The Odds Were Stacked Against “Julia” In Every Way Imaginable

Rachel Lane

Dear Jerome,

The odds were stacked against “Julia” in every way imaginable.

The circumstances surrounding her pregnancy were extremely difficult. If in the same situation, most women would choose to get an abortion right away.

At first, Julia tried running from the situation. She moved in with a family member to re-evaluate how to move forward. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out, and she soon moved back out on her own. Finally, she decided she had no other choice but to look for an abortion.

While searching for abortion information online, Julia found Human Coalition, and called the Contact Center. Almost immediately, Julia was connected to one of the nurses in our Virtual Clinic. And that’s when everything began to change.

Read “Julia’s” inspiring journey here:

I hope you feel encouraged by the impact your gifts are making in lives like Julia’s. Thank you for your support!

For Life,

Rachel Lane,
National Director of Client Services

P.S. Do you want to read more inspiring stories about the women and children you help rescue from abortion? Find life decision stories at Human Coalition’s website here:

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