Violent Male Convicts Claiming To Be ‘trans’ Are Terrorizing Women In All-female Canadian Jails

Lianne Laurence

Correctional Services Canada (CSC) has been quietly transferring some of the country’s most notorious and violent male criminals to women’s prisons because they are claiming to be “female.”

Former inmate and prison advocate Heather Mason told the Toronto Sun’s Brad Hunter last week that male criminals housed with women include serial pedophile Matthew “Madilyn” Harks (reportedly now released); contract killer Fallon Aubee; child killer and rapist “Tara” Desousa (formerly Adam Laboucane); murderer John “Jamie” Boulachanis, and serial sex offender Patrick “Tara” Pearsall.

Moreover, a June 2019 Facebook post by Mason reveals that CSC is implicitly aware of the danger these men present to female inmates, reported Karen Finlay in in October 2019.


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