Catholic Catechesis Directory Addresses Gender, Biological Sex, And Bioethics


Bioethics, gender identity, and biological sex are new subjects covered in the Vatican’s latest Directory for Catechesis, released Thursday. The revised directory says that new scientific developments must remain respectful of the creative will of God and human dignity.

The 300-page book, which provides universal norms for pastors and catechists in the work of evangelization, was written in continuity with the Church’s directories from 1971 and 1997, and presents Catholic teaching on issues facing contemporary society, including new bioethical problems not addressed in the earlier editions.

“Bioethical questions challenge catechesis and its formative function,” the new Directory for Catechesis states, noting the need for catechists to be well-formed in questions related to life issues.

There is, the directory continues, “the need to pay attention to the challenges posed by developments in science and technology.”


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