Pro-Life On Campus At Virginia Commonwealth University

Fletcher Armstrong

Dear Jerry,

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) may be the most leftist college in Virginia, if not in the entire Southeast. We were expecting (and hoping for) a ruckus for our third visit to campus, and they did not disappoint! When the pro-aborts show up, they never fail to draw attention!

What if the Holocaust were still happening? A woman stopped to tell CBR staff member Mik’aela Raymond that we were using scare tactics. Mik’aela mentioned the Holocaust Museum as proof that images work to convince people of atrocities. The woman said, "Maybe, but no one is forced to go in the Holocaust Museum." Mika’aela responded, "That’s because the Holocaust isn’t happening anymore. But if it was, I would be willing to use images to stop it."

For some, it’s personal. Jennifer told us that her father pressured her mother to abort her older sister. She’s very emotional about it, but that’s why she’s pro-life!

Hostile campus. Nick and James were so thankful that we were there. "We’re both conservative, and it’s so hard to hold on in this environment." Keep it up, gentlemen!

Genocide survivor agrees with GAP. A young woman who had survived the 2004 genocide in Burundi spoke with CBR staffer Jane Bullington. She wasn’t totally convinced that all abortions are wrong, but wondered, "This is America. For not much money, you can get birth control and never need abortion." However, she completely understood our comparisons of genocides and our use of victim images because, as she said, "the baby is real."

The right to share the truth? Nellie, a young Christian student, told CBR staffer Joanna Keilson that she didn’t know where she stood on abortion. Joanna challenged her to research when life begins and to stand up for truth. Nellie asked about earning the right to talk to someone. Joanna reminded her of the prophets, disciples, and Jesus Himself who were killed because they preached against sin. Did they need to earn permission to speak to someone before calling them to repentance.

"There is no other group that fights the pro-life battle as boldly, as directly, or as courageously as CBR does."
(Anne Mulrooney, President, U of Buffalo Students for Life)

Your friend for Life,

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