revealed by the harm done and hopefully, such drugs are withdrawn.

For example, the Merck Corporation hid the lethal effects of its very popular arthritis drug, Vioxx.

Dr. David Graham, the Associate Director for Science and Medicine in FDA's Office of Drug Safety, testified in 2004 before the Senate Finance Committee that the FDA's failure to recall Vioxx earlier had resulted in as many as 55,000 premature deaths from heart attacks and stroke, calling it the equivalent of allowing "two to four jumbo jetliners" to crash every week for five years. 55

Some may think such willful negligence is rare, or that involuntary experimentation is rare, but they are not! Every day we are bombarded with ads for various medications, abortifacient "birth control," and even a newer class of drugs called "biologics" and alternatives called "biosimilars." These can be made from naturally occurring chemicals derived from human, animal, plant, microbial, or even fungal sources. What could go wrong?

If you notice, while beautiful scenery and happy faces are paraded before our eyes, the ads come with warnings that the drugs may cause stroke, heart attack, permanent blindness, kidney or liver failure, anaphylactic shock, other organ failures, and death! Then they smile and tell you, "Ask your doctor if drug "XYZ" is "right for you!" They smile because these biologics are the fastest growing segment of the pharmaceutical industry and provide the greatest profit as well.

What we need to understand is that for every harmful effect listed in the drug's package insert (not just those mentioned on TV) some patient actually was permanently harmed! Some did have a fatal allergic reaction, stroke, heart attack, liver or kidney failure, or died! As with Vioxx, the numbers of victims may number in the tens of thousands.

Yes, many patients are helped, but many are not and are harmed permanently. These are real people just like you and I who were living normal lives. However, when they trusted their physicians and the pharmaceutical industry to produce safe medications, they took them, and their lives were irreversibly changed.

Sometimes they suddenly became disabled, chronically-ill, or even died! Yet often, the drugs continue to be sold! Those of us who work in health care have seen and cared for these victims of medical and pharmaceutical malpractice and negligence. Some end up living out their lives in nursing homes or are sent to hospices to die - which today often means being made to die sooner through undeclared medical killing or stealth euthanasia!

If you attacked someone so that they had a stroke, heart attack, broke a bone, or died, you would be imprisoned, but when the pharmaceutical corporations continue to market drugs that are not safe and harm thousands in one way or another, nothing is done. That's the type of thing the Nazis would have done. They didn't care about the lives they harmed. Even though many patients are helped by some of the medications, an ethically administered healthcare system and government regulators would never allow these types of harms to continue year after year.

When people are shocked at what those in power do, they should recall what has occurred throughout history. "The king or Queen are always right!" Aren't they? And the "nobles?" They were "always right," too! And if they were unjust, they were not punished while those ruled were almost always punished severely. We should remember the despotic rulers who have callously ruled in so many nations in the past, and have stained human history from the beginning.

Though we are supposedly rational, history shows we are sometimes, and often, less than animalistic! Animals may fight for or to defend their territory, but they do not wage war to acquire ever-increasing swaths of land or to build an empire. They do not kill their own offspring by the millions, thousands, hundreds, or even dozens!

That people continue to do evil, thinking it to be good, and condemn good believing it to be evil, makes it quite evident that mankind's nature has not changed at all. Anyone who takes note of the ongoing conflicts between those who affirm the sanctity of life and those who are willing to kill others when it suits their subjective, financial, or utilitarian purposes, will understand.

Some will question and ask, "If God is good, why does such evil exist?" People have given various answers for thousands of years, but we can know that God is not the cause of evil for that would contradict His very nature. In His good wisdom, He gave us free will to choose the good or the evil. We are responsible for what we do! 56

Some will then say that what we choose to do is predetermined by who our parents are, what society we are born into, what genetics we inherited, the experiences we have from the time of our birth, and what we are taught. Therefore, they say that the decisions we make are predetermined, that they are the only possible decisions we could have made at that very time, given all the pre-existing circumstances up to that point. They then say: "God can't judge us for what we do, because we only do what we were predetermined by God to do!"

So, they think that in this way they escape from His judgment! It is convenient for those who don't wish to think about or even admit the reality of sin, but it is a tragic blunder!

It may sound very logical, but "unfortunately" for those who subscribe to that hypothesis, and to His glory, God is not limited in any way by what we humans can logically think is possible, or probable, or can understand (Book of Job 38-42)!

That we have free will is a universal human experience! There are many mysteries in this world and this is one of them. Without the free will we experience and apply every day, we could never be justly held responsible by Him for anything we do.

But those He has blessed and touched have told us that He does hold us responsible, that - as we experience every moment of our lives - we do have the ability to choose the right or the wrong, and that He calls us to do the good, follow the righteous path, and act unselfishly. He calls us to recognize that sometimes loving acts that even involve sacrifice and deep suffering are part of a truly virtuous life.

The stark contrast between those who affirm the sanctity of life and those who reject it is like night and day. Those who contribute to and support the culture of life believe in the rational application of logic and ethical restraint to guide one's actions, while the others' "playbook" is to apply power over others and achieve their goals " by any means. " Their primary concern is "Me!" Self-centered autonomy, and their "Progressive" agenda!

This is the difference between those who adhere to a prudent "Precautionary Principle," and those radical utilitarians, technocrats, transhumanists, or others who would plunge blindly ahead following a "Proactionary Principle" to experiment irreversibly with the human genome itself, create "Transhumans," or impose a tyranny that oppresses any who disagree! 57

The elite leaders of the Nazis and communists of the Soviet Union were utilitarians who devalued the lives of the citizens and elevated their own exercise of power and "the State" to the highest levels. Those who were not zealous in supporting "the State" were devalued even further. Like the Roman Empire's builders and military, they were very efficient and effective in killing, and technologically adept.

However, the elite leaders sacrificed any citizen if they thought it would benefit the "greater good" of the State. They rewarded any means that achieved their goals. Individual rights were seen as granted by the State, not as inherent rights given to us by our Creator, the Lord God Almighty. The current radicals who hope to impose communism in America think the same way and would do the same, even when deciding how to treat patients in healthcare settings! 58

The Hidden Nazis' Influence on Healthcare

Contrary to what many assume and what the administrators of healthcare facilities say they care about, they are not conservative or pro-life at all. They do not respect the sanctity of life and instruct their staff physicians to violate the sanctity of life and follow protocols that are guided not by what is best for the patient, but what is best for the facility. They do not pledge to "do no harm." Any elderly, chronically-ill, or disabled patients who enter are likely to find an actually hostile-to-life environment!

Their actions often demonstrate a shocking, callous disregard for the patients whose very admission to their facilities justifies the revenue they prize above all! They are self-interested businessmen or women who enjoy the prestige and very high pay that goes with their position. Many also are utilitarian "true believers" who think that those who are suffering are better off if they are dead.

Those who run managed care/HMO type health insurance companies are a level above healthcare facility administrators. They effectively control the facilities by how they reimburse for services provided, and they, too, are neither pro-life nor conservative. They ration care to maximize their own corporate revenue and personal earnings.

Rationing care is easily achieved by lowering the amount paid out for various services below what it costs to provide those services. Then, the hospital or physician group administrators direct the staff physicians not to order those services. They would go out of business if they continued to do so.

Just as the HMOs have done, with the purported aim to "improve the quality of care," financial incentives are now provided by the government's Medicare and Medicaid systems when hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare professionals reduce the average cost per patient served per year, so administrators pressure the physicians on staff to provide less care, not what is best for the patient!

Rather than paying according to what services were provided, value based payments focus on "outcomes" that are rewarded once measured. If real "value" to the patient determined the treatment plan, this system would be moral, but if "value" means the most efficient method of rationing and therefore denying treatment to the patient who needs it, it is not. 59

The government bureaucrats also have the ability to control the facilities through the thousands of regulations issued, and these bureaucrats also are far from being pro-life or holding traditional conservative values. Many of these bureaucrats are not even physicians, nurses, or other healthcare professionals!

They do not respect the individual rights recognized in the United States Constitution, and any patient who enters "the system" is, in practice, deprived of their Constitutional rights upon entry. This applies to other nations' health care systems as well! Doctors, administrators, and attorneys at the hospitals rule. Patients must fight for the right treatment as well as the rights that are supposedly theirs!

Once admitted to a facility, it is the facility administrators and staff who control much of what happens to the patient! They can make someone die and cover it up if they wish to do so. They can lie about what treatments are available or would be helpful. They can deny beneficial care and they can force a patient into "tainted hospice" where "death protocols" are implemented, if they want to cover up malpractice or reduce the average cost per patient at their facility, or simply open up a bed for someone who has waited "too long" on a waiting list. Their callousness is often astounding.

The government bureaucrats focus on reducing budgetary expenses and the "greater good of society," not the patient. The health care facility administrators and health insurance staff are utilitarian and mostly focused on the acquisition of revenue and ever-increasing assets which equals power in the corporate world. If they have investors through the stock market, they are looking at corporate profits, and the approval of their stockholders.

Most of them do believe that they "know better" than the patients or their families, and they use whatever means they can to further their agenda: increased corporate profit and personal gain. Entering "the system" is no guarantee that the appropriate care will be provided for the patient!


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