Follow, Follow, Follow...

Tom Bartolomeo
April 1, 2018
Reproduced with Permission

"We have died with Christ . . . that we may also live with him", Easter Day.

Many years ago before being called to the priesthood I saw one particular off-Broadway play three separate times over a period of twenty years, the longest running Broadway show of its time which later became a movie. The theater was small. The walls and ceiling were painted black making the lit stage more prominent. For one of the performances I arrived late with my guest and the cast stopped, smiled and waited until we found our seats. Life was different then. "Fantasticks" was the drama. One song in the play became a top ten tune on the music charts, "Try to remember, and if you remember, then follow follow follow . . . ."

The Easter Mass we will take part in today will have Jesus tell us, "Do this in memory of me." Why, if for no other reason, we may forget Jesus and his Crucifixion and his Resurrection in the drama of our lives. The four readings of the Office of the Hours for Easter remind us who we often are -- no different, actually, than the ungrateful Israelites who like us will not engage our children, families and neighbors in the blessings of the Covenant we have with God. Or should an angel of the risen Christ have to come and say to us, ( ? )

"Do not be afraid. I know you are looking for Jesus the crucified, but he is not here. Come see the place where he was laid. Then go quickly and tell his disciples . . . and they ran to carry the good news to his disciples", ( Matthew 28:5-7 ).

Embedded in the power of the good news you bring to others include the idolatry and profanities in the world today, perhaps affecting those you know which the prophet Ezekiel spoke of in the Second Reading and the Apostle Paul wrote about in his Letter to his followers in pagan Rome.

"Remember . . . then follow follow follow" and not as a "callow fellow."