The Voice of the Radical

Ron Panzer
July 30, 2018
Reproduced with Permission
Hospice Patients Alliance

You know
you are so right

as you stumble along
falling yet again on that muddy road at night,

and day, and night,
on and on ...

You had to wander this way!
so you thought.

So too I thought,
fighting to lose myself

in love with "love"
but strangely refusing His Love!

we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

we have embraced the lies.

Yet, you and I have dreamed so long
of what would be

... desired and longed,
enjoyed, lost, despaired, and suffered.

Yet, beyond dreams, beyond desires
Beyond pleasures and pains

Beyond the endless strifes,
Beyond journeys and discoveries,

Beyond ambition, achievements
Beyond ambition and pride

Beyond regrets and shame
Beyond searchings and strivings

Suddenly, finally,
lightning pierces the sky

revealing Another before us,
another Way before us

And we finally ask ourselves,
"Why did I take so long?"

Why did I take so long,
so long to understand?

Here He stands!
Our Beloved!

Out of the darkness
before you

with feet on the Earth
and His head reaching beyond the stars

Majesty, Glory!
Holiness beyond knowing!

Who can speak?
Who can explain it at all?

Bowing down,
you hear Him tenderly whisper

with words
that reach through all the years of your life

like unforgettable thunder:
"My child! You have forgotten so many things!

"Look! Here is the Book of Life
Where I have written your name.

"See! Remember
all you have done in your life!"

As it all flashes before your mind,
you faint, collapsing before Him.

His voice resonates
within, without, throughout

So familiar!
So sweet!

Now, you know you've known His voice
all the days of your life.

How alive you feel
He is here!

How alive you feel
hearing His call!

Now, His love
burns within your heart!

No questions.
Yet all is answered!

The search for meaning?
The desperate search to understand?

Life, His life,
is Itself Its own Meaning.

Those who reject Him
never find it.

Those who yearn for Him
already possess it!

Knowing every bit of you
He looks again into your eyes

saying your name.
You sigh,

"This is where I belong!
This is what I've sought all along!

Now, I'm home!
here with You!"

As you cling to His feet
never wishing to let go.

That voice
of the Radical

lights a Way
unlike any other.

Why has He come?
Can we understand at all?

Whispering within
He comforts us, yet implores:

"Awaken from your slumber!

Justice! Mercy! Faithfulness!

"Leave your fears and disappointments behind!
Follow Me, Serve Me, Love Me!

"Serve all,
Love all!

Days pass
More insistent,

You hear His voice,
all around.

Serve life! Love!

"Let My love shine
through your face to this world!

"Let My joy
be your joy in this world!

"Let the world know
My love

"Let the world hear
the voice of the One.

Smiling throughout the universe
He says to you and all,

"I am endlessly Being!
Am I not?

"I am endlessly Creating!
Am I not?

"I am endlessly Loving!
Am I not?

"Yes, that I am,
I am, and will be,

"What I am and was,
Glorious! Endless, Life!

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