My Struggle

Ethel Pereira

My Struggle

When you look at the sky
And all you see is grey
When your sin condemns you
And you've gone astray

When all attempts of change
Have but been in vain
And every struggle to improve
Has brought about only pain

And the more you try
The more you seem to fail
And surely the next step
Is one of travail

Adrift in the ocean
Of sorrow and shame
The calm of the sea
Never to regain

The sky may be grey
But the sun still shines
You may have gone astray
But there is still time

Failures and struggles
Will increase day by day
Yet you must go on
For there is a better way

The path strewn with thorns
Has beautiful flowers too
And every small victory
Brings blessings anew

Believe in Him
Who took your sorrow and shame
Trusting that one day
The sea will be calm again.

Ethel Pereira.

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